One Year After Being Busted For Embellishing His Record While Running For Mayor, Melvin Slack Runs For Governor




Last year we investigated Melvin Slack of Louisiana after he ran for Mayor of Shreveport and wore an Air Force uniform adorned with patches from different services along with several claims. Once we outed him on our website and posted his real record, he continued to run but only garnered 1% of the vote.

Well as of today, Melvin has announced he will be running as an Independent this year for Governor of Louisiana.

Although in his picture from his announcement today, he wasn’t wearing the above uniform as I guess he learned his lesson on that one. You can read the original story including his rebuttal here : Melvin Gerard Slack Jr’s Uniform Leaves Veteran’s Scratching Heads.

He announced his candidacy today via KTAL:

Louisiana evangelist Melvin Slack has officially announced he is going to run for governor.

“As of today, I will be an official candidate for the next governor of Louisiana,” Slack told reporters.

Slack received only one percent of the vote in Shreveport’s mayoral election.

He says fixing roads and raising the minimum wage to 10 dollars an hour are major parts of his platform, but Slack wants people to know what his biggest priority is:

“There will be a lot of different other items or different issues that we will be trying to sign into law, but the number one issue we want to deal with is legalizing marijuana, as well as medical and recreational marijuana all across the state of Louisiana.”

Slack says he’s running as an independent candidate and that he will be heading to New Orleans and Baton Rouge next week to begin his campaign for the 2016 election.


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2 comments on “One Year After Being Busted For Embellishing His Record While Running For Mayor, Melvin Slack Runs For Governor
  1. I had the unfortunate opportunity of meeting this individual as I was leaving an event. He introduced himself as the mayor, and asked if I knew any felons looking for work. Said he has a program for them. I explained that my parents (and several family friends) are former police officers and that we weren’t allowed to associate with felons of any type… The ladies at the hotel explained he hung out there often.

  2. If he is Air Force just why is he wearing Army patches and Army rank, I say he’s a fake all the way around and that piss’s me off because I served in the Army from 63 to 66. I don’t believe he was ever in the service or else he would be wearing the uniform the way it should be worn. I Hate Fakers and should pay the price for being a faker.

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