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I do not usually like to get personal on here, as that is not what this site is for. But I would like to share a photo with you. This is a photo of my son at my deployment ceremony prior to leaving for Afghanistan. I always wonder what is going through his little mind as he watches his father board a plane, unsure of why he is leaving and where he is going. To me its easy to explain to myself, but its hard for our children to understand. I love this picture as it says a lot without saying anything at all.

It expresses his sadness, his excitement because he loves that his dad is a Soldier. Even though he does not understand fully what I do, he knows his dad is proud. And he express his desire, even at such a young age to be a Soldier like his daddy.

Everything I do, is for my children, my wife, our freedom and the love of my country. For some it is hard to understand why we do what we do, why we spend so much time away from our families, but accept it. For those who have done it, they know why, they understand that sacrifices must be made for what we all cherish. The freedom to do as we please, to love who we want, to express anything we want without repercussion from our Government.

It looks as if he is trying to stand at attention, while facing our platoon. I know at that moment he did not understand what was going on. But in the future, he will understand that I did what I had to, I did what my country asked of me. And would still do it at this moment, because of that little man standing their.

Bulldog1’s son at Deployment Ceremony.


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