Oliver Family Eviction

We have been working with US Army WTF Moments on this story about SGT Howard Oliver who is a disabled vet in dire need. He is a disabled vet with a family that is about to be evicted. Get the rest of the details from the link. We must stand with our brother and let him known his is never alone. If you can, donate to help him and his family at the very least not miss another Christmas.

Below is the donation link, as well as the link to the news story. KUSTOMS

Family Awaits Eviction Due To Lack Of Veterans Pay

Go Fund Me Link


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  1. wish I could donate but I too am strugling to pay bills with my disability check. One thing he can do is if he has a documanted injury that has a purple heart attached with then he is entilted to VA disability also so go to your local service officer in the area with either the DAV, VFW, or American Legion and they can get your paperwork started and also these groups sometimes have funds available to help veterans so please pass that on to him along with my thank you. Wish I could do more.

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