Officer Jordan Lusk Arrested For Forging A Government Document For Employment






Jordan Lusk

Jordan Lusk



Aransas Pass, Texas – A Police Officer whom had recently resigned from his position with Aransas Pass Police Department has been arrested on charges of forging Government documents that he used for employment purposes. Jordan Lusk began his law enforcement career as a patrolman with Aransas Pass on June 6, 2011. In September of 2013 he began his employment with the Portland Police Department. In May of last year Lusk was promoted to Patrol Corporal.

The department was first notified of the suspected crime Monday when they received an online complaint which alleged that he had forged his military record. Authorities say Lusk had submitted the forged record during re-employment with the City, which is a third degree felony. Lusk is accused of providing the police department with forms that claimed he received specialized training and service recognitions while he was in the Navy. Lusk was selected for the department’s dive team in part because of the experience reflected in the documents, the release states.




Jordan Lusk’s Mugshot



According to the Police Department’s release, Lusk went to Police Chief Eric Blanchard’s house Wednesday evening and admitted the documents were forged. Lusk turned in his credentials and resigned from the department. Hours later Blanchard and other officers arrested Lusk at his home.

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service on Wednesday supplied Aransas Pass police with a military document that differed from the one Lusk provided. The NCIS version did not include diver training and showed fewer training and service recognitions that the one Lusk provided.

Here we have a police officer who was hired based on false credentials, also made a member of the dive team because of these fake credentials. This could have caused civilians to die because he was performing operations he had no business doing. Stolen Valor isn’t a victimless crime, if this man had not been found out, who would’ve suffered based on his fake qualifications?

Lusk is still in jail pending arraignment, the investigation is still ongoing.




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