This Is Nowhere, A Documentary About Company B And The Final Days Of Sperwan Ghar



This Is Nowhere, is a documentary about Bravo Company,  1-38 Infantry, 4/2 SBCT and their days on a patch of land that saw one of the largest Offensives in the History of NATO. That battle is depicted in the book, “The Lions Of Kandahar”.

This teaser is for the documentary of the 1-38th’s time at a place they called Hell. They were the last to occupy COP Sperwan Ghar, this is their story. The documentary is being put together by SSG Kyle Chattin, and he sent us the following email along with the trailer.

For the longest time I had sat back and watch people make movies and documentaries about the last decade of deployments and I said to myself, no one gets it right… RESTREPO got it the most right you could but even then you knew it was someone outside looking in.

Well , I have a background in the film industry prior to my service and Im throwing that and all the passion I can muster into a project that details my most recent deployment and all the incredible men whom I served along side.


We had the pleasure of being stationed at COP Sperwan Ghar, the same place they wrote lions of Kandahar about.  So it makes for a movie that every grunt can relate to.


Anyway, enough of my rambling. I want people to know about it, I dont want to make money, I dont want to get famous and I dont give two shits about anything other than allowing the story of these men to be heard.


I for one, and going to give him props as I think the Trailer is well done and makes me want to see the finished product.





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