Nicholas Michael Heskett Solicits Donations In Uniform For Wounded Warriors, Pockets Money


Edmond, Oklahoma- We posted on our Facebook page last year about this guy running around soliciting donations in uniform. After investigators looked into the allegations that he was soliciting donations in uniform to send care packages overseas, and for Wounded Warriors, it was found that he pocketed all the money. Nicholas Michael Heskett has been charged with two Felony counts of fraud, a warrant issued for his arrest.

He told people that he had gotten into trouble in the Military, and his punishment was to solicit donations for this cause. Some of his fellow Soldier’s who sent us information on him last year, said he was busted for smoking spice while in Kuwait and sent home.

According to the Sheriff: “He is a known drug user in the area and he has had charges for that in the past,” Richard Stevens said, Logan County Sheriff’s Office.

But this time, Logan County deputies said Heskett is using his service as a National Guardsman to fool people.

According to

An arrest warrant has been issued for a former member of the Oklahoma Army  National Guard accused of using his uniform to trick people into giving him  donations that were supposed to go to troops stationed overseas.

Nicholas Michael Heskett, 21, was charged with two felony counts of obtaining  property for charitable purposes by false pretenses.

The charges were filed Monday following a year-long investigation  conducted by the Edmond Police Department. Heskett is also accused of soliciting  donations in Logan County. Heskett was discharged from the military in 2013, a  military spokesman confirmed.

It’s unknown how much money was stolen, but Heskett allegedly preyed on women  who shopped at Barbie’s Consignment in Edmond, according to court documents.  He’s also accused of trying to solicit donations from an employee working at  Pitchford’s Pawn and Car Audio, court show.

Witnesses in Logan County told police that Heskett tried soliciting donations  in several neighborhoods.

“The man stood at attention and explained that he got in trouble with the  military,” a witness told police. “As part of his punishment, he was sent to  gather donations for wounded soldiers.”

When investigators contacted the Oklahoma Army National Guard, they found out  Heskett had left his post without permission.

“He’s facing problems with attendance,” wrote an officer in his affidavit.  “He’s considered AWOL.”

Police said the alleged crimes took place around Christmas 2012


Below is a video if an interview with one of the victims: – Oklahoma City, OK – News, Weather, Video and Sports |


Heskitt is still on the loose, so if anyone in that area spots this fraud, contact your local police department. We have requested documentation on the extent of his service, but have not yet heard back, we will update this story as we find out more.


UPDATE: 20140130

We received Heskett’s record brief today and it states the following:

PFC Nicholas Michael Heskett,  was a member of the Oklahoma
Army National Guard. He was discharged from the National Guard on 7 December
2013 and transferred to the IRR (Individual Ready Reserve)
to complete his remaining service obligation.
MOS: Quartermaster Corps, Food Service Specialist (92G)

He enlisted in the National Guard in June 2010. He did his training at Fort
Leonard Wood, Missouri, and Fort Lee, Virginia.
While with the Oklahoma Army National Guard he was assigned to 45th Brigade
Special Troops Battalion, 45th Infantry Brigade Combat Team, Norman,

Originally his unit was slated for Afghanistan, but mission got changed and they were stationed in Kuwait.
National Defense Service Ribbon
Global War on Terrorism Expeditionary Medal
Global War on Terrorism Service Medal
Armed Forces Reserve Medal with M device
Army Service Ribbon
Overseas Service Ribbon




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  1. What a turd burglar. Scamming people out of there money and saying its for wounded soldiers is just sick and wrong on too many levels. That’s why I do research before I donate and I send packages to the troops by myself with my own money. This kid should be forced into apologizing at Walter Reed and forced to collect money for them as community service.

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