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Nicholas George at Memorial Day in Oxford, Michigan




Oxford, Michigan – On Memorial Day 2015, a day that is a solemn one for millions of people, Nicholas George showed up at a local Memorial Day ceremony clad in an Army uniform adorned with Valorous medals, including five Purple Hearts, Two Silver Stars a Green Beret and sitting in a wheelchair. It was hard not to notice him said CJ Carnacchio, editor for the Oxford Leader.

CJ began to interview Nicholas, and ask him about his service to our country and what Memorial Day meant to him. CJ, who wasn’t aware of how bad Stolen Valor had become, took everything Nicholas told him in and took photos of him in his uniform sitting in his wheelchair. The result was a long article about Nicholas that was published several days later. The article read like a modern-day hero novel, complete with a real live hero, or so everyone thought.

In the article, Nicholas told CJ he had retired from the Army last year after 28 years of service as SGM. He said he was a member of the élite Special Forces, also known as the Green Berets, for 17 1/2 years of his service, and a member of Delta Force for 8 years, the nation’s primary counter-terrorism unit. When CJ asked him how he spent his career, Nicholas replied “Dodging Bullets.” I know plenty of Green Berets, active and retired and have never once heard them say anything like this.

He told CJ he had been in every conflict since Panama, and that after Panama he went on to serve in Kosovo, Somalia, Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan. “I served 14 tours straight without coming home”, Nicholas told the reporter, saying he has been on a total of 757 missions. He also told the reporter that he lost his wife of 25 years to cancer while in Afghanistan, stating that he couldn’t come home for her funeral because he was overseas. As we all know the military would’ve sent him home for his wife’s funeral, and more than likely if his wife had been terminally ill, they wouldn’t have deployed him to begin with.

Nicholas continued to fill in CJ on his career, and all his awards and injuries;

Over the years, George’s courage under fire earned him two silver stars, a bronze star and six Purple Hearts.

“In 28 years, I’ve had 31 bullets put in (my) body and I keep going,” he said.

Unfortunately, the last round of bullets ended his military career.

“I took 14 rounds from the ankle to the shoulder,” George said.

That was in Afghanistan in 2011.

George is going to have his right leg amputated from the hip down and replaced with a prosthetic limb.

“Right now, it’s 80 percent titanium,” he explained. “I’ve had 52 surgeries on it. I finally fractured what little bit of femur I had left.”

“I figure it this way. I’m on a weight-loss program. I’m going to lose 30 pounds in one day,” George noted.

The new leg is going to cost $283,000 – and that’s after a manufacturer’s discount of approximately $40,000, according to George.

“They gave me a break because I’m a veteran,” he said.

Although he’s about to literally lose a large piece of himself, George doesn’t regret a single thing.

“I’d do it all again,” he said. “If I had to do it again, I’d do everything the same.”

Had he not been wounded so severely, George would still be in the military.

“I would have made 40 years, easy,” he said. “I’m still in good health, other than a few bullet wounds.”

Wearing a uniform is pretty much the only life George has ever known.

A native of Bayou Gauche, Louisiana, most of George’s education took place at a military school in West Germany.


He goes on to say he joined the Army as a Combat Engineer,  switched over to Infantry, went to the Army’s Airborne School and Ranger School, then joined Special Forces.

“In a matter of six years, I did all of them,” George said, becoming a Green Beret in 1996.

“I went through a class of 137 guys. Only three of us made it,” George said. “I’d tell anybody that wanted to do it right now, don’t. It’s brutal. Not just physically, but mentally.”

He also claims in the article to speak 13 languages and 76 Dialects, he goes on with other heroics in the article which you can see here: A Green Beret In Our midst.

After the article was posted, CJ started getting inquires about it as a lot of people were finding it hard to believe. CJ reached out to us and to our Green Beret friends over at SFPP. We began a lengthy investigation into his background, to include sending for his Military records. While we pulled records and did background checks, our Green Beret friends reached out to the JFKSWCS(John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School), to run his name and see if he had attended the “Q” Course in 1996. They responded back that his name was not in the schools rosters.

As you can see in the photo at the beginning of the article he is wearing a ton of awards, including a CIB with two stars, which would indicate he fought in three different authorized periods for the CIB. A CIB with two stars is so rare, that the Infantry museum at Fort Benning has a list of those who have received it, of which Nicholas isn’t one. He is also wearing a CAB(Combat Action Badge) which isn’t authorized with a CIB, and would indicate a fourth campaign, he is also wearing the CAB in the wrong spot.

At that time CJ published a new article about Nicholas’s claims, as at this point several people had come forward to say his claims were false, including his own mother.

In this article, his mother and brother call him out on his claims:

“He likes to tell stories. He likes to make up things,” said Patricia, who resides in Wiggins, Mississippi. “He told the woman he was married to, when they got together, he said that his parents were millionaires and wouldn’t give him his money . . . If I have a million dollars, I’d like to know where.”

His brother said: “To put it bluntly, he’s full of (crap). None of the things that I read (about George’s alleged military career) were factual,” he said. “I don’t know where he would come up with this plan or scam or con or whatever you want to call it.”

George had been serving as the adjutant for Legion Post 108. “He is resigning as the adjutant of Post 108, temporarily, until he provides documentation that everything he says he is, is true,” said Post 108 Commander Rick Moorhead. “I didn’t insist that he resign. He voluntarily resigned.”

Given all the questions surrounding the validity of George’s claims, Moorhead said he “confronted” George on Saturday and “banned” him from the post until he produces both copies of his DD Form 214 documents and “this issue is cleared up one way or another.”

You can see the full article here: Alleged Green Berets Mother Says Hes Lying.

We continued to piece together George’s web of lies, finding out that he was wanted for a civil case out of Peoria, Illinois. This after finding out he was actually 45, not 55 as he had claimed to the reporter and others. Once we found out his true DOB, we reached out to our Army contacts for his real military records. Once we received them, it was as we had figured, 99% of his military career was a complete fabrication.

According to his Official Military records, Nicholas George served from October 1988 through March 6th of 1990, not even a full two years. He did serve as a Combat Engineer, but never saw any type of combat. In fact the only place he ever went was Germany, and it was there that he was discharged as a Private from the Army.

It doesn’t show what his character of discharge was, and there is no record of a Courts Martial, but according to his mother and brother he couldn’t stay out of trouble and was Dishonorably Discharged. Below are his official records, he never earned anything other than an Army Service Ribbon and a Marksmanship Badge, not even a National Defense Service Medal because he wasn’t in during the authorized periods.




It seems from family and friends that Nicholas is a lifelong scam artist, well Nicholas now your officially famous, and your name will always be synonymous with being a fake Wounded Warrior. We want to thank CJ for coming to us when he was made aware of the possible false claims, here is CJ’s final article on this fraud. He’s A Fraud  He has also been officially banned from the American Legion.


It’s one thing to impersonate and pretend you have awards you’ve never earned. You have taken it to a whole new level by pretending to be a Wounded Warrior, you sir are the scum of the earth.


CJ sends us some new photos of Nicholas from that day, closer views of his awards etc.


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