News 4 San Antonio Confronts Cases of Stolen Valor

News4 WOAI confronts several cases of Stolen Valor, cases that were posted by us and several other pages including our friends at thisainthell and the Fake Warrior Project. Included in the report is Tina Kerstens, who will be featured in part 2 of this two part series.
Here is part 1, we will post up part two when it becomes available:(Notice the teaser towards the end of the video)

Here is the full story courtesy if News 4 Veterans Outraged By Cases Of Stolen Valor

And here is part 2 of the story, The Tale of Tina Kerstens. Courtesy WOIA.COM.

To see our story on Kerstens you can go here..Tina Kerstens

Full story can be viewed here Stolen Valor Part Two


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14 comments on “News 4 San Antonio Confronts Cases of Stolen Valor
  1. Ooooooh! I can hardly wait for part two!! I just love it when POSers get exposed! I can never understand why people feel the need to embellish their records. Just say you served your country honorably. That’s all I did. No heroics, no trauma, just did my time, saw some cool things, went to some strange places and worked with some of the finest people ever.

  2. you guys are my heroes for your work here. these slimeballs deserve all the horses*** they receive for their dishonorable actions. I was never in combat, never won any awards for heroism, but am proud of all the awards I did earn. I never felt the need to lie and embellish about that. People claiming what they didn’t earn are a disgrace to our fallen brothers and sisters in arms who really did make the ultimate sacrifice. They are spitting on their graves.

  3. Great team work guys ..,… ! I’m liking SA channel 4 !! You all should get a medal, for bravery and the call of reporting duty, and beyond ! : D
    Keep up the work .. There are so many more out there ..!

  4. I wonder if the investigation into Tina’s lies will continue with her claims of VA benefits for injuries and PTSD. If she is indeed scamming the VA then she is taking services and benefits that wounded veterans need.

  5. I am glad that this news brought light on the subject, and Mr. Mellenthin put it correctly, this crap is getting out of hand. Do people really want attention soo bad, that you would make up lies about medical conditions, deaths and other baloney ass crap. It sucks that the Supreme Court has lost its balls in defending what is right, claiming that the lies are free speech. So if I went into the Supreme Court and told every Justice in their they were a bunch of liberal ass yellow bellied retards, could I defend that with First Amendment Rights. I think not, it would be my ass in the slammer for contempt of court. Hypocrisy is a bitch and the country we defend is going right down the toilet, because we are getting too damn soft.

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