News 4 San Antonio Confronts Cases of Stolen Valor

News4 WOAI confronts several cases of Stolen Valor, cases that were posted by us and several other pages including our friends at thisainthell and the Fake Warrior Project. Included in the report is Tina Kerstens, who will be featured in part 2 of this two part series.
Here is part 1, we will post up part two when it becomes available:(Notice the teaser towards the end of the video)

Here is the full story courtesy if News 4 Veterans Outraged By Cases Of Stolen Valor

And here is part 2 of the story, The Tale of Tina Kerstens. Courtesy WOIA.COM.

To see our story on Kerstens you can go here..Tina Kerstens

Full story can be viewed here Stolen Valor Part Two




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