New Clothing Line “Veteran Clothing” Using the term “Veteran” for Personal Profit?



Veteran Clothing is a new line of clothing started by a guy named Billy Truong, out of San Diego, California. Several fans brought it to our attention yesterday, at first glance you immediately think this company is either Veteran owned/operated or they at least donate to Veterans groups. Well come to find out, neither of the above is true. But we believe their title and their slogan are very misleading, and tried several times to explain that to them. But they would not listen to what we had to say. In our humble opinion they knew exactly what they were doing when they started using this name and slogan, they are using it for their own personal gain.

I know some of you will probably disagree, but take a glance at their facebook page and tell me if your first impression is that it is either Veteran Owned/Operated or they at least have some affiliation with a Veterans organization, And it is set up that way completely on purpose. Veteran Clothing Facebook Page

We saw several posts by Veterans on the page asking about this, here is a screenshot of Mr. Truong responding to a Veteran’s question

We also emailed Mr. Truong about this, stating that we believed he was misleading people by using the Veteran name and the Slogan “Salute Me”. This is his response:

3 hours ago Veteran Clothing
The term “Veteran” is not only towards The Military. Yes, Veterans in the Military are much respected and Veterans in other fields are respected as well. The definition of “Veteran” is a person who has had long experience in any particular field. The slogan “Salute me” other words, “demanding over asking”, Veterans around the globe are automatically respected because they’ve been in the game for the matter of years. Our clothing team are beginning our full-on tour to sponsor Veterans all around the globe. The highest class of Basketball players, Football players, Artists, Musicians, Skateboarders, any Veteran you can think of including Veterans in the military will be sponsor under Veteran Clothing very shortly. Thank you for your concern. -Much Respected, Veteran Clothing.


Even though Mr. Truong says he is not using the Veteran name for personal gain, how does he explain this Purple Heart shirt he is promoting by showing it in front of a Vietnam Veteran who actually earned the award? I’m sure these shirts are not only available to Purple Heart holders.

Another fan sent us this response he received from Mr. Truong, “AS CEO OF VETERANS I PROUDLY SAY THAT EVERYONE IS A VETERAN IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM.” Not true Mr. Truong, by a long shot! If he is not using it towards the Military Veteran, then why are most of the pictures he has promoting his clothing line, taken in front of American Flags or other symbols of the Military?

Here are a few examples:

Im almost sure this guy did not earn the Purple Heart:

Here is another one of their Facebook Profiles: Veteran Clothing Swagin

And the CEO of Veteran Clothing Mr. Billy TruongBilly Truong

Here is another Veteran who also felt he was using the name and slogan wrong:

I feel this is more than wrong, he is profiting off of our Veterans and Military whether he admits it or not. You can not tell me that is not your intent when you purposely pose your clothing line in front of US Military Monuments, and the United States flag. I find that rather hard to believe, and Mr. Truong knows exactly what he is doing! We asked him for more of a response, but he refused. Therefore we have brought it to you, and will let you decide whether he is wrong or right in his portrayal of his line of clothing. ~Bulldog1

UPDATE – We learn something new everyday! I just stumbled upon this-

Definition of “Veteran”

Federal Definition – Under Federal Law a “Veteran” is any person who served honorably on active duty in the armed forces of the United States. (Discharges marked General and Under Honorable Conditions qualify also).
State Definition – Under State Law a “Veteran” is any person who served in the armed forces of the United States for either 180 days of regular active duty service, and a last discharge or release under honorable conditions; or, 90 days of active duty service, one (1) day of which is during “wartime” per the following chart, and a last discharge or release under honorable conditions.

UPDATE2- They took down their comments section on their Facebook page so nobody could comment anymore. It seems the Veteran and Soldier community did not agree with the way he was presenting his clothing line. You can still comment on the pictures on their facebook page, and they also have a website I think I forgot to mention.
Veteran Clothing WebPage

UPDATE3 The company has agreed to discontinue the Purple Heart shirt, we are working on the misleading Slogan etc.

UPDATE4- We have been told that the company will hold a meeting tonight to discuss changing up their slogans etc. We will let you know what comes out of it. We ask that everyone cease contacting them at this point until they reach a decision.

UPDATE5 Ok so it seems we were lied to by Veteran Clothing, this is what we were told and I quote “There was mutual respect from the get go, the post should have never been posted first place. All these feelings that you feel could have EASILY been discussed over the phone from a professional point of view on how you feel about the shirt, ads, slogans. Because of all this, our board will be meeting TODAY 7PM PST to work on the website, the design, and our slogans. They will be altered, I hope you consider taking down this post as well. Sorry for all the inconvenience.

Well it seems they decided they will not change anything, here is what they are calling their “Apology Letter”.

Maybe I am blind, but I do not see any sort of apology their. All I see is basically screw what you think we are not changing anything. And they are blocking anyone that comments on their page.

And you guys will love this, especially you “Old Veterans” as they call it. This is on one of their company facebook pages in the About Us section…

(Click on image to enlarge)




Our friends over at the Duffel Blog have already jumped on this story as well. Check out there most recent write up – Combat Clothing Company.

Also our friends over at Thisainthell are none to happy with this sort of douchebaggery, so it seems to me that the overwhelming majority find this wrong. Well except for the few threats I have received in my email, which I AM sure came from someone within their company according to the IP Address. Check out the write up over at our Comrades page. Click Here – I Am Not Sure If You Understand The Meaning of That Word




Giant Buzzer has posted an Open Letter to Billy Truong…its a great read. Billy should read it as well! Open Letter To Billy Truong and Veteran Clothing

Seems Billy Truong is a Rebel! He does not care what anyone thinks, And I really hope he is not talking about my daughter.



So he thinks people are “Hatin” on him for no reason, does he not realize he would have gained a lot of respect had he realized he was insulting Veterans, and responded accordingly.



Well seems like Mr. Truong also likes to post about his illegal activites, like growing “Kush”. Mr. Truong your argument is now invalid.

Here is the link to the pic…before he removes it of course..Kush Twitter


Since they have been denying that their styles are based on the Military, we thought we would show you this, Its their original About before they changed it up! But Mr. Truong, I thought you said it was not based on anything Military?


Here is the Link to the story done by News 10 in San Diego.


Veteran Clothing Commercial
We also found this commercial for Veteran Clothing, guess the ACU bag the guy grabs in the video has NOTHING to do with the Military?


Our friends and colleagues over at US-Infantry have also wrote up a story concerning veteran clothing. Veterans take aim at veterans clothing.

This is Billy Truong and he wants you to Salute him…

Our friends over at RangerUp have labeled Veteran Clothing, Douche of the Week. RangerUp is a Veteran owned and operated business.

Very good read: Douche of the Week: Veteran Clothing



Asian Americans respond to Veteran Clothing and their CEO. You can see the blog write-up here.Veteran Clothing Stirs up Trouble with Actual Veterans


Foxnews has also ran a story on the controversy, you can view it here:Controversy Brews Over Veteran Clothing Label

Also we ask you again, if you make any contact with the company, please keep it polite and professional. Explain your concerns, disdain, or whatever it may be as professional as possible and we expect the same from veteran clothing.



What are your thoughts?
259 comments on “New Clothing Line “Veteran Clothing” Using the term “Veteran” for Personal Profit?
        • Don is absolutely correct here. But Truong also knows that society, especially in America, holds military veterans at a higher standard. While the text book definition is true he is clearly attempting to link his merchandise with the honor achieved and purely associated with military service.

          When used in the context of a conversation saying that a person is a veteran of many years does not hold the same meaning or importance of saying that somebody is a Veteran. A distinction earned through blood and sweat and a distinction that deserves to be protected.

      • How can you legitimately market a “veteran” clothing line to people ages 16-24 (according to THEIR statements) when they have nowhere near the experience in anything to be considered a veteran (according to the dictionary definition that they provided).

  1. you have got to be joking me? who is this guy trying to kid, hes cashing in on false advertising and taking advantage of americans patriotism…

    • The CEO of the USO is a retired Colonel and makes about $400,000 from his USO job alone. It’s great that you have the energy to go after this guy here, but then wake up to what’s happening in your own back yard. The CEOs of USO, the Wounded Warrior Project and Fisher House need your undivided attention.

      While their organizations are doing good, their management takes a HUGE chunk of change out the back door and none of you give a shit.

      • As far as I know none of those people have mislead anyone and additionally as you said they “are doing good”. Why should they be punished for “doing good”? I don’t care if they get paid, they deserve it for their hard work- especially since they are not being MISLEADING about anything. They do exactly what they say they do….

      • you’re right we don’t. He is a CEO of a large multinational organization, why shouldn’t he be paid similarly to any other civilian CEO. Also this has nothing to do with anything in this article.

      • I wasn’t quite sure as to which of your multiple posts of this blur I should respond. So I decided to start at the beginning.

        There are several problems with your rebuttal.

        The first, and most significant, is your incorrect logic. You mention The CEO of the USO and how you believe that he is mistreating veterans. OK. So what? How does his alleged wrongdoing in any way ameliorate the wrongdoing of this company?
        Following your logic; you cannot punish me for shooting one man until you punish everyone who has shot 2 or more.

        Second, how do you know that Bulldog has not investigated your claim and found it lacking?

        Third, in your later copies of this post, you expound and state that you are a 20+ veteran and that you find fault with the CEO of the USO. What have YOU done to correct this?

        Lastly, you complain, again in your nth iteration of this post, that Bulldog is going for the “easy target”. So what?
        Should the easy target get off free due to the fact that they are easy? To quote a famous lawman; “Nip it in the bud!” Or, should all harder targets have to be taken on before the easy ones can. Similar to the logic in my first point.

  2. Well he is certainly living the American Dream, sounds to me like he just might be from Vietnam.. Maybe he has never been there, but living the Dream should not be on the American Military or Americans pride in their Veterans & Active Duty backs.. He should be a politician with his play on words… ASSHOLE….

    • He’s was born and raised here… He’s just a kid that doesn’t take much into account. He literally just graduated from high school…

  3. Mr. Truong is disrespecting the wrong constituency.

    If he is not himself a veteran, then he should not be using that term. Exploiting patriotic themes in his advertising and products is corrupt and deceptive.

    Mr. Truong should reincorporate with a different name. His company has nothing to do with veterans.

    • I am not sure that doing so will accomplish very much in stopping this company from marketing and selling these hideous lies and fraudulent products… However I do agree 100%… Just saying that we need to pursue other avenues as well… such as major media publicity… if enough of us true veterans make enough noise and bring the deception to the attention of the media, America will know that they are being lied to by this phony and he will not be able to sell his products… After all, any patriotic American would boycott this SOB for his gross disrespect for those who have fought, bled and died to earn the respect and honor of the title of “Veteran”.

      • Listen up.

        The CEO of the USO is a retired Colonel, making about $400,000 a year from his USO job alone. It’s great that you have the energy to go after this guy here, but then wake up to what’s happening in your own back yard. The CEOs of USO, the Wounded Warrior Project and Fisher House need your undivided attention.

        • Right. Can’t say that this guy is right in what he’s doing morally, but Facebook isn’t the morality police. If it’s not illegal and it doesn’t violate their terms of service they won’t take it down just because someone doesn’t like it.

          I think the intention is good, but by filing false reports you’re just gaming the reporting system and making it more difficult for them to investigate and respond to legitimate reports.

          Exposing him to veterans should certainly cut down on what seems to be his target market. However, too much publicity, even bad publicity, will get his name out there, and get him noticed. More than likely this company would languish on its own if no one interfered at all, being run by an ignorant and disrespectful high school kid. Give him too much publicity though, and it’s free advertising to get his name out there.

          Obviously the term Veteran means a lot to those who served, but not everyone feels that way, not everyone respects our Veterans, and not everyone will be outraged over this. You may do more harm than good by trying to get mainstream media attention for him and his clothing line.

  4. I sent a nice email to the department of veterans affairs about what this scumbag is doing. As people have said yes he’s got the definition part of it but then he puts salute me and a Purple Heart Emblem on it. What does that symbolize to him? Is that showing that he is a veteran of the dance industry? Disgraceful and I hope the VA bankrupts him.

  5. What a Joke, He knows what he is doing. He is full of Shit. He is a opportunist and this definition is the following One who takes advantage of any opportunity to
    achieve an end, often with no regard for principles or consequences.

    • Listen up.

      The CEO of the USO is a retired Colonel and makes about $400,000 from his USO job alone. If you have the energy to go after this guy here, but then wake up to what’s happening in your own back yard. The CEOs of USO, the Wounded Warrior Project and Fisher House need your undivided attention.

  6. He’s just profiting on those that have done more with their life than he could ever imagine. I hope he realizes the true Veteran community isn’t one that you go against and hope to win, he’ll get shut down in no time.

    • Listen up.

      The CEO of the USO is a retired Colonel and makes about $400,000 from his USO job alone. It’s great that you have the energy to go after this guy here, but then wake up to what’s happening in your own back yard. The CEOs of USO, the Wounded Warrior Project and Fisher House need your undivided attention.

  7. I see some fat neb wearing a purple heart shirt and i just might go ballistic, what is this guy thinking. time to go to work brothers

  8. BULLDOG, YOU ARE THE BEST! GOOD WORK AND GOOD JOB! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK! You are correct. The clothing line and the Page are misleading. And the definition says it all. He is using Military Veterans title to gain profit. If he was using some of the proceeds and or profit to be given for homeless vets or vets in need or vets in crisis, Then maybe but he is riding a fine thin line….Sgt P. M. O’Carroll(RET)

    • CEO of the USO is a retired Colonel and makes about $400,000 from his USO job alone. It’s great that you have the energy to go after this guy here, but then wake up to what’s happening in your own back yard. The CEOs of USO, the Wounded Warrior Project and Fisher House need your attention

  9. First off someone that hasn’t served in the military, shouldn’t wear anything that should be for a true veteran! Also….only and price of SCUM would dare wear a Purple Heart with out earning it! This clothing company is shit and has NO morales!!!!!!
    I do so many USO tours and support every single man and woman in the armed forces….I’ll be damn if anyone around me will wear anything from this Veteran clothing company!
    Mark my Word!
    Actor/Comic and Troop Supporter
    Ron Lester

    Anyone feels I’m wrong….feel free to email me!
    Or vist

    Support our Troops or Go to HELL!!!!!

    • I met Ron Lester and, I believe, his beautiful wife while deployed in Kosovo back in 2000. Mr & Mrs. Lester and some Redskins Cheerleader (I think they Redskins) actually waited on our FOB for our patrol to return just so we could meet him and sign autographs for us. It had already started getting dark and the when we had finally RP’d the Cheerleaders seemed to be in a bitchy mood but, Mr. Lester was energetic and just a great spirited guy, even when we called him Billy Bob (his character from Varsity Blues). Ron Lester is a true Patriot who, while unable to serve with front line grunts, is able to be where the frontline grunts need him the most. He has never claimed false Honor, he went and earned it like a Boss. Thank you Mr. Lester for saying your piece here in support of Soldiers. You make the eye of the storm in war so much more pleasant with your presence.

  10. Thanks for breaking the story guys! Posted about this scumbaggery on my blog and linked back here along with my FB and Twitter. Since these douchebags are trying to shut down the FB backlash let’s make sure we are posting everywhere we can about it. They can’t shut down personal blogs and websites. Is there any legal action possible on these assclowns?

  11. Can you believe the release date was on Veteran’s Day for this clothing line? How can he say he is not targeting military. Some where in a regulation it has to be wrong to put a military medal on a shirt for commerical gain. There has to be a legal way to prove he is falsely advertising towards military personnel. If I were him instead of 1% of the entire nation coming down on him he should start donating at least 40% of the profits to some veteran c

  12. Are you serious. I am a real Veteran and I am very offended. I fought for my country and earned that title. Was this idiot even thinking about what he was doing? Before I joined the army I would never wear anything that made someone think I had served my country. I have earned that right now and I find this offensive. If you didn’t earn it don’t wear it.

  13. Flaming us on Facebook didn’t help the situation. I’m sorry for all the inconvenience and I understand everyones opinion but coming hard at a clothing team in which our age range is from 18-21 shows that you guys don’t even have respect for yourselves. I’m apart of this team, I’m a FULL time college student, FULL time job, doing what the NORMAL american does. I respect all your stories, your encounters & most of all your service for the U.S. I’m positive if you would have called us on a PROFESSIONAL level we could have talked this out. Thanks for all the death calls, I’m still going to continue to strive for success if you like it or not. Maybe the older generation should teach us and stop cussing and acting ignorant on a social networking site.

    • First off we and several others contact your CEO several times, only to get a bottled response. We told him we would take it public and he did not care. So we did what we had to do! SO do not come here telling us what we did not do! Second off, if you had any respect for the Veterans and Soldiers of this great country you wouldn’t have done what you did to begin with. YOU ARE TRYING TO MAKE MONEY OFF OF THE VETERANS AND SOLDIERS OF AMERICA! And do not try and deny it, your slogan and logo’s are very misleading especially to the general public! It makes it seem like you are either Veterans or you support a Veterans organization and you do neither. And we did not call and cuss and act unprofessional, we acted in a professional manner and contacted the company to try and work it out. And we continued to get the same response. You should notice you did something wrong as you have enraged thousands of Veterans and Soldiers. But you still continue to ignore it, like it does not matter to you. That is unprofessional and disrespectful to every Veteran, Soldier and Fallen Warrior of this great country. Especially your Purple Heart shirts, that medal is given for wounds sustained in combat in defense of our country!

      • I’ve been on and off the phone with all your followers telling me they want to kill me. For what?

        To the people with the FOLLWING phone numbers


        I’m baffled. You can’t tell me that’s not right. Especially if this is a website of TRUE war heroes.

        Everything in these comments is nothing but contradictions.

        Why do I feel like you’re the only one with some common sense

        You are correct, we slipped. We still stop marketing that shirt.
        I fully understand the importance of the shirt and it will be handled.

        • We have addressed the threats,we did not post numbers they found that on their own. And we do not condone threats of any kind to anyone. And if we find out who it was, they will be banned no questions asked,period. I appreciate the consensus on the PH shirt. But what about your misleading Ads, Slogan, etc?

          • There was mutual respect from the get go, the post should have never been posted first place. All these feelings that you feel could have EASILY been discussed over the phone from a professional point of view on how you feel about the shirt, ads, slogans. Because of all this, our board will be meeting TODAY 7PM PST to work on the website, the design, and our slogans. They will be altered, I hope you consider taking down this post as well. Sorry for all the inconvenience

          • We will post this to the story, and await your decisions. We have also asked everyone to cease contact until then. You can reach us by using the contact page on here.

          • And another thing, our profit margins are NEGATIVE at the moment. There is no profit to ourselves whatsoever.

            We’ve invested more than we received Bulldog. When profit margins ARE positive, we have already discussed with many military Veteran’s that we know personally in San Diego about donations.

            Once again sorry for the inconvenience

        • Honestly what do you expect from people that are trained to kill for this great nation when you just go about pissing them off and pissing on their titles they earned in blood? I’m not saying death threats are right by any means… but come on. Use your brain. I know it has to be in there.

          • I think the Nation expects you to not make death threats. Use your brain.

            And while your brain is on, read this and get pissed off:

            The CEO of the USO is a retired Colonel and makes about $400,000 from his USO job alone. It’s great that you have the energy to go after this guy here, but then wake up to what’s happening in your own back yard. The CEOs of USO, the Wounded Warrior Project and Fisher House need your undivided attention.

            While their organizations are doing good, their management takes a HUGE chunk of change out the back door and none of you give a shit.

        • It’s not just the purple heart shirt guy. You’re retarded if you think that’s the only thing this is about.

          You’re not veterans. You keep putting flags in the back of your pictures. Salute me? Come on guy. When you came up with that Vets label, you knew what you were doing. Stop being a scumbag, STOP LYING TO US! SHUT IT DOWN.

          • Why do you give a shit about some freeking idiot and his little on line t-shirt store? I’m a 100% s/c Vietnam Vet and now the VA wants to freeze my beneits and forget about any COLA. Vets have gone from “American Heroes” to a budgetary problem. The nearest VAMC is about 80 miles from me and is really difficult for me to get to. How long is it now taking the VA to process claims.

            Don’t get distracted by some clown. Pay attention to the criminals who run the show. Don’t buy his shit, is all. Contact your congressman about the shit treatment we get after all our sacrifices.

    • You respect “most of all your service for the U.S.” What part do you not respect? If you are trying to say that “. . . most of all, your service for the U.S.”, then learn how to write properly. I am offended by how you wrote your first comment. I would not be offended if you meant and wrote the second. However, in the grand scheme of things, I suspect that you guys are just young punks who are shameless opportunists taking advantage of a portion of the public that is not willing to actually check you guys out. You guys are a perfect example of how to not employ capitalism: business and profits without conscience and morals. Your company is despicable.

      • When the general public in the United States of America see the word “Veteran” or “Vet” as your shirt says, the automatic thought that comes to mind is a VETERAN of the United States Armed Forces. You know that, and so do we. Neither of us fell off the turnip truck yesterday. The demographic you target want respect. They haven’t been around long enough to earn it. Respect is earned, not demanded because you put on a cool piece of clothing with the word ‘veteran’ on it. The VETERANS who served our country have earned that respect. They don’t need a cool teeshirt to demand it.
        I understand you are an entrepreneur, and you are trying to make a name for yourself. This isn’t the name you want to try to make your own. You’ve bitten off more than you can chew, my young friend. The VETERAN community is huge, and a force to be reckoned with. No amount of advertising dollars and putting your ‘spin’ on what you think veteran means will not change the facts. Word of mouth advertising is free. Your arrogance is going to backfire. Karma, my friend; karma. Unless your attitude changes, your company will fold, of your own doing, not ours.

  14. One the Veteran Clothing founders just posted this little jem in response to the postings on the FB page:

    Jordan Smith: “Flaming us on Facebook didn’t help the situation. I’m sorry for all the inconvenience and I understand everyones opinion but coming hard at a clothing team in which our age range is from 18-21 shows that you guys don’t even have respect for yourselves. I’m apart of this team, I’m a FULL time college student, FULL time job, doing what the NORMAL american does. I respect all your stories, your encounters & most of all your service for the U.S. I’m positive if you would have called us on a PROFESSIONAL level we could have talked this out. Thanks for all the death calls, I’m still going to continue to strive for success if you like it or not.”

    Here’s a link to his personal FB page:!/itsjordansmith

    I’ve got a screen shot of his comment as well. These guys are not too bright and it looks like thay are planning on chosing to do things the hard way…

    • I think I’ll report them to the Better Business Bureau for the unethical and misleading business practices- being that is something he will begin to understand. Everyone on here should.

      • I’ve just finished reporting them to the Better Business Bureau for the misleading marketing, but I can’t do it alone. One complaint can be ignored, but the entire Veteran (REAL VETERANS) cannot. For 18-21 age range you should understand that you aren’t Veterans of anything yet and you will be taught a hard lesson about unethical business practices. There are approximately 23.8 million military Veterans in the United States- you are pissing them off.

  15. As the wife of an active-duty Marine who has served 6 combat deployments, I was outraged when I saw this. It took just a few minutes of research to find the right people I needed to contact, but I have now personally contacted (1) the Director of Trademark Licensing at The Institute of Heraldry (which regulates the manufacture/sale of all heraldic items, including the Purple Heart); (2) The events company that hosts all of the Expos/Tradeshows that he recently participated in; (3) The photographer who took the pictures shown here and on his website; and (4) the hosting company that currently allows this idiot server space. Needless to say, none were very happy to hear about his insulting/illegal business and steps are being taken to shut this down. As I told Mr. Truong, “Don’t ever piss off a web designer who just so happens to also be the wife of a actual Veteran — welcome to hell my friend”

    • Then take pissed off when you read this…

      The CEO of the USO is a retired Colonel and makes about $400,000 from his USO job alone. It’s great that you have the energy to go after this guy here, but then wake up to what’s happening in your own back yard. The CEOs of USO, the Wounded Warrior Project and Fisher House need your undivided attention.

      While their organizations are doing good, their management takes a HUGE chunk of change out the back door and none of you give a shit.

      • If you understood business and the responsibilities of being the person who takes the fall for everything, you would know that $400,000 for a CEO is bargain. If you stay in business, how much more money will you pay yourself than the other employees who do not have the same responsibilities? Will everyone, including you, make only minimum wage? Or will the “CEO” of your sad little company pay himself considerably more?

        • When’s the last time a USO ‘CEO’ took a fall for anything? What koolaid did you drink?

          Unlike other ‘companies’, the USO is congressionally chartered and WILL stay in business–they receive a special $20 million grant every year from Congress. They use the good will of the American Public to provide their volunteer force.

          What dog do you have in the fight that you would defend an extra $400,000 for a retired Colonel working at a charity?

          And yes, the owner of the company I work for makes the same amount as each of its employees. He’s a retired veteran with a conscience.

          • So you are in business to stay poor? You aren’t veterans of anything you have already stated you are a bunch of 18 – 21 year olds! You retired at 18 from what lying with your mom? Additionally, the people in charge of those charities do their business without misleading anyone- it’s called ethics. You obviously didn’t learn anything about that. I don’t care if the janitor at the USO makes $400,000 as long as he does it legitimately and ethically. That is what you are missing your entire marketing campaign and concept of design was based on misleading your customers. That is unethical! It is bad business and the sooner you learn not to deceive people in business the sooner you will turn a profit. So far you guys are the equivalent of a slumlord or used car salesman just in the clothing business.

        • If we ignore him, will he stop posting about the USO? He doesn’t get it, does he? Smoke and mirrors. A retired colonel has EARNED respect. He is a true VETERAN. But I guess Jonathan doesn’t understand that.
          You state “while their organizations are doing good…” yours is not. You are not doing any good at all. Wake up and smell the caca.

          • You two are missing it. I’m not affiliated with this t-shirt scumbag or his company.

            I’m a military vet telling you that you don’t have to look so far to find profiteering at the expense of the good will of Americans.

    • Do you have any update on your contacts with the Institute of Heraldry, the web hosting company and the events company? Getting in trouble with the Institute alone could shut them down.

  16. Take a look at the pics on their fb page of the stolen valor a$$ clown that supports their clothing true veteran would ever support this

  17. I’ve been following this all day…as I get ready to take my husband to the airport so he can deploy. This guy is a fucking piece of work and absolutely deserves the bombardment of support for ACTUAL veterans, not some 18-21 year old punk asses. You guys are doin awesome stuff.

  18. Who gives a shit how old the owners are? All their age tells me is they’re old enough to know better. I recently met a 21 yr old that is missing both legs and one arm after fighting for this country. His one remaing limb is his right arm/ hand, which I was honored to shake as I thanked him for his service. That, my friends, is a VETERAN!

  19. I’m a vet (Army NG and Navy) and I dont see the problem. He seems to be making a product that he hopes military ex-military types would buy. If some dunce buys a purple heart shirt and doesn’t have a purple heart how is that any different than the person that sold ribbons or a uniform to some poser. Are all companies that make ribbons and military t-shirts owned by vets?

    • I guess you missed the part where he said that the word Veteran is for anyone that has been doing something long enough. They are Veterans of dance. I guess now that I am typing it, it is not a slap to someone who has lost limbs at all. My bad!

      • You like to pick and choose how far someone can go.

        The CEO of the USO is a retired Colonel and makes about $400,000 from his USO job alone. It’s great that you have the energy to go after this guy here, but then wake up to what’s happening in your own back yard. The CEOs of USO, the Wounded Warrior Project and Fisher House need your undivided attention.

        While their organizations are doing good, their management takes a HUGE chunk of change out the back door and none of you give a shit.


      • if they want a reason to rage, they can forget t-shirts and look at this woman who “thanks” a fallen Marine for causing her flight to be delayed.

        Janie Porche ‏ twitter: @janieporche

        My flight home was delayed due to the delivery of military remains. Our politics are stupid, and our families are affected. Thanks, Marine.

  20. This guy couldn’t even come up with a different design for the salute. The “salute” is exactly the same as the shocker stickers and shirts. On his tumbler he says that the clothing is also inspired by the military. He has no original ideas on the stuff he has on his website. I’m a retired 12B at the age of 29 due to a spinal injury and I feel he has spat on me and the country. When a civilian hears veteran they don’t think oh he must be a veteran dancer no they think about the honorable men and women of this country. The worse part he’s in my home town. And for god sake if your going to salute do it effing right. Hope these guys get thier shit straight. ” Engineers lead the way”

  21. Jordan –
    Death? After your FOB has been rocketed by insurgents, after you’ve witnessed the broken bodies of dead American warriors being taken off a helo fresh from the battlefield, after you’ve attended a memorial service that includes boots, a helmet, an M-4 and dogtags, after a patrol you’ve sent outside the wire has struck an IED, then and only then can you have a conversation about death. In the meantime go back to your comfy little desk in San Diego and cower and cringe every time the phone rings.

    • I feel for you and what you experienced, for I too am a military vet. There are support programs to help us and our families. I hope you found something helpful from the V.A. or elsewhere or hope you will find it soon.

      For you to now tell any civilian to “cower and cringe when a phone rings” is a disgrace. If you don’t see that, then what kind of Soldier were you and are you?

  22. I’m so angry about this that I don’t think I’m going to be able to sleep tonight. I am literally seeing red thanks to your company’s insensitive and exploitative use of American Veterans. Jordan I hope you sleep well tonight. I know I’ll be taking extra meds and calling my shrink at the VA first thing in the morning.

    • I understand your anger. As a vet myself, I’m outraged as well. Kudos for taking the high road in your remarks; our fellow comrades in arms would do well to do the same

  23. I am proud of you George for taking the right steps for your anger.. My husband has finally learned ( most of the time) to do the same thing you are doing… Many long nights at this house.. Proud of your service and all the brave men and women that take the PLEDGE…

  24. Isn’t it illegal to use a military medal, or likeness thereof, in any application that isn’t approved by the military?

    Even so, wouldn’t they have to pay some sort of licensing fees?

    There has to be something illegal about this. Otherwise there would have been some mercenary whore who would have come up with the idea a long time ago.

    • yes it is illegal under the Code of Federal Regulations, 32 CFR, § 507.15, which states,

      “Certification of heraldic items.

      A letter of certification to manufacture each heraldic item, except those listed in §507.14 (a) through (e) of this

      part, will be provided to the manufacturer upon submission of a preproduction sample. Manufacture and sale of these

      items is not authorized until the manufacturer receives a certification letter from TIOH.”

      TIOH = The Institute of Heraldry, and yes, they are aware of this company.

  25. Wow… about a Nazi police state. This is absolutely appalling that an American company can be bullied like this by the so called military. Absolutely disgusting. There is NOTHING about this guy or his clothing line that suggests he is a military veteran. My 11 year old wears military slogan clothes all the time. She likes the military. Just for bullying this guy trying to be successful in a tough economy I’m buying 5 shirts and if any one of you butthurt cry babies don’t like it and threaten me in any way ill introduce you to another constitutional right in the 2nd amendment!!

    • Yea and we can tell you have never served, therefore you WOULD NOT understand. If you had lost a limb, or had shrapnel in your body, you would understand. A Purple Heart is reserved for those that have been wounded in battle! And it is not about Military Slogan clothes, read the whole story and see the context from a Veterans point of view. And what is appalling is that you are the only person out of thousands that does not understand why it is wrong. That should tell you something.

    • Good job you dunce. You aren’t a vet, and expect to know what it feels like to have the honorable title of Veteran taken from you for profit. Have you seen their damn pictures with flags behind them? Have you seen the shirt with “Salute Me” on it? What civilian says that?


    • Everything that this guy has done has disrespected the very people that keep you and your daughter safe. It’s understandable to want to make money in a tough economy, but it’s not right to do it at the expense of someone else and their honor. The wonderful thing about the sacrifice of the military is so that people like you don’t have to see what they do. I have not served in the military and I do not think I am a strong enough person to, but I know I owe my life, my thanks and everything to the people who make living my life possible. Please don’t insult those who are protecting your life and freedom with words like “butthurt cry babies.” Like you, we all share the the ability to take part in what the 2nd Amendment states and we will continue to do so. You have a right to your opinion, but don’t disrespect these men and women. This clothing line proves that they have gone through enough.

    • This isn’t the military doing the bullying. These are private citizens that have an issue with a product…..this is called capitalism. The producer chose a bad product for the market. He is now REAPING THE FAIL.

      Also, It’s not the word “veteran”, it’s the context. There are many ways to use the word veteran agreed. But……with Salute tattos, purple hearts, pics in front of war memorials, he can’t really play ignorant with the semantics of the situation. He’s made the military affiliation quite clear.

      And he’s a douch-bag. You see his pics and videos….haha
      He needs a few months at Benning. Then he can claim some s**t.

  26. This will make you guys even more infuriated. They throw “swanging” parties with plenty of underage drinking, grinding… pretty much anything you’d find at high school parties. To those of you who don’t know what swanging is… just watch the link to get an idea of their parties:

    Where do they get the money to throw these type of events? From their “Veteran” merchandise.

    • And the retired military management at the USO offices have companies cars paid from by either sponsors or by our CFC contributions. You can look inside our own walls for cases of profiting off the military Soldier.

      The CEO of the USO is a retired Colonel and makes about $400,000 from his USO job alone. The CEOs of USO, the Wounded Warrior Project and Fisher House need your undivided attention.

      While their organizations are doing good, their management takes a HUGE chunk of change out the back door and none of you give a shit.

  27. Their apology was insulting….to top it off they’re deleting negative comments and keeping the comments that support them. They need to be taken down. Permanently.

      • BULLLLLLSHIIT, I posted a long ass comment here earlier and I do not see it anymore. It didn’t just magically disappear. So I’ll just post it again.

        I am a USMC, 2 tour Fallujah Veteran, and I see plenty of hypocrisy going on in here. People are speaking of honor and professionalism, but where is yours? When we went thru boot camp, we were taught that we are always going to be looked at and to uphold ourselves in the HIGHEST STANDARDS. I am reading so called vets making treating phone calls to this man, over what, a clothing line?? Is he a terrorist? Is he out at movie theaters doing mass murders? NO. The “Purple Heart” shirt I do see as going too far. But lets look at all the other clothing companies that use camouflage, military slogans, etc. to get sales. I’m pretty sure they aren’t vets either. Marines crybaby alllll the time about how people wear our Dress Blues jacket that didn’t earn it, (like 50 Cent). Yet I don’t see any complaints when playboy model types do photoshoots in it?? I don’t hear any outrage when they are in our digi camo doing photoshoots? Now you guys press for an apology, and when you get one, people are complaining about it being arrogant.. WTF. Lets get it together. Some of you are extremist and need to calm down. Get off the XBox playing CoD in your moms basement. Instead of being assholes, be professionals.

        • I don’t see the “veteran” name going too far. The purple heart shirt? WAY over the line. Salute Me? Retarded, and when used in conjunction with “veteran” is over the line.

          Beyond that, these shirts are A) retarded. B) hideous and C) this company will flop before we EVER see any people where these on the streets.

          • When you grow tired of pounding on a little guy, how about this…

            The CEO of the USO is a retired Colonel and makes about $400,000 from his USO job alone. It’s great that you have the energy to go after this guy here, but then wake up to what’s happening in your own back yard. The CEOs of USO, the Wounded Warrior Project and Fisher House need your undivided attention.

            While their organizations are doing good, their management takes a HUGE chunk of change out the back door and none of you give a shit.

  28. as a soon to be marine from a very long traditioned family of serving i say wtf? im 18 and i know that this is all stupid these guys really are just disrespectfull and insulting in every manor possible

  29. Legally nothing anyone can do about it. That’s the wonder of the free enterprise system. Is it wrong, misleading, & offensive? Sure! But all we can do is warn people & buy from someone else. If word gets out most people will not buy from them & market takes care of itself.

    • Listen up.

      The CEO of the USO is a retired Colonel and makes ~$400,000 from his USO job alone. It’s great that you have the energy to go after this guy here, but then wake up to what’s happening in your own back yard. The CEOs of USO, the Wounded Warrior Project and Fisher House need your undivided attention.

      While their organizations are doing good, their management takes a HUGE chunk of change out the back door and none of you give a shit.

  30. Capitalize “Marine”, Truong, you disrespectful and dishonest piece of shit.

    LOL Veteran in the dance field… Veteran in the dick sucking field is more likely.

  31. Check their latest post on facebook, its full of “oh you are ok” and “don’t let them pick on you” and other wimptastic support bullshit… what a bunch of worthless turds.

  32. 18 USC § 704 – Military medals or decorations

    They are in violation of this AND it actually has an enhanced part for those printing and wearing a purple heart they’re not entitled to

  33. So you’re basically calling all military vets “immature” you fucking Wang so called Fuckin american..slander the military and all of us vets is uncalled for. believe me you have thrown a boulder into a sworn of Fuckin hornets and this will not be the last you hear from me and a lawyer..every word, picture and the comments are copied and saved. I will fight this with everything I have to ruin you’re ignorant company and you.. Former U.S MARINE COMBAT VET FALLUJAH Iraq 04-05

  34. I to have written the Department of Veterans affairs.. this junk blinded me by anger so to the others that left great comments I apologize for my outburst. just pissed

  35. COOL! I’m a veteran too? Awesome! When do I get to go to those amazing parades which have less and less people every year because all of my friends that weren’t killed at war are contracting all sorts of post-war diseases and dying all the damned time? That sounds like a lark!

    Ohhhhh Sweet! I guess that means I can just swing down to the local Army Surplus and grab a bunch of Class A’s and Medals and just traipse around like a gilded buffoon while I’m at it.

    I can’t wait. Maybe I’ll get the cool girls to finally like me.

    Maybe finally, someone will touch my penis.

    Maybe… Someday…


  36. Its Not about the Word Veteran its about his version of the purple heart on the front of the shirt i could give a crap less a veteran of anything is still a veteran thats fine but dont cross the two… no purple hearts and no other bullshit! if your going to use the word veteran don’t use military markings.

  37. It just goes to show that the American people have long since moved on from caring about the military yet again. But don’t worry, we’ll be here again when you need us. We always are.

  38. well, any veteran (as we all use the word) who insists on wearing a shirt that says “SALUTE ME” is clearly in the military for the wrong reason anyway… of the first things that gets drilled into our heads in Basic Training is the ARMY Values (I’m sure other branches have something similar) and one of which is “SELFLESS SERVICE” once you start wearing things that say “SALUTE ME” you are demanding respect from others and are starting to lose touch with what service is really about….

    That being said, would I buy his shirt? HELL NO! The owner of the company is a jackass, his employees are jackasses, and jackasses are not immune to “jackassery”, regardless, as Ron White would put it, “You Can’t Fix Stupid”

  39. He may be using a definition of veteran, but when you add a purple heart and photos in front of artillery with “salute me” your argument falls apart.

  40. Per your request I will not contact the company directly. However, I will be telling every single person I see NOT to buy from this company, and some of my dear friends have very far-reaching blogs or fan-bases. They are also Veterans or family members thereof. I will give them the details of this company’s activities. I normally support small American businesses but these guys crossed a line. I know it makes us all feel better to threaten the business owners and the people associated with it, but it is time to act like the professionals that we are and use our contacts to spread this information far and wide to force them out of business. If they won’t fix themselves, they don’t need to have a customer base. Hit them in the wallet, not the face.

    • Listen up.

      The CEO of the USO is a retired Colonel and makes about $400,000 from his USO job alone. It’s great that you have the energy to go after this guy here, but then wake up to what’s happening in your own back yard. The CEOs of USO, the Wounded Warrior Project and Fisher House need your undivided attention.

      While their organizations are doing good, their management takes a HUGE chunk of change out the back door and none of you give a shit.

      • ok i’m reading through the comments and have noticed something………HOLY SHIT! how many times do you have to tell us how much CEO’s of military support organizations make? wow STFU already

        • My point?

          Retired military members can get rich by scraping cream of the donations of the American people and you don’t care? But you have 25 kittens over a small-time t-shirt punk.

          If you don’t get my point, then it must be on the top of your head.

          • Yeah, dude, no one cares. Those companies are all owned, operated, and specifically work to better the Veterans. I don’t care how much they make, as far as I’m concerned, they earned it. If you don’t like it, don’t donate to them. But we’re all pretty sick of this constant thread-jacking attempt so STFU already.

          • By the way, care to share what branch of the military you served under? How many tours and where? Injured? Survivor’s guilt?

  41. Listen up.

    The CEO of the USO is a retired Colonel and makes about $400,000 from his USO job alone. It’s great that you have the energy to go after this guy here, but then wake up to what’s happening in your own back yard. The CEOs of USO, the Wounded Warrior Project and Fisher House need your undivided attention.

    While their organizations are doing good, their management takes a HUGE chunk of change out the back door and none of you give a shit.

    • Seriously, dude, you’ve posted this same comment four times now. We get it, you’re pissed about this. Copy. But how about bringing it to Stolen Valor’s attention or USAWTFM via their Facebook pages and not bombarding the commentors? Or better yet, contacting the charities themselves? Maybe provide a little evidence instead of just repeating yourself?

      Either way, those are charities/organizations who actually do help service-members as opposed to this company who is just trying to make a buck on the backs of those that have served. If you can’t see the distinction there then you’re obviously not as bright as you think you are.

      • I’m not as bright as I think I am, but I’m brighter than you think I am.

        You go after a college punk because he’s easy. Why don’t you wake up to what the Big Fish are doing to us all during their annual campaign drives?

        The punk isn’t pretending anything. He’s openly in it for himself.

        Military charities however, act like they’re so honorable and scrape cream off for their management and their key contractors. Their sponsors pay because they still get the image boost by appearing next to the military

        You want evidence?

        The American Institute of Philathrophy ratings for Vet Charities

        Air Force Aid Society (A+)
        Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society (A+)
        Army Emergency Relief (A+)
        Armed Services YMCA of the USA (A-)
        National Military Family Association (A)
        USO (United Service Organization) (C+)
        United Spinal Association’s Wounded Warrior Project (D)*
        Military Order of the Purple Heart Service Foundation (F)
        NCOA National Defense Foundation (F)

        Now make a decision: pick on some little punk because it’s easy or do something meaningful.

        • The main issue that should be addressed is the lack of ethics and using the military to gain profit. The point is that these guys are disrespecting the people who have fought to keep this country safe and FREE! Without the military and their sacrifice to keep a free nation, these guys wouldn’t have the ability to create a clothing line. What they are doing is false advertising. It doesn’t matter how many times they give their definition of “veteran” when they continue to still use advertising that looks directly linked to the military. If you had no prior knowledge of all these debates and you saw a company title, “Veteran Clothing,” saw the photos of the apparel with the American Flags, salutes (no matter how poorly executed they are) and the capitalization of the word “Veteran” (which is directly linked to the Military definition of the word), then one would be right to assume this was a company supporting the troops and not a movement supporting ignorant “swag.” Yes, I agree that the creators have been getting unnecessary comments and death threats, which I do not agree with, but these people are angry for a good reason. Many of these people who are commenting and who are furious are people who have poured their whole life, blood, tears and sweat into protecting people who won’t give them the respect they deserve. We highlight people like “Snookie” from the Jersey Shore who gets paid a ridiculous amount of money for being orange, pregnant and blonde in the brain, but we can’t give the men and women who have sacrificed everything (their lives, their comfort, their family, friends and loved ones…) the recognition and thanks they deserve? I think our priorities are skewed. And yes, we should question things that we are concerned about, such as your issue that you have posted numerous times; but it doesn’t mean that it should be posted to this site where we are trying to bring justice to the troops who are protecting YOUR family, YOUR friends, and YOU yourself.

          • “The main issue that should be addressed is the lack of ethics and using the military to gain profit.”

            That was also my point in my post.

            “The point is that these guys are disrespecting the people who have fought to keep this country safe and FREE!”

            And management of a number of key military support ‘charities’ are disrespecting the American people AND ultimately the people who have fought…

            “If you had no prior knowledge of all these debates and you saw a company title…then one would be right to assume this was a company supporting the troops and not a movement supporting ignorant “swag.”

            just as I wish these military support organizations would do.

            “We highlight people like “Snookie” from the Jersey Shore who gets paid a ridiculous amount of money for being orange, pregnant and blonde in the brain”

            Never watched the show and I sure don’t highlight her. Why do you or YOUR family watch that crap? Why do you even know she’s pregnant?

            “…we can’t give the men and women who have sacrificed everything (their lives, their comfort, their family, friends and loved ones…) the recognition and thanks they deserve? I think our priorities are skewed.”

            You’re right, but threatening other citizens isn’t the answer. With you military insider knowledge, you could do SO MUCH MORE more by helping to recover the MILLIONS wasted by military support organizations, than by trying to keep a t-shirt punk from making $1000 or so.

            “we are trying to bring justice to the troops who are protecting YOUR family, YOUR friends, and YOU yourself.”

            I’m a 20+ year vet, too. I’ve protected YOUR family as well.

            Please join in keeping these military charities on the up-and-up.

        • First, thank you for your service Johnathon Taylor. Just because your opinion is different than mine doesn’t mean that you are not just as deserving of thanks.

          And now, to address the rest of your response….

          1) Your posts do not add to the solution of the current issue being discussed on this site.
          2) You should create a site/discussion forum/something for people who want to look deeper into the post that you have shared numerous times on this because there will be more people talking about your topic and addressing it instead of taking away from this conversation.
          3) I do not watch the show nor do I condone it, but if news stations believe that she is a topic worthy enough to be talked about in their show, then it must be important to the general public. And I work at a news station, therefore, I have to be in the know of what people watch, don’t watch, etc. So please do not accuse me anymore of doing or not doing things. I do not recall saying that I myself watched it, I merely said that we (by we I meant America as a whole- the majority) highlight the wrong people and I used Snookie as an example because she is one that encompasses the wrong type of people to recognize in our society. So once again, no one appreciates having words put into their mouth that they did not say, but it seems that some of my point was taken because you knew what she was from and you associated her with “crap” that is seen on tv, so you know enough about her to make reference.
          4) I am doing my part in working towards solving a problem that is important to me. If this is not an important topic to you, then please don’t diminish the people who have this on their heart. People are not saying that your issue is not prevalent, they are just saying this is not the forum to post on about it multiple times.

          Again, thank you for your service. There is no disrespect meant. I think the people on this forum want to be respected as well for their opinions. You have shared yours, now we are sharing ours that pertain to this matter.

  42. if you go to their “official” page and read their help page and their terms and conditions they seem to contradict one another. one says they will accept returns and exchanges. the other says they will only accept returns if it was delivered damaged and includes the original packaging and the customer pays for shipping. i have screen caps in case they delete or block those pages. they’s also turn off comments on their facebook pages and have deleted some, but not all, negative comments.

  43. I was never a Vet! I think Truong is foolishly doing what he is doing! I was a child during Vietnam War. Never hold a gun to defend this nation, but patriot enough to do something that I am proud of as when the remains of our POW/MIA came home since 4/2010 until recently! Honor to be a Board Member of the UVA in Texas! I just have a word for my younger Vietnamese American Truong. Take it down for the sake of our community’s honor for being an American! There is no amount of money worthy of one’s honor! Truong, take my advice and remove the word VETERAN from your slogan! Otherwise, I will show you how your business will get kill in the market place! And you personally will get mark for life in your own world of deceptive! JLQ

  44. If i may, i personally know billy truong and to be fully honest. When this all started no body didn’t see it as a way to offend military people. There are so many people trying to make it out there and they have to start somewhere. I guess billy’s was to start off with “veteran”. No one, literally no one knew that it would get this far and offend the military people. Even myself did not know such outrage would come out of it. When i started to look deeper into why it got out of hand. I understand. I mean i don’t truly understand how much anger and rage these military people have in them but i have an idea of how i would feel if it felt as if i was being mocked. I believe “Vets” should have had a sincere apology to everyone, yet it is kind of hard to give a sincere apology if hundreds of people are telling thes 18+ kids to go kill themselves. But i do understand why it has enraged people to quickly. But if they want to have peace with the military community, i think they should give their most sincere apology and find a way to change their strategies of selling their product. But, then the people on the other side should get an apology with the death threats. What if they actually tried to commit suicide? It would be the communities fault for encouraging to kill themselves. And isn’t very american at all.

    • I personally commented, emailed and left voicemails for these kids, with no avail (except being blocked/banned from posting on any of their sites) With that being said, I’ve created the following for them:

      I’m sure most of you remember the old poem of the Soldier/Marine approaching the Pearly Gates (author still not named). Well, this is my personal adaptation written especially for them 🙂

      As he approached the Pearly Gates,
      St. Peter he did tell,
      “A Veteran reporting Sir,
      I’ve served my time in Hell.”

      Yet when St. Peter saw his shirt,
      “Salute Me” it did say,
      St. Peter grabbed him by the neck,
      and told him, “not today!

      “You see my child, there are Veterans here,
      Who gave their life for you,
      Yet your little entitled ass,
      Just acted like a fool.

      “A veteran of dance you say?
      My son, that is a joke!
      You mock the words of ever Vet.
      Whoever took the Oath.

      So I hope that you enjoyed your life,
      Selling douchebag street apparel,
      We do have a special place for you,
      and that, my son, is Hell”

  45. one of their “slogans” is “Demanding over asking”. maybe we should be demanding they show respect over asking, which doesn’t seem to be working. but if they really had any integrity to begin with, they would have shown respect from the start. they have yet to learn that in order to get respect, you need to first have respect for others. true respect does not come from demanding, but from being earned.

  46. Normal americans try to help our Vets where/whenever possible. We wait for pay-day so that we can try to do one more thing to help them! We cry when something bad happens before pay-day comes because we feel we failed them. we don’t try to make a living from their sweat!

  47. I have seen plenty of VFW Posts over the years (that’s Veterans of Foreign War for anyone who has no affiliation to or knowledge of the military and still wants to use the Veteran title), but I don’t recall ever seeing a single VPP (Veteran Pencil Pusher) Post anywhere! Has anyone ever heard someone call the company to attention when the manager of Office Max walks in every day? Has anyone ever seen a buggy boy salute the manager of Walmart as they walk across the parking lot to go home every day? When has a professional athlete ever stood at attention when speaking to his coach? And on top of that, I don’t know of any business that hands out ribbons and medals to be worn as signification of distinctive and honorable service. Even if one did, it definitely wouldn’t be a purple heart! A dictionary may have it’s “definition” of a Veteran, but that’s not a loop-hole that should pulled on while using the earning of our American Hero’s as a way to put earnings in your pocket!

  48. I guess my biggest concern is do you demand the same of other lines of clothing aimed at veterans? I’m sure there are numerous lines of “veteran” clothing that are not owned by veterans and do nothing to benefit them.

    • The biggest problem with this company, that other companies do not, is being deceptive in their advertisement. They make it seem as if they are owned by Veterans or associated with some Vet organizations. We had lots of emails from people who had bought clothing from them because that is what they thought. Because of all the references to the Military in the presentation of themselves. Then to misuse the word, and say anyone can be a Veteran, and then to say “Old Veterans” wouldn’t understand and need to leave their page. Its alot more than just the one point you make.

  49. I could care less about the name “veteran”. It’s the Purple Heart BS that gets me. One guy above put it best…..your effing with “titles they earned in blood”. Now change the shirts and go play call of duty.

  50. i was gonna put this at the end but i don’t think most people will make it that far before judging me. I’m currently deployed to afghanistan as a combat medic like I’m here RIGHT this minute and let me tell you shits fucked here. if you really wanna show your support go donate some blood for a service member blood drive, sign up to be organ donors in the event (god forbid ) that something happens to you. I’m in no way triying to disrespect those who came before me or those who gave the ultimate sacrifice but the righteous indignation is crazy here. lets go after polo and all of the top brands , in their advertising they make it seem as if their clothing lines are only for male models when in reality any old schlub can buy and wear them. this sounds ridiculous yeah? granted purple heart shirt was overdoing it, but threatening a kid… for emphasis KID who you’ve not even given a chance to… how do you KNOW his company won’t be supporting veterans and soldiers everywhere when they get out of the red. have you asked him? has anyone had a sit-down talk to ask this guy what his long term goals for his company are? nah i think you just started a chant of BURN THE WITCH BURN THE WITCH!!! its kind of screwed up.

    • “lets go after polo and all of the top brands , in their advertising they make it seem as if their clothing lines are only for male models when in reality any old schlub can buy and wear them.”

      Male Models = Combat Vets
      Interesting comparison…….not so sure it worked well for your case. I’m not even sure it logically connects.
      Enjoy Kandahar……

    • I think a better comparison would be if say you lived in a town with a ton of community pride. And say that town only has one highschool that everyone that lives there goes through at some point in their life. Your town considers that place like a representation of the community as a whole. That would make things like the school mascot/symbols/colors and other distinguishing things almost sacred. So now someone decides they can make money off of your town pride so they make a clothing line, and on said clothing they use pictures of your school mascot, and for their ads they take pictures with your school in the background. And the “models” for this clothing are using some handsign that alumni of that school know is a signature of said school. While that handsign itself might not be “trademarked” and anyone can in theory use it, and that mascot is more or less open for anyone to depict. The combination of the mascot, handsign, and school in the backgound leads people from that town to believe that they support that school in someway and therefore are more likely to purchase those clothes in support of their school and town. Its kind of the same thing here. This clothing line appears to be preying on our nations nationalism and the respect we give our armed forces. Therein lies the issue, as i understand it, for alot of people including myself. And just so there is no confusing, i too am currently deployed to kandahar, afghanistan and its hot out here.

    • I think if you go and actually look at their content of their websites (their Tumblr is particularly telling) that they have zero intention of supporting any veterans organizations. They’d rather spend it on renting party buses, tweeting pics of weed and recording rap “classics” like “She Fucked The Whole Squad” and “Bad Bitch”. And I won’t even get into all of the misogyny, underage drinking and just general douchebaggery they’re promoting.

      As someone who on a daily basis works with national-level veteran service organizations all across the country as part of my current job, and also an active duty NCO with several deployments under my belt, I can say personally that none of the orgs I work with would willingly accept a dime of donations from these turd sandwiches. Frankly their co-opting of the word Veteran for use with their little hip-hop promotion deal, demanding respect through their tag line “Salute Me bitch!”, is the exact opposite of what real Veterans stand for.

      Hell, in one of their “songs” young Billy even shouts out to the “niggas that know me from the sandbox.” – as someone currently downrange that alone should make your blood boil (stay safe by the way).

      What makes it all so frustrating, is that these dipshits fail to see why anyone could possible be upset with them, shrugging it all off as “old vets” being cranky with them.

      Watch this video and tell me if this is what you want the word Veteran associated with:

      • “niggas know me from the sandbox” .. Do you even know what that means? It means the sandbox that little KIDS play in. You know, the one that the rugrats played in? I don’t know what sandbox you’re talking about, but he’s talking about something completely different. Now it seems as is everyone who is hating on this company is trying to break apart every little thing about their songs, the way they dress, every one they hang out with mocks the military. No, They had NO INTENTIONS to offend people of the military. Don’t dig deeper into their tumblr, facebook, twitter to find out what they’re really all about. They’re just a bunch of kids trying to make it big, but they did it in a wrong way. Within a few weeks, this will boil down and people will forget about it. This company isn’t going to stop for nobody. They did everything for this company and committed to it, you can’t stop them for shutting down what they have dreamed to do for years. Maybe they’ll find different ways to sell their clothes and this time NOT use military related colors or images.

        • I find it ironic that someone would willing try and explain away the “sandbox” comment. No, they do not mean, the sandbox in your local backyard, or at your neighborhood preschool. The “sandbox” is an oh-so, yet not-so affectionate term for the Middle East. Many Veterans, and yes, when using this term, I like the capital V, use this layman-like term so that others who might not be so geographically competent might understand.

          He used the appropriate dictionary term when it comes to the word, “veteran,” however, he employed certain style measures that would make anyone with two brains cells think that the company was either veteran owned and or operated to a company that perhaps donates their proceeds to a certain Veterans organization.

          Since neither are true to the above, it is clear that this individual although one who is attempting to “live the American dream,” is going about it in the wrong way by cashing in on the respect, fealty of Country and admiration that MOST American’s have for those who have SERVED IN THE MILITARY.

          When has the Boston Ballet required a salute? When did you see a NFL Player require that an individual fan Salute him? (And please don’t rebutt with the “Mile High” Salute used by some of the Denver Broncos). No ONE but those who served in the military ever utilize a salute as a salutation and sign of rank respect.

          To say otherwise is to simply be ignorant of the facts, or oblivious in a way that only the very brainwashed can be.

      • I wonder which organizations you work with, because you’re probably right: they wouldn’t take donations from him, they would take them from much larger institutions, then turn around and overpay the same institution (or a subsidiary) for services such as IT (making that division a good profit) and then peek into their own bank account to see if their paycheck deposited.

        If you work so closely with these organizations, how can you be so naive?

    • The fact that this, “kid” is using imagery, heraldry and Patriotic icon-ism for PROFIT is beyond reproach.

      He did not, nor does he in the future have any intention of allying himself with an organization that will benefit Veterans. Having read just about everything now on this subject, followed several of their twitter posts and seen some of their thumblr — I can pretty much assert that what I just said briefly regarding his intention to be true.

      It is NOT that the good people here are attempting to “put down” his desire to follow his own American Dream.

      What our PROBLEM with this particular business is that he’s using something that doesn’t belong to him, that he did not earn, nor has he lost. And by loss, I mean those who have suffered the loss of a friend in combat, a spouse, a relative.

      I cannot myself say that I am a veteran. Housewives, don’t get that distinction as baby-sitters and bottle-washers. Titles that although I am seriously proud to have, I don’t demand that others “Salute Me” for.

      You’re down-range currently, and I would definitely salute you — because you’re keeping me and mine safe. You’re Selfless Service, which I am pretty sure was somewhere in the oath you took during Basic ensures that my two-year-old son will get to go and play out in the sunshine, without worrying if an IED is going to take one of his little body parts, or his life.

      And to infer that Polo or any of the other major brands, as you put it, is for super-models only, but any old schlub can purchase them does not in any way reflect just what most of the Vets, their Spouses and their Families are so upset about regarding the CONTEXT issue of this other brand of clothing, i.e. veteran clothing.

      Every Brand out there comes up with some form of Patriotic symbolism — sure, because it sells. But when was the last time you saw Levi’s saying they were the Official Brand of Armed Forces Veterans? Can you recall exactly when Polo ran an ad campaign that staked them as THE brand to wear if you were recently returned from overseas?

      He can use the term veteran all he wants. But he shouldn’t be able to profit from the imagery of those who served, those who died. Those who struggle because of an injury, both visible and invisible.

      To say that he can and should … feels just so disrespectful to someone like me. Just a housewife. Just the daughter of Veterans. Just the sister of a Veteran. Just the Granddaughter of Veterans who served.

  51. oh if you want to find me to see if what i claim is true I’m the vernon miller form mobile alabama living in kandahar afghanistan

  52. I’d be happy to salute this douchenozzel with my boot up his ass. His entire company seems half-assed and half baked. Just the word usage and grammar seem like he said his goodbyes to school a long time before he should have. I highly doubt his clothing line will ever amount to much or that it’ll even be around long.

  53. He’s also using the indian head logo for 6th marines or 2nd army division. As a former member of 2/6 (i’m not using vet) this makes me want to express hate and discontent.

  54. I find it interesting that someone is now responding to critics on their YouTube videos (the one with the ACU backpack, in particular) that the individual shown in the video is actually in the Army – or at least will be shipping out to Basic Training in a few weeks. Man I wish there was a way I could show all this to his future drill sergeants.

  55. These are not the first people to make a buck off of people’s patriotism. There are tons of clothing lines, games, books, movies and songs that play on our respect for the service and make money.They are probably not the first to use misleading advertising. I don’t think they are doing anything out of admiration for the military, they just want to make a buck. Their defensive and patronizing replies to criticism, coupled with their weak attempt to redefine the common way most people think of the word “Veteran” won’t fly. They are a couple of ambitious, smart young people with a business idea who also happen to be knuckleheads.They were looking to be the next “Tapout” “FUBU” or “Billabong” type of company.
    Guess what gang? I’m pretty sure it’s not going to fly.It’s not going to fly because you are so hard-headed that you don’t realize that very people you are trying to market your product to (under 25) think of the word “Veteran” the same way the people posting here do.Other than a few people in your select circle of friends, no one else is going to buy your items. You are topping off your failure by pissing off the consumer base that might have an interest in your product, veterans themselves.
    Learn from this mistake. Hopefully you will get a better head for business and learn to respect veterans in the process.

  56. You know what I find amusing and ironic? .. How all you “veterans” continue to make death threats and harass these boys with racial slurs. The really funny part about all that is that you guys are REAL veterans right ? Its disgusting how you men and women are the ones defending our country, but are racist and threatening these boys with their lives just because these boys are trying to live the American dream of creating something out of nothing . Not to mention harassing everyone associated with this group (such as the photographers and models) GROW UP and MOVE ON ! Saying that they are profiteering off war is plain ignorant .. because these boys created this company with no intentions of disrespecting anyone and have even been trying to make steps to change. (such as discontinuing the Purple Heart design) . My dad is a retired veteran of the Navy. He served 22 years active duty. He was deployed almost every year of my life, for 6-8 month terms and when I asked him about this he pretty much had me repeat the whole issue because he couldn’t catch it the first time because he believed that this whole thing was ridiculous. Our troops fight to defend the rights of its citizens, which include freedom of speech . Who’s to say that someone can’t use the term “veteran” anyway they’d like? Why because you guys are Veterans so you control everyone ? That’s a huge sense of entitlement. My dad said people will just find any excuse to be angry at people just trying to be successful . Because you served you are entitled to threaten these boys ? You’re entitled to own this word. How contradicting to the oath you took when you joined the service . With all due respect I respect everything you men and women have done, but open your eyes to how stupid and small this issue is . Go ahead and keep being disrespectful, making threats, and racial comments. That won’t solve anything i’ll tell you that much . Threatening to sue ? Please tell me what case you have ? There’s so many other bigger issues such as our poor education system and how our budget cuts on school are affecting our youth, but you choose to attack a group of boys that are just trying to make something of themselves . Why don’t you all spend your time petitioning bigger issues and make a difference . instead of acting like this is the end of the world and like your doing something to better the U.S … All these comments I’ve read on their facebook page and on blogs are immature .. the use of foul language pretty much deteriorates your argument and makes you look childish . Grow up and move on . Stop being a hippocrate . apparently alot of you dont know what you fought for .. im ashamed to see a lot of raciest people are the ones representing our country .

    and I really dont care what you guys think of my post . Make death threats to me too. I know im dealing with a bunch of close minded and ignorant people that refuse to see both sides to the argument . Who cares if they based their clothing style off military clothing .. Didn’t know that was illegal, wait cause it’s NOT . Open your eyes to how stupid and pointless this issue is mainly because you guys have no case whatsoever . Grow up and move on and find something more IMPORTANT that MATTERS to use your energy on .

    VETERAN keep at it and keep doing your thing .
    Vet Squad on top .

    • How has anyone here been racist? I’ve read every comment on here and no one has made a racial slur. Calling someone Asian, who actually is Asian, is not racist. Are you saying that because someone is Asian that means they can’t be a douchebag? I don’t really care about the rest of your comment because you’re obviously someone who has never donned the uniform, and you’re quite possibly just some troll for the “vet Squad” (yes, the lower case was intentional), but I’m sick and tired of people being called racists because they defend a position which has literally nothing to do with race. No one here cares that they’re Asian, they’d be douchebags just the same if they were white, black, or hispanic.

      Others have already covered, quite eloquently, why REAL Veterans are pissed about this, but you obviously can’t understand that, so I won’t belabor the point. Why don’t you go read some of those and then maybe you won’t sound like some high school girl whose Justin Bieber cd just got scratched.

    • Show me a death threat…..I’d like to see these supposed death threats. If people are making death threat they’re idiots!

      Also, you may not be aware that this IS a free country and we are allowed to hate on douchbags and posers like you and your toolbag friends. We’re not the government. We ARE private citizens… must have forgotten that. And shut it with your “there are bigger issues” argument. Does the fact that people are starving around the world invalidate every smaller issue? No. You just wasted a whole page typing on this small fry issue.

      “Didn’t know that was illegal, wait cause it’s NOT” This doesn’t mean we can’t enact our capitalistic right tell you how effed up you are. And once again… are a poser.(or whoever that was in those pics wearing purple heart shirts and getting photos in front of memorials pretending) Go play Call of Duty with your buddies or….I’m sure there’s a sweet air-soft match you can go play dress up at.

    • Ma’am, have you read the whole of the story, or did you simply jump on the bandwagon? The small and I mean, small scale of people who went off the deep end and made death threats have NOTHING to do with Guardians of Valor here. NOTHING.

      Most of the folks here are hardworking. They have jobs and lives, families and problems of their own. And although I’m sure there are several people who are Caucasian here, please also note that there are Asians, there are African-Americans, there are also people like me, who are either married to one of the three above (in this case, it’s Asian-American, just an FYI there) and/or are of one of those small groups of people that many Americans identify with — the Native American. Which I happen to be also. So before you pull the race card, maybe you should make doubly sure that what you’re going to say doesn’t just broadly apply to a group of people, whose background you know nothing about. It makes your ignorant show.

      That you would say something as placating as, with all due respect, then go forward and thrash on people for caring about how this particular CEO is using the term Veteran is simply proof that although you might be the child of a Veteran, you certainly do not seem to have taken anything away from the experience of being a Navy Brat. (And before you think of dropping a response to the term “Navy Brat”, know that I too, am the daughter of Veterans of the Navy. My mother was a Corpsman until Honorably Discharged during her THIRD bout with Cancer and a Naval Crypto Technician. I’m also the PROUD sister of a United States Air Force Veteran).

      Those men and women who fought? Those who died? Those who suffer both the visible and invisible wounds? Those are VETERANS. Most will use a capital V because it’s considered respectful.

      NO ONE HERE on this page is disputing his use of the DEFINITION of veteran. He can use that all he wants. What we here have a PROBLEM with is the fact that he used imagery, patriotic-icon-ism and blatant abuse of the Purple Heart (mind you, without the proper authorization of the American Heraldry Association, because yes, you do have to go through some Federal channels for that privilege). His commercials play on Veterans and his slogan, “Salute Me.” And let’s not forget the gem of another slogan, “Demanding not Asking.” Oh, and if you’re surfing his tumblr page, which I have to say is just a testament to stupidity (because really what Veteran would associate themselves with idiocy of this magnitude after seeing it?) “Salute the Bi%ch!” (Yeah, that’s a real GREAT slogan. Nothing condescending or degrading there!).

      This page HAS NEVER and WILL NEVER condone the use of force, or threats. They don’t need to. Because in a truly capitalistic society of which we still are, (Thank you Goddess), we don’t have to purchase their merchandise and we can surely make others aware of what a poser is. Clearly — this is a poser situation.

      Those that have called and made threats? They aren’t a part of this page. They aren’t the good men and women who run this group. They are just as heinous for doing something stupid as this idiot, Billy Troung is. So please, spare us the “You’ve been Bad Children,” rant — because really that’s all this comes off as. A mother reproving her child for bad behavior.

      I look forward to any response you might have regarding this. Because truly, I am interested in how someone could read the full article above, including all the links provided by the good Company of Guardians of Valor and NOT feel at least a little miffed by the misleading use of Military Imagery and Icon-ism.

      Most Veteran owned, or operated business donate SOMETHING to a cause or charity. This particular individual? He’s just out to make a buck, and while yeah, that’s the American dream, he’s making it off the blood, sweat, tears and loss of others heroism. And that is just downright shameful.

    • Just as you said, you have issues that are important to you. Just because you don’t think this issue is important to you, doesn’t mean that it cannot be important to other people. And who says that the people on this forum don’t care about other things. I think that them signing up to be in the military shows that they care about a lot of those things that you mentioned, because we are only able to care about those things because we are a free nation. You are right, death threats and racial comments (if there were any, I just haven’t seen any with my own eyes) are not the adult way to go about things, although, it is definitely good to have accountability. Yes, they are young; yes, they created their own business; BUT more research should be done. A major issue was brought up to the company, and instead of growing and learning from the people contacting them, they have decided to shut up the voices of the public and continue doing their own thing. If this many people feel disrespected by the apparel, then there is something wrong. The point should at least be addressed instead of ignored. They had a great opportunity to learn but instead they chose not to and that’s a reason that people are angry. Not once has anyone demeaned them for starting their own business. If you can do that, awesome! It’s that they are benefiting off the military. If they cared about disrespecting all of these people then they would have actually apologized in their “public apology” and found a way to solve the problem. Instead, they chose not to. They may not have had intentions to disrespect anyone, but it happened and if they had intentions to not disrespect people, then they would have made efforts to show that, but they haven’t. I agree that they are young, but that doesn’t excuse them from doing something wrong. If you have children or younger people in your life, then most often than not, children are punished for their wrong doing weather they intended to do something or not. In order to grow into an adult, they should learn from their mistakes and what has been brought to their attention. You can’t tell an officer or someone of authority, “I didn’t know that was wrong,” or “I didn’t understand that” all you want when you do something wrong, but it doesn’t excuse the fact that you were doing something wrong in the first place.

  57. Good Lord, even by this douchebag Truong’s definition of
    “veteran” doesn’t work for him! The d-bag’s ego must be bigger than he is because he’s only 19! He defined veteran as someone who is experienced in some field. (Never mind the fact that if I meet someone who says they’re a veteran of dancing, I will give them the number for the nearest gay bar.)

      • And the reason that Ms. Porche gets to say something as blatantly sarcastic as, Thanks, Marine? Because that Soldier died so that she could. If she doesn’t enjoy her 1st Amendment right to go and complain about something like a flight delay, then perhaps she should rethink that little slap in the face of his family. Because reading it that way, she sure as heck isn’t grateful that someone was just willing to DIE for her.

        Mr. Taylor, your debate becomes tiresome as many others here refute what you “lay down”. You constantly post regarding the USO and the abuse Veteran’s Charities. Really? Like Invisible Children wasn’t just the biggest debacle of Charity misappropriation?

        The above simply goes to show that there are yes, those who do not feel that the title of Veteran should hold any more significance than a reference in a dictionary.

        • Noone’s refuted what I’ve said–they’re just choosing punk over establishment. That’s cool–no one cares when ‘their own’ profit from the system. Got it.

          • All anyone hears when you talk (figuratively speaking, of course) is “Blah blah blah…PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!!!!!!!”

      • Perhaps her tweet was meant in another tone. If you look at her twitter page, as you were so kind to link to, she says that her brother is a Marine. As tone is notoriously difficult to convey in writing, it is entirely possible that she was not lamenting her flight delay, but rather commenting on our politics and mentioning that those politics affect our families. And perhaps that Thanks was sincere. I don’t know, and neither do you. Twitter only allows 140 characters.

        Aside from that, why do you feel the constant need to try to pull this comment thread off topic? Even if she was blaming a delayed flight on a dead Marine, that would make her a twat, not a valor thief. She’s not making money off of her Twitter feed. That is hardly worth Bulldog’s or anyone else’s time. Are you really stooping so low as to post random tweets just to get people to talk about something else than these assclowns that are actually relevant to this page? Go start a blog or get on Twitter. There you can pretend that people care about what you say.

      • This person has 2 goals: one, to piss people off in this forum; and two – his biggest one – to distract from the main issue at hand. We are, after all, talking about the behavior and choices made by those running this company. I recommend that we completely ignore any of these off-topic posts. As my dog trainer says: “ignore the behavior. When the reward is withheld, the behavior will extinguish itself.” It wouldn’t be right to ban and prevent him from posting. Wouldn’t want to impose on his consitutional right to express himself, unlike his behavior of preventing anyone from posting comments. We can take the high road. Let’s.

        • My behavior didn’t prevent anyone from posting comments. And if anything, I’m highlighting points that other veterans should be considering in their lives as well (the charities point more than this one, I admit).

    • The kids are getting smart. You can only ‘share’ the picture; no comments allowed. You cannot even see this kid’s page unless you friend them and they accept. BUT you can see all the pictures.
      They are posting flagrantly insulting pictures with impunity. Let’s stop talking and start doing. Tell all your friends, especially those with kids in their target age range, not to buy from this company.
      Copy the picture, or better yet, take a screen shot. They could take it down and deny they ever posted it. Wait, they are reading this blog…nevermind, I already copied the photo and did a screen shot.

  58. So they are located right near MCAS Miramar, in the Ralph’s shopping center next to a massage parlor, a block away from the Marine Corps Recruiting Station… not sure, but I doubt that a trademark can be made for “Veteran Clothing” it would seem rather generic to hold-up in a trademark case.

    The guy is a nail salon owner, pretending to be something more. He’s trying to sell to the marines and wannabes in Miramar area. Class A douche…

  59. Dude is a complete and utter moron. He is just trying to be a gangsta? Is that how they want to be called or is it gangster? He probably tried to enlist, and with all the illegal activities he was caught doing (I mean he is not the brightest guy in the world) they wouldn’t let him join (very smart move)! So now he wants to get revenge and trash all Veterans by this.

    As for how he wants to be treated, he better not come close to me because of that daughter comment. Guy is immature, and if he wants to throw himself out there as a 5 year old child, I will gladly treat him like a 5 year old child.

    Now as for the comment he made about daughters…… If I had a daughter and she was not even close to being 18 years old, I would lawyer up and go after him with a threat and the rational idea of raping an underaged girl. So if he comes even close to me I will go after him and no Mr. Thong that is not a threat but a promise!

  60. I passed their scam on to conservative talk radio. I just love how even though so many people hate them, they sure do know how to get something put into mainstream media that otherwise wouldnt be.

  61. First off before I start a flame war, I just want to say I respect veterans and their sacrifices and could never imagine going through what they went through. But, I think you guys are getting mad at some ignorant kid who doesn’t know any better. I’m not defending him but flagging his page on Facebook for spam? Really? The page is anything but spam. Also, saying be polite when contacting the company in the post and then featuring an article where they call him a douche? This also makes no since. I don’t support what he’s doing but let’s at least be fair when trying to change his viewpoint.

    • I think you missed a chunk of this. When Truong started out, he might have been an ignorant kid. After the number of times Bulldog and God knows how many others have contacted him and educated him, he’s no longer ignorant, he knows exactly what he’s doing. And by “be polite” it means “state your argument, do not threaten him with physical violence.” At this point, this company has brought all of this on themselves. They were given every opportunity to fix themselves and stop using military iconography, they choose to be stubborn, so we choose to drive them out of business.

  62. Get over yourselves, there’s more than one definition of of veteran. This company is making no false claims and has every right to use the american flag in their advertising. They answer any questions about their intent directly, so stop crying about it.

    • You are correct in saying that there are multiple definitions of the word veteran, but the military definition is directly implied when they spell veteran with a capital “V” (which is linked to the military definition). The way they are using the American flag along with their “Salute Me” campaign are obviously false in their advertising. Everything they do is false advertising which is unethical and unappreciated by the public. A lot of what they say is difficult to make out since the spelling and grammar are so bad along with their sentence structure. They have contradictory sentences in their fine print. I don’t see anyone crying on here, I more see people seeking answers to questions they have. This company promotes demanding respect. Last time I checked, I and everyone in the world has to EARN respect, and you sir have not earned mine.

  63. Mr. Taylor, instead of blowing up this thread, why don’t you see if you can find someone to help you set up your your own site and gear it towards the issues that you are passionate about? Ever seen the movie Field of Dreams with Kevin Costner?

  64. I’m a veteran and this whole line of reasoning is sort of disturbing. This is America, the guy making these clothes is not breaking the law he’s simply playing the game in a free market capitalist society. Just because you or I served our country does not give us the right to force your views down other people’s throats. Does anyone believe that NBA players own NIKE? Who really cares who owns the company? If the slogans offend you, don’t buy their apparel. We (and by we I mean all veteran’s) all swore an oath to defend the freedoms you’re trying to take away from some guy in California.

    • Your right this is America, and we are not forcing our views down anyone’s throat. If you would have read the whole article you would have seen that the name is not the main issue. It is called deceptive advertising, and 99.9% agree it was deceptive, and he knew what he was doing. It is called free speech and it goes both ways, if you do not like our views or those that come here, your free to leave. Because you are looking at it through tunnel vision, you are not seeing the whole issue. If it were just the name in question, we would not be having this conversation.

    • I have to disagree with you. Using your analogy of NIKE and NBA players, NIKE is an Official Sponsor and has granted usage of their logo, likenes, name and advertising to be displayed on uniforms and othter promotional items. The Institute of Heraldry (which regulates the usage/recreation/reproduction of all heraldic items — Purple Heart included) has NOT endorsed, sponsored, or in any way given these kids the right to use any sort of rendition of such an honored medal on “Swag/Urban/Street Apparel” and I can only imagine the response they would have receive had they even done the research to know that it requires a certificate from the ITOH before being reproduced. Yes, their’s is not an exact replica (thank God) but that is splitting hairs. Look at the numerous lawsuits brought by corporations against those who created a likeness of a trademarked brand/logo. If it’s close enough to resemble the real thing and is marketed in a manner which misleads the public, it’s copyright or trademark infringement.

      If they wanted to put a literal heart-shape, in purple on the front of their shirts, they are welcome to do so. But creating a replica of a military medal, implying they are Veterans (notice the capitalization they use throughout) and then having the gall to pose in/around military memorials and other backgrounds which refelect military, then they are in violation and deserve whatever they get.

      I find it funny that they Letter of Apolgy and Intent states that they will not be changing their missiom statement, yet the “About Us” page on their site immediately removed the pic of the CEO in the purple heart tshirt, along with their stated desire to honor “Veterans of all kinds, including Professional Basketball Players, Football Players, Artists, Musicians and Skateboarders.” Where did all that go?

      I’ve stated in other forums, but will repeat it here, professional athletes, artists & musicians do NOT expect to be saluted. They are honored with highly promoted, televised ceremonies, which include HUGE advertising revenue to the broadcast stations (i.e., SuperBowl, Emmy’s, Grammy’s, etc.) and when one of them is found to be “above and beyond the rest” they are featured in a “Hall of Fame.”

      When is the last time you saw a military Veteran receiving the Purple Heart on highly promoted red-carpet, television event — with millions spent for an advertising spot? Never. And, the military version of the Hall of Fame is Arlington National Cemetery. Pretty sad. I can’t believe I’m the only one who sees the difference and utter disrespect in their entire clothing line.

      While I am all about free enterprise and the American dream (I’m a small business owner myself), I would never capitalize at the expense of others who were wounded or died to provide me those freedoms. And, speaking from personal experience, as the wife of an active-duty Marine with 6 combat tours under his belt, anyone who deserves to be saluted would never ask or demand that others do so.

      • No one is capitalizing at anyone’s expense here. I’m not a fan of this product nor the way they are marketing it with a clearly “military” vibe but how is this different from an army navy surplus store that’s not owned by a veteran or even one that is owned by a veteran? My point is that the uproar here is VERY misguided.

        While quite likely in bad taste in many peoples perceptions (mine included) nothing about this clothing line impacts anyone negatively. The owner of this website sells swag with his logo’s on it, and while I assume it mostly defrays the costs of hosting and such, if he made a million dollars in advertising or merchandising would that be bad? Would he be vilified? The NBA is indeed different than the military in that it’s a for profit venture and not a government institution but the analogy holds true that just because they market sports apparel does not make anyone at NIKE an NBA athlete in just the same way that just because they market clothing with a “veteran” theme does not make the owners of this clothing line military/ex military/veterans. If they were veterans would this marketing be OK? It’s probably in poor taste either way but as the parent and step parent of 4 teenagers in high school and college I see a lot of clothing worn by my kids friends, coworkers, classmates etc. that I find to be in terrible taste.

        The word veteran is not “trademarked” so the comparison to the NBA which holds numerous trademarks is simply emotional ranting and not a salient point. The NBA can and will defend it’s copyrights but there is no intellectual property nor copyrights being violated here. These people (the clothing people) are not claiming to be the official sponsor of the US Military nor US Veterans which as you stated NIKE does do for the NBA so you’re comparing apples to oranges yet again. The “salute me” slogan is in particularly bad taste in my perception and the “argument” about the definition of the word veteran or comparing being a veteran of “dance” to being a Vet is pretty poorly conceived. Billy Truong’s moral and ethical character might be called into question based upon this line of reasoning but he’s still not done anything wrong. I’m not a fan, but I’m not a fan of a lot of things.

        I understand that I am free to take my voice elsewhere, I just stumbled on your site because one of my old buddies from the military liked you on facebook. I took a quick look and decided to point out that this kind of ranting about what is really pretty much a non issue does not reflect well on the military nor on veterans. You’re calling for these people to “cease and desist” or change their marketing but you don’t have any legal recourse just opinion/taste/personal bias and setting yourself up as the “pro veteran voice” which reflects poorly on all veterans since your argument goes against the very freedoms we swore to defend. You’re free to not buy this guys junk, as are we all, but he’s not really doing anything wrong so pillorying him makes you look sort of fanatical.

        The red carpet analogy here is simply a joke. Pro athletes get massively paid because we live in a free market economy and they get exactly as much money as the market will bear. If we all (me included) stopped paying $100’s of dollars to buy tickets and jerseys and shoes that are being hawked by athletes then there would be no market for them but Americans love entertainment and we repeatedly demonstrate we care more about the NFL than we do about educating our kids or celebrating our veterans. That’s sort of the bed we’ve made and crying about it while paying for “NFL Sunday ticket” doesn’t make much sense. As I type this I’m looking at 8 tickets and two parking passes to an NFL game for September and thinking about the $1000 price tag. Clearly that money could be better spent on teachers, so I’m as guilty as anyone in this regard. No one was promised a red carpet when they joined the military and pretty much every guy I ever met in the military would have traded his job for that of a pro athlete given the chance. It’s our fault that athletes make more than teachers and combat Vet’s.

        • You don’t seem to understand the leave of poserness that’s going on here do you? They’ve been tromping around in Purple Heart shirts, saluting, and posing in “vet” shirts at military monuments. Screw the smantics of the word veteran…’s about these punks posing and promoting posing. Also, most of us former military combat arms members have friends or teammates who’ve earned that purple heart. Some are not here with us today. Veteran Clothing company folks seem to think it means nothing. I was infantry. I’ll be happy to spread negative words about these shithead posers.

  65. Okay, I know this is random, but I can’t be the only one getting these non-stop email updates on this post from the Engrish spambots. Is there anything that can be done about this? I’m not computer savvy enough to turn off the notifications.

  66. This guy is a complete moron. I served 8 years in the airforce and I am a vet.
    It sickens me to see him use the word vet like it’s nothing. What an ass.

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