New Clothing Line “Veteran Clothing” Using the term “Veteran” for Personal Profit?



Veteran Clothing is a new line of clothing started by a guy named Billy Truong, out of San Diego, California. Several fans brought it to our attention yesterday, at first glance you immediately think this company is either Veteran owned/operated or they at least donate to Veterans groups. Well come to find out, neither of the above is true. But we believe their title and their slogan are very misleading, and tried several times to explain that to them. But they would not listen to what we had to say. In our humble opinion they knew exactly what they were doing when they started using this name and slogan, they are using it for their own personal gain.

I know some of you will probably disagree, but take a glance at their facebook page and tell me if your first impression is that it is either Veteran Owned/Operated or they at least have some affiliation with a Veterans organization, And it is set up that way completely on purpose. Veteran Clothing Facebook Page

We saw several posts by Veterans on the page asking about this, here is a screenshot of Mr. Truong responding to a Veteran’s question

We also emailed Mr. Truong about this, stating that we believed he was misleading people by using the Veteran name and the Slogan “Salute Me”. This is his response:

3 hours ago Veteran Clothing
The term “Veteran” is not only towards The Military. Yes, Veterans in the Military are much respected and Veterans in other fields are respected as well. The definition of “Veteran” is a person who has had long experience in any particular field. The slogan “Salute me” other words, “demanding over asking”, Veterans around the globe are automatically respected because they’ve been in the game for the matter of years. Our clothing team are beginning our full-on tour to sponsor Veterans all around the globe. The highest class of Basketball players, Football players, Artists, Musicians, Skateboarders, any Veteran you can think of including Veterans in the military will be sponsor under Veteran Clothing very shortly. Thank you for your concern. -Much Respected, Veteran Clothing.


Even though Mr. Truong says he is not using the Veteran name for personal gain, how does he explain this Purple Heart shirt he is promoting by showing it in front of a Vietnam Veteran who actually earned the award? I’m sure these shirts are not only available to Purple Heart holders.

Another fan sent us this response he received from Mr. Truong, “AS CEO OF VETERANS I PROUDLY SAY THAT EVERYONE IS A VETERAN IN ANY WAY SHAPE OR FORM.” Not true Mr. Truong, by a long shot! If he is not using it towards the Military Veteran, then why are most of the pictures he has promoting his clothing line, taken in front of American Flags or other symbols of the Military?

Here are a few examples:

Im almost sure this guy did not earn the Purple Heart:

Here is another one of their Facebook Profiles: Veteran Clothing Swagin

And the CEO of Veteran Clothing Mr. Billy TruongBilly Truong

Here is another Veteran who also felt he was using the name and slogan wrong:

I feel this is more than wrong, he is profiting off of our Veterans and Military whether he admits it or not. You can not tell me that is not your intent when you purposely pose your clothing line in front of US Military Monuments, and the United States flag. I find that rather hard to believe, and Mr. Truong knows exactly what he is doing! We asked him for more of a response, but he refused. Therefore we have brought it to you, and will let you decide whether he is wrong or right in his portrayal of his line of clothing. ~Bulldog1

UPDATE – We learn something new everyday! I just stumbled upon this-

Definition of “Veteran”

Federal Definition – Under Federal Law a “Veteran” is any person who served honorably on active duty in the armed forces of the United States. (Discharges marked General and Under Honorable Conditions qualify also).
State Definition – Under State Law a “Veteran” is any person who served in the armed forces of the United States for either 180 days of regular active duty service, and a last discharge or release under honorable conditions; or, 90 days of active duty service, one (1) day of which is during “wartime” per the following chart, and a last discharge or release under honorable conditions.

UPDATE2- They took down their comments section on their Facebook page so nobody could comment anymore. It seems the Veteran and Soldier community did not agree with the way he was presenting his clothing line. You can still comment on the pictures on their facebook page, and they also have a website I think I forgot to mention.
Veteran Clothing WebPage

UPDATE3 The company has agreed to discontinue the Purple Heart shirt, we are working on the misleading Slogan etc.

UPDATE4- We have been told that the company will hold a meeting tonight to discuss changing up their slogans etc. We will let you know what comes out of it. We ask that everyone cease contacting them at this point until they reach a decision.

UPDATE5 Ok so it seems we were lied to by Veteran Clothing, this is what we were told and I quote “There was mutual respect from the get go, the post should have never been posted first place. All these feelings that you feel could have EASILY been discussed over the phone from a professional point of view on how you feel about the shirt, ads, slogans. Because of all this, our board will be meeting TODAY 7PM PST to work on the website, the design, and our slogans. They will be altered, I hope you consider taking down this post as well. Sorry for all the inconvenience.

Well it seems they decided they will not change anything, here is what they are calling their “Apology Letter”.

Maybe I am blind, but I do not see any sort of apology their. All I see is basically screw what you think we are not changing anything. And they are blocking anyone that comments on their page.

And you guys will love this, especially you “Old Veterans” as they call it. This is on one of their company facebook pages in the About Us section…

(Click on image to enlarge)




Our friends over at the Duffel Blog have already jumped on this story as well. Check out there most recent write up – Combat Clothing Company.

Also our friends over at Thisainthell are none to happy with this sort of douchebaggery, so it seems to me that the overwhelming majority find this wrong. Well except for the few threats I have received in my email, which I AM sure came from someone within their company according to the IP Address. Check out the write up over at our Comrades page. Click Here – I Am Not Sure If You Understand The Meaning of That Word




Giant Buzzer has posted an Open Letter to Billy Truong…its a great read. Billy should read it as well! Open Letter To Billy Truong and Veteran Clothing

Seems Billy Truong is a Rebel! He does not care what anyone thinks, And I really hope he is not talking about my daughter.



So he thinks people are “Hatin” on him for no reason, does he not realize he would have gained a lot of respect had he realized he was insulting Veterans, and responded accordingly.



Well seems like Mr. Truong also likes to post about his illegal activites, like growing “Kush”. Mr. Truong your argument is now invalid.

Here is the link to the pic…before he removes it of course..Kush Twitter


Since they have been denying that their styles are based on the Military, we thought we would show you this, Its their original About before they changed it up! But Mr. Truong, I thought you said it was not based on anything Military?


Here is the Link to the story done by News 10 in San Diego.


Veteran Clothing Commercial
We also found this commercial for Veteran Clothing, guess the ACU bag the guy grabs in the video has NOTHING to do with the Military?


Our friends and colleagues over at US-Infantry have also wrote up a story concerning veteran clothing. Veterans take aim at veterans clothing.

This is Billy Truong and he wants you to Salute him…

Our friends over at RangerUp have labeled Veteran Clothing, Douche of the Week. RangerUp is a Veteran owned and operated business.

Very good read: Douche of the Week: Veteran Clothing



Asian Americans respond to Veteran Clothing and their CEO. You can see the blog write-up here.Veteran Clothing Stirs up Trouble with Actual Veterans


Foxnews has also ran a story on the controversy, you can view it here:Controversy Brews Over Veteran Clothing Label

Also we ask you again, if you make any contact with the company, please keep it polite and professional. Explain your concerns, disdain, or whatever it may be as professional as possible and we expect the same from veteran clothing.




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