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Jim “JP” SPEARS from Idaho


9AUG 17 Written By: Kittyhawk

Idaho – One of the more disturbing elements we encounter with crimes of Stolen Valor, is the seemingly endless line of offenders eagerly misleading good, honest, and compassionate people with inflated claims of service, for their own personal gain. They prey on organizations attempting to reach out to the veteran community– at an unprecedented rate. This generation of warfighters arguably has more resources available to it than any other in the way of mental health, to include very effective and specialized therapy programs aimed at treating PTSD.

One such program, run by the staff of Idaho Horse Therapy, called, “Re-Boot Resort,” has repeatedly fallen victim to a man by the name of Jim “JP” SPEARS, of Emmett, Idaho.

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Idaho Horse Therapy’s Re-Boot Resort is described follows:

Our USA Re-Boot Resort is a weeklong, intensive treatment program that uses proven and evidence-based methods to treat those with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and related conditions. Treatment, food and lodging are provided to soldiers and veterans at no costOur treatment program is available to anyone suffering from symptoms of PTSD. Children, at-risk teens, military veterans and other adults with PTSD and related conditions are given the opportunity to “re-boot” psychologically. They also learn tools to sustain their improvement after returning home.” 

The director of Idaho Horse Therapy estimates that an attendance slot for Re-Boot Resort costs the organization approximately $3500.  SPEARS attended the Re-Boot Resort on 12 AUG 16, based on false claims of his service in the Army.

SPEARS states in this video interview At 00:14:  

        “I was in the Army, 82nd Airborne Special Operations Group in Ft. Benning,      Georgia in 81, 82.” 

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The next week, at a Re-Boot Resort Reunion (cost undetermined), SPEARS was invited back, and lent a “BrainWave” machine–  from Idaho Horse Therapy, valued at approximately $1200. As of this writing, the machine has not been returned.

During the reunion, SPEARS’ shared the following account of his service-related injuries, which was featured in this article:

“On Friday, Spear and six other veterans who went through the program in May met up at Black Butte Ranch north of Shoshone. They were taking part in a Re-Boot reunion. Spear, 55, was 23 when he was a member of the 82nd Airborne Special Forces team. He was demonstrating how to throw a grenade for National Guard soldiers at Fort Benning, Ga., when it went off prematurely 5-feet away from him. He is legally blind in his left eye because of flash burn.

“I’m here to re-boot, literally,” he said.”

In reality, SPEARS served two weeks in boot camp before deciding the Army wasn’t for him. He used an eye injury sustained shortly before leaving for boot camp, as a reason to be medically discharged.

SPEARS claim’s about how this injury occurred has changed several times.

SPEARS discharge papers (featured below) illustrate that he served from 1DEC81-16APR82– four months and fifteen days–which is consistent with most medical discharges of the time.

Spears Archives LetterSpears FOIA Pg1Spears FOIA Pg2Spears FOIA Picture



SPEARS also has a GoFundMe campaign, and claims he needs money to create a documentary about Re-Boot Resort. The director of Idaho Horse Therapy was unaware both of the documentary, and the GoFundMe Campaign.


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Exaggerations such as these told by SPEARS, serve only to breed suspicion and distrust between veterans and the civilian populace trying so desperately to reach out and help us– and that in itself, is a travesty.



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One comment on “Never Look a Therapy-Horse In the Mouth
  1. James Kirkland, Adjutant VFW, District 6, S.C.
    I’m the older brother of JP Spear lll, I don’t care for the way you talked to my daughter-in-law. I want to make it clear, since you don’t have all the facts. That the BFW had a chance to do something about this years about, but the Rep. stated ” that there is nothing I can do, it would look like you just wanted to get him in trouble, because you’re mad at him.
    So James, VFW had a chance, but didn’t do anything, what’s that make you.
    I’m a Naval Aviation Veteran, 80% disabled, non employable, chemical poisoning, with 11 years service.
    So James, stop picking on the families, a lot do try to fix the wrong, but, how can they when they can’t even get the VFW to listen. I think you should apologize for your remark.

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