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I have been doing this for years, investigating and outing posers, and the question always comes up as to how these fakers get the ribbons and medals so easily. The main reason behind this is because it isn’t against the law to manufacture or sell any military awards with one exception,  the Medal of Honor. But if you go on sites like eBay, you can purchase the MOH from other countries that don’t fall under American laws.

You can find many companies online and in shopping centers outside most Military bases that sell ribbons and/or build ribbon racks, and other customized military items,  and most of these companies don’t require verification that you’ve earned these awards because they would lose money if they didn’t sell to everyone.

Well, thankfully not all companies operate this way. I found this out when I received an email from a lady named Jacey that works for a small family business called, they specialize in customized military items that can include awards you’ve earned.  In this email Jacey explained to me how they verify awards before they build racks for any of the custom items her company produces. She wanted to share with us her latest poser, one who claimed the Medal of Honor.






My name is Jacey and I work for a small family business called My Service Pride. We specialize in custom out-of-uniform displays of service. Like coffee mugs, decals, plaques, etc.
We occasionally get requests for awards in the SVA. Anytime that occurs we request verification of awards to protect their integrity. We had one heck of poser this week. I thought your readers might enjoy reading this post. I wanted to give you the option of sharing the link instead of just posting it to your page.
One of our customers mentioned your Facebook page and I’m glad she did! What a great site and thank you for protecting these awards and busting those that don’t deserve them.
In this email, she sends us the link to a post on their website that they wrote concerning the faker, Jacey let him have it in this post for sure. Below is the quoted article, or you can read it on their website here: Busting Posers

You can guess that with a thousand visitors a day to MyServicePride, we see our share of crazy, outlandish collections of awards.  At this point, it’s common enough that we watch for them.

A few days ago, Jacey (the best customer service rep in the world) got an email from a guy who had put his awards together on the site.  Here’s what the rack looks like:


In addition to these awards he saved, his question to us was “How do I add the Medal of Honor?”

The bizarre nature of these awards already had our attention, but nothing escalates our attention more than asking for a Medal of Honor.  For those of you who can’t identify the above awards, here’s a breakdown.

1)      The Distinguished Service Cross.  This is the top award, blue with red and white bars on the ends.  Here’s our description taken from Military Awards AR 600-8-22:

 “The Distinguished Service Cross is awarded to Army service members serving in any capacity for extraordinary heroism against an opposing armed force. “

2)      The Soldiers Medal. Next down from the Distinguished Service Cross, with lots of red and white stripes in the center:


“The Soldier’s Medal may be awarded to members of the Armed Forces who, while serving in any capacity with the Army, distinguish themselves by heroism not involving actual conflict with an enemy.”

In addition to very high level awards for heroism, He has a Combat Action Badge which in addition to the two awards listed above, is specifically listed in the Stolen Valor Act. Additionally, there are 2 Federal awards for service in the Reserves and then the 6 highest awards given to National Guard members by the state of Pennsylvania, Including the Pennsylvania Cross for Valor.

Here’s how Jacey replied to his request to add the Medal of Honor (JUST AN EXCERPT):

Mr.  {Redacted}:

Where there is any question about the validity of awards, it’s our policy to verify authorization. I do this to protect the integrity of those awards. My policy follows that of the Stolen Valor Acts of 2008 & 2013 linked below:

Your order contains the Distinguished Service Cross, the Soldier’s Medal and the Combat Action Badge.  You’re also asking for the Medal of Honor. I can’t find your name on any list or in any record as having been awarded the Medal of Honor or the Distinguished Service Cross.

Before I fill orders that contain awards listed in the SVA or with chronological discrepancies,  I request that customers provide verification of those listed awards.  A scanned copy of a redacted DD-214, photo of a certificate of authorization, or a picture of the actual award citation is fine. Any personal identifying information apart from first and last name and date of citation can be redacted for security reasons. As soon as I hear back from you and we make sure your order only contains those you are authorized, I’ll be glad to fill your order.

And how to you think Mr. {Redacted} replied? (copied exactly…errors included):

 “Concerning the Medal of Honor, I knew it would bring up your type of inquisition, I am not an official at all, I am a trained guerrilla fighter, so I was not even given military credentials or records of any existence, nor were any of the others, I served the P.A. National Guard with other volunteer students from my school and one other, I had singlehandedly got a confirmed infrared training kill rumored to have up to five while under squad fire while engaging our enemy squad, I moved my flank position to the right up a slighted slope, my Infrared PDD was not off after my training instructor checked, I am only a trained guerrilla, but when I later checked, something like that feat while in action is medal of honor quality performance, if you can validate it for me for the site as a quasimilitary type of asset I thank you Jacey. I have a log war story for my 2 day exploit if you would like to see it to, REPLY BACK, I also have other award remniscience as well.”

Um. . .okay. This response is in a league of its own.  There are 3 very typical responses people give when we request docs on something (Aside from just providing documentation, which most people who actually have an award are more than happy to give.)

  1. The operations were classified.
  2. How dare you ask me for that.
  3. My ex-wife burned it (or… my dog at it, or… it burned in a fire)

Our first thought was maybe this is just a handicapped kid who spend all day glued to a video game.  The reference to the PA National Guard gave me cause to try and dig a little deeper, but I was unable to find much just given an email.  I finally gave up and we refused his request and deleted his account.

Almost daily, someone like this pushes our envelope, and we get a rack request or email that is suspect at best.  Some people clearly have no understanding or experience with military awards and we can quickly assume that they probably never even served.  Others clearly have an understanding of what awards symbolically “say” and have decided to revise their career somehow.

We want our customers to know that, as a company, has a zero tolerance policy for using our products for fraudulent reasons. We do our best to check fact check as needed. With every outlandish, unlikely or impossible claim for one of the awards listed in the Stolen Valor Act, we do as Jacey did: ask for proof before we produce an image.  Anybody can use our rackbuilder to put any outrageous awards together, but when we are asked to print it, we verify as necessary.

We occasionally turn over those who are blatant about their fraud to a few individuals out there who focus on exposing Stolen Valor Act violators.

For example, last week a guy claimed a Navy Special Warfare Insignia (the SEAL Trident).  We buzzed our buddy, Don Shipley who runs and checks Navy SEAL claims.  Don is a fake SEAL’s worst nightmare (for entertainment of the highest order just enter Don’s name in YouTube).

Don informed us that NO ONE BY THAT NAME had ever been in the SEAL program so refunded their money. is run by veterans who hold as much reverence and respect for legitimate customers (the vast majority of our business) as we do disdain for those opting to sully proud American military traditions with falsehoods and misrepresentations.

Our policy?  We ask for verification of every claim to any award listed below:

  • a Distinguished-Service Cross,
  • a Navy Cross, or Coast Guard Cross
  • an Air Force Cross,
  • a Silver Star,
  • Soldier’s Medal, or equiv

We also ask for verification when awards just don’t quite add up, like when someone claims awards from WWII, Korea, and Afghanistan.  Fishy equals request for verification before we print anything!

To our faithful customers out there, we say a heartfelt thanks for your service and patronage—we will always have your six. To the posers out there, we ask that you find another company to do business with, because we’re not interested in you or your money. To those few posers who slip through the cracks, please know that we think you are pond scum, and we will celebrate the day you are eventually caught.



This is almost unheard of amongst companies that specialize in this type of business; it takes additional time and resources for them to verify that customers actually earned the awards they are requesting. For this I salute and Jacey, for taking the time to help protect the integrity of these awards. If only other companies would follow their example I could possibly close down my site one day! (Wishful thinking)

After their website posted the above article, the potential Valor thief responded with an email back to them, of course he wasn’t happy.


Yesterday, we reported to you about respectfully requesting documentation from a guy who wondered why he couldn’t add the Medal of Honor to the rack he’d built on  And we made a little logo for the newsletter:

Poser Busting

We didn’t remove him from the mailing list…he needed to be outed even though we redacted his name and contact information.

Well, he read the article and was not very happy with us.  Here is the exact text of his reply (we did not censor this):

Ooooo, LOOOL, yeah I was upset alright, LOOOL, oooooo, Pinnochio, ooooo, loool, yeah, what else gets fuckin nonsense, the local bandit guerrillas, HA SMARTASS, LOLOLOLOL! Let me tell you assholes fucking something, you can take your little fuck arrogant stereotypical assanine bullshit, AAAAUH, just because people are paper signing, dick suckin bastard psychopaths controlled like an idiot because a bigmouth in a damn office said it was okay to symbolize a treehouse with a file cabinet sweety, ooo, and have shit like special little camsie pictures and actual material fuck awards, AND SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASSHOLE SIDEWAYS, HOW DO YA LIKE IT! LOOOOOOL! I believe my ass, is a type of commissioned trained fucking guerrilla, all the recipients that were in my squad were not enlisted, or affiliated, with the National Guard partisan ranger force, and for what I did, I would have the damn medal of honor, and the others, for combat situations all your oogly googly mainstreamers with lame ass personalities and interest reasons ignore because their hotwired on shooting guns for ingenuity thoughts and a fairy ass social world, LOOOL, yeah i ain’t stupid ha fucker, but self styled remained people aren’t displayed with that, the agreement was to go backy home after a full two days of free trainee experience and an highly realistic infrared operation, well you assholes can disrespect me then, the most dangerous type of zealot in the fucking world, LOOOL, go right ahead, can’t control or fend off invincible Satan either, but i’ll leave it to you a last time, heres the operation log and war story of me, RIGHT FROM MY INNER FUCKING PSYCHE IF YA LIKE IT TECHNICAL HA…IM A BADASSE SON OF A BITCH, THAT’LL WHIP YOUR RAMBO ARMED REDNECK MAFIA ASS, WHICH YOU BASTARDS SHOULD TALK, HA, goddamn analyze and misjudge others, AND YOU AIN’T GODDAMN SHIT! Oh, and the videogame thing, yeah theirs lots in videogames very resemblant of my ass, the T.W.O. s.o.b.s. real cute, take one swing at this shit and get an corrections bi-polar maniac style ass whuppin, Well here ya are Pinnochio,


Attached was a battle log from his two days of training that he refers to in the email.  In the words of William Shakespeare: “Methinks he doth protest too much.”

There is a stark difference between members of the military and posers.  The men and women of the US Military are everyday citizens who take up arms and give noble service, service that sometimes includes the horror of combat.  They do it sacrificially to fulfill an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States. It is for the common good.

Posers are either self-centered liars or sociopaths.  What they do dishonors the sacrifice of service and distorts its reality.  This is another sad case that makes that point all too clearly.


I think I have a new favorite website to order my personalized military products from, not to mention reading the articles of potential Valor thieves they bust. This company, in my opinion, sets the bar for all others in the same line of business; these other companies could learn a few things from them. Not to mention it would make my job a lot better if it were harder for Valor thieves to get their hands on unearned awards.

I had the privilege of speaking to the owner of the company yesterday, I told him how his company sets the bar for others like his. He informed me that is a small family/Vet owned business with only three employees, and yet they still take the extra time and effort to verify awards before producing anything.  He said he would rather lose money, than produce an item with awards someone didn’t actually earn.

I for one am endorsing this company because they strive to keep the integrity of our Military’s awards intact, even if it means the loss of a few dollars. I suggest we all go over and show them some love, comment on their blog or purchase something from them to show our gratitude for taking the extra time to protect what some have lain down their lives to be awarded.




What are your thoughts?
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  1. This fool is missing all the french fries in his happy meal.

    You are doing a great job of exposing these Posers, keep up the Great Work. It really is important.

  2. So, let me get this straight.

    The guy’s not a soldier and he’s not enlisted in any branch of the military, but he thinks that his actions during a TRAINING EXERCISE qualifies him for the medal of honor because if he’d done the same thing in the field, he’d be awarded one?

    The guy is basically just picking medals off of a list because, in his mind, he thinks he deserves them! What a tool.

  3. I am pretty confident I could figure out what those ribbons are! I have a few, and some of those closely resemble to ones I earned in Civil Air Patrol!

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