Mud on the Risers. What a hell of a way to Lie. Mr. Danny Ray LOWERY










Written by Elias:

“Character is what you think in the dark.” Dwight L. Moody

Mr. Danny Ray LOWERY II. Glory, glory what a hell of a way to LIE!!

Among all things, things mostly occur or simply do not. Our task is not to judge. We grimly gather, collect and without emotion leverage facts as presented clinically by evidence collected and place them on opposite scale against the weight of honor. It all, comes out in the wash.

LOWERY entered active duty on June 6th, 2006. LOWERY served ONE year, ONE month, and ONE day as a 68G10 Patient ADMIN SPECIALIST. In 2007 LOWERY graduated from the Patient Administration Course, he was awarded the National Defense Service Medal and the US Army Service Ribbon. LOWERY was HONORABLY discharged from active duty on July 7th, 2007 before entering the National Guard.

On July 16th, 2007 LOWERY entered the Indiana National Guard. LOWERY earned the P92Y10 MOS, Unit SUPPLY SPECIALIST following graduation from the 2-week Unit Supply Specialist course in 2009. On August 31st, 2010 LOWERY was discharged from the Indiana National Guard completing 3 years, 8 months and 16 days of obligated service.

LOWERY was discharged Under Honorable Conditions via authority of 6-35J Unsatisfactory Participation (AWOL) and given a RE-3 reenlistment eligibility code.



Zero deployments, zero combat, zero combat injuries. Zero. AWOL, General Discharge.

On June 26th 2016 a newspaper article was published. Within it Danny claimed he jumped into Iraq with the 82nd in 2006. Shortly after the article came out friends he served with called him out on discrepancies in his story. His former Battalion Commander contacted Guardian Of Valor directly and refuted LOWERY’s story. 25 days after the article appeared LOWERY contacted the reporter and asked the reporter to remove the portions in which he said he was in Iraq, injured after a combat jump, and evacuated to a hospital. The article features him in a photograph with his “service dog.” It’s adorable.

“Daniel Lowery does not remember much about the night in 2006 when he parachuted from a plane over Iraq and life was altered.” He says quietly. “I was serving with the 82nd Airborne. It was dark. I couldn’t see the ground. “I remember jumping. I remember hitting. But that’s it.”

Lowery’s next memory is of a field hospital where he remained for several weeks, receiving treatment for crushed discs in his back and leg nerve damage.



LOWERY claims he wears hearing aids and the news article author screwed him up with questions and he was telling a story about his buddy in the 82nd Airborne that jumped in 2006 into Iraq. Danny was discharged under honorable conditions for going AWOL. Now do we believe Danny did not embellish service record and that the report or just got it wrong? Or is Danny yet another case nearly identical to all the others who only take action until others close to them counter their claims.

LOWERY now claims his injuries occurred during training, that he never deployed and the journalist got it wrong despite not correcting her for 25 days after the article published. Others he served with claim LOWERY has in the past claimed to be hit by an IED, yet GOV has no evidence of this.

From his former CO: “You may see a DD214 from 31 Aug 2010, separation reason of Unsatisfactory Participation (re: AWOL), with a characterization of service of UNDER HONORABLE CONDITIONS, and RE-3 code.

So, if a disabled service member requires an HONORABLE characterization of service in order to be eligible to receive the grant for the service dog, from Healing4Heroes, this type of discharge may make him ineligible…but I have no idea of the requirements.

Have you asked the reporter if there’s ANY way she messed this up this up this bad? The original story has some pretty specific details of, “I was serving with the 82nd Airborne. It was dark. I couldn’t see the ground. I remember jumping. I remember hitting, but that’s it.” Did he really say ANY of this? This sets a pretty specific context for the rest of the article. Those quotation marks have meaning. If she didn’t hear him say something like this, she REALLY shouldn’t print it as such.”

You be the judge. We hope your PTSD feels better Danny. Enjoy your 60% VA Disability Rating. Enjoy your free, FULLY TRAINED FOR PTSD IN HUMANS service dog. Thank you for your service. Thank you so hard.

Either way, LOWERY makes me feel like I do when I eat too much fast food, swollen and confused.






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