Mr. Richard D. REISZ; Hey, I don’t know you and this is crazy, yet I’m a fake SF guy, Defraud you Maybe?






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20160928 – Written by Elias.

“In America there is a channel called TruTV which is just reruns of ‘Cops’ and ‘World’s Dumbest Criminals’. I could watch that the entire day.” -Robert Pattinson





Behold, the male bathroom selfie, in repose.



Pretty cut and dry case. Meet Mr. Richard. REISZ enjoys pulling people over illegally, wearing SF tabs on ACU’s he did not earn, telling people he’s an SF SgtMaj and then again (illegally) posing as a cop & pulling over a Woman to tell her he’s a SF SgtMajor. No worse person to pull over I guess as that woman, well her Father IS an  ACTUAL SF Sergeant Major. A bunch of other criminal activity. Here’s some back story:

10NOV03: Hartford Man Arrested for Impersonating KSP Trooper

Updated: Mon 8:51 PM, Nov 10, 2003

If you were stopped and issued a traffic citation in McLean County on Saturday… it might not have been real. Police say 18-year-old Richard REISZ of Hartford was caught impersonating a state trooper as he made false traffic stops on Kentucky 431 north of Livermore.

Reisz was driving a teal green Pontiac Grand Prix with a blue light attached to the font dash. He was also wearing state police attire and had a handgun in his possession. If you feel you might have been given a false citation in McLean County… please contact the KSP at Post 16. That number is (270) 685-3927.

Captain Wayne Mayfield of KSP Post 3 in Bowling Green says if you are pulled over and are unsure if the officer is legitimate, there are a few things you can do to protect yourself. After you’re pulled over, keep the doors locked. You can crack a window to speak with the officer. Feel free to ask for identification… any law enforcement officer should be able to produce proof of his position.

Charge Category: Criminal/traffic

Offense Date: 11/08/2003

Offense Code: 0740


Offense Description2: THEFT BY DECEPTION > $ 300 P D

Conviction Date: 02/26/2007 Court: McLean

Disposition: Sentenced

Case Type: Felony D

Source Name: KY Dept of Corrections






25 NOV 08, Served with five counts of possession of a forged instrument. What’s a forged instrument? Glad you asked: CRIMINAL POSSESSION OF A FORGED INSTRUMENT. Maybe you just wanted to sneak into a bar or buy some beer. Heck, all the guys your age have a fake ID. It can’t be that serious to have a fraudulent identification, can it? Maybe you possessed something more “villainous” such as a fake or counterfeit $20 bill? How about a falsely embossed credit card or altered debit card? Alternatively, you created a completely fake certification of some sort or maybe you only filled out an application improperly for housing or employment. While the action of falsely completing or making those documents and other written instruments may constitute other crimes such as Forgery, Falsifying Business Records or Offering a False Instrument for Filing, when does this fraudulent conduct rise to the level of Criminal Possession of a Forged Instrument.







RISZ found himself in more trouble:

OPD: Six face charges of conspiracy to commit bank fraud

Posted by Sarah Harlan – OWENSBORO, KY (WFIE) – Six people have been indicted in Owensboro on federal charges of conspiracy to commit bank fraud.

 The indictment names 24-year-old Richard Reisz, 18-year-old Hillary Phillips, 31-year-old Michael Prill, 34-year-old Tony Lyle, 52-year-old Debra Vance, and 23-year-old Ruth Wedding. Prosecutors said they’re accused of passing $22,000 worth of bad checks throughout Western Kentucky. The six defendants will be arraigned next month.

2009 – Recently:

Below this is the letter he sent to GBPE a couple of years back, for pretending to be a Green Beret.  He has since kicked the game up again in the gym he owns.  Even has veteran’s tags on a camera that belongs to the gym.  Someone else’s DD214 was used to get said vehicle tags which were Veteran Tags. REISZ has a vehicle with Veteran License plates, no further information on about why or how he obtained them.  Again, he recently, illegally pulled over another person and immediately explained he was a Special Forces Sergeant Major. Problem is, the woman he pulled over, her Dad is an ACTUAL SF Sergeant Major. She told her Dad, an internal group exploded in righteous anger(Which we work with) and this was the result after they spoke to REISZ on the phone:

Email from REISZ to Mr Adam X, ADMIN. Green Beret Posers Exposed;

“I wanted to take this time to set down and write an apology letter to the Operators that I greatly offended. I did not realize the full stupidity in my actions. I was never in SF or the military. I wore a uniform that I should not have worn and did not deserve to wear along with tabs and patches that I should have never placed on the uniform. I never meant to offend such a great community. I realize that you all have had brothers die in that uniform. I wanted to come clean and ask for forgiveness from your community. I always wanted to meet Operators but definitely not on these terms. I admire and respect what you have done for our great country and I thank you for your service and risking your life to keep me, my family and us free.

I have always wanted to join the Special Forces since I was a kid but have yet to do so. I realize I went from wearing the uniform in the wrong way and that I was disrespectful. I have followed the groups via social media and the internet and greatly admire what you do. I have learned my lesson from this outlandish act and never dreamed that I would be the ass of such a ridiculous phony act. I can assure all operators of US Army Special Forces, past and present that I will never again state that I am a member of such an elite and tactical military unit nor in any way associate myself with them other than to speak highly of your organization. I wore a uniform and a tab that I should not have worn and I accused an actual SF Soldier of Stolen Valor based in my ignorance and stupidity. I personally not only apologize to the SF community but a sincere apology to **********.

(Cue sad music…)



I hope that you will forgive me for my stupid allegation and ignorance. I thank you for all that you have done and am sincerely sorry that you had to hear my name the way you did versus me getting to shake your hand and thank you for your service. I have much shame and regret for what I have done and who I have offended. Beyond an apology, I am willing to meet whatever measures are necessary to seek forgiveness of the community. I hope that this will clarify that I understand I messed up. I will never again put any tab on my body. I believe that my passion to always be an operator went too far and I had a major identity crisis. I cannot even understand the sacrifices you all have made to just wear that tab and this has brought to my awareness the severity of my actions and made me respect even more exactly what you have gone through and do as I have since had a chance to talk to many real SF Soldiers. I was completely stupid and disrespectful for what I did.




I would just like to apologize sincerely and clean up any confusion with this group. It will never happen again and I definitely do not want any problems with the world’s most deadliest and elite group of soldiers. What you all do for the oppressed, the skill you have worked so hard to earn, your guy’s intelligence the people you have helped, the freedom you preserved is far more than what I can ever and should not ever have put by my name and I thank you for all of it. I have a family and a daughter who I am glad they can lay down their heads at night peacefully and it’s thanks to guys like yourself who most of the time cannot be with their families. I am willing to let each one of you continue to call my phone and ream my ass as I know I deserve it and would if given the chance make an apology to each one of you personally if ever granted the opportunity. I messed with the best and I do not plan on or intend to die like the rest.

I regret it and honestly, don’t believe I knew what I had done and the seriousness until now. I fell like shit and I totally understand if I lost the respect of such great people and maybe hope to one day be able to earn your respect back as it would be a highest honor and privilege. I can’t express in an apology letter how sorry I am and that these acts will never happen again. If there is anything else I can do to make this right, please inform me. Finally, to all the great men if the United States Army Special Forces, my apologies with a specialized apology to Mr. Gaeta. Thank you.”


Even some of the locals could smell his BS, and started messaging us about it.


The Army says no way…. and we gave them everything…




FIELD COMMENT — REISZ is currently affiliated with “Get Ground Zero Fit”:


Do you even lift bro?


Gains BRO!!! Evansville, IN. The company he is associated with, “Get Ground Zero Fit” slogan is “Knowledge is Power”, the irony guy is ironic…isn’t it REISZ?…







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