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Miles Shoumake



Fort Riley, Kansas/Gretna, Nebraska – Several days ago we posted a video featuring a Veteran calling out a fake at a Flying J in Gretna, Nebraska. The guy in the video claimed to be an Army SGT that just returned home. The Veteran called him out, and people were still thanking the fake Vet for his service. One patron at the Flying J even gave him money towards the end of the video.

The Veteran told us after the filming, the police were called and they asked the Veteran to leave the property and gave the fake a ride to another gas station further down the road.

Here is the incident in the Veteran’s words:

As I parked my truck and walked into the Flying J, I noticed this clown and a buddy standing outside talking. I glanced them over and noticed that both of them were ate up!

Being a truck driver I see a lot of other drivers wearing military clothing, maybe one or two pieces but rarely the full uniform with patches and partial name tape.

As I walked in both came in shortly after me and I noticed some patrons thanking him for his service. I looked back while standing in line and he was behind me and what caught my attention was he was still wearing his PC and his collar on his blouse was turned up. He also had two unit patches on his left sleeve one above the other and no name tape on his blouse or his PC.

I asked him who he was with and rattled off something about the “82nd out of Ft Bragg”. I started asking him about why was his uniform jacked up and pointing out he had no name tape and other issues. He then stated he just back from Iraq. At that point I asked to see his CAC and he didn’t know what I was asking for. So I pulled mine out and showed him.

I told him he was full of shit and I knew he was!

He walked off and at that point I had a couple of patrons come up and tell me he was telling people he was injured in the war and he’d received three Purple Hearts.

At that point is when I started taking pictures and videoing him. At which point I heard him giving some guy a BS story and how he was down and out and could he get a few dollars for a cab ride. That’s when I started to video him.

Some lady proclaiming to be the manager, (which I found out today she was actually just an employee filling in for the actual manager who called me today to apologize for the incompetence of his employee) approached me telling me that I was gonna have to leave because I was harassing customers and causing a ruckus.

She said someone in an official military vehicle dropped him off there earlier, which I also found out today was just what the fake had told them!

I called 911 because she was threatening me with trespassing and I wanted to state my case/issue and to not later be charged with something false. I wasn’t wrong and I wasn’t gonna run because she was trying to protect this imposter.

I was standing outside all the while I had patrons coming up to me telling me what I did wasn’t wrong and thanked me.

The deputies showed up and she literally ran to them to get her side of the story out and they told me to stay back.

After they got her side, I could tell by his demeanor that one deputy wasn’t trying to hear anything I was about to say. I told him the guy wasn’t in the military and he was basically wearing the uniform to get money. He then asked me to why was I causing trouble? I was like ” Are you serious”?? I told him I was protecting the uniform I wear and the same one that so many had given their lives wearing.

He then told me to leave the premises! After leaving I called Flying J’s corporate office to file a complaint. They were very appreciative for the call and informed me they would be contacting the store manager.

I watched them load this guy into their vehicle, and I found out through the actual manager from Flying J, that the deputies took him up to Sapp Brothers truck stop to drop him off but in the process they asked him for ID and he had three different ID’s , all with different names.

BTW, the manage informed that he took this personally and seriously because he had recently retired back in 2012 from 20+ years in the Navy.”



After we posted the video, we began getting tips from anonymous sources that told us the guy’s name was Miles Shoumake and he was a registered sex offender. Using our sources and information from the tipsters, we found that Shoumake has a long history of fraud and committing other crimes. He had been arrested on several occasions for impersonating military and Law enforcement. Here is the original video:



Below are some of the charges and articles we found on Shoumake and his life of crime, not to mention he has a long list of aliases he likes to use. He has served prison terms in several different states, ranging from fraud, fleeing to avoid arrest and criminal sexual conduct.




new new1


Here is an article where he impersonated an Army SGT and took advantage of


plum plum1


Here is an article where Shoumake impersonated a Law Enforcement Officer:


Capture3 Capture4


Here is another incident involving Shoumake:


story story1 story2 story3




Shoumake has already spent time in prison, and still he hasn’t learned his lesson, he continues to defraud people and pretend to be a SGT in the U.S. Army. Soon after we posted the above video, Shoumake was arrested in Lincoln County, Nebraska for failure to register as a sex offender. But the prosecutor refused to press charges and he was released.





So what does he do once he is released? He catches a Greyhound bus wearing the fake uniform and gets Greyhound to give him a Military discount. He was again caught on camera inside a Wal-Mart outside of Fort Riley, Kansas. ¬†This time he not only does he claim to be serving, when asked for his ID and why he had no name tape, he said his “C” bag and “War” bag were stolen. He also claims to have been shot by a 9mm handgun, and towards the end of the video, he tells the Soldier videoing the incident that he isn’t committing Stolen Valor.

Although he shows the evidence in black and white trying to convince him he is a real Soldier.

This guy has blatantly committed acts of Stolen Valor, presenting the evidence on video that he is impersonating a military member to get discounts. He has a long history, as shown above, of committing fraud and impersonating LE and Military.

Here is the latest video of Miles committing fraud and impersonating a Soldier.

This criminal needs to be taken off the streets before he takes advantage of more people, we will be forwarding this latest info to Law Enforcement officials that are already looking into this case.

As we have said before, usually when someone commits an act of Stolen Valor, other crimes are usually involved as well.


Chris Conran sends us a video of Miles he just captured in Salina, Kansas. Miles leaving a liquor store, still pretending to be a Soldier and getting a free ride from a lady who has no clue what this guy’s history is.




Just in case anyone was wondering, we did do a records request on this guy. Here is the response from NPRC, notice they also searched the VA and the FBI database’s with no hit on his name or SSN. This is what we call a “Negative” response, meaning he never served in any branch of the U.S. Military.





I hope the authorities catch this guy soon before he actually hurts someone.


UPDATE: 20150618

We said this guy was going to get into trouble if he wasn’t stopped, and he did. On 07 June 2015, Miles had a run-in with Law Enforcement. He was arrested for Public Disorderly Conduct, Assault and Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer and Interference with a Law Enforcement Officer in Salina, Kansas.

He was released the same day on bond with a court date of 30 June 2015 at 0900hrs. Wonder if he shows for court, he has a history of not doing so. Below is the booking report, courtesy of a friend at Inside Edition.

booking1 booking2




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