Michael R. Schrenk, Fake Marine Found At Erie County Fair Arrested




We posted this photo awhile back after several Marines sent it to us, they confronted this man at the fair and found out he was a fake. The real Marines were running a recruiting booth at the fair in Erie county.

Well Michael was recently arrested on several charges, including Impersonating a Marine, which is a law in the State of New York.

On October 15, 2014, the New York State Police arrested Michael R. Schrenk, 47, West Seneca, New York for Two Counts of Criminal Impersonation 2nd Degree for Impersonating a United States Department of Defense (DOD) Uniformed Police Officer in the Towns of Eden and West Seneca. These incidents occurred while wearing a full uniform representing this federal agency and attended public functions in these towns.

He was additionally charged with Unlawfully Wearing a Military Uniform (US Marine Corps) and Unlawfully Wearing a Military Rank (US Marine Corps – Staff Sergeant), under the New York State Military Law, in the Town of Hamburg. Schrenk was observed wearing the uniform while attending the Erie County Fair this past summer on Veterans Appreciation Day.

Schrenk had never served in the United States Marine Corps nor was he a sworn member of the DOD Police Department.

A search warrant was executed by members of the New York State Police and West Seneca Police Department that revealed numerous items related to the investigation. Schrenk was arraigned in front of Hamburg Town Justice Walter Rooth and released on his own recognizance and subsequently arraigned in front of West Seneca Town Justice Dale McCabe, who also released Schrenk on his own recognizance.  Schrenk is scheduled to re-appear in West Seneca Court on Friday October 17, 2014 at 9AM and again in Hamburg on October 30, 2014.

The public is encouraged to report any previous incidents of a similar nature involving Mr. Schrenk to the New York State Police at SP Clarence at (716) 759-6831.


Some states have strict laws when it comes to this, a lot of other states are slowly jumping on board with laws to protect the uniforms and awards.




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