Michael R. Schrenk, Fake Marine Found At Erie County Fair Arrested




We posted this photo awhile back after several Marines sent it to us, they confronted this man at the fair and found out he was a fake. The real Marines were running a recruiting booth at the fair in Erie county.

Well Michael was recently arrested on several charges, including Impersonating a Marine, which is a law in the State of New York.

On October 15, 2014, the New York State Police arrested Michael R. Schrenk, 47, West Seneca, New York for Two Counts of Criminal Impersonation 2nd Degree for Impersonating a United States Department of Defense (DOD) Uniformed Police Officer in the Towns of Eden and West Seneca. These incidents occurred while wearing a full uniform representing this federal agency and attended public functions in these towns.

He was additionally charged with Unlawfully Wearing a Military Uniform (US Marine Corps) and Unlawfully Wearing a Military Rank (US Marine Corps – Staff Sergeant), under the New York State Military Law, in the Town of Hamburg. Schrenk was observed wearing the uniform while attending the Erie County Fair this past summer on Veterans Appreciation Day.

Schrenk had never served in the United States Marine Corps nor was he a sworn member of the DOD Police Department.

A search warrant was executed by members of the New York State Police and West Seneca Police Department that revealed numerous items related to the investigation. Schrenk was arraigned in front of Hamburg Town Justice Walter Rooth and released on his own recognizance and subsequently arraigned in front of West Seneca Town Justice Dale McCabe, who also released Schrenk on his own recognizance.  Schrenk is scheduled to re-appear in West Seneca Court on Friday October 17, 2014 at 9AM and again in Hamburg on October 30, 2014.

The public is encouraged to report any previous incidents of a similar nature involving Mr. Schrenk to the New York State Police at SP Clarence at (716) 759-6831.


Some states have strict laws when it comes to this, a lot of other states are slowly jumping on board with laws to protect the uniforms and awards.


What are your thoughts?
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  1. Omg,,,,, I just read this,,, I can’t believe what some people can do such things!! He must have a problem with his thinking !!!! I hope some day,, these people will all be caught and put in prison !! That’s mean all scammers,, from where ever they may be! And the posers..!! My dad,, my three brother,, and my son were all marines !! Back in there time I have never heard of such disgraceful people in my entire life… M. Amodio !!!

    • Are……..they ARE Marines….”were” only defines, active from inactive. We will always be a Marine. I dont know those Marines, but they are my brethren, non the less. Pass my gratitude and love, onto my “few and proud”. Thank you.

    • There are tons of other reasons for you to ashamed to be a new Yorker. One prime example is your states gun laws and it’s disregard for the 2nd amendment to the constituion of America.

      • What’s sad is your obvious lack of understanding as to WHY the 2nd amendment actually exists. For the record, it has nothing to do with openly carrying your firearms in public places to compensate for what’s in your pants.

          • The first ammendment is protected by the second. So go ahead and keep usong the first ammendment to try and get rid of the second and see how quickly you lose your freedom of speech as well. Idiots.

        • :::yawn::: About the thousandth time I’ve seen someone say that anyone who carried a firearm does so for compensation purposes. As if no one with an above average penis carries. But tell me, because I’m interested. Why does the second amendment exist. Since you’re so knowledgeable and all.

        • For all these years I’ve been wrong as to why the second amendment actually existed! Sara please explain to me exactly why the 2nd amendment exists! I guess I better stop carrying my firearm in the state of Pennsylvania then. Also could you please point me to the place where I can get this information. I bet it came right from the Library of Congress!!

  2. If he wants to act like a Marine, send his butt down to Part is Island, S.C. for twelve weeks. He won’t make it through the training, but I’ll bet he won’t wear the uniform again either.

    • Nawww. He’s got all that bling going on. Must be a real bad hombre already. Give him a weapon and drop him off near Kirkuk so he can demonstrate how it’s done. Bet he can take on ISIS single handed. I’ll get the popcorn.

  3. want be wearing the uniform with all the medals he never earned alot of blowhearts that overdue the military service and medals that they should not be wearing we all have A DD-214 that tells it all so show that one not all the unearned medals to impress people they are not so easily impressed if they have A military Background, and are not amused by these fraudsters . i find these people are disturbed and looking for attention most people who served or had A Military background do not spend so much time adding things to the Service Record.

  4. yer right.we wore the uniform so long, wen we re out, we seldom wear anything, except a few patches, or a hat displaying service.only other thing is the v.a.medical card.wat ribbons we got are at home in a tin, or maybe a shadowbox.the dd214 is another.all that money they spend on the get up, they could use in a better way.they should know a real vet can pick up on the discrepancies in the uniform, the lingo, or the bearing and posture.

  5. My goodness! I can’t imagine how they were able to deduce that he was a fake. I mean, he has all that bling on those Dress Blues, plus some stuff I’ve never seen before; like that white bell rope.

  6. Bigger issue is that our military uniforms are available for the public to get, which means there are probably more like him wearing our uniforms. As a person who has worn both the Navy and Army uniforms I protect them and take care of them… No one will get to put them on but me. I don’t like when people use our uniforms as Halloween costumes either… they are not costumes. So back to my main point, maybe there should be more respect for our uniforms and maybe there should be better control over who can access them. They should not be sold to the public, if you don’t have an authorized ID card, and you want one…. Sign the contract, pay your dues and EARN one. Rant over…. But job well done to the Marines who blew him in!

    • Debi , there is no probably about it. The American Legion has a page on their website dedicated to what’s commonly referred to “stolen valor “. There are other sites on the Web that call out these frauds. If the stores and websites that sell militaria, would only scrutinize who they sell to maybe we wouldn’t need to pass laws against these imposters.

    • Deb(bi), there’s nothing wrong being a military historian and enthusiast. I have been collecting antique militaria since the age of 15 (and i’m put off that you find people that preserve history are bad). I have been at this hobby for 20 years. I started by being a model builder, and that’s the hobby that encouraged and helped earn 2 of my college degrees, one in architectural design & drafting, and the other one in military history. You’re right, this joker sure fouled it up. I’m with you on that. Like you, I was in the US Army. I was following my dad’s footsteps after finishing college. My dad was a Korean war veteran and is now deceased.

  7. I would like to know what this f—stain said when the REAL Marines were calling him out? Looks like he is proudly posing for the picture… I agree with the previous comments either send his pansy a$$ to boot camp or let those currently serving or those who have served honorably on his butt… And what’s up with the glasses? Is he trying to be Maverick (Tom Cruise) too?

  8. Sad that so many who fought for rights get so upset at those who use them. If he gained anything from it then charge him with fraud/sv. Uniform law wont hold up to constitutional challenge. Nor should it. Grow up.

    • Grow up? Seriously? If I saw that guy in person, I’d beat his ass for disrespecting all of us who actually served in the Corps. He has rights sure, but he doesn’t have the right to wear that uniform. And please, if you’re going to be an idiot, at least get the medals and the order they’re worn in right! He had both a rifle expert AND sharpshooter as well as a pistol on his uniform. I’d call him a moron, but that would be disrespecting all the morons out there.

  9. Contrary to Jon Q’s post, wearing the military uniform of your nation when you have not earned that right, and claiming honors you neither earned nor deserve, are not a right of free speech. One thing this miscreant does not understand about United States Marines, we not only have the best looking uniform but, as America’s enemies know, we’ll kick your ass. This lad needs that brought home to him in a way no court judge can do. I much prefer the method used by by the Gunny from 1st Marine Corps District on 7th Avenue in New York City about 1969 when faced with a poser walking toward him. He gave the lad a choice, take a beating or take off the uniform right there. The poser doffed the duds and ran off in his BVDs. Marines don’t need a court of law to solve this problem.

    • I think it’s about intent. He intended for people to think that he was who he was pretending to be, for attention, accolades he doesn’t deserve, possible monetary gain (people buying him lunch, free admission, etc). Do we prosecute people who imitate or costume as military members on Halloween? Of course not! That is, usually, a child who thinks it’s a BadA** costume. Someone who looks up to military personnel. Imitation is the best form of flattery, right? The law is to keep those that would claim glory when they gave nothing, to claim responsibility for our protection when they gave nothing, and to gain accolades for service when they gave nothing. I think it should be a federal law with a ‘shame’ factor where punishment includes serving those that they are trying to steal from, like soldiers at Walter Reed, or an usher at a military funeral at 8th & I, let him actually carry the weight of his mistakes.
      I do like MGYSGT’s suggestion above! I was a Marine Corps wife, even have a Commendation from the CMC post-9/11 for holding the fort while my (now ex-) husband was deployed so much, flying with the CMC. There are those of us that never served that love the Corps as much, and would’ve been able to spot this poser at 20 paces. So another suggestion would be to put him in a room with the wives/spouses of deployed Marines for 5 minutes…. if there’s anything left of him, let him be used in Live Exercises on Parris Island.
      Semper Fi!

  10. I agree with Jon Q. The only legal issue is whether he fraudulently gained anything from wearing the uniform. Otherwise, why aren’t we arresting people on Halloween?

    • Because on Halloween people aren’t trying to pass themselves off as real zombies, ghosts, witches, vampires, and other assorted nasties are they?
      When someone tries to pass himself off as a REAL Marine, Soldier, Sailor, Airman, Coastie, SEAL, Ranger, Green Beret, or other military member is when I get pissed off. Even if they’re just looking for attention and admiration. They didn’t earn the right to wear those uniforms.
      I, on the other hand, had to bust my fucking ass to get that Eagle, Globe and Anchor. So when I see some jackwagon like this guy wearing my Dress Blues like a clown, well I figure he needs a lesson in humility.
      Far too many men earned that uniform and then died in that uniform for some clown like this to make a damn mockery of it. If you want to see the real price of that uniform I invite you to take a look at pictures of actual combat wounds from WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, and GWOT. They are not pretty. Dying in combat is not pretty. Dying for your country is perhaps an honor, but it is still an ugly way to die.
      When these posers wear a uniform they don’t rate, they might just as well be stepping in the blood and goo of those men who gave their lives, and spreading it all over the floor like some sort of murderer.
      That’s the issue.

  11. Take this man and all the other similar posers, and let them wear their “uniforms” one last time. Drop them off at noon in the outskirts of Fallujah with plenty of noise and fanfare.

    They can then explain all their various awards and decorations to the local population in great detail. I’m sure they would love the attention.

    If they make it back to a base, they can get one official G.I. Joe secret decoder ring with a “D” device, to proudly wear once they return all their stolen valor.

    If they do it again, repeat the process, but in Islamabad Pakistan.

    The “D” device indicates “With extreme Douchiness.”

  12. The freedoms of this nation have been protected, bought with blood and paid for by less than 10% of the American people. It’s not asking too much to honor their sacrifice. :Phonies and posers such as this miscreant have even less appreciation than most. Stuart Mills pointed out that “The person who has nothing for which he is willing to fight, nothing which is more important than his own personal safety, is a miserable creature and has no chance of being free unless made and kept so by the exertions of better men than himself.” Some of the posts on this page indicate a few of those “free riders” are on board here, and don’t understand what is at stake in assuming honor and respect not due you. Someone has theorized that the attack on Christianity only continues because Christians are not anxious to break noses. Marines don’t have that problem.

  13. This guy like many others fake being a veteran. You also have many veterans who fake medical conditions mainly ptsd. To me they’re just as phony as this guy.

  14. Less than 1% of Americans serve in the military today. Those that do, can reserve the right of judgment on those that did not, and pose as they did. Not open for civilian discussion.

  15. I love his rifle badges “both of them” WTF!
    His ribbons are all jacked up and what kind of patch is that…white rope too.
    I wish that real Marine would take out the sword and do him justice

  16. What a stud! He could not have more uniform violations. Wearing both ribbons and full size medals is a nice touch. All his stuff is in all the wrong places. My favorite is the totally unauthorized Marine Corps League patch.

    • What a stud! He could not have more uniform violations. Wearing both ribbons and full size medals is a nice touch. All his stuff is in all the wrong places. My favorites are the totally unauthorized Marine Corps League patch and the white cord.

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