Kelsey Hoover, Uses Fake Persona “Michael Cipriani” At Baltimore Washington Airport For Stolen Valor




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Kelsie  Hoover Posing As A Soldier


UPDATE 20160206

Kelsie Hoover AKA Michael Cipriani has been arrested in Oregon under a new alias, she is being held on $250k bail. She is being extradited back to Nevada to face 11 counts, some of these charges are for fraud. Once we have all the charges, we will update the article to include them. The DA assures us she is looking at a long time behind bars due to her fraudulent activities.



UPDATE: 20150304

About a week ago we exposed Michael Cipriani for posing as a commissioned officer at the Baltimore Washington Airport. After we posted this video, we began getting emails from a person name Kelsie Hoover, Kelsie claimed that it was her in the video and that she used her brothers driver’s license.

She told us she was a student at Baylor university  in Texas, and that her, along with her classmates were filming a short film for a class project in which a female impersonates her brother to join MOS’s in the Army that are now closed to women so that she can be on the front lines.

The email she was sending from ended in, so we believed she could have been telling us the truth. She then sent us her driver’s license as proof that she was Kelsie and that she and her brother resembled each other.  We looked over the ID, and told her to have Michael reach out to us via email.


We began corresponding with Michael, who gave us the story that he allowed his sister to use his ID for still shots in this movie, and that he never thought his sister would actually use his ID in the way she did.  Michael was emailing us from his work email, Kids First Reno.  We also corresponded with Michaels wife, whom told us how bad her sister-in-law was and that if she didn’t send an apology that they would go and file a police report on Kelsie for use of the ID.



Most of the email conversation with Kelsie can be viewed below in the original update, including the apology letter.  So after we posted the update to the article, stating that Michael had his identity taken by his sister along with all the correspondence, we got an anonymous tip that would again send this investigation in a different direction.

They told us that Kelsie and Michael were actually the same, that Kelsie was undergoing Gender Re-assignment Surgery, and that she had tried to get her name legally changed last year to Adrian Michael Luna. They also said she was a con-artist and would also use a wheelchair and pretend to be disabled to get money from people. They asked if she had a wheelchair nearby during the confrontation at the airport. As you can imagine this was almost as unbelievable as the original story, so we began digging, and sure enough we found court documents where Kelsie had tried to have her name changed to Michael Luna. (These can be found by searching the probate court records for Stark County, Ohio)

We reached out to the Veteran that recorded the video, and he confirmed that there was a wheelchair near her, but he didn’t think it was hers. He also stated that after the recording stopped, she claimed to have been shot in Afghanistan.  We are told Kelsie uses this wheelchair for her con games.

The anonymous tipster also informed us that she was wanted out of Hewitt, Texas.  We sent an email to the Chief out of Hewitt and to Baylor to ensure she wasn’t still enrolled.  Baylor confirmed that she was no longer a student, and hadn’t been for some time. They also told us no such project was taking place with the student body.

Hewitt Investigators also confirmed a Felony warrant existed, so we began working with them to have her arrested.  Not only had she impersonated a Soldier, she did it while presenting a false ID, which brings up several new questions.

Since she lied about filming a student project, and presented a false ID, and was wearing the uniform of a Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Army, did she use the fake ID to board the plane at the airport? Did she use the uniform to gain anything of value? Since now we know she lied about having a brother named Michael,  lied about attending Baylor I am sure there is something she was trying to hide amid-st this elaborate ruse.

I have worked Stolen Valor cases for years, and this is the most elaborate con game I have ever seen, she had me duped for a minute, I will give her that. But when we smell smoke, we keep digging, because surely a fire is nearby. Kelsie’s ruse is almost over, she was so scared that her fake persona would be uncovered, that she would go to any lengths to keep it undercover. Well Kelsie, your cover is blown, you had us fooled for a moment but your days of conning people and stealing identities is almost over.

Also thanks to Baylor for reaching out to us as quick as they did!

We have turned over all our evidence to Law Enforcement, and your days of lying, stealing and cheating are coming to a close. We will update this story as soon as we get word she has been placed in silver bracelets. (Video is at the bottom of this article)





UPDATE: 2015 March 01(Below is where Kelsie duped us with fake emails from her “brother” Michael, who doesn’t exist)

A few hours after we posted this story(original below this update), we got an email from someone by the name of Kelsie Hoover. Kelsie told us that it was her in the video from the Baltimore Airport, and that she was in costume for a movie she was making for her college class. I found this very bizarre, as the person in the video appeared to be a male, and they showed a valid Nevada Driver’s license at the end of the video which we used to verify the identity of the person. Not only that, but they accepted thanks from the Veteran and continued to pretend to be a real Commissioned Officer. Her explanation about why she did this is below.

We responded to her, and asked how that could even be possible. She told us the ID she used was a “Prop” and wasn’t real. We told her we verified it was real, the address was real, and the person actually existed and the picture also looked like the person in the video.

She then told us that her brother allowed her to use his ID for the movie, she sent us a copy of her ID as well. We were very skeptical about this at first, as this was very bizarre and the Driver’s License presented as ID at the end of the video matched the person. So not only do we have a case of someone acting like they are a commissioned officer, now we have a case of stolen identity, below is some of the email traffic.








After the above conversation, Michael and his wife reached out to us to explain what happened. Michael was very upset that his sister had used his ID the way she did, in his email he confirms he told her he could use the ID for several still shots in her project, but he didn’t ever think she would use his identity in this way. He has informed us that if he has to he will fill a police report against her for using his identity.


Below is part of our conversation, along with a statement he wanted to make.




Below is the statement he sent to us:



His wife also spoke to us, needless to say she was very upset with what her sister-in-law had done. We aren’t going to post her full email conversation with us here, because she was very upset with Kelsie, so we had her write a statement concerning the incident.


Below is Kelsie’s statement and apology to the community and her brother:







We received the following video from a Veteran that called out a fake Lieutenant at the Baltimore Washington International Airport on 21 February 2015.  The first thing that caught his eye was an EOD Brassard in the spot that should have held his unit patch. He also noticed he was wearing the Special Forces Shoulder Sleeve Insignia(Photo below), but instead of the Airborne tab that goes with the insignia, he was wearing a Ranger and Special Forces tab.





The patch above is the proper wear of the SF SSI, instead of an Airborne tab, he had a Ranger tab and then the SF tab.




When approached the Veteran started a conversation by thanking the LT for his service, then started telling him about videos online of people stealing valor and pretending to be Veterans. You can tell at this point Michael(or so we thought) is beginning to get nervous, the Vet then begins to question the brassard on his left shoulder, he first calls the EOD Brassard his combat patch. He should have had the patch of the current unit of assignment on this shoulder,He begins to pretend to ignore the Veteran asking him questions about his patches.

The EOD Brassard is also worn to low, according to DA PAM 670-1:

21–30. Brassards a. Description. Brassards are worn as ID to designate personnel who are required to perform a special task or to deal with the public. Brassards are either made of cloth and 17 to 20 inches long and 4 inches wide of colors specified or are a subdued hook-and-loop insignia worn attached to the left sleeve of the combat uniform coat shoulder pocket flap. When more than one color is specified for the cloth brassard, the colors are of equal width and run lengthwise on the brassard. Cloth brassards are worn on the left sleeve of the outer garment, with the bottom edge of the brassard approximately 2 inches above the elbow (see fig 21–145).

(5) Explosive ordnance disposal brassard. The brassard consists of a rectangular shaped foliage green embroidered device consisting of three black letters “EOD” 1 5/16 inches in height, with an overall dimension of 1 13/16 inches in height by 3 1/4 inches in width, all within a 1/8 inch foliage green border. The EOD brassard is a hook-and- loop insignia and will be worn attached to the left sleeve of the combat uniform coat shoulder pocket flap. Explosive ordnance disposal personnel wear the brassard while performing disposal activities (see fig 21–153).



So I guess she was trying to tell us she was her own EOD unit maybe?


The Veteran questions the source of commission, once she fails this test he tells her he isn’t going to make a scene but he knows he is a fake. Kelsie then proceeds to ask if he wants to see his I.D., Kelsie then presents a Drivers License instead of a valid military credential or CAC card which any true active military would have. (Kelsie, who is the sister of Michael, used his Drivers License to try and convince the Vet that she was real)

We checked with the Army and they have no record of this guy ever serving, much less being a Commissioned Officer. We found a total of six Cipriani’s currently serving and this guy wasn’t one of them.

Below is the video of the confrontation:


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  1. That’s a shame. I appreciate that you didn’t publicly shame this kid, but he still needs to learn what he’s doing is a crime. I hate seeing these guys that pose as heroes. I’m in the Ohio Army National Guard and I don’t claim to be a hero, but I wear my ACU’s with pride. I was just at that airport too on 2/12 & 2/21. I went to Miami of Ohio as well, but was not in the ROTC. I commissioned as an LT through AOCS at AMA. Best of luck to you guys and keep doing what you’re doing. God Bless the USA and the men and women that serve our great nation.

  2. Unfortunately the US Supreme Court struck down the Stolen Valor Act of 2005 as unconstitutional. The Stolen Valor Act of 2013 is a watered down version of the 2005 Act.

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