Michael “AWOL Hero” Hunsucker, Tries To Scam Veterans Organization With Forged DD214

             Michael Hunsucker

                                                  Michael Hunsucker

San Tan Valley Arizona – Meet our most recent embellish-er, Michael Allen Hunsucker. Mr. Hunsucker tried to fraudulently obtain help from an organization that helps Wounded Veterans, by sending them a forged DD214, and making claims of being wounded in combat. This organization, whom we will not name, helps Wounded Veterans get mortgage free homes.

When I first saw the 214, I knew almost immediately that it was a fake. The font’s were all wrong, spacing was off, award’s were out-of-order and that’s just to name a few.

He claims to have gotten a Silver Star, a Purple Heart, among a few others. He also claims to have PTSD, and a TBI from his service in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He told the organization, when they asked for more proof that the 214 was all he had. His reason for not having any other proof was:

“when i was traveling home from my last duty station I was in a bad car wreck and the trailer that had all of my personal items was destroyed in a fire so all I got is my DD214.


The references that you are asking for at the time of injury have either committed suicide or were killed in combat . I have been trying to get in touch with people that I served with but most of them are gone and to many new people have come in.”


So everyone he served with were either KIA, or committed suicide; Not very likely Mr. Hunsucker.


He also claims to have been to Ranger school, SF School, Air Assault, Airborne School…Oh and he was an E6 with more than two years of combat deployment’s.

Here is the forged DD214:



As you can see this is one of the worst forgeries ever! I mean my two-year old could have done better! In the awards section, he was awarded Operation Enduring Freedom, and Iraqi Freedom, he forgot to add the important part “Campaign Medal”. I guess he WAS the campaigns.

Not only was he trying to get a free home, but he was also all over the internet begging for a free car for him and his wife under the guise of a Wounded combat Veteran.

We found several posts by him on facebook on company websites asking for them to donate a vehicle, playing off of his “wounds”, and his combat Veteran status. Here are a few of those posts:



He also created a profile on Free Charity Cars, using the same fake story.


Just in case, we also had someone contact the Ranger Training Brigade, even though we knew he would not be in the database. And of course they came back with a negative response for him ever attending Ranger school.

And recently he was arrested on what seems to be several counts of Criminal Domestic Violence. So not only is he a fraud and a liar, he seems to not be able to keep his hands off of his wife.



Now that you have seen his plethora of fraud and lies, lets show you the real Hunsucker. He was in the Army, he enlisted in May of 2003, as a PV1 and went to AIT to become a 12B(Combat Engineer).

His first duty station was Germany, where it seems he served 10 months and returned to Ft. Sill. After he got to Sill, he did not stay long as he went AWOL in September of 2004.

(Update)20130629 – Although his records do not show any sign of deployment’s, his Platoon Sergeant spoke with us and verified he did come to Iraq with them.  But he also say’s that he never saw any combat, nor any action what-so-ever that would cause PTSD. He most certainly was not wounded as he only left the wire once and was made to stay at the truck. He also was not with them for the entire tour as he came to them after they arrived, and once they got back to Germany and started block leave, he knew he would not return.

He remained AWOL for 3,012 days according to his records, until he was apprehended by civilian authorities and returned to Military control on 17 December of 2012. He was classified as a deserter, stripped of any rank he had acquired(which wasn’t much), and he accepted an Other Than Honorable discharge in lieu of a Courts Martial.

His real 214 has his Separation authority as AR 635-200 Chapter 10, which reads as follows:

Chapter 10

Discharge in Lieu of Trial by Court-Martial

10–1. General

a. A soldier who has committed an offense or offenses, the punishment for which under the UCMJ and the Manual for Courts-Martial, 2002 (MCM 2002), includes a bad conduct or dishonorable discharge, may submit a request for discharge in lieu of trial by court-martial.


(1) The provisions of RCM 1003(d), MCM 2002 do not apply to requests for discharge per this chapter unless the case has been referred to a court-martial authorized to adjudge a punitive discharge.


(2) The discharge request may be submitted after court-martial charges are preferred against the soldier or, where required, after referral, until final action by the court-martial convening authority.


(3) A soldier who is under a suspended sentence of a punitive discharge may likewise submit a request for discharge in lieu of trial by court-martial.


b. The request for discharge in lieu of trial by court-martial does not prevent or suspend disciplinary proceedings. Whether proceedings will be held in abeyance pending final action on a discharge request per this chapter is a matter to be determined by the commander exercising general court-martial jurisdiction over the individual concerned.


c. If disciplinary proceedings are not held in abeyance, the general court-martial convening authority may approve the soldier’s request for discharge in lieu of trial by court-martial after the soldier has been tried. In this event, the officer who convened the court in his/her action on the case should not approve any punitive discharge adjudged. The officer should approve only so much of any adjudged sentence to confinement at hard labor or hard labor without confinement as has been served at the time of the action.

His separation code is KFS, which means – Good of the Service, in lieu of court-martial, with an RE-Code of 4. So this also tells me that he should have been stripped of any and all Veterans benefits through the VA(Unless the VA determines otherwise), yet we are being told he is seeking compensation for his PTSD? And we have contacted the VA and notified them that he has also lied to them.

PTSD from what? Oh wait, he claims several deployments, with Afghanistan first then Iraq.

Here are some of his claims of how he was injured:

claims1 claims2 claims3

Now for his real records, here is his REAL DD214:



So as you can see, no Silver Star, no Purple Heart! Only eight full years of being a Deserter, and now wanting to claim benefits he could have earned had he not gotten a yellow stripe down his back! So now he is trying to steal benefits, that he did not earn by committing acts of fraud!

Not while we are here he won’t! We have also made contact with certain entities that may also be interested in his fraudulent ways.

He also received a letter barring him form entering a Military reservation:


One of our admins made contact with Mr. Hunsucker via Facebook, as we like to give everyone a chance to give their side. Here is what he said:

email email1

He never responded after the last email from our admin. And him being so “disabled” yet he is able to participate in events like the one below:


We would also be interested in speaking with anyone who may have served with him, in the short year or so he was actually serving. We will keep you updated as this case progresses.

UPDATE 20130624:

Seems Hunsucker failed to appear for court and a warrant was issued:


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What are your thoughts?
90 comments on “Michael “AWOL Hero” Hunsucker, Tries To Scam Veterans Organization With Forged DD214
  1. The only thing missing from the first DD214 was crayon. Sadly, the clerk forgot to give him an Army Service Ribbon when wrote his real DD214.

    • He was choke slammed many-a-times. TRUST ME. We fucked that kid up some hard-core shit in 1st Platoon. This fucking bitch-ass Hunsucker was CRYING when SGT Will-*** was smoking the shit outa him and me. I, of course, had to be his fucking BATTLE BUDDY! I hated this puke, fucking tardo, window-licking, mouth-breathing, sorry excuse for last week’s shit-stains.

  2. Its problem child like these that are causing some percentage of backlogs. There are irrelevant cases sitting in front of the case workers and they waste time, precious time to get the rest of our cases approved and speed the process. No our system is not perfect, but when there are idiots like him who continuously lie their way for money they didn’t earn, benefits they are no entitled to, it makes the rest of the population look at us as if we are the one waiting on a handout for money we honestly and rightfully earn…

  3. Fuck this god dam turd!! I was his squad leader in 03 and watched as his PLT Sergeant grabbed his weapon as he cried. PLSG ” not a bad job, a little dirt here but good job” Cried harder. Put this little fuck in a room with me and he will piss himself, GUARANTEED!!!! God might rest his soul but mark my words, I will wear it the fuck out!!!!

  4. Just saying….You can get PTSD without deployment (Rape, bad car wreck, any perceived life threatening situation)….Not defending him faking the funk, however something may have happened that gave him a form of PTSD. We tend to forget that bad things happen outside of a deployment zone sometimes.

    • And more than likely, his PTSD (if he does have it) is not even service related, let alone combat related.

      Kinda makes you wonder, if you guys can catch people defrauding the VA & other organizations designed to help Veterans, how many ass-munchers out there are actually getting away with it.

  5. I was a Soldier, in his platoon, I was in 2nd Squad though, he was in 1st Squad. He WAS in Iraq with us, so that needs to be corrected. His Squad leader, is a few comments up. We all know each other still. So his bullshit about “all his other contacts from the army have committed suicide or died in combat” FUCKING INFURIATES ME. I DIDN’T FUCKING DIE ASSHOLE!

    I know where Apache Junction is… Magelin was it? Hmm…

  6. I wouldn’t post DD214 on this site. Some guy will get better at forging them. Also, for the purple heart, Combat action and higher award, they can easily be access by the Marine Corp main website, as long as you got the person last 4 and first – last name. I know he’s army, but I wasn’t sure if you guys used it to verify some of those clown.

      • Actually, Bulldog is right. for most service medals, you have to serve 30 continuous days, or 45 not continuous (mostly for aircrew flying in and out, but not sleeping there). The exception is if you are in combat or wounded, you get it prior to those dates.

        A good example is a reservist doing their 2 weeks in Korea will not get the Korea Defense Medal (a medal which is enough to get into the VFW) because they didn’t stay the 30 days. However, if they do their 2 weeks for 3 years will get it because of the 45 day rule.

  7. I’ve sent the link on to the Arizona Heroes to Hometowns POC and the Phoenix VA OUF/OEF case manager as well as my contact for the Tillman run, the Freedom Walkway POC in Lake Havasu and the POC for UHaul Corporate in Phoenix. (UHaul is a sponsor for WW organizations.) my husband (a woynded warrior) and I used to live in Mesa and were associated with all of these folks that I’ve warned.

  8. this ass bag was in my company. From what I can remember he was a constant fuckup and the entire company CO and top included had a massive celebration when the dirt bag went AWOL. Wish I could give you more.

  9. I live in Maricopa County in Arizona, the geographical area that is served by the Magellan system for those with serious mental illnesses (SMI). I am very familiar with the SMI system in Maricopa County. Under the Magellan system, PTSD does qualify for services under the DSM-IV-TR code of 309.81. San Tan Valley, (where he claims he lives from the Pat’s Run form) is not in Maricopa County, but in Pinal County, which is served by Sympatico, not Magellan. So, here is another lie.

  10. Wow, this turd ruins it for the rest of us. I am sure about 99.99% of vets are too proud to ever ask for help (financially). But when people feel like being charitable towards vets and they get hosed by this asshole, makes em a little weary about helping in the future.

  11. As always you have done an amazing job and i thank you for your service in uncovering yet another (**^%$***^%##@@!@%$#$&^()_(_)_+)

  12. He doesn’t know how to figure time in service, either. His total time served is shown on his forged DD214 as 11yrs-6mo-20days. The actual computed time on his DD214 should be 11yrs-01m-08days. Apparently, he’s never heard of an inclusive date. Not to mention that’s one LONG enlistment. No immediate reenlistments in 11 years? He’s not only a fraud, but a very dumb one at that.

  13. I knew this guy wouldn’t stop trying. Me and a friend met this guy through WWP and figured out on our own he’s a fake within a week. He has tried at least 50 places on Facebook and a handful of charities around Phoenix with his fake sob story. Thankfully this site will most likely have squashed his chances.

  14. According to his 214 he was separated from the 3rd Brigade of the 3rd ID in Ft. Benning. Somebody correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t think that BCT has any 18D”10″ (SF Medical Sergeant) especially not the Staff Sergeant type.

      • Proper MOS code for lowest SF medic is 18D2P if I am not mistaken. Has to be SGT and paratrooper E5 to be awarded the MOS. PLDC/WLC is part of phase 2 and MOS training is somewhere around 22 months at Bragg. Was down the street from JFKSWCS SOMTC for several years.

      • No you can sign up as an 18Xray you go to basic,infantry school and straight to selection then q course if you make it. Have to be 21-35 and by the time they complete q course language school etc etc pretty much 2.5 years after signing up they will be an E-5 when they report to their assigned group for their probation time period. But less than 10% make it as an 18xray

  15. I am so thankful that you people do what you do. I certainly appreciate the military service by any and all, but I especially appreciate the way you protect the memories of the real veterans and expose these frauds.

  16. I was in the same company as this sorry excuse of an oxygen thief. People like him totally discuss me. I am a US Army vet that refuses to make a VA claim for anything 1 I feel that as long as I can support myself and provide for my family I do not need the benifits, and 2. There is a vet out there that needs it more than I do. In my option they should ship this cock sucker to Baghdad and drop his ass off in sectior 11 and drive away. The bad thing is a soldier would save his sorry ass because that’s what we do.

  17. May I suggest that people who are NOT licensed to practice medicine or psychiatry avoid saying whether any individual has cause to be diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder? PTSD is NOT solely derived from service in a combat zone. It can be diagnosed in anyone who has issues after a traumatic event, for example: rape, natural disaster, accidents, witnessing traumatic deaths or injuries, being assaulted, abused or many other manners which do not include combat. A veteran with PTSD from any other reason than combat is no more or less traumatized than a combat veteran with PTSD.
    Please people, keep it real. Most of you posting have no degrees or expertise in the field and are using the term so incorrectly, it scares me. You can do more damage than you intend when trying to save the world from people making claims you do not believe. First of all, DO NO HARM!

    • Suzie, if you are referring to the post then what was meant is him claiming benefits for “Combat PTSD” not any other type of PTSD. We are aware PTSD is a disorder from being traumatized by something. But as his comrades have confirmed, he never saw any combat, therefore it is a false claim.

    • you’re citing the hippocratic oath, and as stated previously this individual is claiming to have PTSD from COMBAT. Yes PTSD does display for all sorts of traumatic events. You’re argument is flawed, as you’re not paying attention to all facts presented.

    • You dumbasses need to read a bit more thoroughly. This site is about people faking for benefit or fame. Do you think that maybe we’re talking about someone faking PTSD from deployment… Hmmm… That may take up too much thought…

  18. Hmm, I might have to make sure I print this out when I go up to the Tucson VA on Thursday. I happen to know someone there who would be interested in this.

    On a side note, you can also add failure to appear to the list of charges from up above. Guess he bounced out on his bail.

  19. Folks,

    I just bounced into this by chance, and let me be up front first and foremost:
    I do not, repeat, DO NOT know this guy, have any connection / con tact /dealings with the SM.

    I am as disgusted by someone making claims under false pretenses. BUT, in all fairness ( I know, sounds like horsesh**t), perhaps there is more to this guy’s clinical data that could warrant a case of SOME sort of PTSD ( not necessarily due to contact), but some other traumatic experience?
    I am not defending the guy by any means. But one thing I have learned in my years in this great country’s Army ( and there have been many), is that you have to sometimes reassess the situation again and again, and look at things objectively.
    I know that the whole issue of fakers, posers or wannabes ( you choose the name) burns like like an M1151s fender on an Iraqi summer day, but after you get past the initial anger and disgust, don’t you think WHY it is that this person feels they need the validation?

    It isn’t just about the handout, or the pat in the back, or the free meal. There are some hidden psychological factors in that person’s gray matter, which is really the scary shit that makes a person be and do as they do, and lie, deceive and fake.
    But what is it that makes them do that…?

    I will probably get thrashed some for what seems to be defending the guy. I am not. I am a firm believer of “wall-to-wall counseling” when need be. But this guy needs some serious help.

    It’s not about the lies. It’s a cry for help.

    Don’t you all remember that one dork in boot camp that was relentlessly picked on by everyone to the point of crying ( drills included)..?
    The one with two left feet who was always late to fall in, looked like soup sandwich ( and we all got smoked for it)..? I had three guys like that on boot camp.

    One tried to drink wart remover to kill himself.
    A second was successful and hung himself in the latrine.
    A third made it to a deployment in 06′ and hung himself after redeploying back, in his mothers basement.

    All I am saying is, let’s not be so quick to hate.

    And I am NOT some Fn douche out of basic. I’ve spent over 20 yrs in this mans Army, 13 of them enlisted.

    I am simply reiterating that it is EASY to thrash and hate, and takes any man to do so; it takes a much bigger man to acknowledge someone’s cry for help.

    Shaku Maku out.

    • So if we use your way of thinking, then all criminals should not be hated on. I mean they could easily have mental issues as well! Is that what we have come to, a country of excuses ?

      Instead of taking responsibility for our actions, when we break the law, we should just blame it on something else? So I guess since people that assault and/or rape other people have mental issues, we shouldn’t hate on them either right? I mean they may have some mental disability!

      BULLSHIT! Take responsibility for your actions!

      • First of all there, “Billy”,
        This is not “my way of thinking”. I simply suggested a broader way of thihking. Otherwise, evety drug addict is a million-dollar drug trafficker and should be electrocuted. What if it was your son or brother? Would you feel the same way….?

        This fool did not murder /rape/ kill anyone. So he impersonated a military officer. Not the first itme, it surely will not be the last.

        DO NOT refer to ME in the first person. This is not about me, I merely pointed out that it would be wise to look at things from a broader, more objective point of view.
        From the rudeness and the lack of civility in your response, it seems that you are acting no better than the violator. SHOW some intellect, and act like an adult instead of ranting and justifying your anger.

        If you are going to cuss there, troop, then at least show some respect and at least attempt to maintain some decorum. I did not disrespect you, so do not disrespect me.
        If you have the urge to cuss and be rude, then stick your head in the nearest latrine and flush.

        Have an Airborne night.


        • You’re an idiot. “Otherwise, evety drug addict is a million-dollar drug trafficker and should be electrocuted”.. What the FUCK does that mean? Yes, I cuss. Infantry. Deal with it. He was saying take responsibility, not kill all criminals. Dipshit. And what the hell is an “Airborne night”? And it’s every. If you want to pass yourself off as someone who’s intellectually superior, use spell check first. And DO NOT refer to ME as third person.. It’s suuuuuch an insult.

  20. Good work! Another fraud bites the dust. You’re going downnnnn Michael Hunsucker, you sorry sack of Shiite 🙂 !!

    P.S. My dear Guardians of Valor–please have someone read your stuff before you go live, your grammar on this one is terrible 🙂

  21. Doesn’t the fact he is using his “Fraudulent” claims for monetary gain, fall under the new “Stolen Valor” law?

    By the way, never being able to step foot on Ft Sill is not what I would call a “Punishment”…;-)

      • “never being able to step foot on Ft Sill”
        Should be listed under his awards/medals. Or anyone’s for that matter.
        Shoulda made the POS stay there. Every night’s gonna be a BLANKET PARTY!

  22. I’m stationed in Vilseck Germany right now I’m an 11C though so I doubt anyone I work with would know him but i’m curious so I might ask around about him.

  23. How dare that stupid shit put 3rd Id 3rd bde, his bitch ass couldnt hack it in Germany, much less Kelly hill. “Rock of the Marne” and caaan do! Fuck this guy.

  24. He seems to be at it again in Michigan. I found him asking for help getting a car and help getting to and from the VA hospitals. Any chance this clown has actually gotten benefits up in Michigan from a VA? I’d bet 50 bucks this clown is using someone else’s info and record to get some free VA money and medical care and then a job and new identity and then new life and then….I guess the sky is the limit.

  25. He may be using a fraudulant name and 214 to get healthcare and benefits from the VA. There is a surge in people using our nations KIA soldiers names and SS#’s to obtain benefits. It is commonly used for credit. Take a soldier that was in the service then discharged honorably. A few years later he or she rejoins and is KIA or dies while serving. The first discharge can be fraudulantly used for credit or benefits etc. The VA is supposed to check this data base but we all know humans are capable of missing these kinds of acts when checking. Take for instance a female soldier that rejoins under her new married name and then dies while serving. The old name and discharge is succeptable to frauds like we all can read about.
    I’m sure that someone who claims to be a SF soldier as well as a PH recipient and Silver Star recipient may be finding new ways to embellish and defraud and misuse the system that is designed to help our nations honorable and cherished heroes.
    Does anyone know if this fella is married or has children? I ask because anyone capable of using false documents to obtain money or benefits etc can be capable of using minor children to do the same. Sad to think about but it is a reality we have to ponder and give legitimate thought.

  26. To be considered a “veteran” eligible for Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Health Care benefits, a former service-member must have been discharged “under conditions other than dishonorable.” Under VA regulations, administrative discharges characterized by the armed services as “Honorable” or “General Under Honorable Conditions” are qualifying, and punitive discharges (“Dishonorable” or “Bad Conduct”) issued by general courts-martial are disqualifying.

    The other thing is he would always have a Co-Pay and he wouldn’t be able to receive any financial compensation for any claimed injuries real or fake unless his discharge is upgraded to honorable.

  27. He may be considered a Veteran, but he hasn’t completed at least 2 years of AD. No 2 years = no VA health care. Unless he has a legitimate SC disability, or has used fraud to get in…he’s not eligible for VA care.

  28. I am sharing these fakes on Trektothetroops.org as well, and I am in the works in creating a PODCAST for Troops, Veterans and their Families that will also be run through Trektothetroops.org and I would also like to Feature a segment on these scum as well. Of Course Compliments to Guardian of Valor for spot lighting these scums bags!

  29. I don’t understand the people that need to embellish their career. Had he not gone AWOL he would have had an honorable enlistment to be proud of. I am in the Coast Guard, and I work as a SAR controller. Its not glamorous but it is honorable and necessary.

  30. Went to basic and ait with this scab eater. I’m not surprised by any means of his actions. He’s always been a couple sangwiches short of a picnic

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  32. Looks like this Michael guy is still out there trying to get free stuff. We just received this email yesterday 4/12:

    michael hunsucker

    What can we help with?
    Your Comment
    I recently just got out of the army and was diagnosed with PTSD, and TBI and in need of some help to get my mefical marijauna card here in az hopeully you can help me find a doctor who will do it pro bono to help out a veteran.

    Michael Hunsucker

  33. I see a lot of veterans who aren’t liars and fakes going at each other’s throats in the comments section. Don’t lose focus. The point of this forum is to out the dishonorable, those who steal valor. We should enjoy the camaraderie with our brothers and sisters who served with honor, dignity, and integrity.

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