Melvin Gerard Slack Jr, Running For Mayor In Shreveport, Has Veterans Scratching Their Heads

Shreveport Louisiana – Yesterday we started getting inquiries about Melvin Gerard Slack Jr from Shreveport Louisiana. Melvin announced yesterday on several news stations that he was throwing in his hat for Mayor in the upcoming election, and using his Veteran status as a platform. Well, a lot of politicians do this, so what is the big deal?

Well it was the uniform(if you can call it that), he was wearing when he announced on the local news his bid for Mayor. Here is a snapshot of that video below, courtesy of



So you can see why this caused Veterans in the area to immediately begin asking questions. When we started getting the emails, we sent out a request for his records and while we waited, we tried to see what all this stuff was on his uniform.

1. He is wearing Air Force ABU’s(Airman Battle Uniform), which the Air Force did not start issuing to enlisted trainee’s until  2 October 2007.

2. He is wearing the Flag on the left arm, which the Air Force does not even wear a flag, the Army wears it on the right arm.

3. He is wearing the US Army Special Forces patch on his left arm, as well as the 4th Infantry Division patch which is wrong as it should not be oriented where it looks like a square. It should be oriented in a way that it is diamond-shaped.

4. He has US Army BDU tapes sewn on both sides, his name should be one side. He also has SGT rank sewn on the collars, also for the BDU, which the Army no longer issues.

5. The Air Force patch he is sporting on his left pocket seems to be the 2nd Bomb Wing patch, and the one on his right pocket is Air Combat Command.

6. He is also wearing a Desert Storm Veteran hat.

Below is the video By KTBS where he announces his bid for Mayor:(VIDEO WAS REMOVED AFTER HE WAS OUTED) – Shreveport, LA News, Weather and Sports


I am sure we could continue to pick this uniform apart, as I am sure some of you are doing. But thanks to my contacts at NPRC, I submitted an emergency request and got his records back this morning. According to his official records Melvin enlisted into the US Navy on JANUARY 25th 1989 and was discharged from the Navy during training on MARCH 27th, 1989. A few months later he enlisted in the US Army on MAY 23rd, 1989 and was Discharged due to Medical reasons on MAY 8th, 1991.

His records also show he was not anywhere near Kuwait/Iraq/Saudi Arabia during Desert Storm/Shield. Operation Desert Shield began on August 7th 1990 and Desert Storm began with the air war phase at 3 a.m., Jan. 17, 1991 (Jan. 16, 7 p.m. Eastern time) and was followed by a ground assault on 24 February 1991.

On October 11th 1989 Slack was en-route to Germany and was assigned to the 66th Transportation Company. On May 21st 1990 he was on patient hold in Fort Rucker, Alabama, and was later discharged on the 8th of May 1991. So yes, he served while Desert Storm/Shield was going on, but his records say he was not deployed in support of these operations. He was not awarded the Southwest Asia Service Medal or the Kuwaiti Liberation Medal. His only awards were as follows:

  • Army Service Ribbon
  • Overseas Service Ribbon(For Service in Germany)
  • Marksmanship Badge with Rifle and Grenade Bars
  • National Defense Service Medal(awarded to anyone who served on active duty in the United States military during the Persian Gulf Time Period (August 2, 1990 – November 30, 1995)

So he is also not authorized the Rank of SGT, as he was discharged as a PFC. He is not authorized the SF Patch, the 4th ID patch nor any of the Air Force patches as he was never in the Air Force.


Below are the records we received that validates all the above:







Navy Record

Navy Record







So as you can see, Melvin served, and was an 88M(Motor Transportation Operator) and it is not uncommon for Veterans to use their background when running for political offices. But when you do, Veterans listen and watch, and when they see something funny like this, they begin to ask questions. Not sure why he felt the need to wear that uniform and Frankenstein it up the way he did, he must have known someone would ask questions.

He could have ran on the record he has, and no one would have thought any less of him. But when you put your self in the public eye the way he has, and wear something that does not even resemble a regulation uniform, you’re going to get called on it. He really upset Veterans and currently serving Military in the area, our email box started blowing up soon after this aired. I want to thank two of my investigators who stopped what they were doing to help me get all of this together in a short time, and to all the Vets that brought this to our attention.


UPDATE: 09 JAN 2014 We spoke with KSLA this afternoon in reference to Melvin Slack’s record and why it was so offensive to Veterans. Melvin also reached out to the reporter to explain why he wore the uniform. You can see the full story here: Shreveport Mayoral Hopeful Comes Clean About Military Service


Here is the report from KSLA – Melvin Slack Interview With KSLA Over Uniform Allegations.
UPDATE: 20140416

Seems our Mayoral hopeful has landed himself in jail on several charges according to KTBS:


Slack’s Mug Shot

March 21st 2014 -One of Shreveport’s Mayoral candidates has been arrested.

Melvin Gerard Slack Jr. was taken into custody just after 11:00 a.m. Friday.

The 43 year-old is being charged with possession of marijuana 1st offense, a hit and run driving charge, no insurance and possession of drug paraphernalia. The hit and run allegedly happened a few weeks ago in a church parking lot where he hit a woman’s car and then drove off.

Slack was booked into the Shreveport City Jail.


UPDTATE: 20150102

One year after being busted for embellishing his record while running for Mayor, Slack announces his candidacy for Governor:

Louisiana evangelist Melvin Slack has officially announced he is going to run for governor.

“As of today, I will be an official candidate for the next governor of Louisiana,” Slack told reporters.

Slack received only one percent of the vote in Shreveport’s mayoral election.

He says fixing roads and raising the minimum wage to 10 dollars an hour are major parts of his platform, but Slack wants people to know what his biggest priority is:

“There will be a lot of different other items or different issues that we will be trying to sign into law, but the number one issue we want to deal with is legalizing marijuana, as well as medical and recreational marijuana all across the state of Louisiana.”

Slack says he’s running as an independent candidate and that he will be heading to New Orleans and Baton Rouge next week to begin his campaign for the 2016 election.


What are your thoughts?
58 comments on “Melvin Gerard Slack Jr, Running For Mayor In Shreveport, Has Veterans Scratching Their Heads
  1. I’m a retired Army Command Sergeant Major. I work in Shreveport but live away from the city. I can’t vote but I still have a voice. I’m going to see what I can stir up.

    • I’m a retired SF SGM and wish I was down there but we have our own up here by Fort Lewis and McChord AFB (now called JBLM) to deal with. You’d think being this close to an SF Group these morons wouldn’t take the chance but you just can’t fix stupid.

  2. It’s the 8th and your FOIA Cover letter is dated the 10th. Seems odd. Some one may come by and say it is as fake as Melvin Gerard Slack Jr seems to be.

  3. As a Combat Vietnam Veteran who served with the 4 TH.INF. DIV. as a Grunt, and lost my brother at the same time, a door gunner with the 1ST CAV, you suck big time, at least learn how to wear a dam patch .

    • As a kid who did basic at ft Jackson SC in 81 virtually all my drills NCOs and cadre were VN vets. They schooled us very well in all things military , how to stay alive , and keep each other alive, to care for and appreciate each other, how the army works and doesn’t work, and when the clouds gathered for the GI fuck that became Desert Storm, they stood up for us , so we would not experienc the screwing they recieved upon return to “the world”as they called it. I, and all of my generation will forever owe them a debt we can only repay by doing the same for the youngsters of today. And we can start by nipping this crap in the bud. Thank you all for your own service, be oroud of what you’ve done, no need to embellish any thing, because at sime point , we ALL wrote that blank check , sign in blood and sacrifices, and that is enough!

  4. I emailed KSLA News 12 that did the story on him. Here is the exchange:

    I just noticed your story about Melvin Gerard Slack, Jr. Did you know that the picture of him you used for your article shows him falsely representing himself as a member of the Armed Services? He is wearing a US Air Force uniform with old style Army rank and name/ branch tapes along with Army unit insignia that is placed in the wrong configuration. Also, he is claiming Special Forces.
    Are you aware that the Stolen Valor Act of 2013 makes what this man is doing a Federal crime? (

    Your response to my inquiry is greatly appreciated.


    Roy, Carolyn
    8:24 PM (2 hours ago)

    to me
    Yes, we are aware of the questions about the uniform and questions surrounding his wearing it while campaigning for political office. Among other things, we have asked Mr. Slack for a copy of his DD Form 214.
    He says he doesn’t have a copy handy, but he’ll work on getting one for us.
    In the meantime, we are working other avenues toward confirming his service and we will report what we find.
    We hope you understand that, as obvious as the issues are with the uniform, we can’t make accusations regarding his service without facts and evidence and answers. We hope to have them soon.

    Carolyn Roy
    New media content director
    Direct: 318.677.6714
    Mobile: 318.617.8124
    1812 Fairfield Ave., Shreveport, LA 71101-4461

    I replied to her directing her to this website. Maybe now this ass hat will be outed publicly.

      • Since he WAS a veteran, I am not sure it does. Since he is a blatant liar using lies of his valor for personal gain it is at best morally bankrupt, and not the type of person we need in ANY public office.

      • The Stolen Valor Act prohibits (and provides for criminal penalties) if the person (poser) uses the false statements for personal gain. In the case of this Azzhat, he is the Poster Boy for using lies about his service for personal gain. Thank you Guardian of Valor for outing this Chump! Keep the pressure up and perhaps he will slide back under his rock!

  5. Seems like a sick call, permanent P-3 profile, want-a-be, commando. if he can’t be honest with his service , he can’t be an honest mayor !. Then again, maybe he needs to explain what the deal with the uniform?

  6. It’s amazing to me that they used to retire asshats like this for something probably not even service related, yet today we simply discharge folks with limbs blown off in combat. That is sickening. Not only does he get the benefits that retirement brings (medical, commissary,etc) but he gets to run as a candidate and legitimately claim that he is retired from the military. At least he did us the solid of screwing himself over.

    • Only if he was retired under the proper Chapter for medical, would he receive the same benefits as retirees. He may receive limited bennies*, which clearly would be too much for this deviant, and since he served active after, it would be hard to prove he was in need of anything due to medical conditions. Yes, he will receive Veterans benefits, as long as he served honorably more than 6 months (last I knew, could be different with all the scum claiming we are over compensated) and yes, that is still too much when the uniform is disgraced in THIS WAY! Why do people do this is beyond anyone who puts together even one full contract with honors. Yes, agreed any, at this point, too much!

      • its sad that ppl like this screw things up for ppl like me who where med retired for “service connected ” just to try and make a name for them selfs in a small city WTF my hat is of to you all who cought this in time and called this idiot on it keep up the great work and pls push him on this and do not let some little wannabe get away with this crap

    • I was RE-3P from the USN back in ’94 (after 9 years service)… Blew both my rotator cuffs out in a pierside boat recovery evolution. Limited range of motion of both arms, progressively getting worse with time and age. Got 50% disabled because meds decided not to perform reconstructive surgery. Tried to go reserves with USN & USAF, no joy on both. Can’t see why Army picked this guy up, unless his injury was minor compared to mine. And, if that’s the case, why would they retire him at all, unless he couldn’t hang….Not trying to start a fight. Just curious.

  7. He may be wearing the 2nd Bombardment Wing and Air Combat Command patches to curry favor with the local unit at Barksdale Air Force Base on the Bossier City side of the Red River from Shreveport. Just the same, it’s all wrong!

  8. I can’t believe These kind of guys are the ones that have files that say Retired!!!!! When there are so many other veterans they turned down for any kind of Help!!! Vietnam Vet. here, Marine Corp and Proud
    of it…..


  10. In this day in age, with the capability for timely research on these ” characters”, you think they would think twice about such FRAUD. I can check my ASUs over and over, and still be a little paranoid something might be inacurate:)

  11. I think that he should have to stand in front of everyone in the area on all 4 news stations (channel’s 3, 6, 12 and 33) and apologize for being an idiot and trying to claim something that he was not. Have his so called retirement revoked, be banned from running for any kind of office and then be arrested and brought up on the Federal charges under the “Stolen Valor Act” . That is all, end of rant

  12. This guy is not only a fraud he’s an idiot and his last name is very fitting! I can’t believe he would try to pull off a stunt like this. Hopefully our fellow veterans and concerned citizens in the area will get the word out. As for the news reporter(s) we’ll see if they have the moral fortitude to really report on this.

    BTW, he already has the obligatory campaign wife beater t-shirt… I can see him now, out there shooting hoops with kids and campaigning for more courts and “big city” midnight basketball…

  13. I live across the state line from where this P.O.S. is acting out his fantasy. Strange thing is (but not surprisingly) the media is dead quiet. …crickets.

  14. Stolen Valor, once again, you guys are my heroes and if the only reason I have faith in humanity is because of the 1/2% of the population that served honorably, that is enough. Thank you for the awesome work you do!!! (former 11B30X, and you can verify that! 😉

  15. He needs to be charged under the stolen valor act! Put his address for public record and see if any other vets who suffer from PTSD (from real combat) will do what I want to do!

  16. You know what, this is what annoys me, why does he feel the need to show that he is something he is not, he served in the military plain and simple, who cares if he or anyone did any combat service time, many Soldiers enlisted during peactime and have gotten out prior to any contigency operations going on and have never seen a front line, big deal they served none the less, if he just said he was in the military at one point in his life..just to get the veterans votes I personally could give a rats ass if he was involved in a conflict or not, but to go on TV dressed up like a clown speaks on his integrity, who would elect someone now already knowing he is full of crap. As someone who deployed to Iraq and Afghanistan and is still serving honestly to me it doesnt matter if they went forward or not, as the drawdowns continue young Soldiers that are enlisting now and are heading to BCT/AIT may never get to see another conflict..big deal they still serve their country and there is nothing wrong with that, this guy just needs to admit he is full of crap, take his unform and stuff back to Ranger Rags or where ever and drop out of the race..

  17. I am a retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant 0369/o317 who is combat wounded. This ass clown makes me sick! He served fine and dandy. He shouldn’t ‘t try to church it up. He should have some honor, courage and commitment not jump on the wannabe band wagon.

  18. Y’all should have seen him when he worked for the postal service. Stayed on light duty for years and pretty much stayed on break all night and got paid. When management tried to get him to work he’d always say he was getting harassed. Picking up a letter hurts his wrist he complained one time. That dudes a joke!!!

    • I bet he can still shoot some hoops in is new campaign T-shirt…

      I’m sure he was some First Sergeant’s nightmare when he was on active duty…

  19. I’ve never been able to figure out why these guys just can’t Google “Army Uniform” or something. Seriously, it’s to the point where I want to email Colonel Major Medina and his friends just to help them correct their stolen valor so they don’t look like AAFES had explosive diarrhea.

  20. Late 1960s and early 1970s we had some Veterans working with the pro communist/Vietnam big players. Sorry if your screens melts. People with clout money, Jane Fonda meets uncle Ho and and his cronies likes them Beaucoup. Well while Hillary and were studying the “Alinsky Model” yes I know its just about controling people similar to Marx, Trotsky and the like.
    But John Kerry with the bunch. Supporting the people who supported or enemies while the dinks and ourselves were still killing each other. Using his Status as a VET TO UNDERMINE HIS COUNTRY. So since our oath, after being a proud member of United States Armed Services, never expires Enemies foreign and domestic. Did he disgrace the service his country. Yup. Did he throw his medals away burn his Honorable Discharge speek out against our country our soldiers?
    Did he later ride on the change over time. Folks finally showing respect for our Armed Service members.Apoligies came from hippies to our Armed Services.

    So the first time he used his service and uniform against the countries morale participating in a grass roots communist propaganda war against the USA and her Citizens With Jane Fonda of course. Representing all of the Armed services against our leadership.
    Second time he used his Armed Service Record ( from now on refered to DD214 and HD for Honorable Discharge) to attain political office. He was just a good old all American kid served his country. All good. But he threw away that honorable discharge by participating in organized psyops for our countries enemy the people that were still shooting his friends he left behind.
    Now he is working for the POTUS.
    And this is but one small example as you all know.

  21. Kudos to him for serving or at least trying to serve but to attempt to immbelish his service for political gain is wrong if he is lowing and trying to defraud voters already to gain votes what kind of job is he really gonna do for the city of Shreveport

    • Yes< I agree with Bart.. if your running for office.. you should be honest…. and, you need to have more business/management. experience .. you can be a Christian and honest.. and still have a new direction.. for the future.. The City Of Shreveport.. Needs a brighter future.. with a little Class.. Clean up the violence, and Focus on the School System.. Growth for Jobs.. and Have Pride to change the negatives…

  22. Good grief! I’m getting sick and effing tired of seeing trash like this in mixed up patches, uniforms, stories, and general BS! What an asshole!

  23. Not condoning posers/fakes, but I could put together a confusing uniform based on my military career. (I’m not running for office though). Anyway, I was active duty Army from 1962 to 1965, based in Germany for all but basic and A.I.T., 3rd Inf. Div., 10th Engineer Bn. Skip ahead 10 years, and I enlisted in active duty Navy as a Hospital Corpsman from 1975 thru 1979. After discharge from the Navy, I joined our local Army Reserve unit, a medical/ambulance unit. Fast forward, our unit was activated for Desert Storm to Saudi Arabia. Finally called it quits a year after that. (Getting a little too old and out of shape to be competent at that point). In short, I could put a bunch of pins, ribbons, patches and stripes that I earned legit on a uniform and look kind of impressive (knowing I’d get called out for it, of course, if a veteran spotted me). Don’t really know what the regs say about what form of uniform I could/should wear, if I were inclined to put one on again, but I would probably prefer my last duty uniform, with applicable rank and awards earned. Not sure, but thinking I could still wear any ribbons awarded during my other services. (Been out of touch so long, I’d have to look up the regs). Anyway, got no respect what-so-ever for anyone taking credit for for duty not served and awards not earned.

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