Matthew Jacob Wyszynski

Well where should I start with this one? Meet Matthew Jacob Wyszynski, A fan showed us the pictures of this poser, and when I looked at the first one I thought I would die laughing. Then I realized this person was actually trying to pass their selves off as a Soldier in the United States Army. This is the first picture I receieved of this poser…

We did a database search for both names this person had, but came up empty handed, not surprisingly. He also showed people this check and said it was form the Army, when did the Army revert back to checks?



The person who became suspicious about this guy also contacted the FT. Belvoir CID office. CID confirmed all of our suspicions, and even commented on the facial hair.






Here are some more of his “claims” from one of our emails..

“He claims he is a “101st screaming eagles combat medic” and an “E6” he says that because he is career based he did not go to basic but does do training…
He is overweight for the army.
He said he completed his MOS training in Arizona… I had a friend who is in the army telling me that’s all bullshit… He claims he drove “like 5 hrs away to a base in Vermont for a briefing and to deploy to guam. He claims he deployedto GUAM Sat June 16 2012 where he is now working long shifts in a hospital. He claims he could be there from 1-3 months but there is talk about going to Afghanistan in July but he might not have to go because he has a torn rotator cuff. I have a hard time believing he is actually in GUAM. He says that he has a nursing position waiting for him in St.Pete Florida at the VA when he comes home.

He got angry and defensive when I told him I knew he wasnt in guam.
“I am where I say I am” and then he said his grandma got sick and hes the power of attorney so he flew home from guam (in less than 12 hrs) HAHAHA right….
He tells everyone he knows that hes in, Im pretty sure his work and parents are convinced that hes in the army…
“I’m trying to pave a path for trans soldiers”
“My medical records are sealed”
Talks alot about hangin out with guys in his unit and always says “ive gotta go back to the barraks” Claims his base is in VT.”

Well my friend I would say your paving a great path their!!! Right into the Guardian Of Valor Hall of Shame!

We tried on several occasions to contact Mr. Wysznski, he responded by completely locking down his profile.

Here is a picture of what he claims is his Platoon:

And I do believe he needs to find a replacement for whoever attached this rank to his hat, and possibly a new Supply Sgt, for issuing him a few sizes to small.


I think he looks like Coolio, don’t you??


And here are the rest of the pics of this douchenozzle! ~Bulldog1



What are your thoughts?
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    • This a a SELFDESH FOOL!I have a few friends that are Trangendered,They would never act or treat the Army or try too represent it in this fashion.Put him on public desplay and KICK his ass…

    • first of all, you can’t have any beard on your face and second of all, there isn’t any AIT or BTC in AZ…..just saying and he is over weight for it to be in the Army and if he said he was or is then why didn’t he say that he went to Texas for his training to become a medic

      • There is AIT in AZ. Ft. Huachuca has MI for all services there. Unless that has changed.

        This guy is a fucktard or sure. How has someone not seen him and called him out to his face….wow

          • That’s true to an extent. I have had a few troops with shaving waivers and there were stipulations that went with them (The medical professional decided what they would be). Some of my troops did not have to shave but their facial hair could not exceed a certain length. Other troops I had still had to shave, but only had to do it at an interval (every 4-5 days was the common one).

          • Shaving profiles in the Army limit the facial hair to no more than 1/8 inch. At most, 1/4 inch. IF he was in and IF he had a profile, he would be way out of his profile.

      • Im pretty sure he meant Transportation soldiers, but there are transgender and same sex oriented soldiers in the military. Either way this guy is way to fst to be in ACU’s. I didnt even know they made them that big.

        • LOL, Yes…I never met gays before joining the Army….then, there were many of them….Especially female E7s and E8s who are 5’2” and wear crewcuts….lol…..My roommate was gay-a Tae Kwan Do black belt who would down an entire bottle of Grey Goose while playing Command and Conquer……Either way, I’d hate to be on the bad side of either…. a pissed off lesbian senior NCO in Corcoran IIs- or a flaming gay martial artist with a SAW…..Pity those poor jihadists….It’s not worth it boys: The infidels are here; 12% of them are queer; get over it! LOL

      • Does he mean he is a GG, genetic girl and is now a man? That is what I got out of it, male or female, or trans( maybe a no shave chit?) this person has a problem.

    • he bought all that stuff at an army surplus store in chichester nh. he said his father was coming home from a deployment in Afghanistan and he wanted a duplicate set of ACUs like his dad. the sad part is that the store liked him and felt bad so he got a discount. he made several orders over the coarse of 3 months in late 2011 or early 2012. i never thought he was such a scumbag… feel free to contact me if you have questions.

  1. There are no Active duty bases in Vermont…all of the bases in VT are National Guard. The only Full time members there are AGR ( Active Guard Regular ) ( I think ) All of them are required to shave… None of us have a Mission in Guam. This guy is full of shit and needs a giant Boot up his ass!!!

    • Don’t forget recruiters…. pretty sure there are at least one or two in that tiny state… I believe AGR is Active Guard Reserve…I have seen a few Soldiers who do not shave but they have either a shaving profile or are high ranking (COL and above) who are do not shave due to religious reasons though I don’t agree with it…

  2. Rank on the ACU hat is sewn on, always was, what he has is obvously the velcro rank meant for the ACU Jacket. No one gets a beard like that, no one deploys to a “hospital” in Guam. Tripler is in Hawaii and that is where he would go but not to support the war on terror. He would go to Germany or any of the military hospitals around Washington DC. That is assuming anything he says is true and it obvously ain’t. What he needs is a good ass whooping.

  3. Long time reader, and love what you guys are doing… Ive ran into idiots like this a few times doing my job (VA certifying Official at a university). Im tired of them. Ive tried to understand them as they sit in my office looking at my I love me wall (but never reading it). but i cant get whats running though their heads. I calmly listen to thier story about how badass they were in combat, and how they saved everyones life and blah blah blah. then they finely look up at my wall and realize oh shit this guys got a bronze star and purple heart! what he do to get his shit? then the back peddle begins since they think I work for the VA ( i dont, but i dont tell them that) and the lies begin to unwind. next thing I know i have a big puddle of crap on my office floor, its all thats left of a poor excuse for a person. Best part is my partner in crime, who works the front office is former cyops (spl) Ill go tell her what a peice of worl the person was and she starts the long hunt to tear their lives to shreds. Soon Ill be going back to school myself and using my GI bill. once that happens, if i happen to run into any of my posers and im no longer bound by university policy Ill be sure to send them your way… Sorry about the rant, but like I said long time reader whos had a gag order in place with the crap bags Ive come across, and this guys face reminded me of one…

  4. I was stationed in Guam for 3 years (2008-2011) in the air force there is no army hospital in fact the only military hospital there is the navel hospital and only navy and civilians work there again no army personnel he’s a lier

  5. Where thr hell this guy live? If it’s a 5 hour drive to VT, that means he’s in New England and so am I. Kate or Matthew or what ever it’s name is is a total disgrace to the human race! Where do I find him? This so called check from the army isn’t even from the US treasury. And all of know that when the military did issue checks they were from the US treasury just like your tax return!!

      • That is outstanding! I live in MA not too far from Exeter NH…. I would love to see this guy. That beard….. is he an 18D? What I really wonder is how many people have thanked this guy for his “service”….

        Also I had no idea that they made ACUs that big…. the more you know…

          • Hey that might not be such a great idea he might claim he was “injured in the line of duty” to the next person 😛

  6. i was born an raised in st.j.,vt. no active base,only ft.drum in ny. and the pic of him driving,over his left shoulder, you can see 2 blue star mother emblems.i would like to know what town in vt. he was in.i still have my contacts to let ppl know.


  8. It could be just me and or the fact that it’s really blurry but doesn’t the pic of his platoon look like Marines and not the army?

  9. yes matt is transexual. which is the ridiculous part cause the military doesn’t allow transfolk. regardless… trans people aren’t the bad ones, matt is just giving them a bad name. a year or two ago he was pretending to be an RN also, which offends me, a real nurse. but impersonating a soldier is so much worse, so disrespectful! we are circulating this post around facebook hoping to expose him to some of his friends…

  10. Are you freaking kidding me!!! He/She makes me sick!!! Everything out of this kids mouth is a damn lie!!! He needs to be admitted to FRUIT STREET!!! WHERE HE BELONGS!!!

  11. Interesting that she made it through the psych eval for the trans process; somebody missed a whopper on this one. Obviously still having tremendous inferiority issues, eh?

  12. I am completely and utterly ashamed to have ever known Matt. If he really wants to play this game and continue to be a shallow, selfish, pig headed coward; I feel that he deserves severe punishment. I have never seen anything like this. Words cannot even begin to describe exactly how disrespectful this person is. There are REAL soldiers that bust their asses day and night to protect our country as well as themselves and here we have a man that most likely receives recognition from others for “serving and defending our country”. He ought to be ashamed of his ruthless actions.

  13. It’s soooooooooo easy to pop this guy/gal’s bubble..where to start? I saw this all the time when I was a recruiter, too. GID (Gender Identity Disorder) is a medical condition barred from enlistment. Waaaay over weight standards. Beard is unauthorized (unless a no shave chit, but he isn’t in anyway so it doesn’t matter). That check he says the military sent him is from Key total treasury, a money management account, NOT issued by the federal government. Headgear rank not sewn on, this guy is using the Gortex jacket rank. He is tore up from the floor up!

    What is sad, it that the civilians who know him don’t know anything about the military and he gets away with it. I would turn his lyin’ a** in for misuse of those Disabled vets plates for sure. Then, I would turn him in for being in violation of federal law for wearing the uniform and impersonating a soldier. I can’t wait for the first piece of trash to be taken out on this long-standing (but little known) law, after all the drama that other turd caused. I would love to have a face-to-face conversation with this sack of used baby wipes, I would sure make him wish he’d never tried this crap.

  14. I know when I was stationed in
    Guam there were few Army personel there ant they never work in the hospitol , The Navy were the only corpmen on he Island. I wonder if he even knows what base the naval hospitol is on since there. and there are four naval bases on Guamand an Air force base but no Army base there

  15. only ARMY guys i know wearing beards are ARE SF or attached to SF on a hilltop someplace or blending in with the people. a buddy i was in 2ID LRSD is now attached to a SF Reserve unit out of Florida he had a beard the last time i talked to him while he was over there. but this Dbag doesnt know what the field is much less being down range. EVEN a shave Profile has to trim it less then a 1/8″ if i remember right? correct me if i am wrong? FKIN D-BAG!


  16. Last time I was there, the only MTFs on Guam was Air Force on the north end and the NAVHOSP in the central part of the island on top of the hill. They had a BAS/ clinic on the Naval base and that was it. Guam wasn’t a staging point for the army to gear up for the Stan and the only folks I meet passing through were Marines.

  17. Being a veteran myself I don’t like people claiming to be what they aren’t.

    However, this looks suspicious for a number of reasons:

    “We tried on several occasions to contact Mr. Wysznski” If it was facebook (I don’t really know facebook),
    but if he doesn’t know you why would he “friend” you

    “report him to the FBI or the local police” if they had something why didn’t they report him

    I have no idea about the check – where did it come from and who is it to?

    Veteran plate – out west here they have rules so someone who is a veteran must own the vehicle

    The picture doesn’t look faked but I don’t see that as any proof – I have a shirt that says Hardrock cafe
    and I’ve never been there… and the hat is just a hat

    He is overweight for the army – why would anyone believe him then?

    What is with the platoon picture? I don’t understand the purpose of this

    What does being transgendered have to do with it – sounds mean and spiteful

    • Sir, first off this posting has nothing what so ever to do with being transgender-ed. Second, we tried on several occasions to contact him via “Messages” on facebook and also a phone call, he completely ignored us. The plates he had on his car where in his fathers name, the Platoon picture is in reference to his claim that it was HIS platoon.

      We blocked out the personal info on the check to protect privacy, so please tell me where you see suspicions??? And if you are a veteran, then you would know the hat is not just a hat, and the uniform is not just a uniform. Their are several pictures of him in it, did you not click on the album and view ALL the pictures?

    • Bob you’re not a veteran if you think that cover is just a fucking hat. Maybe bulldog and the crew should oust your ass too. Don’t come in here defending some fat worthless fuck when they are doing something wrong. Family or not. Have some honor and be a fucking man, YOU vagina. (sorry ladies…it’s just shit talking) men hate being called a girl….well most of them…huh Katie. Lol

  18. If being transgendered why was it brought up? Thought the commnity protected it’s own.

    Seeing as how you started this – let me guess… are you the bitter ex girlfriend / boyfriend?

    • Not sure exactly who your referring to, but I can assure you that this was not posted due to any gender issues. This was posted due to this person claiming to be a SSG in the US Army when in fact he was not. Their are no underlying reasons except that. And to prove that I had my admin remove any reference to that fact in the story. The basis of the story still stands, we give every one a chance to defend themselves. And we gave this guy several chances,and so have other sites. I assure you we are not the only Valor site that has this story and has been trying to get answers,

        • I have no “axe to grind” do not know this person and do not care to. This site is to out those who steal valor and and claim military service….period. This person is by far not the first and won’t be the last. I assure you no Soldier or Veteran would approve of what this person did, no matter the reasoning behind it.

          • do not know this person and do not care to. As we said in Vietnam “WTF” where do you get you’re information ?

          • We get our information from several sources. The FOIA is a very powerful to, also friends and family actually come forward more than you would think.

          • Old post I know, but, I just came across this tonight. I read everything and can comprehend English very well. Others not so well….

          • I have no relationship…Is it that hard to understand? We investigate people who steal valor and honor from those who have earned it…Not to damn much to try and understand their. I don’t have a relationship with any of these pukes. They steal HONOR, VALOR and our true heroes sacrifices, and we post their asses up on this wall..period! It’s called free speech according to the supreme court, and they agreed that the public scrutiny they receive on the internet and media is enough punishment. Must I break it down further for you to understand?

          • ok you win – you have mailigned a person inncorrectly and continue to do so… fine enjoy

          • The proof is in the pudding as they say. GO LOOK AT THE PICTURES, THEY SPEAK FOR THEMSELVES. Oh let me guess, he was attending a Halloween party right? He accidentally put on an ACU top, that had rank, his name and US Army, on several occasions. I have more pictures if you would like me to post them? So please tell me more about how we are so wrong, we are just imagining that he is wearing that uniform in multiple pictures?

    • “Bob”, may I ask why you have reason to believe these lies? As stated above he is not in the army database. All of the lies he has told do not add up and he would clearly be turned away by any recruiter because of his weight and for being transgendered….
      Do you have any tangible proof that this person is a member of the US military?
      Please, enlighten me…
      Correct me if I’m wrong bulldog1 but I believe that the only reason stolen valor brought up the fact that he is transgendered is to make known that this person who has two aliases is a liar and a fake.

      • onceuponatime on July 29, 2012 at 12:59 pm said:

        “Bob”, may I ask why you have reason to believe these lies?
        Why would I believe lies?

        • OK Alison
          I’ve kept quiet until now.
          This is nothing but lies, innuedos and half-truths. Alec what website did get the picture of the supposed unit? Do worry I won’t out you like you did Matt. The people you sent email to – didn’t they write back and say you were phycotic? I would say that – you are a mentally and emotionally damaged person.

          To the owner of this website. You have know way of verifying any accusation so what give you the right to be judge, jury and executioner. You assume all the people are guilty because somebody said it. You claim to be a defender of the military – well on thing they fought for was innocent until proven guilty.

          Oh, and to all you haters who don’t know what you are talking about – don’t bother responding to this post as I’m sure it won’t be up here long.

          I have nothing more to say.

          Proud to be Matt’s Father
          Bob Wyszynski

          • You have come here and claimed again and again that he did not claim to be in the service, yet we have pictures of him uniform. Not just ACU’s, but ACU’s complete with all the stuff a Soldier would wear…….you have yet to answer the questions. WHY is he wearing it, WHY does he have SSG rank on, WHY does it have US Army??? Are you going to tell me it was a Costume contest?

          • Alison was the one who gave this site the lead?
            Good for her!!
            And I highly doubt you are Matthews father because I doubt any grown man would use the word “Haters”, use incorrect grammar and not proof read his -oh so important- post.

            Everyone knew Matthew was lying about being in the military. Glad someone finally made him look like a fool.

          • Bob you are a piece of shit for even allowing your son to continue his bullshit.

          • You need to learn how to spell before coming on here and blasting this fine site and the owner. Get off the nuts and stop running your mouth and defending your poor girl boy….. She’s a loser, plain and simple. Oh, I mean he, you get the picture. He has no place in wearing that uniform PERIOD! End of discussion, story, whatever you and others who support this shit want to call it. You only enable these fools to continue lying about their military service if any.

  19. Well, I know military guys who are authorized beards and they don’t weight 300 pounds and look like a Jaba the Hut. I just can’t get it out of my head what these rears fucksticks ars thinking. Have they no shame? How can they sleep?

  20. now hes gonna say that the reason he has facial hair is because hes part of delta and isnt confined to the military dress code… lol. one lie after another. i really hope when i get to georgia in november i run into people like this so i can embarrass them

  21. I live in southern vermont, my cousin is in the guard here. To my knowledge, the only deployment recently was when the air guard went to africa – which was like a year ago as they have just returned. Does he live in VT?

  22. @Bulldog1 – the costume contest comment made me spit out Cheerios. Well done.

    Hey Anonymous…. see my name? That’s really me. Only pieces of shit hide behind that tag and troll blogs. Grow some balls. Or whatever.

    @Bob… wow.

  23. Innocent until proven guilty? It’s a theory in the court of law. This is the court of public opinion. There’s no need for proof beyond a reasonable doubt here. There only needs to be substantial evidence towards the offense. I can tell you that photograph proof and prior statements made by your son/daughter is substantial proof is not? The law of logic and rationality would say so. We judge on behavior, we decide on character and we execute on actions. Owners of this site created based off some things so unfamiliar to the likes of your son…honor-the ones who sacrificed and earned it, loyalty-the the belief of such sacrifices and the obligation to ensure such accolades may never be tainted with lies and deception.

  24. You are 100% correct, and to elaborate on the part of bob’s comment abou being a judge and jury. No sir we are not and hav never claimedt be. But Soldiers and Veterans who have shed blood, sweat, and tears to earn what they have. Do not deserve to have someone dress up and pretend to have earned it. As the Supreme Court Justices said when striking down the SV law…;“And it has not shown, and cannot show, why counterspeech, such as the ridicule re­spondent received online and in the press, would not suffice to achieve its interest.” Kennedy said. “The facts of this case indicate that the dynamics of free speech, of counterspeech, of refutation, can overcome the lie.”
    Kennedy elaborated that “the remedy for speech that is false is speech that is true,” calling it “the ordinary course in a free society.”

    Counter speech is what is being practiced on this site, if lying is protected speech then so is counterspeech!

  25. People like this make me sick. Crucify them and make them pay. I give too much of my life to the military and this country to be embarrassed by wanna-bes in our uniforms. Good work and keep it up! Oo and bob…go fuck yourself. Your child is a failure and a disgrace. That is all.

  26. Bob, I as am admin would welcome you to offer up some proof that your defense for your child holds no water. I understand not liking to hear people talk bad about your child BUT there has to be a time in your life where you say “Damn, my kid messed up and I acknowledge that” Is that so hard for you to do that?

    So, any information you have that proves us WRONG I welcome you to post it on our wall here for everyone to see.

    I am sorry but you cannot argue with real deal pictures. SO until you have the proof I have asked for it would be nice if you quit running your mouth.

    Thanks and have a great night.

  27. i was in basic training with a guy with the last name of Wyszynski. however this is not him plus the fact that we went to ft. benning and became infantrymen not a medic. people like this guy make me sick. they are discraceing all the men and women that have and countinue to put on the uniform everyday.

  28. I think that this one is just mentally ill… he is not trying to(at least that I have seen) tried to get any benefits or etc, nor is he using his claim for professional gain. This one needs some help and a life…

  29. Fuck you fuck nuggit stop taking the honor away of being a combat medic from those who actually are such as myself. This fatfuck needs to go suck on an exuast pipe

  30. Just wanted you guys to know what a good job your doing. These boneheads that have to remain anonymous to attack you are just as ignorant as the posers themselves. Yes, even with a shaving profile it must be trimmed to 1/8th of an inch and med AIT is in FT Sam Houston, San Antonio, TX. I know i’m saying the same thing as many others in this post but also just adding clarification. I’m also a disabled Veteran and it pisses me off to see tools like this trying to pose as us….join the Army and actually make it if you want to walk it.

  31. I’ve been stationed in Guam twice, and there is only one military hospital there. U.S. Naval Hospital Guam. There are Naval and Air Force clinics on the prospective bases, but only Reserve and National Guard units as far as the Army is concerned

  32. My husband and I (both of us veterans) could not help but laugh at most of these photos…really??? People like this really piss me off. I am a disabled vet and to see someone like this is a slap in the face. I really hope his actions ( and others like him) are punishable by law.

  33. Perhaps he has a skin problem. When I was in in 1971, some of the guy’s got a med. for razor bumps and got to wear a beard. But, in this case he is a nut sack.

  34. I know I’m a little late to the game but his “Platoon” is the picture from the Baghdad International airport Fire Department at Sather Air Force Base. Why the hell would his Platoon pose in front of 2 Oshkosh T-3000 Crash Trucks? I know this because I spent a rotation there driving these trucks. I can provide pics if necessary.

  35. This “Bob” is not his father, it’s him, Matt, the poser. He posed as a Soldier, a Nurse(R.N.), now he is posing as his own father. His Father was a Vet right? That’s how he got the Vet plates. So as a Vet, He would be the first to call bullshit on this one. I really don’t think he would take up for him, I think he would give him a backhand in the mouth for being such a dumbfuck, and if he doesn’t, then he should get a backhand in the mouth for allowing this shit, followed by a kick in the nutsack for breeding this 300 lbs sack of chicken fat. Maybe someone should write a letter to his Dad, so Dad can REALLY know what’s going on. Better hope I don’t see him in that uniform, disgracing it like that, he WILL go home naked, because I will rip it right off of him. He said he didn’t go to basic? Then he never EARNED the right to wear the uniform. Think us Navy guys are all soft? not real fighting men? Let him run into this old salt, and we will find out. Time for a good ol’ Navy style beatdown!

    • Hey when you rip his uniform off can you mail it to me. I lost my car cover in katrina and haven’t been able to find another ACU pattern one




  37. I haven’t read all the comments, but the part of the patch you can see that he is wearing in his glamor shot is an Arizona National Guard patch.

  38. I’m mad late for this one and I’ll start knocking them out as a result… but I really can’t get over the beard…. like seriously. Only Black people and CAG (or whoever they are now) have saving profiles in the Army.

    Not to mention the fact that there is no way in hell a person with that body type could ever pass height and weight unless he adopted a severe meth addiction or something. Say what you will about Army PT standards nowadays… but c’mon look at this guy! I’m astonished that they actually make ACUs in his gargantuan size! (Note: he’s got IFF tabs… isn’t there something about civies having those).

    Clever though for using the chest rank on his pc… you’d think this hero would have just gone for the damn pin-ons considering he’s too lazy to know what a goddamn razor is…

    I am honestly really surprised to see the lack of hooah on his uniform though, you’d think a turd burglar like this would be decked out in skill badges and tabs…

  39. I was going to say the same thing, I saw the patch and reconized it from the 1-285th AHB. The AZ Guard was attached to us at KAF. Cool dudes, don’t remember seeing this fat body there!

  40. hello folks what a treat this is to expose this person!! I am a veteran and i am ashamed admit that i went to high school with this person, SHE yes she this is a women believe it or not was a fat lesbian loser who did not even fucking graduate, fucking disgusting loser, i am ashamed to even known this pile of shit furthermore having been in the same would be graduating class as this fucking coward. Even worse is that my good friend who i also graduated with who god rest his soul was KIA in Afghanistan in 2010 and is a real HERO and is not alive to laugh his ass off and help me track down this fucking disgrace. i will try and get more information as i have not seen this person since high school 2005ish i will see what i can dig up if she is still in the area and the authorities can be notified. Thank you guardian of valor for both making/ruining my day with this lots of laughs but at the same time making me sick to my stomach

  41. Bill last I saw of this fat lesbian was when we were in mobil on the run during thanksgiving… I can attest to Bills story. I am also a military member and went to school with this fat piece of shit. I saw we organize a hunt (sort of sasquatch like) in the NH area. Shoot on site

  42. Wow — maybe — the punishment for faking — would be immediate enlistment and a trip to the worst possible station — Its a sad day when you have to pretent to have served — Go to Las Vegas and see all the layabouts looking for handouts – saying they Vietnam Vets — as a retired vet — I often question them — what joke and a sad state of affair

  43. he bought all that stuff at an army surplus store in chichester nh. he said his father was coming home from a deployment in Afghanistan and he wanted a duplicate set of ACUs like his dad. the sad part is that the store liked him and felt bad so he got a discount. he made several orders over the coarse of 3 months in late 2011 or early 2012. i never thought he was such a scumbag… feel free to contact me if you have questions.

  44. You can easily tell this “Bob” person is clearly the poser himself. It’s quite obvious in his complete lack of ability to spell anything correctly and sentence structure as well as an obviously personal, emotional response that it is the person himself and someone much younger than a father of someone that age. I thought one had to be literate to join the mil.

  45. What a douche…i worked at the hospital in Guam for 3 1/2 years. That is the “NAVAL Hospital Guam.” In my entire time there I never saw a single member of the Army, let alone someone working at the hospital. There is a small National Guard presence on the island but comprised of only locals.

  46. As a combat vet, I am glad this individual was outed as a poser. That being said, I have sympathy for him/her based on the posts by those that went to school with him. It seems obvious that his/her upbringing was probably a traumatic mess by a bunch of piece of shit bullies. That much “outcasting” would break anyone’s psyche. The military is one of the few things left that one gets instant credibility and respect by being a member. If I went through what it seems obvious that this basket-case went through as a kid, it’s possible I would be in a desperate search for an identity and self-respect.

    I don’t condone what he has done, but I think we should differentiate the ones that deserve our pity versus the ones that deserve our special, balls-deep, hatred.

  47. 1. Stolen Valor was (correctly) ruled unconstitutional. You can wear whatever the fuck you want even if it makes you a piece of shit.

    2. Fuck you, Matt/Kate. You’re a scumbag.

  48. I was in Guam training at the Seabee base (We went there for a week for CAT training) in I think 1994? In Agano (sp?) there was a bar, called the Viking (I think), and I remember being knee deep into whiskey when this woman came out in a plexigalss shower, and her entire act was to … well take a shower.

    So if for nothing else, this idiot helped me remember that.

  49. In my reserve unit we have a guy a bit bigger. He does have a weight problem, but he is legit not like this fuck stick pretending. It can be fun to pretend but not when it comes to my uniform. I’m sure all of us at the 326th Qm Co in elkins wv would be ready to beat his ass.

  50. That son of a bitch is wearing an AZ Guard Patch on his left shoulder. If I ever met this guy I would beat the living piss out of him.

    -Recently returned from Afghanistan AZ Army National Guard Solider here

  51. All of these posers reminds me of when I was living in Oklahoma. There was one homeless guy in particular that was wearing a Navy BDU cover, with a first class crow on it. (Three chevrons and a crow up top for anyone who has never been in the Navy.) I stopped my vehicle and asked him what rate he was. He just told me that he was in the military. I again asked him what rate he was, and told him that I got out as an AS3. He looked at me weird, and ran off. I really hate posers, they piss me off. There’s a special place in hell for people like this.

  52. You guys have too much time on your hands.
    Who cares if this fat guy says he was in the army?
    Maybe he was, maybe he wasn’t.
    If he wants to spend all his time and money shoveling BS, that’s his business.

    Personally, I would rather LIVE out my fantasies rather than just talking nonsense, but that’s just me.

    I understand the idea behind trying to stop people from “stealing” valor (not that you can actually steal valor), but you guys have moved to just attacking the pathetic people like fat boy.

    • NO ONE deserves to be allowed to brag about doing something as honorable as serving our country when they are too COWARDLY to actually DO IT. It’s just this simple if you are going to brag about your “bravery for serving the country” you should at least have the guts to SERVE

  53. Ok, two things. As mentioned before, the DoD won’t pay you with a check. However, if they did, I doubt they would pay the 10 dollars for an Official Check, which is what we are looking at. Also, his “platoon” is probably Marine Corp FES posing near a flight line which I think may be in Kuwait, though its too blurry to tell. So, yeah.

  54. Lol come on dude if you are going to pose as a SSG do it right! shave your face , sow on your rank and lose some damn weight. If this dude was in my ranks he would of been chaptered out as a private.

  55. This guy is a shit bag he needs to read up on AR-670-1! He also needs to be placed in Basic where he can lose that fat and learn to wear a uniform.

  56. To clarify, DFAS does send out hard copy checks in rare instances, but the checks are treasury checks and have a watermark, they cannot be easily duplicated. I’ve only seen 2 instances where paper checks were sent out, and in both instances, it was a one-time situation, …as in the employee can receive check by mail once, but must establish EFT before the next pay day.

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