Matthew Jacob Wyszynski

Well where should I start with this one? Meet Matthew Jacob Wyszynski, A fan showed us the pictures of this poser, and when I looked at the first one I thought I would die laughing. Then I realized this person was actually trying to pass their selves off as a Soldier in the United States Army. This is the first picture I receieved of this poser…

We did a database search for both names this person had, but came up empty handed, not surprisingly. He also showed people this check and said it was form the Army, when did the Army revert back to checks?



The person who became suspicious about this guy also contacted the FT. Belvoir CID office. CID confirmed all of our suspicions, and even commented on the facial hair.






Here are some more of his “claims” from one of our emails..

“He claims he is a “101st screaming eagles combat medic” and an “E6” he says that because he is career based he did not go to basic but does do training…
He is overweight for the army.
He said he completed his MOS training in Arizona… I had a friend who is in the army telling me that’s all bullshit… He claims he drove “like 5 hrs away to a base in Vermont for a briefing and to deploy to guam. He claims he deployedto GUAM Sat June 16 2012 where he is now working long shifts in a hospital. He claims he could be there from 1-3 months but there is talk about going to Afghanistan in July but he might not have to go because he has a torn rotator cuff. I have a hard time believing he is actually in GUAM. He says that he has a nursing position waiting for him in St.Pete Florida at the VA when he comes home.

He got angry and defensive when I told him I knew he wasnt in guam.
“I am where I say I am” and then he said his grandma got sick and hes the power of attorney so he flew home from guam (in less than 12 hrs) HAHAHA right….
He tells everyone he knows that hes in, Im pretty sure his work and parents are convinced that hes in the army…
“I’m trying to pave a path for trans soldiers”
“My medical records are sealed”
Talks alot about hangin out with guys in his unit and always says “ive gotta go back to the barraks” Claims his base is in VT.”

Well my friend I would say your paving a great path their!!! Right into the Guardian Of Valor Hall of Shame!

We tried on several occasions to contact Mr. Wysznski, he responded by completely locking down his profile.

Here is a picture of what he claims is his Platoon:

And I do believe he needs to find a replacement for whoever attached this rank to his hat, and possibly a new Supply Sgt, for issuing him a few sizes to small.


I think he looks like Coolio, don’t you??


And here are the rest of the pics of this douchenozzle! ~Bulldog1





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