Matthew Beck

This is a case we worked for several weeks, we wanted to be sure we had all we could to verify or deny his claims. We will not post anyone until we are 100% sure we have all information available. Matthew Beck, James Beck, Served honorably but then decided to embelisih his already pristine record with lies. He received a PH for wounds, a CIB, Airborne, Air Assault, among a few others. But then he decided he wanted to be more. So he started claiming Ranger, Special Ops, and 6 or 7 Purple Hearts. Thanks to FredX for all his hard work on Mr. Beck. Here is his current Facebook page..


And what POWnetwork has from us on him can be seen here…. So why would someone with such a great record need to embellish???


UPDATE: Mr. Beck came to our Stolen Valor Facebook page and tried to explain what happened.




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