Matt Buckingham, Fake Veteran Running A Fake Charity Gets Called Out

Chris Nagus, a reporter for News 4 out of St. Louis calls out Matt Buckingham for running a fake Veterans charity and posing as a war Veteran. Matt proceeds to threaten to sue Mr. Nagus for outing him. Well Matt, once we email Mr. Nagus and get more info on you, you will get a permanent place in our Hall Of Shame. So add us to that lawsuit while you are suing people! We would like to thank Chris for calling this poser out, and hopefully this will be the last time he scam’s people in the name of real Veterans!

Here is the video:


And here is the link to the article by Chris: News 4 Calls Out Questinable Charity For Veterans And Its Organizer


This is what happens when you, the fans, push an issue. Since posting this story, according to News 4, it garnered national attention. And thanks to you guys making it go viral, Matt is now under investigation by the Feds.



Here is an excerpt from the write-up by Chris:

by Chris Nagus / News 4 and staff

Posted on February 12, 2013 at 4:48 PM

Updated Tuesday, Feb 12 at 5:49 PM

( – Federal investigators may now look into a man accused of lying about his war records and using unsuspecting woman to help sell raffle tickets for a money-making scheme.


The News 4 Investigation was picked up by the Stolen Valor Facebook page, a site that outs people who claim fake military credentials.


And because Matt Buckingham told a News 4 investigative producer he works for Homeland Security – which he does not – federal authorities are aware of the story. Sources tell News 4 the man is being investigated by the Internal Affair Department because lying about employment with Homeland Security can be a crime.


When Buckingham recruits women to work for him, he introduces himself as Tyler Matthews.

Whether it’s Tyler or Matt, his phone number is plastered on a Craigslist ad, asking women to apply to raise money for the troops at bars and restaurants. The ad promises up to $200 a night, so one of our producers responded.


He introduced himself as Tyler and went on to tell the News 4 producer about his past.  Buckingham said “I’m not supposed to get any attention because of my job … right now I work for Homeland Security … I’ve been to Afghanistan twice … Marines picked me up when I was 17 … I’m officially in the coast guard.”


But the U.S. Army, Marines, Homeland Security and the Coast Guard said they have not heard of Matt Buckingham or Tyler Matthews.


You can read the entire story here: Feds may investigate man accused of lying about war records for questionable charity


UPDATE: 20130828

Matt Buckingham plead guilty in federal court today to one count of Impersonating a Federal Agent, sentencing has been set for Nov. 25.

Buckingham is accused of posting an advertisement on Craigslist in January indicating that he was involved in a veterans charity called as “Veterans Aid From All Foreign Wars.”

Proceeds from the $5 tickets were supposed to “help wounded warriors” and other veterans, according to the posting.

Buckingham said he was going to hold a raffle on July 4 with prizes of several thousand dollars. He hired several women to sell the tickets at various bars throughout the St. Louis area and told them he would pay them $10 an hour or half of the proceeds from the raffle tickets.

At the end of each evening, associates gave Buckingham the proceeds from the sales, which he used to pay various expenses such as gas for transportation to the various restaurants and bar locations; paraphernalia for the individuals; and “fees” or earnings that he paid the associates who assisted him.

He gave a false name to associates and made various false claims: that he was affiliated with the military, that he was a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, that he was an injured Marine, that he had been a sniper, that he worked for the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Coast Guard. Buckingham told people he was working undercover in St. Louis infiltrating gangs and combating crime.

The fake charity never donated any funds to help veterans, officials said. The raffle was never held.

Buckingham’s charges carries a maximum penalty of three years in prison and fines up to $250,000.

A big thanks goes out to the reporter, Matt Nagus, who stayed on top of Buckingham and mad

Sometimes when we push a story, we can make things happen. And sometimes, just sometimes they learn a lesson.



Matt was sentenced today in court, according to this article he got one year:

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) – A 41-year-old St. Louis County man was sentenced Monday in relation to faking his military service and a raffle to benefit veterans, according to court documents.


Matthew Buckingham received one year of prison for the felony of impersonating a federal agent.


According to court documents, he posted a Craigslist ad earlier this year about a raffle for a veterans’ charity called “Veterans Aid from All Foreign Wars.” He listed prizes worth thousands for the winners of the raffle.


Buckingham met with individuals throughout the St. Louis area where he told women he worked for a number of government agencies and served as a U.S. Marine in Afghanistan and Iraq, according to court documents. He told victims he currently worked undercover in north St. Louis to infiltrate gangs and other crimes.

Buckingham pleaded guilty in August.

We want to thank Chris Nagus, the reporter who initially broke this story. It is because of his relentless pursuit of Matt that he got busted.




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