Matt Buckingham, Fake Veteran Running A Fake Charity Gets Called Out

Chris Nagus, a reporter for News 4 out of St. Louis calls out Matt Buckingham for running a fake Veterans charity and posing as a war Veteran. Matt proceeds to threaten to sue Mr. Nagus for outing him. Well Matt, once we email Mr. Nagus and get more info on you, you will get a permanent place in our Hall Of Shame. So add us to that lawsuit while you are suing people! We would like to thank Chris for calling this poser out, and hopefully this will be the last time he scam’s people in the name of real Veterans!

Here is the video:


And here is the link to the article by Chris: News 4 Calls Out Questinable Charity For Veterans And Its Organizer


This is what happens when you, the fans, push an issue. Since posting this story, according to News 4, it garnered national attention. And thanks to you guys making it go viral, Matt is now under investigation by the Feds.



Here is an excerpt from the write-up by Chris:

by Chris Nagus / News 4 and staff

Posted on February 12, 2013 at 4:48 PM

Updated Tuesday, Feb 12 at 5:49 PM

( – Federal investigators may now look into a man accused of lying about his war records and using unsuspecting woman to help sell raffle tickets for a money-making scheme.


The News 4 Investigation was picked up by the Stolen Valor Facebook page, a site that outs people who claim fake military credentials.


And because Matt Buckingham told a News 4 investigative producer he works for Homeland Security – which he does not – federal authorities are aware of the story. Sources tell News 4 the man is being investigated by the Internal Affair Department because lying about employment with Homeland Security can be a crime.


When Buckingham recruits women to work for him, he introduces himself as Tyler Matthews.

Whether it’s Tyler or Matt, his phone number is plastered on a Craigslist ad, asking women to apply to raise money for the troops at bars and restaurants. The ad promises up to $200 a night, so one of our producers responded.


He introduced himself as Tyler and went on to tell the News 4 producer about his past.  Buckingham said “I’m not supposed to get any attention because of my job … right now I work for Homeland Security … I’ve been to Afghanistan twice … Marines picked me up when I was 17 … I’m officially in the coast guard.”


But the U.S. Army, Marines, Homeland Security and the Coast Guard said they have not heard of Matt Buckingham or Tyler Matthews.


You can read the entire story here: Feds may investigate man accused of lying about war records for questionable charity


UPDATE: 20130828

Matt Buckingham plead guilty in federal court today to one count of Impersonating a Federal Agent, sentencing has been set for Nov. 25.

Buckingham is accused of posting an advertisement on Craigslist in January indicating that he was involved in a veterans charity called as “Veterans Aid From All Foreign Wars.”

Proceeds from the $5 tickets were supposed to “help wounded warriors” and other veterans, according to the posting.

Buckingham said he was going to hold a raffle on July 4 with prizes of several thousand dollars. He hired several women to sell the tickets at various bars throughout the St. Louis area and told them he would pay them $10 an hour or half of the proceeds from the raffle tickets.

At the end of each evening, associates gave Buckingham the proceeds from the sales, which he used to pay various expenses such as gas for transportation to the various restaurants and bar locations; paraphernalia for the individuals; and “fees” or earnings that he paid the associates who assisted him.

He gave a false name to associates and made various false claims: that he was affiliated with the military, that he was a veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan, that he was an injured Marine, that he had been a sniper, that he worked for the Department of Homeland Security and the U.S. Coast Guard. Buckingham told people he was working undercover in St. Louis infiltrating gangs and combating crime.

The fake charity never donated any funds to help veterans, officials said. The raffle was never held.

Buckingham’s charges carries a maximum penalty of three years in prison and fines up to $250,000.

A big thanks goes out to the reporter, Matt Nagus, who stayed on top of Buckingham and mad

Sometimes when we push a story, we can make things happen. And sometimes, just sometimes they learn a lesson.



Matt was sentenced today in court, according to this article he got one year:

ST. LOUIS (KSDK) – A 41-year-old St. Louis County man was sentenced Monday in relation to faking his military service and a raffle to benefit veterans, according to court documents.


Matthew Buckingham received one year of prison for the felony of impersonating a federal agent.


According to court documents, he posted a Craigslist ad earlier this year about a raffle for a veterans’ charity called “Veterans Aid from All Foreign Wars.” He listed prizes worth thousands for the winners of the raffle.


Buckingham met with individuals throughout the St. Louis area where he told women he worked for a number of government agencies and served as a U.S. Marine in Afghanistan and Iraq, according to court documents. He told victims he currently worked undercover in north St. Louis to infiltrate gangs and other crimes.

Buckingham pleaded guilty in August.

We want to thank Chris Nagus, the reporter who initially broke this story. It is because of his relentless pursuit of Matt that he got busted.


What are your thoughts?
174 comments on “Matt Buckingham, Fake Veteran Running A Fake Charity Gets Called Out
    • I wasn’t running a charity. I was volunteering. I made not a dime. Gave over $500 out of my own pocket to homeless vets! They played with the voice recording on the interview and made it sound like I was in the marines. They left out the part I told her I never enlisted. Ive never been in active duty…just loved all soldiers and the homeless and crippled ones. I feel all of your anger and I would feel the same. They did a fabulous job making me look horrible, but if I was id have a record. I don’t. Not even military. All of my family and friends are…and I still love all soldiers even though you guys want to rip my head off…I would too. I was trying to help the homeless and crippled and got shut down…and I really cant do anything to change your minds…that news story was brilliant. But just for the record..again..I was never in the marines…I said I was called by the marines for 2 years because I was #1on the rifle team at school. I told Karen who set me up that ive worked with marines…because I have. Anyway think what you want. If your a vet thank you even if you now hate me. Remember your homeless comrade and guys that need help. I cant anymore, cant believe I volunteered a week for this cause and got all this crap…I didn’t start the organization…my piece of shit dad did. My only goal was to help the homeless especially. I swear to God and would take I Cia lie detector test to prove my intentions. Someone take over the cause…it is needed here in st Louis badly. There’s only one shelter that I know of…and that’s Larry rice…no room for vets. Thanks and good luck to you all. Matt buckingham

      • This ass wipe is so full of shit. How in the world does he come up with this stuff. Maybe while he was a “SNIPER”, he had a round cook off in his mind and it screwed up his brain.

          • You’re obviously embarrassed, there are times where we all act certain ways that we are less than proud of but it’s not cool to threaten people and say eff this eff that, suck you c*ck because does it do you any good? No. Don’t take that anger of the embarrassment out on everyone else. If you love Vets and troops, awesome. But don’t claim to be something or someone you’re not Matt. We hold a lot of respect for people who have never served but want to support us all.

          • WOW! This guy is lower than whale crap on the bottom of the ocean. Yes Matt, this is coming from a veteran. You my man, and I use that term loosely are a Scumbag/worthless POS.

          • I am a veteran and you should be ashamed you maggot. Homeland Security huh? Coast Guard? Let your dad take the fall, you’re a clown. What you was illegal and the fact you’re on record and lying about your name for the charity just proves you knew what you were doing. Well Matt Buckingham you have a record now just not the one you hoped for. The fact I see you’re replying is all the reason why I make sure everyone knows your name. By the way if it hasn’t already been done I’m making sure you’re being charged even if it’s only a inconvenience.

          • My names Ed, too so just like vetrans if you fuck with one Ed, you fuck with all Eds, so how about this Matt Buckingham, you slimy, unprofessionial lying piece of shit, if you “loved all Soldiers” like you claimed you wouldn’t make vulgar comments like that. You Matt Buckingham are a little bitch and shouldn’t tell people to suck your dick, becuase you don’t have one.

          • OH, you sound soooooooooooooo nasty. If you were ever in a branch of serve, what were you, a t itless WAC? If you could even qualify, that is.

          • Matt you are a piece of shit!! Come over to Afghanistan with me and we will introduce your bitch ass to the Taliban to show us your sniper experience!!

          • @ David Scott – Please don’t insult the WACs that way, my wife was a WAC, and when she retired, was the last WAC still serving that I could find. She died from injuries she received in Iraq. WACs served honorable.

        • I’d say if this man wants to clear his name, a press release apologizing and coming forward with the truth (backed with legit documentation, or none in this case) would be the best move for him. The longer it goes on, the deeper the hole gets. Certainly him exchanging unprofessional words with people on here can’t help his case. It is time to stop fighting it and face the music like an adult.

        • Your an idiot Matt I hope your douche covered face gets thrown in jail with the Ayran brotherhood I’m sure thy could se a piece if meat like you.

          • Just FYI the Aryan Brotherhood has already been givin notification of his pending arival and also knows he could Skirt these charges like he has so many other ones!! Not to mention BACA (bikers against child abuse) have been notified along with MANY MANY biker groups!! If jail doesnt do him in…SOMEONE will!! he cant get away with this FOREVER!!

          • Matt will be reporting to Forrest city Prison Feb 4th!!! thought you’d like the newest update!!

      • Matt, dude you got exposed. I would have, and many others would have a lot more respect for you if you would have just came clean. No excuses.

        The first thing everyone says is they were “voiced over”, ect. It is your voice. You said what you said. Just man up and admit you said these things to try to promote the charity. It adds to the pull for someone to help if you had served, we get it. However you lied. You cannot go back on that.

        Now, if the money from the raffle was indeed going to the homeless veterans and wounded, then so be it. You just happen to go about it the wrong way.

        The last thing you can do would be to come on here and try to call out people, call them names, ect. Because these veterans that you say that you love and you are just trying to help are the same ones on here.

        Your name will forever be a fraud to this community, which by the way comes in at over 2.5 million people. Many of which are right in your back yard. The last thing you want to do is leave your named tarnished by mistakes you have made. Again just man up, admit to the lies, and drive on.

        Kevin McMains
        SGT(RET), US Army
        Purple Heart OIF 06-08

        • SGT McMains, your comments are spot on. Thank you, as well, for your sacrifice in keeping our freedom free. Your Purple Heart tells me you firmly believe in what our country and flag stand for.

          • Matt will be reporting to Forrest city Prison Feb 4th!!! thought you’d like the newest update!!

        • Kevin…you hit the nail on the head brother!

          Everyone messes up from time to time…some of us more often than others; but then again, some people have thicker heads than other people. Depending on the issue, I occasionally could be included in the “thick-headed” group…although, my wife would argue that it was more than just occasionally (LOL).

          Nevertheless, Matt, please take Sgt. McMains advice.

          If your standing among Vets is as important to you as you say it is, then admit to your actions to the extent they belong to you…take whatever heat comes with it…and press-on!

          Cowards duck responsibility and try to shift the blame from themselves to “others.” I believe strongly that people who do (i.e., duck and shift), experience a complete loss of social-standing within their community, regardless of whether the “others” in their story are to blame or not.

          I can tell you Matt, the people who belong to our fraternal-order (Vets) can smell cowardice a mile away, and we give no quarter to those who practice the cowards approach to responsibility.

          The sooner you do as Sgt. McMains said, “…man up, admit to the lies, and drive on,” accepting the consequences of your actions like the man God made you to be…the sooner this whole thing will begin to go away!

          “Own” your actions and their consequences…good or bad…because they are truly “Yours” and “Yours Alone” to “own!”

          Brian Alterio

      • Funny your dad got caught scamming in the same manner only under the guise of a lawn care business. Funny thing is there is no paper trail of any of your “Donations” to any legitimate Veteran Charity. I feel sorry for you if you ever walk into a bar where a few of My Brothers and Sisters in Arms are visiting cause someone would need an ambulance. How dare you try and legitmize your scam under the guise of helping Veterans such as myself? How dare you blame it all on your dad? Did you assume Veterans organizations would not find out or over look your activities? We look out for our family in ways someone of your calibre will never understand. We know how to follow the money. It is sad that people like you walk yhis earth and try to take advantage of those willing to die for you to be free. Though I want to hold you in contempt for your activities I pity you. If no veteran gets a hold of you before you pass St. Peter certainly has your record and will surely put you on the express elevator going down!

      • But you stated you were currently in the Coast Guard? Also how did you go to Afghanistan? You have been caught dead to rights and you should be dealt with accordingly!!

      • You are a douche. Period. Lame, sorry, disgusting wanna be. Did I say lazy? Anytime, any place anywhere. I have no hope in a boy like you. You have no future as it stands right now. Everything you do, whatever you attempt to accomplish, this disgusting facade, horrendous fabricated lie, will haunt and follow you for decades to come. Everywhere you go, whatever feeble attempt you make at retribution will fail. A true veteran, hero, warrior, will find you and “out” you for the parasite you truly are. No quarter, no mercy…live the life you chose.

        • You also said you worked for Homeland Security, but that you were presently in the CG. You said that you had served in STAN. I doubt if you could even find it on a map. Well, all I can say is, I hope you enjoy your time in FANTASY LAND.

      • 1. You just, and I quote, “I was a sniper.” Anyone who is on a rifle team would call themselves a marksman if they were talking about the rifle team. There is a huge difference between that and a sniper. The big fancy rifle and scope is not the difference I speak of.

        2. You said, and I quote, “Now I’m Coast Guard”. The Coast Guard is a part of the military. Don’t come on here a throw out more lies, you’re just digging a deeper hole for yourself.

        3. Your father may have started the organization, but anyone with half a brain (which you clearly do not posses) would have taken steps to make it a legitimate organization if that was they’re real goal. Obviously, you’re only goal was to score with chicks by posing as some dude named Tyler, who was a super Marine Space Shuttle Door Sniper. There’s a charity you could start…help all your fellow Space Shuttle Door Gunners, do it man. It’ll be totally awesome.

        • To be fair, the Coast Guard used to be a part of the military bus is no longer. It now operates under the Department of Homeland Security. Matt is still a fucking shitbag though.

          ~RET. Super Marine Space Shuttle Door Sniper

          • Jessica Wyatt your a lier and a registered sex offender. You raped a fifteen year old girl and gave a video confession. Tyler is his name he named his son also. Why bring his son into this you idiot??? You have no proof of your charges you make up to make him look worse. Your an evil witch and still not over him…lol

          • hahaha Jimmy…your CLEARLY Matt using a fake name, AGAIN ( and if its not your just someone he is using to make a quick buck by still posting painting and landscaping ads on Craigslist)……learn how to switch up the way you type and talk.. but to address your nonsense…Im SOOO CLEARLY over you! I don’t care for guys who put ads on Craigslist for “male 4 male companionship” or a guy who worked at a male strip club and made out and did sexual favors for men for money…or even a pedophile who had an affair on me with a 15 year old girl.. I actually cant wait for someone to catch up to you and “put you in your place” as far as a registered sex offender…ANYONE reading this can do a simple search and see i am NOT! Quit lying and get a fucking life! As far as no proof of the charges…Chris Negus made sure EVERYONE could see the proof….lmao keep trying “jimmy” better known as Matthew Lawrence Buckingham llmmaaooo (thanks for the laugh and continued entertainment)

      • Gee Matt wearing a US Army shirt, claiming to have been to Afghanistan twice, being a Marine, being a sniper, and now being with the Coast Guard,. I guess you kinda got confused huh. You are an absolute joke. How dare you run a con claiming to be a vet.You got exposed plain and simple. Now you are going to be linked as a fake vet for the rest of your life. Enjoy it.

      • Sounds legit… Marines pick up kids from high schools to be snipers all the time without making them enlist… Come on man, stop digging the hole. You’re dealing with a bunch of vets here that know how the system works. We don’t fall for the common lies and deceptions that non-vets do. And why the hell would you come out and say that you work for home land security? Have you ever met a stranger that comes out and discloses sensitive information like that? Theres something we vets know as OPSEC and usually the biggest liars and bullshitters say things that violate OPSEC all the time. We know what the deal is and await your next lie.

      • Doesn’t the Department of Homeland Security, you know, your employer, have lie detector tests? Why do you need to go to the CIA, I’m sure your boss would let you use theirs.

      • Not one could have done a more fabulous job of making you look horrible than yourself. You called Mr. Nagus a faggot, made threats on this site and on camera. You, sir, are a riot.

      • Dude if you just stop lying, come clean, and stop being a piece of shit then your life will cease to be fucked up. You are going to get convicted and you are going to go to jail. I hope you redeem yourself in there. The vets don’t need someone like you in their corner, they are stronger than you could ever be.

      • You scum! Our Community (Navy SEALs) heard the same excuses from another conman like you, Graham Ware of Scottsdale, AZ.
        Ware was caught in July 2012, swindling Veterans Charities. This Jihadist Helper not only swindled multiple Veteran Charities, he was stalking widows of our fallen Teammates and was outed by our Community. After he was exposed, he attempted to lead Jihadist to Navy SEAL homes, endangered their families, to include posting a Google map to their children’s schools on Facebook with information intended to attract the attention of terrorists.
        Exactly same excuses. You and Ware belong in prison.

        KPHO Channel 5 Arizona News did this expose this Arizona home-grown Jihadist Helper:

        • Hey Drago! Former Destroyer “Snipe” here…I forgot my bloody password and I am temporarily “Locked-out” from signing into the site…Anyway…

          I’m worriedly curious for the Community (i.e., SEAL’s and family members)…was everything resolved with this guy and the Ident’s of everyone in the Community secured again?

          Hoping and praying so!

          Take care and God bless bro!

          Best Regards,
          Brian Alterio


        • Oh my God its soooooo Horrible jesksa! Everyone knows your a rapist and you come on here all holier than me? You are more dilutional than I !!! You talk about a biker gang that protects kids and you let your husband Jeff beat your daughter and was under children’s divisions supervision for 2 years. You are also a registered sex offender and admitted it. I said I was in the military big freaking deal. I was playing around with some girl in a bar. Beat me I don’t care. If the charity was fake they would have charged me with that…but nope. If I stole my sons identity they would have charged me with that…but they didn’t because that’s ludacris. You are way far worse a person than me so quit trying to make me look like you. I accept my punishment but yours is comming and you just keep making it worse. You got away with raping the 15 year old girl by threatening her if she showed up for court- you gave the alton police a video taped confession…with all the bad checks…with harrassing me for a decade. But it will soon all catch up and you will do prison yourself. There everyone can see it now…is everyone happy????? Does everyone really get off on this shit?? Nothing else better to do? Too much time on your hands??? I got time…lol

          • LLLMMMAAAOOOO a sex offender?? really??? first that lie can be proved wrong with a simple search…the woman you say i raped was the 15 year old you were having an affair on me with…that lie was to try to throw the judge off so you wouldn’t be charged with statutory rape….and if everyone reading simply reads the whole post you just posted they will see ONCE AGAIN you contradicted yourself by saying i was a reg. sex offender and then say i got away with it…as far as the biker gang that helped me protect my children it was B.A.C.A. (BIKERS AGAINST CHILD ABUSE) I was out running errands and my husband at the time, WHOSE STORY YOU STOLE CAUSE HE WAS THE IRAQ VETERAN WHO SERVED 3 TOURS IN IRAQ AND WAS INJURED BY AN I.E.D, he spanked MY daughter for cussing at the age of 5 well when i got home she told me he had spanked her and when i noticed the bruises I CALLED THE POLICE and IMMEDIATELY kicked him out and filled for divorce. The only reason MY children were in the system was so they could make sure he stayed away and stayed safe IN MY CARE. To address the bad checks they were written by you (proven by a hand writing expert) that you wrote on my closed account from the pet store we owned after i found out you were screwing one of our 15 year old employees. You say i have nothing but time on my hands…well i work and take care of MY chilren that you havent bothered to see or pay for ($19,000.00 behind in child support as well as claiming temp. assistance on the children when you didnt even see them nor speak to them AND claiming them on your taxes when you HAD no right to) but i do have enough time to print this out and take it to my VERY WELL paid lawyer and make sure it is all documented that you CONTINUE to harass me and the children. Dont be mad cause you begged your THIRD baby momma to have MY children call you before you report to Forrest City prison in arkansas on Feb. 4th and i decided not to interrupt their good grades and happiness with more of your bullshit and lies. Actually i considered it just so they could tell you what they think of all your bullshit…but i decided to use my time on something useful like changing their last names so they wont be tainted by your last name any longer!! And you were proved guilty for all the above charges you say they couldnt get you for (except using tylers name cause i made sure all the shit you put on his credit was wiped clean) but rest assure more charges are comming your may have had me scared of all the BULLSHIT you threatened me with before but im not scared of you anymore nor am i scared of your empty threats about sending me to jail or any charges you THINK you can trump up!! have a great time in prison!!! They are ANXIOUSLY awaiting your arrival!! and btw my name is spelled Jeska

          • So, this POS gets called out on stolen valor then proceeds to have arguments with the mother of his children on here. I personally am a veteran and find both of you disgusting for the rants on here. Well here’s one for you Matt, I am a OIF veteran of multiple tours who has spent to much time of my civilian life incarcerated for not giving a thought about breaking certain peoples faces like yours. So go hide in the gutter amongst the trash from which you was conceived because your mother should have swallowed you. Yet finally Miss Jessica Tits or GTFU and that is all…………….

      • Matt, first off as a sixteen year Army vet that was in combat arms as a tanker, I think you’re a coward. Don’t use our names or even fucking invoke any branch of service you never served in. This is a trend that I see happening over and over and I am tired of it. You want people off your back brother, than man up admit that you lied and that this was all a scam to begin with, then we get down to forgiving you. But as of now your just running your ballwasher and talking shit about stuff you have no clue about. Stop stealing mine and other combat veterans valor. Many of us bled and had good friends killed in these wars.

        SSGT Craig M Martin
        1st Cav Division, 1st BCT, 2-5th Cav, C troop
        United States Army (Medicaly Retired)
        Bronze Star with V for Valor, and Purple Heart Recipient.

        • You don’t want anything to do with matt chris! He had been ordered by the courts not to do ANY landscaping or own any business. … I’m sure he will get ahold of you when he gets out of prison in feb!

    • Just a heads up his sentencing is Nov 25th in clayton courts…it is an open sentencing so ANYONE can go see how this all turns out!!!!! Also they failed to mention he is over $17,000. behind in child support, claimed temp assistance on 2 children he hasnt seen in almost 4 years and claimed the children on his taxes which in turn took money from his childrens mouths. He also is using his son…the real Tyler Matthew’s social security number to obtain credit for electric bills, water bills and credit cards!! What a POS!!!!

        • Haahahhaha fuck this guy he needs his balls cut off and shoved down his throat. Scumbag piece of shit you are Matt if you lived near me I wouldn’t hesitate to do exactly what I said pussy.Where I come from the coroner don’t even bother doing his job he sees so many bodies and the minute they ran your fucking name seen that shameful federal arrest for defrauding vets they would ice you up and ship you out. Fucking no good rat fuck.

          • .Just a heads up his sentencing is Nov 25th in clayton courts…it is an open sentencing so ANYONE can go see how this all turns out!!!!! Also they failed to mention he is over $17,000. behind in child support, claimed temp assistance on 2 children he hasnt seen in almost 4 years and claimed the children on his taxes which in turn took money from his childrens mouths. He also is using his son…the real Tyler Matthew’s social security number to obtain credit for electric bills, water bills and credit cards!! What a POS!!!!

    • Check him out in the Madison County courthouse. There are offenses there as well as St LOUIS COUNTY.

      Let me know where I can find him, I have a judgement against him.

      • Lindow I owe you for rent from ten years ago you fucking idiot. Gonna try and make me look criminal you piece of shit? I did nothing wrong and in contact with my police officer friends daily. Those aren’t offences you bastard. I have a clean record. Not even a misdameanor. How bout I find you? What’s your address again sweetheart?

        • Hey, butt wipe. If you could find your way out of DREAMLAND, I doubt very much you would get very far from that ass wipe father of yours. Your so called police officer friends in the police dept. in St. Louis have only heard of you through COMPLAINTS by citizens against you and your daddy.

        • Why did my phone from police and the ones you scammed for nearly a year? Why were the ones that rented after you left constantly harassed by the police and the ones you took money from and did not do the work. How about the pet shop you scammed the lady out of? Did you ever marry the little girl you left your wife for, or did you get arrested since she was a minor?

  1. Fuck all who believe Chris faggot. And for those who want some action…bring it on mother fucker’ couldn’t handle me. Better bring your whole brigade stupid fucks. Ill shit down your fucking neck gladiator….Fuck you. I was trying to help people but fuck you all….matt buckingham

    • Are you sure you want to step out of your fantasy world into reality? Trust me if you want a ass kicking you can’t reset on a playstation, give me a place and time,,and I’ll make some calls. Be happy to oblige you.

      • This ass wipe couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag. He’s just like his blood sucking daddy, ALL MOUTH. Both should be locked up in a cell with some VETS that are guards. I’ve only one leg and I’ll guarantee I could whip his skinny ass.

        • Ed your my favorite..sweetiepie…just because you don’t have a leg doesnt mean you can be an ass. I’m sure my cock is bigger than your little dick…so be nice. You know what they say about skinny guys!! Lol

          • Any man that has to talk about the size of his cock is a compensator for same.

          • I’m his FAVORITE sweetie-pie. Oh, such an HONOR. I know what they say about skinny guys, ALL MOUTH AND NO ASS.

          • Perhaps if you actually admitted you were wrong then you would catch such hell from all of us. Those that you profess to want to help you are calling “sweetiepie”? Really are you not an adult? And as far as no one being able to touch you I have to contradict you on that score as well. As a Veteran of both the Air Force and the Army I have what many refer to as Veteran’s Preference when it comes to Government Positions. My preference is higher than a Vet just getting out because my 50% VA disability has also been factored into the equal giving me a higher preference. Naturally I used said Preference to qualify for DoD Civilian Position, well, my Preference along with my personal Quals from college and the military you see. By know you most likely have stop reading and are posting a comment about how I am stupid and why this info matters. So for those who are still with me this is why it matters. Part of my job is to identify, certify and/or qualify, and deny or approve any person claiming to have preference. Should I find someone like you my dear Mr. Buckingham who repeatedly claims to be something that he is not I would refer your paperwork to MPI, CID (if you are claiming Army), OSI (if you are claiming AF), NCIS (if you are claiming Navy or MC) and also depending of the position which you are trying to obtain I may also forward your information on to the FBI. Now I know those are a lot of acronyms for someone who is not military but I assure you that they are a necessary evil in get my main point across. What I would like for you to tell me is why should I not request to open an investigation in to your allegations of military service. My case load it light Mr. Buckingham at present. Of course should I bring this to my supervisor and they (being a Vet as well) decide to take on the project themselves I’m sure they can find much more than I could and she does not take kindly to imposters. So Mr. Buckingham I would play nice here if I were you.

      • You need to make calls? Seriously? Cant do it on your own? Your funny! You don’t want a war with those who are friends with me sweetie. Sandmanin? Are you a terrorist? Don’t sound like a soldier

    • To quote my favorite Bard: “Methinks he doth protest too much.” Matt, if you were innocent, your facts and behavior would easily prove it. By your bluster and childlike name calling, you show your guilt. I guess mama never taught you how to play in the sandbox nicely with others, or were you not paying attention?

    • “bring it on mother fucker’ couldn’t handle me. Better bring your whole brigade stupid fucks. Ill shit down your fucking neck gladiator” That’s how you talk to service members and veterans? And we are supposed to believe you want to help us? You not only need a lawyer for the threats made in this post, but are also in terrible need of a good PR guy. I’m sure the FBI is scooping all of your posts up like manna. Good luck in court!


  2. Wow dude…. Really? You make me sick to my stomach faggot. Where is all the money really going??? How about you pay it back to all the Vets, or better yet to all the wounded warriors WHO ACTUALLY SERVED!!! Man this guy really grinds my tits off.

  3. Matt, sure sounds like they did a great job “manipulating” your words… My advice, either man up and admit that you made a mistake and stop threatening people over the internet like a child would do, or show some evidence that you are legit.

  4. Says he does not care, but has to reply to person saying he does not care. You obviously care more about your outward appearance and ‘reputation’ more than those who fought and died for us all.

  5. Matt, if what you are saying is true about not doing anything wrong then I am sure you would have been able to better defend yourself with not only that reporter but on here as well. First you come on this site and claim that you have done nothing wrong then go through the comments and attack people. Watching how you acted on that video, that seems to be the way you react when getting caught. Innocent people do not start threatening people and calling names, they calmly prove their innocence. Until you can prove, without a doubt, that you have done nothing wrong and in fact have even donated your own money (before that report aired) to any charity for homeless vets I, along with everyone else, will believe that you, along with your dad, are nothing but lying con-artists.

    I believe that you are guilty. Instead of attacking those who have called you out, why don’t you take responsibility for once in your life and own up to your actions. You want to impersonate Marines and soldiers then have some honor and admit your guilt.

  6. The more you denie it, the more guilty you sound. Fess up, and just apologize already. The apple truly doesn’t fall far from the tree. You and you father are parasites.

  7. What a fucking tool bag, too much of a fucking pussy to be a real Soldier. You can try and back peddle out of the bullshit you’ve landed yourself into but it wont work. You’re going to get what’s coming to you, you fucking scumbag. I hope you enjoy your face being plastered around the fucking internet for be a fraud, liar and a cheat.

  8. first off matt let me start by saying i cant believe u would ever stoop so low to do the shit u have done. and to use ur sons name for all this u r a true coward. i see the apple dont fall far from the tree cause ur dad does the same thing. BE A REAL MAN AND GET A FUCKING JOB. stop trying to scam everybody else.

  9. Sad to see such a fake get exposed and then try to cover it up with bluster and foul language. Given his dad’s fraudulent history, it looks like the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. I guess it’s good to see families do things together— too bad this is a family of thieves.

  10. Hey Matt, showing your true colors talking all the shit you’re talking. If you weren’t really embarrassed that you got called out, you wouldn’t be acting like a child over some people talking shit about you on the interwebs.

    Man up pussy. Admit you lied, and be done with it.

    • Aren’t you afraid? After all, he says that he can fight 2,500 to 4,000 men all by himself.

      {I’m so glad I am typing this, I am laughing so hard that I would not have been able to say it}

  11. You may not suffer enough in this life… On your way out, my fallen Brothers and Sisters WILL reap your putrid selfish soul…….

  12. Matt,

    If you’re so interested in settling this with an ass kicking, just let me know where you’re at. Next time I’m at Ft Leavenworth, I’ll swing down to St Loius and we’ll see who walks away. You can bring your Dad if you want. I’ll beat him with your limp body…

    You are a Low life POS

  13. Matt is suing? LMFAO!!! What lawyer would take him on as a client once they check him out. No lawyer is that stupid and would do that on a contingency basis, much less take on a case like this and risk their reputation in the legal profession. Best laugh I have had all week.

  14. Matt, you stupid fuck son of a bitch… Do you realize who you are cussing at and trying to talk down to? A whole lot of folks that are actually trained to hang you by your toes. Come sue me you pussy!! Ill beat your ass sideways in that court room also! Your a coward! Your busted, admit defeat and move on. Now you are pissing off people who can make it to we’re every time someone googles your name this pops up. Dumb fuck go beat your face with a brick

  15. Ok Mr Buckingham, I think you may have a borderline personality issue, possibly bipolar based on the small sampling of communications you present. Now first, I am a Veteran and I am proud of my service and proud of the other .45% who raised their right hand and swore to defend this great nation and the constitution. We defend the 1st amendment right and we are proud to do it. Now, currently I am on Active duty, assigned as a Company Commander at Fort Leonard Wood, MO, so I am right down the road from Saint Louis. I wholeheartedly support any type of veteran assistance including raffles. I am willing to have an outside agency look at your records cost free to verify that money is going to Veterans. I am also willing to work with you on your personality issues. I have a Masters in Counseling, so this is right up my lane.

    It is not wise, on a website full of Veterans, to communicate threats. There are some crazy F**kers who will buy a plane ticket to St Louis just to take you on 1 one 1. I am willing to help, if you let me.

    Brian Kelly,
    CPT, US Army

    • Thank you so much for your service, Sir. I was enlisted Air Force from 1982 to 1988.

      I really do think this guy needs some sort of professional help as well as some possible jail time for participating in this fraud. Maybe he can get some help from the prison counselors. Before some vet does some terrible harm to him…

      Chris Curlee
      USAF 6 years, Medically separated
      13 years US Postal Service, Medically retired.
      19 years total Federal service

    • Brian,
      First off, you have to be able to help someone that wants to help themselves. It’s apparent that this guy wants nothing to do with help, but only to communicate threats to others. That in its self could be considered ‘terroristic threatening’ in some states. I know in KY where I am at currently, it would be. Perhaps it’s best to allow him to do what he wishes, and just let the ‘problem work its self out’. Be it by him getting his rear end pounded by some vets, or by his own hand…either way I’m sure justice will be served.

  16. Buckingham If your innocent then stop threating people and prove it. Prove were the money from the raffle tickets went to Vets. If you legit that should be easy. Im guessing if you could actually do this then you would never have made it to this page. Your a waste of air to those of us that really served this Country . Hope a Vet catches you out selling your bogus raffle tickets soon

  17. Oh you were just running a charity? You did not receive any money? You gave $500 to homeless vets? Please, inform us where to find these “homeless vets” so we can confirm if your statement is true or not. You really want us to believe that the reporter wasted his time editing videos just to “make you look bad”? Please. We all know the truth. The truth hurts, but denial is what will kill you. You know what they say…the things that make you the angriest are the things you know are true.

  18. Had to work hard not to pee my pants laughing. One contradiction after another, from father and son. Not sure dad is all ‘there,’ judging by his responses to the questions. As for Matt, Tyler, or what other persona he takes on at the moment, he was officially recorded as making threats. A man could be sued, or even arrested for making threats of bodily harm, even veiled ones. I think he is the one that needs to watch out, not the reporter. call it Karma, whatever, but what comes around, goes around, and just like the others in this Hall of Shame, it WILL come back to bite him in the butt. Hard. Faster than some of the others. He doesn’t seem to have the intellectual capability to even keep track of what he told who.Now, again, regarding the new Stolen Valor Act, he is chump change at the moment, but depending on how many more people he dupes into buying raffle tickets, he IS benefitting from falsifying his military record….or is he?

  19. Hello Matt, where in Afghanistan did you serve at. I have been to alot of different bases and I could always fly to the one you name to go check it out and verify for you that you have been here. It would be no trouble for me, i am sure my boss would gladly let me take a C130/ Helo to what ever base you name. But we all know at this point that you have never been to afghanistan. As for you threatning people, I have some friends in St Louis that would love to meet up for drinks. They are also veterans. One of them served with me in Iraq in 2011. I am sure he would love to donate some of his time in the service of other soldiers. Please Matt just contact me and give me a time and place so my friend can have a meeting with you, who knows you might even end up on Youtube. I am sure some of the people here would love to see that video, it would get lots of hits. You would be infamous. More so than you are now.

  20. I’ll give Matt the benefit of the doubt and say that he probably did attempt to go into the service-which one is irrelevant-and was quickly DQd at the MEPS. My guess would be for Psychological reasons-which one[s] is also irrelevant-but as a Psych Student, I can clearly identify several disorders our hero here is obviously suffering from. That said, I am looking for a great case study for a research paper. I think our guy Matt would be perfect for a subject. Any thoughts?

  21. I would say report his ass and his fathers to the State Attorney General, State Department of Revenue and States VA. I think a 7 year audit is due as well as seizing everything they own until the audit is done.

  22. Matt, Grow up, you were lying and got called on it….quit lying and do something real….you will never be what your dreams and lies say you are….get over it and get lost….

  23. What a joke your are Matt. I will make sure to help get your name out there and what a con artist you are. Hope you dont ever run into our MC as we are a veterans MC and we will educate you on what a real combat veteran is.

  24. Matt, several people here have generously offered to help you clear your name and your record without charge or obligation. Just curious whether you’ve taken them up on these offers and if not, why haven’t you? Thanks in advance for your reply.

  25. Matt,
    2005 Veterans Blvd, Dublin, GA 31021……come on big boy….USMC here and a Wounded Warrior….Care to have your ass kicked by a disabled vet,Ill even buy ya the plane ticket.

  26. Matt Fuckingsham,

    It is people like you that we do have this website. I am in Oklahoma and not too far from MO. I will give you my personal home address to come and see me. Hell I will even purchase you ticket or pay for your gas. I have some friends who own pig farms and I would like to know if you go with me and visit them and tell us how to run the business better. Just don’t fall in the pens, usually no trace left when the piggies are really hungry. Anyways, if it wasn’t for people like we VETS wouldn’t have a way to vent our anger. It give a way to vent mine. I hope you die in a horrible gruesome manner and only be identified by your bone dna, and your father dies the same. You both must be inbred and I bet you two fucked each other growing up. DIE YOU PIECE OF SHIT FAGGOT DIRT INBRED STUPID IGNORANT CUM GURGLING GUTTERSLUT AIDS INFESTED LYING COCKSUCKING THIEVING COWARD CUNT!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. That’s it… when you can’t prove your claims get angry and threaten people, because that will definitely get your point across and get people to believe you. I’m sure I’m not the only one that notices the trend of people getting caught in a lie and then going on the defensive. You’re just one more liar in a long line of indecent people looking for a quick buck by standing on the graves and memories of those that have, and are serving.

    Oh, and just for your own personal safety, seeing as how you never served, I wouldn’t go threatening those of us that have. Some of us actually do have the training and drive to back up our words. I highly doubt you do.

  28. What I’ve seen of his replies, comments, posts and rebuttals is that this guy is one of those typical individuals who piggybacks off the honor, sacrifices, duty and commitment that so many veterans have provided which allows him to play himself off as something he is not. And like expected, once confronted with the lies, deceit, etc that he has been utilizing/committing to defraud others he immediately becomes one of those typical keyboard/internet warriors that will whoop any one of us to defend his “good” name. The problem is that these individuals will always troll the internet and others who have a heart and are always trying to good things for others and their only fault when doing so is believing that everyone’s not a fake and scamming them.

    Lastly, Man up dude. Take your punishment and move on to your next scam. I suggest you come up with something that doesn’t involve me or my fellow Veterans, that’s one place we as Americans draw the line. Continue to cross it and someday, somewhere, someone will specifically show you how much they do not appreciate your BS.

  29. Way to go Guardians of Valor! Keep up the heat and keep fighting the good fight. I was smiling after reading what a some of the responders on here said to this poser. Nobody can insult quite like miitary folk lol 🙂

  30. “If my face gets on tv I could be in serious danger because of the people I am dealing with” Oh wow glad you enlightened all of us I thought it was a great idea to fuck with people who were trained in combat. I wouldn’t bother responding to him by now he is out in the rain living out of his hoodie on the run from the feds. We should send him letters in prison ask how the cockmeat sandwiches taste.

  31. Oh great, now the Feds are involved and eventually we’ll [taxpayers] will have to pay to house this guy in a Federal Prison. I really wonder if that’s what he wanted: 3 hots and a cot, free clothing, and a new friend named “Ogre” to share a cell and bunk with. How cozy.

  32. Matt face it fuckstick your busted dude! Fes up and take your punishment! You are possibly the dumbest fucking person I’ve ever heard of!

  33. Matt Buckingham. You are truly stupid. This site will haunt you in all your future job interviews. They will Google you and this story will come up. And then will scroll down and see your comments that you are posting. If you knew what was good for you, you would simply say the story is untrue and leave it at that. But you have been called out and are making the situation even worse by responding here in the manner you have. But it’s cool, I hope you never get a good job and end up working at Burger King. And judging by the video of you, and now your responses, you will be lucky to end up flipping burgers.

  34. This guy is a low life piece of shit, What type of low life would even think this would be a good idea? Why don’t you bring your ass up to philly, I swear on everything holy in the universe me and my fellow Vets up here would be glad to smack you around for hours.

    Ready Matt here is my credentials

    Spc Keiper

    Active Army: C 2-1 ADA (Fort Hood, 9 months Camp Carroll Korea 2 years)
    PA National Guard: HHT 104th Cav (Jan 2012 – present)

    Basic: F 1/19 FA 2nd Plt
    AIT: Fort Bliss A 3/6

    Anytime. Come up, It will not be a pleasant trip for you.

  35. You could at least make yourself useful Matt, How about you become an unsolved crime and end up being passed the the rectum of a coyote. There are beautiful final resting places here in the Smokey Mountains for you and your remains would serve to fertlise the local flora and fauna.

  36. So much awesomeness wrapped in a news story….
    Matt, you got busted, take your lumps….
    slink back to your Mommy’s basement and try to come up with a better scam…
    Just try to come up with something that isn’t so easy to debunk…

      • LOL…I was too when I got out the first time and went back to college…ultimately though, life caught up with me and provided a wife and a couple of great kids.

        Hang in there Patrick…life will get you too someday. 🙂

        • I got my first legitimate job offer in 3 years, yesterday. I start training soon! It isn’t much but at least I’ll be living above the poverty level for the first time in a long while….veterans should not have to do that…and it’s people like Mark or Tyler or whatever his name is, as well as the people on this site who make it that much more difficult…

  37. Where did that douchebag Matt Buckingham go? He was all about posting reply’s last week. I guess he finally lost his nerve. What a fucking pussy.

    • He is looking for a room-mate for his two double hoodies overlooking a trash can he is willing to rent one out, utilities including a pull string are included no purchase of raffle tickets necessary.

  38. I am an older Vet, from Vietnam, Ido not feel a need to talk about what i did in the Army but i did serve in combat. i have nothing but love and respect for all of my brothers and sisters that served or still serve. I feel sorry for you Matt, that your life is so pitiful that you have to make up things like this. It is sad that you feel that you have to mislead people with your lies and stories. i was in the Army at a time when it was not popular to be in the military and I was drafted. It is the Military that has made it possible for you and others like you to be allowed to say the things you said and say. i pray for you and i feel sorry for you. i hope that all of this negative exposure will help to make you a better person. Personally, although i get angry about people like you, i also feel sad for you and your pathetic life..

    Thanks to all of my brothers and sisters that have served and continue to serve to keep this country free for people like Matt

    take care my friends

  39. Matt, your lies have been exposed, and whatever mental disorder you possess that keeps you pushing them after they’ve been proven false can be easily corrected.

    Simply grab the nearest 12ga shotgun and wash your mouth out with buckshot.

    • What? You mean asking him to remove himself from the gene pool? Please, oh please, Matt, do it in a way that wins you the Darwin Award! I would love to see you immortalized on the Darwin Award’s website.

  40. Wow, this guy is a piece of work. if he really was who he claimed he was, he wouldn’t be so defensive and angry. He’s just another scammer POS who needs someone to slap the crap out of him and tell him to grow up.

  41. …did he REALLY come on here trying to defend himself by lying even more?? Did that just happen? Wowzers. Shame on you, SHAME on you. Get yourself to a therapist man. You have some serious issues.

  42. Look man just like what Sgt McMains said above, we would all have a lot more respect for you if you just came out and said “hey I lied it was wrong and i apologize to all the service members for what I did” but instead you keep spreading more lies. Just confess it’s not that hard

  43. Can’t wait for the update from his sentencing in November. I’ve served 19 years in the Army and Army Reserves. Can’t believe the audacity of this guy. I would really like to meet a never enlisted Marine Sniper, who deployed with the Army, worked at Homeland Security, and is now serving in the Coast Guard. If there is a real person like that, then I apologize. Matt, enjoy your time in jail. I hope they put you in a cell with someone who hates people like you the same way most prisoners hate pedophiles! Have a nice day.

    SSG Tim Hathaway
    Fort Gordon, GA

  44. Ladies and gentleman, I’m sorry to say that I got out before the Middle East erupted and didn’t serve in combat. I’m with you all in defense of your time in service as well as the assault on your pride,which all of you have earned the right to feel. I know you feel better putting your opinions about this person and what he has done, but I would like to politely ask that everyone stop. You are giving him exactly what he wants, a forum to continue to attempt to either deny, deflect or justify his actions. The legal system has him now and trust me when I say that those judicial wheels that all too often grind very slowly, also have a tendency to grind things up in their path. You have made your points and in some cases, quite eloquently and it’s now up to the bench to illustrate to him just how wrong he was in what did. May God bless you all and thank you all from one veteran to many others.

  45. Hey matt, FUCK YOU very much! BTW, I looked all over the house, car and pockets and could not find one fuck to give about anything you post. Over.

  46. So you say you’re innocent and wanto help vets yet tell someone to bring their whole brigade? You sir are a dousch you should start a charity for compulsive liars and keep all the money for yourself. At least you had the decency not to wear a jacked up uniform with two flags on it or a 4th i.d. patch oriented the wrong way, so I’ll give you that. But regardless, you’re still a dousch Matt.

  47. Matthew Buckingham has been running scams for years. We have gotten legal judgment against him with the aid of the Illinois Department of Labor in court for failing to pay workers their wages. But getting judgment and collecting is 2 separate things. We have been unable to locate him so we have never seen a single cent of what he owes. Maybe the boys in prison will make him pay dearly and we can atleast have satisfaction that he paid something. We will continue to try to collect as soon as we can pin his whereabouts down. I am wondering if the comments from JESSICA might be his former wife as she makes reference to his children suffering. She now lives in the Brighton/Godfrey area in Illinois.

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