Mark Hans Smith Special Forces And Ranger Poser Gets Free K9 Training With Lies


Mark H Smith SF/Ranger Poser

Mark H Smith SF/Ranger Poser



Spokane Washington- Mark Hans Smith of Spokane Washington has been claiming to be a Sniper with Special Forces, and a Ranger. But he isn’t just claiming to be any Sniper, Mark is one of the “U.S. Army’s Top Snipers”.  He Also claims to have a Silver Star, a Bronze Star, two Purple Hearts, and the Army Occupation Medal. He has used these claims to receive free items in excess of $1,000, while sporting badges and tabs that he did not earn.

He defrauded a K9 training club, Protection K9 Training Club, out of free training with his false claims.  One of our admins noticed the photos when the K9 club posted them to their Facebook page, and of course was immediately suspicious. Once we knew he was lying, we contacted the club owner, who was shocked to learn of this as he was providing Mark free training because of his service. Mark also told him he was the third most highly decorated Veteran in Spokane!

After we contacted the club owner, he asked Mark for a copy of his DD214, and once he did Mark disappeared. He has not only committed fraud, but has also committed a crime under the Stolen Valor act of 2013. One of our investigators, Fred, was in contact with Mr. Smith and spoke to him several times on the phone. When Fred asked for a DD214, Smith hung up on him and changed his number to prevent Fred from calling him back.

The photo below is the one that set off all kinds of red flags once it was posted by Protection K9. They thought they were helping out a Hero in need, he turned out to be nothing but a fraud.





So, on his ACU Jacket he is sporting the following:

  • Special Forces Tab(Right Arm)
  • Airborne Tab(Right Arm)
  • Ranger Tab(Left Arm)
  • 1SG Rank
  • Special Forces Arrows(Upside Down-Left Side)
  • Combat Infantryman’s Badge with two stars.(Left Side – He is not old enough to have three CIB’s,  , and he is not on the Fort Benning list of Soldiers who hold three.)
  • Freefall Parachutist Badge(Left Side)
  • Parachutist Badge(Left Side)
  • Air Assault Badge(Left Side)
  • Parachute Rigger Badge(Left Side)
  • 3rd Ranger Battalion Scroll(Left Arm)
  • Special Forces Halo Wings(Right Side – Prototype Wings, Never Authorized)

Below is the Facebook post that caught our admin’s attention, where he claimed he had the Silver Star, two Purple Hearts and an Army Occupation Medal. Protection K9 posted that they were honored to be able to train Mark and his K9. This company trusted him because he was a Soldier, and Mark took advantage of that trust and used it to his advantage, the whole time the owner thought he was helping a highly decorated combat Vet.



Well we all know the criteria for a Silver Star and the Purple Heart,  and this is the criteria for the Army Occupation Medal, which he would also not be authorized as he did not serve in West Berlin before the cut off date of 2 October 1990. As for the other areas, he is not old enough to have served during WWII as most other eligibility dates ran out around 1955.

To be awarded the Army of Occupation Medal, a service member was required to have performed at least thirty consecutive days of military duty within a designated geographical area of military occupation. The Army of Occupation Medal was presented with a campaign clasp, denoting either European or Asian service, depending on the region in which occupation service had been performed. Campaign clasps were worn on the full sized medal only with no corresponding device when wearing the Army of Occupation Medal as a ribbon on a military uniform.

In addition to the Germany clasp, for those service members who performed 92 consecutive days of military duty during the Berlin Airlift in 1948 and 1949, the Berlin Airlift Device is authorized as a device to the Army of Occupation Medal.

Germany Clasp

  • Germany (May 9, 1945 to May 5, 1955)
  • Austria (May 9, 1945 to July 27, 1955)
  • Italy (May 9, 1945 to September 15, 1947)
  • West Berlin (May 9, 1945 to October 2, 1990)

Japan Clasp

  • Japan (September 3, 1945 to April 27, 1952)
  • Korea (September 3, 1945 to June 29, 1949)



Below is a snapshot taken from a blogspot he created pretending to be a reporter, reporting on himself and his retirement as “One of the US Army’s Top Snipers”. Here is the link, which was still active when this story was posted. US Armys Top Sniper.





We also found his Linked In account, but it was almost too Top Secret to show you, at least according to the account. Because according to this, his records are CLASSIFIED!!


Funny how that order number is actually Army MOS’s, 11B40 being an Infantryman with the rank of SFC and 18X is a Special Forces Enlistment Option.


Here are a few more close-up photos of his uniform taken by Protection K9:







Below is a photo of his vehicle, complete with a Special Forces sticker and Ranger tag cover.



So we sent for Smith’s records and we were very surprised to learn that he actually did serve. He joined the Washington Army National Guard on 15 September 1982 and served through 14 December 1991, and achieved the rank of Staff Sergeant, not the rank of First Sergeant which he is sporting in the photos.

His actual awards are as follows:

  • Army Service Ribbon
  • Army Commendation Medal W/1 Oak Leaf Cluster
  • Army Achievement Medal
  • Army Good Conduct Medal -Which he received for the short stint he did as AGR(Active Guard and Reserve)
  • Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal W/1 Oak Leaf Cluster
  • Non-Commissioned Officer Professional Development Ribbon
  • Sharpshooter Badge W/Machine Gun Bar
  • Expert Badge W/Auto Rifle and Pistol Bar
  • Expert Infantryman Badge


So as you can see, he is not authorized to wear any of the badges he is sporting in the photos. He also never deployed, and never had any overseas assignments. He has not been awarded any Purple Hearts, Silver Stars, Bronze Stars and not even one Combat Infantryman’s Badge. He did hold several different MOS’s, to include Infantry, but he was never Special Forces and never attended the SFQC or “Q” course to earn the SF Tab. He also never attended Ranger school,  nor was he assigned to any Ranger Battalions.  Here are copies of his actual records:




Below is part of his 2-1, a document that is used to record all of his assignments. As you can see he spent all of his time CONUS(Stateside), never leaving the Continental United States. So he could not have earned the Combat Patch, the CIB’s, Purple Heart’s or the Silver Star by staying state side. He received an Honorable discharge, so why screw up the great career you already had by creating such an elaborate lie?


Our Investigator also found him on Facebook and engaged him in conversation, asking about his injuries, how he got them and where he had been deployed. That conversation follows; he claims to have been in Afghanistan, the Korangal Valley to be exact. For those that are not familiar with the Korangal Valley, it was dubbed the “Valley of Death” by most that served there. It is located in the Kunar Province of Afghanistan, and was the focus of the National Geographic Documentary called “Restrepo”. I am guessing he saw this documentary and decided to use it as part of his back story. I know some 173rd Soldier’s who served there, and they do not take kindly to people claiming to be in the Valley when they were not.



He claims to have been all over Iraq and Afghanistan. Maybe in his imagination, but he has never stepped foot in either combat zone. He also claims to have been hit by an IED. Below is the photo he had on his Facebook, claiming it was the HMMWV he was in when he got hit.



Here is another photo of Mark’s truck, taken by Protection K9, showing his bumper sticker.




Here are several more photos, some of Mark and his dog, which he also acquired for free from another company.





Notice in the photo below he has attached the Special Forces insignia to the front of the pups harness.




Once Mark realized we were on to him, he disappeared and never showed back up to Protection K9 to continue his training. We have now learned he went to another K9 training company to get the training, using the same lies. We are also making contact with them and letting them know about his history.


We want to thank Protection K9 Training Club for helping us out with this investigation the way they have, and allowing us to use the photos they took of Mark. We also ask that everyone go over to their Facebook page and give them a like and thank them for wanting to help our Vets.(Facebook Page Linked  Above)

Mark, it would behoove you to cease and desist with the wearing of these unauthorized awards and lying to get free items, as you have already broken the law several times.

UPDATE: 20140217

After we posted this story, we started getting emails from people who know Mark, but one email really showed me how much of a scumbag he really is. I won’t release full names until I hear back from Tanner’s mom, but this is what she told me.

I wanted to let you know that it was my 11 year old son Tanner who donated the G.S.D. to Mark Smith.
This dog was Tanner’s personal dog, which he raised and trained with his own money and time. This dog represented Tanner’s profit for the year that he earned from doing his part in helping his disabled father in our family business. The dog was his to sell and he chose to donate her to Mark instead of profiting for his labor out of the kindness of his heart.

This man stood in our front yard and shook Tanner’s hand, man to man, knowing that this was Tanner’s sacrifice. We would greatly appreciate it if Tanner could be mentioned in your article. As I write this, Tanner is unaware of Mark’s deception. We will be using your article to help explain it to him at an appropriate time, as this shows thorough evidence.

Thank you,

Stealing from a business is one thing, but lying to a kid and stealing from him is about as low as you can get! I can only imagine the line of bull he told this young man.

Tanner if your reading this, do not let what he did discourage you. You believed you were doing the right thing and this man took advantage of your kindness. I want to thank you for being such a fine upstanding young man!

We will continue to update this story as more comes in, and don’t forget to check us out on Facebook.




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        • Obama is Commander in chief of the US military and has almost gotten us into two more wars in the last 12 months. First with North Korea which completely evaporated with the Boston Marathon Bombing, and then with Syria in late August/early September which was forgotten with the horrible roll out of Obamacare. Its not really THAT hard of a stretch to say that Obama is the douche he is when he keeps fcuking up on a daily basis. This impostor is a douche impersonating a soldier, Obama is a douche impersonating a President.


          • Sam you are a moron, probably unemployed, uneducated and unwilling to better yourself since thanks to Obama you can get it all for nothing. now fuk off you little douche

          • Dan, it was a simple joke posted by one particular person on here and the likes of you and so many whiney liberal idiots had to start crying and pissing in their pants rather than leave well enough alone.

            And for the record, he sucks as a pre$sident.

            Put that in your tin-foil hat and smoke it.

            Now back to the discussion at hand………. THIS specific d0uchebag in the article; rather than the one we’ve gone on a tangent about.

          • My apologies on the friendly-fire Dan, just noticed I meant to reply to “Iam11Alpha”. My bad.

            Iam11Alpha, GFY.

    • I don’t know if i’d laugh calling this guy out or go completely ape shit on him.
      I mean who would mix mini and standard badges and put them on a field jacket?
      He should know better since he has served. Also putting cross arrows in with his fake ass badges.
      There’s so much wrong with this picture that it’d take too long to type it.
      Either way most SF guys hardly wear half their badges anyways, unless its on a dress uniform. SF guy’s are super humble, as are the Rangers. None of the ones I’ve ever met were show offs.
      I’m proud of what I’ve done, I hardly ever even tell people I have served because I hate explaining something they don’t comprehend. BE PROUD OF YOUR SERVICE, FOR WHAT YOU WERE.
      This guy has done a seriously messed up thing here, using the SF and Ranger name to receive free services. That’s just sickening, especially when these good people could have really helped a good Soldier, Marine, Sailor or Airman. Sad to see someone’s kindness being trampled. I’m glad to be apart of a community like ours that protects and polices our own. You Guy’s and Ladies are awesome.
      Is it the inter service rivalry that’s making these idiots do this crap or what?
      Do they just not feel adequate? Why didn’t they pursue these actual jobs?
      Maybe we should have this Guy speak at a luncheon in front of us and explain…..I would seriously like to know what the hell these people are thinking.

  1. I usually don’t pay too much attention to these types of stories but there have been too many in recent months. As I prepare to end my military service and look back at all I have endured for service, these wanna be’s are really bothering me. Why not just serve? Thanks for your diligent efforts.

  2. Never seen a Special forces Ranger/everything else with more chins then a Chinese phonebook .The closet he ever got to any special forces was forcing a fart around a Turd without shitting himself,. Now that’s some special forces. magical really, . He must of failed this a few times and got the name Shitty Smitty.
    Thanks to all the real Rangers and Special forces officers for your service. This guy can only dream to be like one of you.

  3. That SF patch he is sporting is from the 160th SOAR. He probably saw it on some of the soldiers at Lewis-McChord. 160th has a Batt there not sure which one though.

  4. Great work Please keep it up…these guys need to be brought out in the open.
    These POS have no honor and are the lowest forms of life.

  5. I just don’t understand why people can’t be happy with what they’ve earned. I don’t need to embellish myself, even though I’m not some bad ass. I’m just an Apache Crewchief and I’m pretty proud of that fact. Everything else I’m given is just a plus….

    • AJ that’s my point! I served. Spent some time seeing some things. Less than some, more than others. “nuff said, end of story. Look at this guy’s DD214…there is nothing shameful there. He was willing to serve his country. He served what appears to be honorably enough. SO why? If I showed up tomorrow at some function tabbed out, sporting badges upon badges I did not earn, claiming to see and been places I have not been, I would expect a gang style beat down in the alley. I just don’t understand.

  6. Nothing more frustrating, irritating, or shameful! The Moral and Integrity of individuals is some of the most important values one should every really be judged on… and he is a classic fail!
    Proudly I go to that very Protection K-9 Training Club referred on Facebook… their website link which is reported to be down is :

    They REALLY do have all their honors, training, and experience. Their morals, integrity, and generosity go far beyond what anyone should expect… and damn good trainers to boot! My K-9 – a working Protection K-9 has been taken to levels in his training that could not have happened if not for Cole.

    It sickens me that people just can’t live life by the golden rules … and hold true the most important values – Integrity!!!! Kathleen Apel

  7. WOW that is amazing i really hope this piece of shit gets what he deserves!!! I am a Sargent in the active Army and i am about to transfer to the National Guard i sure hope i don’t have any soldiers like this.

  8. I swear I will claim to be a Combat Cook while in the Marines (I will wear a chef hat with gold jump wings and gold combat diver badge) and regale my heroic adventure to the line cook at the waffle house and hope I will get a free meal.

  9. This guy is just a get over kind of motherfucker. His service and what he actually earned was honorable by itself but he wants to be some all time combat hero.

  10. You guy’s contact the local’s on this? It’s in my backyard and I have friends on both-sides of the mountains in law enforcement and military here in Washington State that would love to get him the needed attention that he wants and deserves.

  11. Umm. I have that jacket issued. It only comes with a rank in the middle. That’s all. The Velcro is not there. He put it on upside down and as for tabs. It is not authorized in that jacket. Just rank only. What a Sufis and he was AGR.

  12. Glad this hayseed found the px and bought every badge. Then found the cap locks and punctuation keys on his keyboard but not the spelling or grammar checker. You suck, poser. Probably collecting 100%.

  13. All I can do is shake my head in amazement. I think many weave a web and then truly start to believe their stories and it becomes part of, if not all of their daily life. I’ve met a few PX Warriors over the years, but this guy has taken it to a new level and above all shame on him for posing as a wounded Vet. I served in the 173rd ABCT for almost 8years, and deployed with them to Iraq and Afghanistan. I had friends that were killed in the Korengal Valley and reading this does nothing more than piss me off. This guy has a hard life ahead him, and deservedly so.

  14. No real hero would wear his uniform shirt/jacket with the badges with civilian pants, et.. It’s just not done. The best heroes are quiet and humble and you have to drag their stories it out of them. I was in the Gulf War in ’91, but not in any real danger. And I got a lot of merit badges along the way, including Ranger, but man, you don’t go parading around. It’s a dead give away. I’d love to run into a poser just once…

    • You are right, TOM. 99% of spec-ops don’t say they are spec-ops and are humble, down to earth guys. A fight is all you really need to see if they fought with the elite. I promise you-a little confrontation and you can see who the real snake eaters are.

  15. Welcome to the greatest show on earth, I’m a Vietnam vet and have seen & heard these guys for over 40 yrs. I even cornered a MOH poser in Texas years ago. You did good by tracking this guy…it burns my ass to think this goes on. PS; to the guy that said 60% of the army is like Smith…you’re a vagina too!!!

  16. Any chance this asshole will be caught and tried under the Stolen Valor Act ? If so what is the penalty ? I cant wait to see how this plays out !

    • Unfortunately the Stolen Valor act was deemed unconstitutional, and infringed upon the 1st amendment rights of people like this…

      Scary huh?

      • WHO ELSE?
        That was the old law. Congress redid it to comply with what the Supreme Court ruled as invaled in the old law. And yes you can still do LOTS OF TIME for being a P.O.S.

  17. Maybe email this to his old guard unit. I am sure there are some good ‘ol boys back there that could stand to get on their 1sg’s good side by providing an old school wall-to-wall counseling session.

  18. this douche bag tells that he was part of the alpha company 3rd bn 9th ID 81st in bde stryker. Well he was in the 3rd bn 161 inf WAANG when it was part of the 9th ID. But the strykers are not part of this unit and the 3rd Bn was disbanded in the late 1990 and moved to California. I served in the WAANG from 1992 to 2005 and went to Iraq with the 1-161Inf and this sorry ass hole is a disgrace to the US military and to the uniform which he is attempting to wear. I hope he gets his ass caught and is ran up a flag pole and given the due justice he deserves. Thanks to all service member’s no matter which branch they served in active or reserve or guard.

  19. It happened after Vietnam .Wannabees we called them ran into them a lot at the V.A..Some guys were not satisfied saying they were in country they always had to say they were with some elite group !! 11-Bravo 2-14 Inf. 25TH I.D. Vietnam 69-70 Welcome Home Brothers .

  20. I have a neighbor who says he is a veteran and has received benefits from our city. He has never been in any branch of service, I grew up with him, I know. He has a chest full of medals though, but no DD214. People like this need to be arrested. I am a VETERAN, I served in the VIETNAM WAR, and I have a DD214. My name is JOHNIE L. JOHNSON I live in SAMBURG, TENN. The imposter is GARY ARNETT he lives in the same city. My mailing address JOHNIE L. JOHNSON 214 W LAKEVIEW DR. HORNBEAK, TENN. 38232

  21. DHS, huh? As a DHS employee, let’s check the ol’ global contact roster…

    13 hits, all Smith, Mark. 12 have middle initials other than “H” and the last is a TSA employee without a middle initial who, while involved with canines, is nowhere the Spokane area.

    I forget, which Federal reg prevents people from claiming to be Federal Agents under penalty of fine and imprisonment again…?

  22. This is by far the best comment I have seen on the web today…maybe a joint award! This guy is a fukcwad though…glad he got caught. It is a huge insult to everyone that went over to those shitholes or anywhere else and ended up getting hurt or killed.

  23. How about a veteran telling a civilian that She cant ride nor talk to me because I didn’t serve.. that really hurt deep in my heart!!!!I do a lot for our vets and ride missions and doing the ride for the wall this spring, was invited by the ambassador of Idaho patriot guard to be his FNG would ask to be his tail gunner if not being a FNG to boot as we have road missions b4 together.. she served in the air force and I think claims to be the first female aboard a C130 . I think that’s great but to be told this? why ?!!! not even to joke about !!

  24. Mark Smith you are SCUM my son served this country for 13 years. He did 2 tours in Iqra. I wonder if your Mother is proud of you? Does she know that you are a liar. I am sure she that if she does find out what you have done, pride will be the last thing she feels. Go crawl back in the whole you crawled out of. Tammy Raduege, North Carliona

  25. Fuck this Guy. Served in the Army as a 14S ADA 1/ 11ACR Ft. Irwin CA. NTC. I never saw combat, but I was a last line of training before the deploying units, be it Rangers, Special Forces, infantry units, cavalry units, artillery units, you name it! I would’ve gladly gone over seas to spill my blood with my Brothers and sisters in Camo. He had a good report so why fuck it up with stupid shit. Seen enough fuckers like that on post and even officers too!! Glad to say im no longer in that shot hole fort Irwin. Thank you to all soldiers still serving and fighting across seas.

  26. “If Ya’ll Can Read This Role Me Over”. The big phony douche can’t even spell. It’s “roll” ya fat prick. That thing you have to do to get your big ass of of bed every morning. Not your “role” in conning some decent kid out of a beautiful animal. I hope somebody in the North West nails this mother fucker; to a tree, with their car, or legitimately.

    USMC 01-05

  27. My younger brother wore my extra field jacket to high school.
    They jumped all over him for posing as a fake E-2.
    Back in 1975, we had an airman whose enlisted uncle had gone down in a B-52 in Vietnam.
    Everyone knew, the NCOs and officers just back would talk about it.
    He had spent a year in tech school for aircraft maintenance.
    But, he expected more action, could not put up with peace time, so he got an early discharge.

  28. “You recently submitted a complaint to the DHS OIG via the OIG’s online website. Your Complaint number is: C140****. Complaints received at the OIG are reviewed to determine if DHS OIG investigation, or referral to a more appropriate entity, is warranted. If the allegation does not fall within the scope of DHS OIG’s jurisdiction, then that information may be forwarded to the appropriate agency or authority for their review. This notification is not an indication your Complaint will be investigated by the DHS OIG or any other applicable investigating body. It is suggested you maintain a copy of this message for your records.”

    • Still coming for you, sweetpea.

      “This is to acknowledge the information you provided to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Office of Inspector General (OIG).

      We have reviewed your complaint and determined that it would be more appropriately addressed by the DHS, Office of Security.

      We are requesting authorization to release your identity and complaint materials to DHS, Office of Security.

      If you agree to release your identity and complaint materials, send an electronic reply to this message stating the following, “I grant the DHS-OIG permission to release my identity and complaint to the DHS, Office of Security.”

      Once authorization is received, we will forward your identity and complaint to that office, and they will become responsible for addressing it within their applicable policies and procedures. Once your complaint is referred, the DHS OIG will not maintain information regarding the status of your complaint. Should you wish to send additional information regarding this matter or if you would like the status of your complaint, please contact the office to which it was referred, at the address below. If you do not provide authorization as described above within 60 days of the date of this message, we will administratively close your complaint. If you send authorization to release your identity and complaint, that information will be sent to:

      U.S. Department of Homeland Security
      Office of Security
      Attention: Office of Security
      1100 Hampton Park Blvd, Stop 2600
      Capitol Heights, MD 20743”

  29. The veteran community in Spokane has been alerted about this guy. I know him. He was a armorer/supply sergeant in the 81st Bde, C/1/303d WAARNG located in Walla Walla circa 85-89. I was the active duty Assistant Operations NCO for the battalion at the time. SGT Smith was stealing government equipment and was caught red handed. To my knowledge he was never an E7. In fact I belive he was busted to E4 and dropped from the AGR program. Had there been more time I’m sure that the commander would of court martialed him however he managed to ETS. It’s really a shame. He had the makings of a good NCO. Apparently he had/has a charactor flaw. No excuse. Anyone in the Spokane area out this guy. He’s breaking the law.

  30. I think we’re all agreed on what this guy is. But what can we do for the 11 year old kid he stole the dog from? 11 is too young to get that kind of lesson in reality. I’d love to see him get his dog back or get a real thank you from some real heroes. I’d be happy to make a contribution to show this young, selfless kid that there are good people out there.

  31. Dave, that’s the best recommendation I have heard so far. There is no doubt that this guy is a spunk trumpet, but that young boy needs to know that respecting veterans is a commendable and unselfish thing, especially in a society more concerned with Kim Kardashian than forced healthcare. I do however, hope this guy gets his starfish split by a patriotic inmate down the road…just sayin.

  32. Best part about this story, he had a legit GCM hahaha what an idiot he legit record was pretty awesome then he had to go and join ghost recon 5th group and rainbow six and now hes just another piece of shit.

  33. To the boy who donated the dog:

    Nothing sickens me more than fraudulent claims of service for many reasons, but in particular it makes the rest of us look like assholes. I would like to somehow help raise the funds you put into that dog to train and raise him and help you recoup what you lost. We may or may never find him, but as a community perhaps we can help to rectify the damage this dirtbag has sullied us with.

    To everyone else:

    These people are out there everywhere don’t tolerate it and while it is more appropriate to report them sometimes actions are more direct and convincing then words. Also, anyone that illiterate trying to be a poser should be beaten simply for thier inability to form basic sentences.

  34. I was not able to serve I would have liked to but physically unable due to my knees but I would never pretend to be one of you elite men and woman who serve our youngest brother did serve in Afghanistan and these type of pretenders eat at my soul trying to get glory and honor for nothing in which y’all have earned with blood sweat and tears reading this article really gets my goat I think of my brother and his unit and the dangers they went through he needs to be beat with a cane pole in public God bless you guys and thank you from a greatful heart for your service

  35. Why can’t people just be proud of whatever service they made? He did more than most in the country and even earned the EIB which is alot ot be proud of in itself. It never ceases to amaze me how many “Special” Snipers we have out there 🙂

  36. I guess you fags believe W. Was actually a good? President? You motherfuckers must be from some back water, duck dynasty, uneducated trailer park from Mars.don’t bother replying bitches…I’m out after I post this. INFANTRY!

    • You are ignorant. The fact that you would trust any politician makes you ignorant. If you were Infantry which i’m assuming you’re not, then you would puke a little in your mouth at any brown nosing of any politico. You obviously know nothing about the constitution either, because we are progressively losing every right we are entitled to. why don’t you stop smoking dope and actually keep up to date with current events.

      Don’t use the title Infantry in vain!

  37. My man here, the poseur, got 40,000 shares. I’m not gonna share the article because the other two “related” articles that got me here were about service members receiving silver stars- 100-400 shares. The military community cares MORE about flaming this douchebag than honoring our award winners… this means you.

  38. A reporter. That can. Not spell. Or use proper. Punctuation or a complete sentence. He would have been fired within hours of publishing his first article if he worked for a halfway reputable news rag. My eyes hurt just reading that one.
    The picture of the hummer that he was supposedly in…so blurry you can’t even detect if it is a vehicle or not.
    The scummiest thing: scamming a CHILD out of a service dog. Now while he might need a service dog for what sounds like serious mental illness, that’s not the way to go about it. I have used a service dog for going on 6 years now, and this pisses off every service dog handler I know, especially the ones who waited years for their partner from a program and paid that program thousands of dollars, and those of us who owner trained, spending thousands of hours of blood, sweat and tears training a dog to mitigate the symptoms of our disabilities.

    Why can’t he just be proud he served? I’m grateful for all of those that served our country – CONUS or deployed. Jerk.

  39. What scares me is what sick, perverse activities does this deviant have planned with this animal??? I think SPCA should get involved! Last time I heard, bestiality is still illegal. Poor dog, I hope he has his rabies shots up to date

  40. Can we get the kids name or a poc? I would like to help pay this kid back. He did the right thing and as far as I am concerned is more deserving of a Sargents fund than this douche.

  41. Any new information on this scum? Protection K9 are huge vet supporters and animal lovers. Its too bad that great people like this get taken advantage of. This fool is sure lucky I came to training after all this. I really would have taken pleasure in seeing him out of the training program.

  42. Sad thing is I knew the medic that was killed in that HMMWV. Occurred near Musa Qaleh, Helmand, 2006. As much of a scumbag that he is, this guy seems to have some mental issues. You don’t legitimately make E6 and earn an EIB by being as dumb as he sounds. This guy cannot even form a complete sentence. We should probably pity him… :/

  43. One look at Mr. Smith’s field jacket and you know right away he’s a fraud.

    Ask any present/former Ranger to recite the Ranger Creed. If he can’t do it frontwards and backwards in his sleep, he’s not a Ranger. I’ve asked many “bar posers” to recite along with me. Amazing how fast they clear out.

    My buddies and I do not discuss prior military service in public. Nor do we attempt to get free goods and services.

    Mr. Smith would wash out of RAP WEEK the 1st day. Plus most Rangers/SF guys tend to stay in shape for life. Look at that fat bastard.

    Low-life’s like Mr. Smith need to be exposed.


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