Marine Veteran From Vietnam Seeks To Find Marine He Saved In 1967 During Operation Beaver Cage




A fan sent us this story and asked us to share it, and hopefully someone knows this Marine.


For years, Sergeant Bozeman has wondered what happened to a man who he only knew for a few moments, a man whose life he saved during the Vietnam War.


May 4, 1967 is a day that has haunted Sergeant Bozeman for nearly half a century.


“They shot and the helicopter caught on fire and we crashed about a quarter mile away. The helicopter is on fire but there is one marine still stuck in there,” said Bozeman.


Without any hesitation, Bozeman risked his own life to save the life of a man he had never met.


“I threw my machine gun down and hauled ass across the rice paddy, and reached up in the helicopter and got him out,” he said.


Bozeman never knew the name of the man he saved, but counts it a privilege to have done his duty.


Bozeman has been getting help in his search from the reporter at WSET, as well as Senator Warner who has begun an archives search.

“I’m blessed to have lived a long life and have kids and grand kids; I hope he did too,” said Bozeman.


For 46 years now, the same scene plays over and over in his mind.


“I can still see him lying right there in front of me when we picked him up on the stretcher and brought him in the helicopter,” said Bozeman.


Leaving him even more determined to find the man.


“I’d like to sit down and shake his hand and talk about the days in Corps and that fateful day that we met,” said Bozeman.



From the archives search they gathered the following information:

The date the crash happened was May 4, 1967 in Vietnam. The gentleman was an African American Male and was in Delta Company, First Battalion Third Marine. The operation was Operation Beaver Cage.

Here is the interview with Mr. Bozeman, if anyone knows the Marine he is asking about, shoot us an email. Or email the reporter in the original story.

Marine Looking For Man He Saved – ABC13


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