Marine and Navajo Code Talker, George Willie Sr Dies at 92



George B. Willie Sr. Marine and Navajo Code Talker



WINDOW ROCK, AZ (AP)- A Navajo Code Talker who used his native language to outsmart the Japanese in World War II has died in Arizona.

Navajo Nation officials say George B. Willie Sr. died Tuesday at age 92.


Tribal officials say Willie lived in the community of Leupp, Arizona.

He served in the Marine Corps with the Second Marine Division from 1943 to 1946.

According to his family, Willie served in the Battle of Okinawa, delivering and receiving coded messages using the Navajo language.

He and other Navajos followed in the footsteps of the original 29 who developed the code and received the Congressional Silver Medal in 2001.

Willie is survived by his wife Emma, 10 children and several grandchildren.

A celebration of life is scheduled Dec. 8 at the Presbyterian Church in Leupp.









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