Marine Impersonator Lee Patrick Broome Charged With Theft, Criminal Impersonation

Lee Patrick Broome

A Marine Impersonator, who is accused of claiming to be a Marine in order to deceive people out of money has turned himself in to police.

Lee Patrick Broome, 32, was charged with theft, criminal impersonation and identity theft and is being held on $10,000 bond at the Germantown city jail. Police say Broome told a victim at the Germantown Chick-fil-A on Oct. 5 that he had locked his keys and wallet in his car, and handed the victim a business card identifying himself as a marine.

He then asked the victim for a loan to have the car unlocked, and the victim allegedly drove Broome to an ATM and withdrew $550. After he gave Broome the money and began asking questions, police say Broome fled from the scene on foot, but his picture was captured by the ATM. Germantown Police said they were able to identify and charge Broome using tips from Crime Stoppers. He is scheduled in Germantown municipal court Dec. 19.

Here is the video courtesy of WMCTV:

Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee


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9 comments on “Marine Impersonator Lee Patrick Broome Charged With Theft, Criminal Impersonation
  1. Anyone that is approached by a “service member” that identifies themselves should ALWAYS be skeptical.
    Never once have I ever sought out help and opened with “hello I am a soldier and I would like to guilt trip you into doing this this and that for me because if you don’t you are unpatriotic”
    Real service members with any sort of pride and who are humble don’t abuse that. And if they do abuse it they don’t deserve help, they deserve whatever horrors come to them.

    One must ALWAYS ask what rank, unit, duty station, MOS, Time in service, etc, etc. Those are basic questions that any service member can say in their sleep and without hesitation.
    Even if you are a civilian that knows nothing of the military you can still detect a liar by the way they are talking, stalling, hesitating, thinking, or stuttering.

    I can’t even count the number of times someone has approached me and said they are in the service.
    They’re always either Army, Marines, or Navy Seals. I probably know more than the average joe about all three branches and I shoot holes through these stolen valor assholes lies in just seconds after a “marine” not knowing what an 0311 or a boot is, or a “seal” not knowing what coast goes with what seal team or if he’s Tier 1 or a vanilla seal, or a “soldier” that doesn’t know what battalion he’s in.

    Like I said, it doesn’t take a service member to foil some fags stolen valor scheme. Just ask a shitload of questions.

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