Man Posing As An Army LT Dupes Restaurants In St. Louis

Camera Still of Poser, on left in all black

Camera Still of Poser, on left in all black


St. Louis-  We received several emails about this story out of St. Louis. Seems someone is going around to local restaurants claiming he is a Lieutenant in the US Army, and that he is planning a party for his platoon of about thirty Soldiers.

He walked into the Market House Pub, Cicero’s, and several other restaurants in the Delmar Loop Sunday and preordered food.

According to KSDK

He planned a party with each of the restaurants for Monday night, saying the platoon just got back from Afghanistan. The man spent more than 30 minutes planning the party with the bartender at Market Pub House, according to surveillance video.

On Monday night, the man never showed up. Luckily, the manager of Cicero’s got wise to the prank when she called the phone number the man left behind.

“The person who answered the fake phone number informed [her] that we were among about a dozen restaurants that have this exact same story to tell,” said Market Pub House general manager, Robert Hazelwood.

But unfortunately, Market Pub House was duped.

“We cooked all the food. We had the buffet ready,” Hazelwood said.

And that meant that the restaurant was left with the $175 bill.

Hazelwood has filed a police report with the University City Police Department and notified other restaurant owners in the Delmar Loop area.

Nowhere in the state statute does it say impersonating a member of the military is a crime. No one knows the identity of the man or if he ever served in the military.


Here is the video interview with the manager of the Pub:

So this guy thinks it’s funny to use people’s patriotism as a prank? He may not have broken any laws, but he cost these business’s money and to me that is fraud. I hope someone come’s forward and tells who he is, I would love to have a picture of him to add to this story for the world to see.

If any of you are in the area, Vets, Active, civilians etc. Go by and patronize these establishment’s, and let them know we are not letting this go by unnoticed. If I lived in that area, I would surely go by and shake the hand of the manager of the Market Pub House. That is also the link to their Facebook page, go by and give them a like, and tell them we sent you.

Things like this disgust me, taking people’s patriotism and using it for a laugh. Let’s get this story shared and see if we can turn something up on this guy.



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