LTC. Green On Admin Duty After Findings He Wore Unearned Ranger And Sapper Tabs






Green In His Official DA Photo Wearing Tabs He Never Earned




Fort Benning Georgia – Several months ago an investigation was opened by the Army into LTC. Gerald Green for possibly wearing tabs he hadn’t earned. Green took command of the Army National Guard Warrior Training Center in July of 2014, in October of that year it was brought out that he may have been wearing accolades he never earned.

According to Army Times:

Because actions taken against Lt. Col. Gerald H. Green III were “administrative and not criminal in nature,” a Benning spokesman would not discuss details of the investigation. Col. Patrick Donahoe, chief of staff of the Benning-based Maneuver Center of Excellence, said in late October that Green, who took command of the Army National Guard Warrior Training Center in July, was not authorized to wear the Ranger and Sapper tabs that appear in his official photo and in other images of him in uniform.

The WTC includes the Ranger Training Assessment Course, a requirement for National Guard soldiers who wish to become Rangers, according to the RTAC website.

Benning spokesman Gary Jones would not comment on other findings from the investigation, including whether Green wore other unearned decorations. Green is authorized to wear a Bronze Star Medal among several other honors, including three awards of the Meritorious Service Medal and campaign medals from Iraq and Kosovo, according to personnel information provided by Jones to Army Times on Tuesday.

Preliminary findings from the investigation into Green provided “enough evidence of misconduct to warrant [MCoE commanding general] Maj. Gen. [Scott] Miller relieving him from command,” Donahoe said in October. The full investigation concluded in early November, Jones said, with administrative actions related to the investigation wrapping up later that month.

Thomas Siter took over the WTC after Green’s dismissal and will remain in charge until mid-January, when a new commander is slated to take over, Jones said. Siter then will return to his duties as WTC director.


I have to wonder why he wasn’t brought up on charges under the UCMJ, specifically Article 134, unauthorized insignia which states:


(1) That the accused wore a certain insignia, decoration, badge, ribbon, device, or lapel button upon the accused’s uniform or civilian clothing;

(2) That the accused was not authorized to wear the item;

(3) That the wearing was wrongful; and

(4) That, under the circumstances, the conduct of the accused was to the prejudice of good order and discipline in the armed forces or was of a nature to bring discredit upon the armed forces.

Maximum punishment.

Bad-conduct discharge, forfeiture of all pay and allowances, and confinement for 6 months.


Back in 2011, CSM Stoney Crump was charged and found guilty for wearing a myriad of awards he didn’t earn and was later sentenced to six months in prison and reduced to SSG. I can only speculate about why they only relieved this officer of command and didn’t bring him up on charges, as I haven’t seen the investigation.

Just goes to show, Stolen Valor not only happens in the civilian world, but also among-st our own ranks.





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  1. He is in the National Guard. it takes Months to process UCMJ action. (now, if he is a National Guardman on Federal Active duty .i.e. Title X USC 12302, then they can get him on UCMJ actions.

    my question is, why in the world would a LTC wear unauthorized awards on his DA photo. DA photo is critical for promotion and must match your ORB.

  2. hmmm, surprising since he was an active duty platoon leader when we preferred charges against a SSG in our company for the same offense, the SSG eventually took a CH10 Dishonorable Discharge.

  3. This POS has been running around with the Sapper and Ranger tabs since I met him at Camp Atterbury in 2008. It is willful and on several occasions with several personnel would be seen rubbing those tabs or his rank (MAJ at the time) to emphasize points. He is currently on title 10 orders as a member of the Missouri National Guard. I was hoping for UCMJ action but will take a forced retirement so long as he never gets to lead troops in any capacity. He embodies the concept of toxic leader…good riddance. And it’s a crying shame that CSM Crump gets jail time and this douche gets to walk with administrative punishment.

  4. Actually, a Chapter 10, Separation in Lieu of a Courts-Martial, under AR 635-200, has as its maximum discharge capability a Discharge Under Other Than Honorable Conditions. Only a General Courts-Martial can adjudge a Dishonorable Discharge. It would take a Special Courts-Martial empowered to adjudge a Bad Conduct Discharge to give the same. If you are going to say things, please check and make sure you know what you are talking about. People hear or read things and take it for granted that it’s true. Anyway, I think the LTC should be Courts-Martialed.

  5. As a fomer Paralegal NCO in the Army – the double standards between officer punishment and enlisted punishment happens all the time. Same goes for General Officer Letter of Reprimands for DUI’s. Officer’s get them filed locally in most cases and they get destroyed when the Officer leaves the unit, greater percentage of enlisted get them filed in the Official Records at big Army and they follow them their entire career.

  6. Just a dumb thing to do from someone who should have known better. It reminds me of the Navy Achievement Medal with “V” incident and CNO ADM Boorda, who took his own life when he realized how it made him (in HIS perception) look. An honorable man, and as a sage AF O-6 stated “His own harshest critic.” Guys like LTC Green could take a page from him.

  7. If I was a Lieutenant Colonel I would have no such thought of even doing that. He’s already a high ranking official. I’d be just happy with that.

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