Lowe’s and Home Depot Military and Veteran Discounts Explained


So we have been hearing that there seems to be a lot of confusion concerning Military discounts offered by Home Depot and Lowe’s. Seems you ask two people and you will get two different answers to the question. So we did a little research and found out that not only are patrons confused, but even the store personnel are sometimes confused by the policy.

From what we have been told Home Depot’s policy for Military discounts are as follows:

Home Depot Military/Veteran Discount Policy

They offer a 10 percent discount, up to a $500 maximum, to all active, reserve, retired or disabled veterans and their family members with a valid military ID, every day of the week.

All other military veterans qualify for a 10 percent discount during Memorial Day, Veterans Day and Independence Day.

Lowe’s Military/Veteran Discount Policy

They offer an all day, every day 10 percent discount to all military personnel who are active, reserve, retired or disabled veterans and their family members, with a valid, government-issued military ID card.

All other military veterans will receive the discount on the Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Veterans Day weekends.

But please remember when asking about the discount, if the employee does not understand, do not make a big deal out of it. Ask to speak with the manager, and have your ID with you. And it must be a valid Government issued ID. It seems sometimes the employees get confused as to which policy a person falls under, which is understandable if they never served. So please be patient and courteous when asking about the discount.

These two companies have offered these discounts to the Military community as a courtesy for your service and sacrifice, it is not something they are required to do by any means.

Remember if you are a Veteran, but not Active, Reserve, Retired or disabled Veteran you are only authorized the discount on the above stated Holidays.

If you Are Active, Reserve, Retired, or a Disabled Veteran with a valid ID you can get the discount any day of the week.

We would like to thank Lowes, and The Home Depot for thanking our current Military and Veterans with this discount.


UPDATE: 20140121

We had several emails concerning Home Depot not honoring some Veterans discounts, we reached out to Home Depot for more clarification on the Military discount, here is the response.

In reference to your e-mail, effective March 2010 we began offering,
when asked, a year round 10% discount, up to a $500 maximum
no registration needed, to all active, reserve, retired or disabled
veterans and their family members with a valid military ID.All other
military veterans will qualify for a 10% discount in your area during
Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Veterans’ Day .

This philosophy is consistent with our long standing price match
guarantee. Please note that The Home Depot will offer a 10% Military
discount up to $500.00 maximum no registration needed.

Eligibility for discount:

1. The discount is only for active, reserve, retired or
disabled veterans and their immediate (mother, father, brother, sister,
child) family members.

2. The discount is only available on in-stock and special
order merchandise and online purchases. To utilize the discount online,
please call the Online Customer Service team at 1-800-430-3376.

3. This discount is not available for Installation Services
or for Deliveries (store and Service Provider).

4. The discount is only available on the day of purchase –
customers cannot get discount on a previous purchase

Customers must have one of the valid IDs listed below for year round discount:

  1.  Active Duty Military ID card with a picture.
  2.  A retired Military ID card with a picture.
  3. VA Card (Department of Veterans Affairs) – MUST have the
    words SERVICE CONNECTED under picture.
  4. Active Military and Retired Military ID card for

A retired veteran must have qualified and gone through retirement with
the Military. Disabled Veterans should have a Veteran’s Identification
Card (VIC) that is given to them from the Department of Veteran’s
Affairs. The VIC and their Driver’s License should be sufficient
identification to get the everyday Military Discount.

The Home Depot is dedicated to supporting and honoring our men and women
in uniform through our business practices, recruitment efforts and
corporate contributions. We offer this discount to thank them for their
outstanding service to this nation and to help make their homes more
comfortable and safe.

The Home Depot appreciates your business and would like you to continue
to rely on us for your home improvement needs.


I hope this clears up some of the confusion about the discounts.



What are your thoughts?
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  1. Thanks for the research. I didn’t realize there was a $500 limit. But this doesn’t answer all the questions. When I retire in 2 years, 11 months and 20 something days and start building my house, can I go to HD or Lowes every day, buy $5000 worth of material and get a 10% rebate every day?

        • Home Depot will only accept VA identifications if they have “service connection” written on them. I do not know about Lowe’s policy.

          • I’ve never seen a card say “service connection” on it. I am service connected injuries and disabilities and receive 80%. My card doesn’t say anything.

          • David; You probably haven’t gotten a new card in the last five or six years. By 2006 VA started putting our pictures on em with Service Connected just below the picture. Jeff

          • I have a VA issued card with my picture on it which was issued in 2007. It does NOT have “service connected” on it.

          • the other thing is Home Depot will not honor a discount for anything they consider on sale.

        • To use the discount any day of the week it has to be a Department of Defense issued ID. It is issued to Active Military, Retired Military and 100% rated disabled veterans and their spouses. You can obtain that ID at any military base. My Home Depot told me they would not accept a VA Medical ID.

          • I ran into the same issue Lowes will except my V.A, card every day but Home Depot won’t with out a disabled indorsement. ( which doesn’t exist.)

          • All you have to have is a service connected disability. The VA determines if your disability is service connected. It can be as little as 10% service connected disability to have service connected typed underneath your picture on your VA card. Also, 10% -20% service connected will place you at priority level three for your benefits at a VA hospital. Service connected means that the VA has determined that your disability was directly related to your military service. You can also receive a monthly check from the VA beginning at 10% service connected disability. Unlike what one person stated in a comment I read, the VA doesn’t just give disability ratings away. If you don’t deserve it, you won’t get it. And, be prepared for about a half-year to a year involvement in the assessment and subsequent rating process. I used a veterans’ organization to help me through the process. The VA will help you, too. Some people think you will be better served by an outside organization with no vested interests. However, I can only say that the organization I used (Veterans’ Corner) was very good to me. So was/is the VA (Oklahoma City). My hats off to Lowes and Home Depot. At Lowes, I’ve been told “Thank you for your service” on numerous occasions. Some of their staff are veterans. I suppose that makes a difference. Hope this is helpful. “Thank you for your service to “our” Country.”

    • Some stores are starting to restrict the discount to “personal” use items only. Building materials are not included in the “personal” items.

      • Last week at Home Depot, for the first time, I was asked if my purchase was for personal use, which is was, but just say yes and there’s no problem. They don’t ask for proof because there is no way to prove that it is for personal use.

    • I use the discounts all the time and have never had anything but a warm smile and a thank you for my service at either store. It is of course a true honor to have served the people of this great nation.

    • your post is old but you left out a few things….Lowes policy states there are three categories of veterans they recognize daily….under the second “retired veterans and VA recipients”. the latter part is a very vague statement…i served five years, desert storm and honorable discharge with no disability at time of discharge. I am still entitled to VA employment preference, home loan, etc…. So Lowes will accept a blue veteran id card issued if you are using the medical program or qualify. but isn’t that discrimination against all others. if i had a disability and the blue card….they would give me the discount on a daily basis. if my husband or i decide to leave our employment and decreased our income, i could qualify to get into the medical system and get my blue card. it’s still disrimination….i am a va recipient and they are choosing not to recognize it. the state of tennessee recently made a change that all honorable discharge veterans could receive veteran on their drivers license. all you have to do is bring in your original dd form 214 and honorable discharge. this was to combat the discrimination. so now i have a government issued id card, eligible for all other veteran benefits except not loaded in the medical system therefore no blue id card….lowes still will not honor….to me, discrimination.


    • Check before you purchase at Home Depot, however at Lowe’s, we have never had an issue and I don’t think there is a limit. We spent 800 and got a full discount! Home Depot only gives discount on qualifying items. Not everything in their store!

      • The HD in ABQ said the discount is not good for “lumber & building materials”, I had to ask what was left? Lowes is a half mile away and discount “EVERYTHING”; any questions?

    • Joe Gross, Since you must be close to building your home you should know this: If you are building a home, go to the bid desk at Home Depot, or wherever you want. I’ve gotten far better than 10% on building material when spending the amounts that you are talking about. Without digging my records out, some items are 25%, and a few were discounted 40%. I bought six of those prehung paneled doors that they put in $400K homes for $19.00, less than 10 years ago. It is annoying that a non-vet, of any ilk, can get discounts like that when a six year Vietnam veteran has to wait for a holiday to get 10%… unless they are building a major project and use the bid desk.

  2. Thanks for this information! We shop at Home Depot quite a bit, and had no idea they even offered this discount. It’s not advertised here. My retired USAF boyfriend will be very pleased to enjoy the discount from now on.

  3. We got our washer and dryer from Home Depot a couple of years ago. They had the added policy that you can not comine discounts. So they where offering 10% off our washer in the store, We asked for the military discount and we had to pick which one we wanted to use the 10% off the washer or 10% off the whole purchase. The person was nice enough to let us know what gave us the greatest savings and allowed us to use that discount. So make sure you ask about combining discounts when you ask for the military discount. You might save more money that way.

  4. Just being a “disabled veteran” doesn’t get you a military ID, unless you have a somewhat high rating. I’m 60% rated, and only have a service connected VA ID. I’m not complaining that I don’t qualify for this, just something I’d like to point out.

    • Your VA ID is valid IF it states “Service Connected”. If it doesn’t state that, it doesn’t qualify. I’ve been shown the company page on acceptable ID’s and the kicker is the “Service Connected”.

      • Thanks Steven, good to know, I was going by this article, and thought I had to have a type of “military id” that generally only retirees or 100% rated receive.

      • Pete, have you not gone to the VA hospital near you, yet? They started the procedure to get me an ID card on my first visit ,about 2 years ago. Your VA ID card will say “service connected” if you are, too.

      • You should have been issued a new ID when you got out for medical reasons (I’m assuming this is what happened?). When you turn in your active duty ID, you are supposed to have a new picture taken and an updated ID made.

    • My local Lowe’s and Home Depot will accept the VA ID card as long as it say service connected disability. I have used it as well as my blue retiree ID card.

    • Brian C. I also have a 60% service connected disabilty. My V.A. Medical card has
      ” service connected ” printed on it right below my picture. I use this card for a 10% discount at least weekly at both Lowe’s and Home Depot. I would go to the nearest V.A. hospital, visit central Registration, and ask for an ID Card that has service connected on it. Could save you big bucks over theyears to come.

  5. I am in the Guard and have used these discounts for years, and have saved thousands. And the 10% discount goes with any other sales or discounts they already have in place. The discount is up to $500 on each purchase, when I did my roof 2 years ago the grand total was $8k. I bought half of the materials one weekend and half the next weekend, making an $800 savings. They do not advertise the savings but I have never had a problem when I showed my CaC card and asked for it, always in a professional manner. The status of VETERAN is earned not given, so act like the professional you are!

  6. I never had a hard time receiving the discount with my retiree ID card. Good reminder that there is nothing requiring these discounts, and they could end at any time. Appreciate the benefit as long as it lasts, I’ve saved quite a bit of $$$

  7. I have never had a problem with getting a 10% @ Lowe’s or Home Depot. There are other business that offer 10% when you make a purchase.

  8. I’ve been told that widows/widowers of active duty deceased service members, with a valid, government-issued military ID card also qualify. They are not normally mentioned for qualifying for anything, but they normally qualify for anything a retired family member does.

  9. Thatansweres my question… I am classified as a disabled vet but I do not have an .gov ID card. So my service connected status with the VA is good for the discount everyday… good.

  10. From My experience Lowes gives the discount with just a valid ID Home Depot however requires you to go to customer service and register first. Not a big deal I suppose I asked them why they required the registration and they explained that many people took advantage of the program. Sounded a little off considering they still require you to show your ID and give them the phone number you registered with. But it is still a discount, I have gone to Lowes and bought things on some form or another of 15-30% off and they still took the additional 10% Military discount. I personally prefer Lowes and drive by a Home Depot to get to my closest Lowes.

  11. yes home depot has a limit. But LOWES does not have a limit. I have never had any problems at lowes. I have taken my dd214 in with me, and Have no problems with it and they never even ask to see it.

  12. I tend to disagree, with the above statements,

    I frequent Lowe’s all the time, If you are a Veteran and have a VA card, you will be given the Military Discount everyday. When you approach the Register, they a list of ID’s they will take.

    I have however, never been given a discount a Home Depot, even with an active duty id.

    I live in a neighborhood filled with Active Duty Military and Veterans, and they say the same thing I do about Home Depot, Unless something has changed in the last 30 days there, I will not be go to Home Depot.

    • My local Home Depot accepts the VA ID, but it is a small store, and when I go to the next large Home Depot, they won’t accept the VA ID card. Al Lowes I go to accept the card for the discount.

  13. I have never had a problem with either company, as a matter of fact, I once bought over 2000 dollars worth of appliances and they still gave me the 10% discount

  14. As a part time employee of Home Depot…i want to thank you for putting this on your web site. I hope more people read it. I have had people yell at me and call me nasty names and then walk out because they didn’t qualify for the every day military discount. It is not the employees policy, It came from headquarters. I also had one customer flash me his War Wound….he was a Canadian Veteran that did not qualify for the every day discount.
    I also would like to inform your readers that Home Depot does NOT accept the V on the drivers license for the every day savings. For those of you that are upset by this i would like to point out that Home Depot does ALOT for veterans beside give a discount. They help fix and upgrade veterans homes/ nursing homes. They do tons for their communities. I have personally helped at elementary schools, a boy’s village, and paint your heart out. Please realize that just because you personally do not receive the discount does not mean Home Depot is cheap. You just do not see the good they really do behind the scenes. Veterans act honorable and respectful to the cashiers some of us are Veterans also who also do not receive the discount..

      • Not sure how much faith I would put in what some part time employee actually knows about this. From what people have posted here, it sounds like Lowes is better at this.

        • A couple of years ago when. My house and neighbors house where damaged by high winds. Home depot showed up to help repair our roofs and fences and paint without question, lowes sent by 2 employees and a camera crew. Who told me they wanted to use. What they where doing for promotional uses and asked me to sign a release. Use my misfortune for your own companies use, not going to happen!! Home depot employees, never asked for a thing. They went above and beyond In the 5 years since I left active duty. I have never had a problem with getting my 10% off discount at Home Depot. I have had nothing but problems at Lowes. Im frankly suprised by the posting here. By people saying they have never had a problem there. Ive actually been told by a Lowes store manager. They dont have to offer the discount on everything or anything. They have the right to pick and choice what they offer the discount on and when they do.

  15. My husband did show a valid ID at Lowe’s and was told that only current veterans were getting the discount which they had been giving him up to that point. My feeling is that, altough it is very nice of them to give the discount, it should either be given to all vets or none at all. A vet is a vet no matter when they served.

    • This is a corporate policy You have a point, but you should take this up with the people at the corporate level. But please be courteous because they don’t have to give it to anyone. Thanks, Lowes and Home Depot for recognizing what many have done for the great United States of America.

  16. Simple. Home Depot will not give you a discount with your va card unless it states service connected. They give for Vets Day, Mem
    Day, and Independence Day. Lowes – walk in show your va or old ID card, even a DD. 214 and the will thank you for your service and give a 10% discount. Needless to say I only shop at lowes.

    • I have been shopping at Lowes and Home Depot for many years, Never had any problems or questions from Lowes, Home Depot is another thing. Some are even mean about it. Maybe the VA should mark your VA Medical ID with Combat Vet. or Not. Maybe that will fix it with Home Depot, They have lost thousands of my buying power the last few years. Some HD’s will still take it without question. Simple Fix….Shop Lowes..

  17. Thank you so much for clearing this up.

    I work at Home Depot and it seems that most veterans are thankful to us for the discount. It’s the ones who think it’s an “entitlement,” when in fact it is a “courtesy” a Thank You” for us to give the discount, These are the one who do not give us the respect we deserve for recognizing our Military. And yes there has been widespread abuse of the discount by Contractor trying to boost their bottom line. This discount is strictly for personal usage. So if we are strict on the types of ID’s required, well there’s your reason.

    I would hope they would thank me for my service, as I don’t get any sort of discount working for Home Depot.

  18. Hey, Kit and Tracy, THANK YOU BOTH for your customer service! And, if you are a vet, thanks for your military service too. I’ve never had any problem receiving the discount at either store (I am retired from the AF) and I really appreciate both stores offering it! Thanks Lowes and Home Depot.

  19. My husband was 100% service connected when he passed away. My military id as his wife expired quite awhile ago. It does not say anything about him being service-connected disabled. Does anyone know if I’m eligible & if a new card would show that?
    Also we got our last cards at the Navy base. Is there anywhere else I’d be able to do this.
    Thanks bunches.

    • Have you checked at the base and see if you can renew your card? I would think you should be able to. You are his widow, and even with my husband alive I have to renew mine every few years.

  20. Home Depot at night when the store is shut down, parking lot is empty the lights are off and only one entrance/exit, funky cold is in there with his poser uniform, paintball gun and mask, and about 100 pissed off combat vets outside. Does anyone want to guess the ending?

  21. i work at lowes and we give all our vets the 10 % with military ids, va cards, paper dd214, and even their vfw or american legion membership cards

  22. I work at Home Depot. Something that veterans needs to realize is that the policy states you have to have a picture ID. If you look around the register there should be a poster titled “Acceptable Military ID Guidelines & Regulations”. We are only supposed to to accept those forms of ID. I don’t like telling customers that I can’t accept their DD214, American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars or whatever else because I respect company policy just as military personel respect the oath they took to defend America and the Constitution. I am always patient with customers asking for the discount but it still irritates me when they want to argue with me about policy that they dont know about. Even after I explain it to them, they basically say im wrong without saying. Customers tell me that other associates give the discount without being specific as to what ID is required by the customer. My advice to customers: 1. Dont argue, please listen to what we say. We work for the company you don’t. It’s a complimentary service. 2. If other associates give you the discount then go checkout with them, but keep in mind they are breaking policy! Either that associate is new enough to not know or has been there enough to know better but doesn’t care. 3. An easy way to solve this problem is to go to your local state DPS office and they can put the word “VETERAN” on your drivers license. It shows your a veteran and its a picture ID. I know its not shown on the “Acceptable Military ID Guidelines & Regulations” poster at the register but its close enough in my opinion. Thanks Alex

    • I have that on my Michigan liscense and they will not recognize it. I thought that is why Mi. Just passed that rule. l spent a terrible year in Vietnam in 1968 and sure feel I am a true vet!

  23. After having just been to Home Depot trying to buy a simple Microwave, I have learned their employees are idiots. And no I am not talking about anything to do with this discount, as we never go that far. I know more about Microwave installation that they do, which is pathetic, as I am not even a contractor. Just pure outright lies out of their mouths about product features and installation…. at least in my experience it was, dealing with at least two different salesmen. They have probably lost my business for life.

    So the ones posting here, I would not put much faith in what they are stating.

  24. I am also a Home Depot employee and I would like to thank you for you service to our country. However company policy state which IDs are acceptable for the military discount . My store is very strict on policy and have gotten on to us for giving military discounts when the improper id has been shown. I try to explain to the costumer why I cannot do the discount and some understand and some just don’t and start getting rude with me even calling me names. If its a small enough purchases where I can still give the a discount I give them a 10% discount its is just not using the military discount code. Just yesterday I was have a pleasant conversation with a costumer when it came time to pay he showed me his ID and all I said is Im sorry sir but it has to say “service connected” that is all it took to get him going. He told me I didn’t know what I was doing that I was ungrateful for all he did for our country to have to put up with someone like me. I called my supervisor over and she explained to him that I was still giving him a 10% off discount it was just not going to say military discount. He was still upset and set how dare I now give him his discount I once again explained to him he was still getting the10% discount but he didn’t budge he walked out and brought in receipts from where he had gotten his military discount (someone not following policy) He ask to speak with a manager who told hi the same thing we had told him. I not here to complain but it just ruins your whole day when you have to put of with something like this. I am gladly to give you your much disserve discount but I have to keep my job and follow policy. If I cannot give you the military discount I will gladly give you 10% off it its within my power.

  25. Not every veteran is eligible for VA Health benefits. Some veterans are eligible for benefits but are not service connected, meaning their health issues were not caused nor aggravated by the military. ONLY veterans that are eligible for VA Health Care can get the VAMC ID card.
    Veterans eligibility can be based upon when they served, where they served, how much money they have, whether or not they have a service connected disability (even 0% in some cases).
    A service-connected rating is an official ruling by a VA Regional Office that your illness or condition is directly related to your active military service. VA Regional Offices are also responsible for administering educational benefits, vocational rehabilitation and other benefit programs, including home loans. To obtain more information, or to apply for any of these, contact your nearest VA Regional Office at 1-800-827-1000 or visit them online at http://www.va.gov
    You must apply and find out if you are eligible. If you think you may be service connected, please contact your VA Benefits Office and start the process, located in every state or the VFW http://www.vfw.org/NVS/

  26. My Dad, who is 91 years of age and served in WWII, bought a $1,000.00 Ariens lawn mower last week. He then learned of the 10% veterant’s discount and returned to Home Depot with the receipt and his VA identification card with his picture on it. But Home Depot told him the VA card didn’t say anything about “Service Connected”. The only way I know of that you can obtain a VA card is if you’re a veteran so why in the world does it have to say “Service Connected” when that is the only way you can obtain this card. Like I said he is 91 years old and defended our Country in World War II and helped save our freedom. Please reply to this at the email address below.

    • Judy-The ‘Service Connected’ endorsement will only be on VAMC cards for veterans who have a service-connected disability. I’m in the same lucky boat-a veteran who separated in excellent health after eight years of service and encountered problems later in life. Start shopping at Lowes.

  27. I have been in home depot when customers just tell cashier that they are a veteran when i knew they weren’t not even asked to show an I D from then on i take my business to Lowes.

  28. My dad never has any problem getting the 10% discount at various Home Depots after showing his Veterans ID Card (VIC). Unfortunately, that is not the case at some Lowes. We’ve encountered rude employees at the Kill Devil Hills, NC, Lowes numerous times (including the manager). I even printed their policy from their website that showed he qualifies for the discount year round and the manager said only on the designated holidays. The cashier even had the audacity to ask my dad WHY he had the card! When I called corporate to complain, I was told that it’s up to the store on how they honor the discount.

  29. I was one of those confused customers. I’ve been getting the discount over the past couple of months by showing my DD214 and DL. The other day I was told that I would have to start showing the actual Veteran’s ID card. When I started researching that, I discovered that I don’t qualify, as I only spent 8 years in the military. This led me to research what the real deal is with the Lowes/Home Depot discount, which got me to this page. I know the store closest to my workplace will continue to let me use my DL/DD214, but my conscience is not going to let me do that. Now I’m cursing myself for not just letting well enough alone, and continuing to shop at the store that will let me use the discount. I guess this would be one of those cases where ignorance is bliss…lol.

  30. I am retired, and service connected – I have never had any problems with either store. Those of you building, might get a better discount if you talk to the manager or pro staff. If you buy a high dollar amount of materials, most of the time they will give you a better discount. The new rules just state you have to have a picture MID or VA med. id with service disconnected (the injury happened in service ,) at the bottom of your picture. Don’t get angry, be professional and polite. This will go along way. Even If you don’t qualify for the everyday. There are online coupons and other discounts you can get. Remember you get more flies with honey.
    VETS that didn’t retire and don’t have a VA med card only have DD214, and no picture ID ( you could join one of the VET organizations and get an ID card or go through Veteran ID Card – US Veteran Compensation Programs(it is not an official government card but they do back ground check on you, and produce you with a card for about 20. saying your a VET, most places will accept these cards for discounts). You should also write your congressman stating you want a VET picture card with the DD214, for use on those holidays that honor VETs and everyone is giving discounts. With all the criminal activity picture proof is becoming more in demand. There are about 25 million VETs, now add how many fake VETS are out there. 10% off adds up real quick.

  31. Just wanted to make everyone aware, yesterday I wend to homedepot to get 7 sheets of drywall to repair my ceiling and they do not honor the discount on drywall and other building material anymore.

  32. The $500 limit at Home Depot applies to the amount of the purchase the discount applies to. Therefore the maximum discount during any one visit is limited to $50.

  33. My experiences with both Home Depot and Lowe’s have been mixed. I have used my discount the several states and several stores. I have only been denied a discount a one Lowe’s and did not make a scene. It would be disrespecting my military service,(retired after 37 years). Again theses companies do not have to give or required to give this discount. I have always asks about military discounts since I joined in 1964, when a fellow shipmate ask about it while going to a movie theater in Bootcamp. I could tell you all the discounts I have received over the years or where. But it would quite lenghtly and interesting. So inclosing, the best part is when someone finds out that I served my county. They say “Thank you for your service”

  34. Directly from the LOWE’S Website on Sept. 1, 2013:

    “LOWES Military Discount”:

    Lowe’s established the 10% Military Discount to support the men and women who are currently serving our country in the Armed Services (1) and to honor Retired Veterans and VA Recipients.(2) This 10% discount is also extended to the immediate family(3) of those who are currently serving, Retired Veterans, or VA Recipients.

    To qualify for the Everyday 10% Military Discount, you must:

    Be currently serving in, or retired from, a qualifying branch of the Armed Services, or be the immediate family member of someone who is and have a valid military ID Card.


    Be a veteran who receives VA benefits and have a valid Veteran Identification Card (VIC).

    We honor all Veterans on three specific holidays: Memorial Day, 4th of July and Veterans Day. During these three holiday weekends, we extend the discount to all veterans who served honorably and who present a valid Form DD214 or other proof of service. The Lowe’s Military Discount is extended to the Veteran community on these three holidays only.

    The Military Discount must be used on personal purchases only and cannot be used for Lowes.com purchases, previous sales, or the purchase of gift cards or services including product installations. It cannot be combined with the Lowe’s Price Guarantee, or promotions such as “Spend and Get,” “New Mover,” “Project Starter,” “Your Choice,” or discounts such as Quote Support Program (QSP) quotes.

    (1) Armed Services — US Army, US Navy, US Air Force, US Marine Corps, US Coast Guard, or the National Guard and who are in active, reserve, or retired status.
    (2) Retired Veterans and VA Recipients — Veterans who have retired after 20 years of service and/or those who receive VA Benefits
    (3) Immediate Family — Spouses and/or dependent children (up to 18 years old.)

  35. I was a reservist but have been out since 1975. I don’t know whether I qualify and if I do I have no ID card just discharge papers. Does anyone have an answer as to whether I qualify and if I do where I get an ID card. thanks

    • I believe you would only qualify if you have retired from the reserves or getting VA benefits. You can get the discount on Memorial Day, 4th of July and Veterans Day with your discharged papers or Proof of service.

  36. The Home Depot Vet’s discount was invented by Lowes who was founded by Vets. Home Depot don’t really want to give a veterans discount but they want to seem Vet friendly.

  37. In my area, there’s a little less hassle at Home Depot using the discount than Lowes. At Home Depot, you just show them your military ID. At Lowes, the cashier has to get a manager to approve your military ID. I’m not sure if all Lowes are like that, but I one’s I’ve gone to is. Also, they just built a Menards Building Supply right across the street from The Home Depot in my neighborhood. I stopped by and ask if they were giving military discounts and was told they had considered it but decided not to give the discounts. Needless to say, I do most of my shopping for hardware and building supplies at HD.

  38. It would appear that Home Depots recognition of veterans is limited when it impacts profits. As a veteran who laid my life on the line in Vietnam, I appreciate Veteran discounts as available. As has been said, a vet is a vet, and the Service Connected card entry requirement by HD suggests that those with cards without this stipulation just don’t make the cut. HD can have their way, but I go to Lowe’s and Ace Hardware first. The pennies HD may save daily by not offering the discount are small compared to the dollars lost in sales to Lowes and Ace. HD limited three day offering is not unappreciated, but it appears to be more of a token recognition of the offering of veterans who served to guarantee the freedom and prosperity of the USA. Thank you Lowes and Ace Hardware and the numerous others for your ongoing daily acknowledgement and appreciation of service men with or without the Service Connected card entry. They all gave. Thank you HP depot for….your three day consideration of the thousands that almost made it.

  39. HOME DEPOT CHANGED ITS POLICY. I was unable to get the discount with an active duty military ID. Store was in New Jersey. It used to be a discount across the board and every day. Now there are tons of excluded items, limitations. LOWES IS BETTER!!

  40. I went to the Home Depot in Papillion, Nebraska today. When I went to check out I was asked to register to be able to get my military discount. We’ll I asked to see the store manager. The Home Depot site does not require a retired military member to register to get the 10% discount. I was informed that there district area is part of a test program. I said fine I will just take my business some place else. I think one of the things that are after is your information so they can track what you are buying and get into your personal information. I have never been asked to register in order to get a military discount and don’t plan on starting!!!!!! Home Depot get your act together!!!!

  41. I have a service connected disability rating of 70%. I have only been out of the Army for little over a year and I’ve only had my VIC from the VA for only about 10 months or so. Under my picture it doesn’t say “Service Connected”, but instead “Purple Heart”. This should suffice for my discount, yea? And I just recently acquired a Home Depot credit card, so if it doesn’t suffice, I’ll guess I’ll start going to Lowe’s.

  42. Many of the comments here trouble me. Both of these stores offer discounts as a courtesy, something they do not have to do at all. By doing so they honor those who have served and meet certain criteria. Why should we get mad when the discount doesn’t apply to us? What right do we have to demand such a service from a private company? We should be grateful that they honor those who spent their lives or have been injured while defending our freedom, and be happy for our brothers and sisters in arms who are the recipients of such generosity. We seem to be trapped as a society in believing that we are entitled for whatever reason, but most of you learned early on in the military that life isn’t fair and thats not going to change. Quit whining and be happy that companies out there still respect the American Servicemember. It wasn’t always this way and the tide could change again in heartbeat, especially with all this whining.

    • I’m a navy vet also, not retired or injured, just got in, did what was needed, went back home. I think our complaint with hd etc is that they say the words ‘discount for military service’, but they do not implement the policy to match the words. Now, if they said right up front, ‘discounts for SOME vets only’, I would have a better understanding of their policy.

      Combined with the fact that discounts are not given across the board, on every item sold, I’m left with a feeling that the corporate guys want to cash in on ‘being nice’ to veterans, but only if it doesn’t cost them too much. Sorta takes the fuzzy feeling out of receiving a gift. (Besides, don’t they just write off the discounts anyway? And if they do, do only certain vets have to pay their taxes to offset it?)

      Whenever I go to the va hospital, I am happy to hold the door for the guy behind me, whether he’s disabled or retired or not. Some of you who want us to quit whining probably ask to see a guy’s id before doing the same.

      Our country was made great by eliminating discrimination. Discrimination was eliminated because some had the courage to stand up against it. God bless you who qualify for the various veteran’s discounts, but as for me, If YOU ALL can’t get one, just for having ‘served’, then I’ll not ask for one for myself.

      And yes, thanks to any companies who stand up and honor their vets.

  43. I totally agree with you ANAVYVET. There to much crying about limits and company policies. I personally appreciate any business that gives military discounts, but to knock the businesses that does is insane to me. Go to your local supermarket and try to get 10% off of $2000.00 worth of merchandise. They would look at you like you’re crazy, but when Home Depot limits it to $2000.00 (per day) all of a sudden, some people act like their not patriotic. I am embarrassed that former military personnel would think this way. I did 22 years in the military to serve my country, not to get freebies. By the way, the reason HD started limiting the daily amounts is because former military personnel state abusing the discount to help the bottom line for their businesses. So everyone should start bitching about those people (I’m not directing this at you ANAVYVET, just the complainers) not HD or Lowe’s.

    • I agree with ANAVYVET and CURTIS. It is very disappointing to see so many veterans complaining about a business having restrictions on a gift. I personally want to thank Home Depot, Lowe’s and any store that does anything to help veterans and military members and their families.

  44. On my VA card it has service connected on it under my picture. I think it will only have this if you are receiving compensation for a disability.

  45. The discount at Home Depot does not apply to discounted or sale items. I went to buy a fridge and was told it did not qualify because it was already on sale. The store manager called corporate to confirm, sure enough they said no.

  46. I am a homebound veteran. i do have a wheelchair but it takes over an hour to travel and cause immense pain to travel. the local LOWES at dover delaware. refuse to honor their military discount when i send my brother with my valid veterans id that is on thier list to get supply’s for my home. he has been laughed at and called a liar, got some of them on cell phone doing it when he shows them my id and asks for it! they have the gall to ask for a donation but refuse to give a 100% disabled veteran one of their military discounts. to remind you i am homebound i have been at the local lowes 2 times in the past year in my wheelchair and they never offered the discount !

  47. The Home Depot no longer provides the discount for online purchases. They can’t verify your ID, you don’t get the discount. It’s likely to prevent abuse of the discount (people just saying they’re military perssonnel) rather than to punish those who legitimately did serve.

  48. Just confirmed with Home Depot Customer Service line, effective Feb 2014 Home Depot limits the military discount to $50 per purchase. So any purchase in excess of $500 will not be discounted.

    • Riverside, CA Home Depot says they had a meeting and no longer honor anything except active duty- this according to the express checkout clerk. Cheap shot to Vets yanking this but appears the “uproar” may have changed things after reading this? Won’t know until my next visit (after 4/14/14.) Meanwhile I can always go to Lowe’s!

      • Yes, the only time they honor VA Medical cards and dd-214’s is Veterans Day and Memorial Day (Military Holidays). If you are retired, active or 100% rated Disabled Veteran and have a DOD I.d. they honor it every day. Hemet has had that policy for a long time.

  49. Home Depot selective on what they discount. Tried buying a $500 in-stock door and they didn’t give any discount. Also bought caulk, shims, caulk gun, and select lumber. Only discount that was given was on caulk, caulk gun, and shims. Even lumber was out. Cashiers had no idea but manager confirmed that “vendor pricing ” either prohibits reduction or Home Depot can’t sustain giving this discount. Haven’t checked Lowes but it is only across the street here in Northern Virginia. Understand that here every other customer is military. I’m glad I bought $5,000 worth of windows last year. I’m looking to buy 5 more sliding sets and will certainly defer to Lowes for that quantity. Realize the good times won’t last (or wouldn’t last) forever so it has been a good ride over the last ten years with the military discount.

  50. Same comment as Kevin regarding store in NOVA, though this is not the case in the Hampton Roads area of southern VA (went to three of them this past week). Today I made two separate trips to Home Depot in Manassas. The first was for $33, got $1.79 off, thought that was odd since it wasn’t around $3-didn’t want to argue since I’m happy to get any discount. On the second trip I was only getting a bucket of drywall compound for $14.68, just the one item. At the register I was tempted and bought a four pack of Reeses Peanut Butter cups-$1.88. Whe I was rung up, the discount was $.19 – 10% off the candy, not the drywall compound. When I asked the cashier about it, he didn’t know… Tomorrow, I’ll ask the the manager to clarify the policy. I do appreciate the discount, just want to know what’s discounted and what isn’t.

    • Anything that is on sale at Home Depot you do not receive a discount. At Lowe’s you receive a discount even if it is on sale. That’s why I shop at Lowe’s, no hassle discount.

  51. I like many Veterans did not retire form the Armed Services, I served 14 years and because of that no type of ID is provided for Veterans like me who served. I did go to TX DOT and renewed my drivers license and with proof (DD214) I had a new DL issued with VETERAN on it. Most states will do this for Veterans. Now whether or not it is acceptable with the Lowes and Home Depot, is still questionable. For those of us that qualify as Veterans and not trying to cheat the system, it is deplorable that WE DON’T COUNT.

    • Why is this??? My husband is in the same situation. He served in Desert Storm for almost a year. He is considered a VET but just not disabled. There’s not too many benefits for those that were not injured or have retired from service. They still were taken away from their families and served their country! My husband even received several medals while there. He will never ask for anyone to give him anything due to his service and does not like it when anyone recognizes his service. He is very humble when it comes to that. But it would be nice to be included in these discounts! Other than Memorial Day and Vets Day.

  52. If you retire, even as a reservist or National Guard you are eligible for the discounts. When you retire you should keep or be reissued your DD Form 2. As a guard or reservist, that will be the red card until you turn 60, when at that point you will be reissued the gray card. Both cards are accepted at Lowes and HD along with the green active duty card. I have heard that some of the stores have made their own policies regarding what is a veteran. I am not sure that is allowable as far as Lowes or HD corporate is concerned, but the only way to known for sure is to contact corporate if there is a problem at your local store.

  53. It is quite entailed to become a member of the VFW. You MUST be a Vet of Foreign Wat and this card should be enough to receive the military discount. The membership of VFW andthe American Legion go thru your membership diligently for qualifications. These cards cost vets each year and should be accepted anywhere a company offers military discounts. We rely on these discounts. We appreciate your discount offers so please respect the Vet as well as all active and retired personnel – all military should never be scrutinized into categories of service!

  54. Can someone please explain why my husband can not get a discount on a daily basis with either of these stores…He is considered a VET due to serving 9 years and 1 of those years he spent in the GULF WAR during Desert Storm. He was there from October to August. Received a Bronze Star and all. He has full benefits as a VET. Why does he not qualify for discounts other than on Vet Day and Memorial Day?? This is discrimination and thank GOD he was not injured. I’m happy that he’s not disabled, but it seems that if you are considered a VET then they should be offering the discount to all of them. Not just injured VETS, respectfully.
    Does anyone know if we just take the DD214 with us to the store since he was not issued a ID card?

  55. Home Depot and Lowes do not accept the DD214. At one time this was accepted, it is no longer. I contacted each store directly with this concern. A vet is a vet, with proof, the discount should be honored with the DD214. If you are not draining the system, the stores won’t recognize you for your service. It is a discriminating policy.

  56. I am a long-time Home Depot service desk associate, a veteran, and a retired Fed. Home Depot’s corporate policy is correct as stated at the top of this page. The everyday discount is for U.S. active and retired military and their dependents who have a green, blue, pink, or tan DOD ID card, and veterans with a VA ID card imprinted with “service-connected”. Period. But, here in Northern Virginia, you have: 1) DOD civilians who ask for a military discount even though the CAC card they present clearly says “Civilian” or “Contractor” on it, and, 2) veterans who served but did not make it a career, who present a DMV-issued “Veteran” ID card. Many cashiers don’t understand the policy and subtle differences and will issue the discount at the flash on any ID card. But, when a vigilant cashier actually reads the ID card and denies the non-qualified customer, the customer usually responds that the other cashiers always honor it, they always get a discount at the other Home Depot, or something like that. I personally deny these customers and show them the policy in writing and explain it to them. On return shopping trips, many of these customers simply avoid checking out with me at the Service Desk and instead continue their fraudulent ways by going to a different cashier. I consider it a privilege to give the discount to those the company wants to have it. I am disgusted by the people who, even after it is explained to them, continue to ask for a discount they know they are not entitled to.

  57. My husband is one of the rare World War 11 veterans. He is 89 years of age and previously was always given the 10% discount with a smile once he showed his honorable discharge card which was issued to him when he retired from fighting that war for over 4 years by flying B17 and B24 planes. He was recently denied any discount because his card did not have his photo on it although it is a valid card and he shows his driver license.
    What a shame to treat that those few elderly men who fought so hard to be refused because they have what was considered a valid honorable discharge paper in the past. He was told that he had to drive to the Veterans Administration Office which is 50 miles away to get a “valid” identification card. For God sake, he shows his driver license, he shows his veteran discharge and now it is not enough to show he is not cheating the system.
    I called and was at first told he should get it and then was told that SORRY drive the 50 miles.
    WIFE OF WW11 Veteran of Foreign Wars is saddened by the policy.

  58. FIRST, I AM A VETERAN!! And I agree, a Veteran, is a Veteran, no matter what kind of ID they’re presenting.
    I have also been a long time customer of both Home Depot and Lowes. With what I do for work, I spend a lot of time and money at both of them.
    I would to start by saying I’ve never really had a problem with Lowes giving me a military discount. No matter if it’s one of the 2 locale stores or even stores outside of my home state.
    Home depot on the other hand, I first started using my DD214 after about 2yrs I was told it was no longer an acceptable form of ID or proof. I don’t want to sound like a pack-rat or hoarder, but after a few months of digging I was able to find my expired military ID. Home Depot accepted this for a while but, over time this was no longer acceptable. Well I got all my paperwork together and went to the Veteran Affairs office and had Veteran stamped on my driver license and even got state certified license plates for truck. Needless to say the same thing, It was accepted for a while, but now I’m back to this isn’t an acceptable form of ID.
    So let me get this straight, I’m able produce enough ID or information to prove I’m a Veteran to everyone except Home Depot. “WTF?”
    I beginning to think this is more about saving money at the corporation level by limiting the number of Veterans they give the discount to.

  59. For over 15 years, I have been shopping at both stores. About 6 years ago, when helping Homes For our Troops, I had a slight disagreement with Home Depot. Since then, my loyalty has been to Lowes. That said, when I would get my retired military discount, I would invariably get a “Thank you for your service.” How do you reply to that? Thank you? You’re Welcome? Nothing sounded right until a vet at the store reponded by stating, “It was my honor.” Very plainly, but quite powerfully said.

    Lowe’s has never questioned my use of the discount, including doubling up if they are having a % of sale, with one exception. If you use a Lowes credit card, you can not combine the 5% discount off the card with the 10% military (use the 10% military and the special no-interest financing option).

    Having been a young enlisted, I couldn’t always afford a plumber or electrician. The Lowe’s Experts were ALWAYS willing to explain things, make sure I had the right tools, parts, supplies, etc., so I wouldn’t have to make several trips. And they always tell you, if you don’t need it, bring it back for a refund.

    From a consumer standpoint, I think Lowe’s understands Customer Service better than Home Depot. From a military view, I think Lowe’s values our sacrifices more, and is willing to stand up for us, even after we have finished standing up for everyone else.

    • Thanks for sharing your story. I too will remember your suggestion for the “powerful response” – It was my honor! GREAT!! Also, I think Home Depot feels the same way as Lowes….. I believe too many vets took advantage of the discount and used it in their businesses and ruined it for honest vets by using discounts for friends who did not serve. I still salute both companies….Thanks again for your story.


  61. I have no problem with Home Depot deciding to give the discount to certain categories of veterans. My VAMC ID card was issued before “service connected” designator was added…I am in fact 60% connected. I was unaware, until today, that the every day discount was not for all veterans. Today, when I asked for my discount, I got a 15 min loud public lecture by a cashier about how “undeserving” veterans like myself were costing Home Depot too much money and needed to be weeded out from the “real heroes.” It’s one thing to clarify a policy, something entirely different to publicly belittle a veteran who didn’t know the details of the policy.

  62. It seems to me these policies create as much bad as positive PR for these stores. They should probably change the policy to active military only. This is what some restaurants have in place. As it stands now second-class citizens among veterans are created and that leads to bad feelings. Then you’ve got some (not all) retired smugly commenting on the message board in a condescending tone. Maybe they don’t mean to but their comments are downright disrespectful to other vets that served. I did 4 active and 4 ANG. If I get a discount, great. If not, so be it. Doesn’t upset me, but I really get ticked when I read posts from a fellow vet talking down my service and that of others as if it somehow shouldn’t qualify for anything since we didn’t do 20. I respect everyone’s service, and I only comment like this when I am reading stuff that suggests my, and others like me, service doesn’t deserve to count for anything. That’s the same kind of narrow-minded thinking we ran into years ago during the Vietnam period. As for HD & Lowes they can do what they want to do. I prefer to give my business to the local True Value who is an independent merchant trying to survive. They can order you just about anything you’d get at those big box stores. Well, I feel better getting all this off my chest. Thanks everyone for your service–retired, disabled, active and all the rest of us “ordinary, unqualified vets.”

    • Mostly it’s the POG that does. They despise the 11B because he does the job no one wants. So, they fly desks for 20 and Hate one hitch grunts.

  63. I want to thank LOWE’S for what they do to honor all of our Veterans. A 10% daily discount up to a $500.00 purchase. I love shopping at Lowe’s, because of the Customer Service and the large selection and variety of products. I have always got help from the employee’s who are all very knowledgeable with Lowe’s products. I was at Lowe’s Saturday, I noted the American Flag on sale for half of the regular price of $19.98. My neighbor told me Home Depot was selling the exact Flag for $29.95. This is another example of how Lowe’s honor this country and it’s Veterans! My hat is off to LOWE’S with all my THANK”S!!!

  64. I am a Vietnam ERA vet served from 1964-1968 honorary discharged and cannot get discounts from non of the stores mentioned except on certain days when everyone gets one. I feel like many of you do that we should be as equal as our brothers who served but they say know. We need to protest these places, contacts these companies and complained which I h ave done with no success. I agree what some vets say that we are nothing in their eyes. If it’s anything we can do let me know,they won’t get my business until they treat all of us equal

    • Why should we protest a business that gives military discounts to active duty servicemen, active reservist, and retired military. They don’t have to do it at all. 99.9 percent of business give nothing to military personnel or veterans yet we should protest the few that do because they have rules and limits on who they give the discount and limits on the discounts? There was no promises to anyone that we would get freebees and discounts from anyone when we signed up. I sign up to serve my country and disappointed they people think that these businesses are bad people because they don’t give you something. Why don’t we start protesting our supermarkets, department stores, phone companies, gas stations, painters, banks, plumbers, house builders, etc. because most of them don’t give military discounts at all. I guess we should protest the car dealerships. Yeah, I got a military discount on a new car but it was capped at $500.00 so I guess that should be protested too. Lowes and HD give discounts to all veterans with proof on Veterans Day, Memorial Day and the 4th of July. If your local store does not, then that is not company policy but local policy. You can protest if you want but for one appreciate what these stores do for the military what they don’t do is still more than most.

  65. Was Just at Home Depot to Purchase just over $6000.00 worth of flooring. Total Military Discount offered was $48.00. Needless to say we didn’t purchase from Home Depot and will probably not purchase too much from them again. Thank God there is a Lowe’s just a few miles away

  66. Yes, it is wonderful that business recognize Military Service. Home Depot however puts an actual value on the service. Customer service gives the pat answer that they are trying to keep costs down for everyone. Home Depot displays the pictures of its’ team members as you walk in and try to convince everyone how military friendly they are. My take away is Home depot is ok for small projects. But with a little bit on homework Lowes does not advertise a “limit” on the discount. Sidebar; I have had much better service at Lowe’s anyway, it is just a few miles further.

    • Actually, I read on this page (ELBURN J. WALTERS on May 26) that Lowes has a $500.00 limit. You should always go to the place that gives you the best service. I can’t walk 10 feet at the HD in my area without someone asking me do I need help, so I think no matter where you go, in big stores like these, you can get good or bad service depending on what employee you may be dealing with.

      • I think it’s really Home Depot that has the $500 limit. At Home Depot if it’s on sale you get no discount. At Lowe’s I have never had them cap a discount on anything on sale or not? I just bought a washer on sale and received over $100 discount?

        • Why all the crying? If you are not active, reserve, retired, or disabled, then you do not meet the criteria. Go back, and re enlist, until you get the retirement, or get disabled. Yes, Lowes and HD put a value on your service to our country. If you only served two years, whether a combat vet or not, you do not meet the criteria that they established. If you do not meet the criteria, move along, or Go cry to your congress person, that they should lower the criteria for retiring.

          Want a cause worth fighting for, how about a Reservist that spends 20 Plus years, has gone to many active duty schools, but is not considered a veteran, because he never served for over 6 months at any one shot. over 20 years service t his country, and he cannot be buried in a veterans cemetery, get help in a VA hospital, Veterans preference for a job, You say, well he is just a Reservist? Calculate just the Reserve time, and over the 20 years, he has done over 2 years on duty. Add in the additional days he has gone to service school, and it could easily be another one to four years.Yet, he is not considered a Veteran by his own Government, and the guy that got discharged after a year, is.Want to fight to make things fair, there is a cause worth fighting for.

          Lowes and Home Depot, are private corporations, and as such can establish the criteria as they see fit, that’s their prerogative.


            Thanks for your eloquence, but most of all; THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

        • You would have gotten that same discount at Home Depot. I checked. The $500 is the amount of the discount, not of the purchase. Lowes also has the same cap. Once you spend over $5000.00 at either store the discount does not apply. Also, you can make multiple $5000 purchase and get the discount at either stores. Here is Lowes policy:
          Lowe’s established the 10% Military Discount to support the men and women who are currently serving our country in the Armed Services1 and to honor Retired Veterans and VA Recipients.2 This 10% discount is also extended to the immediate family3 of those who are currently serving, Retired Veterans, or VA Recipients. To qualify for the Everyday 10% Military Discount, you must: Be currently serving in, or retired from, a qualifying branch of the Armed Services, or be the immediate family member of someone who is and have a valid military ID Card.
          Be a veteran who receives VA benefits and have a valid Veteran Identification Card (VIC).
          We honor all Veterans on three specific holidays: Memorial Day, 4th of July and Veterans Day. During these three holiday weekends, we extend the discount to all veterans who served honorably and who present a valid Form DD214 or other proof of service. The Lowe’s Military Discount is extended to the Veteran community on these three holidays only. To be eligible for the everyday 10% discount you will need a valid, government-issued military ID card. All other military veterans will still be able to receive the discount on the Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Veterans Day weekends. The discount applies to in-stock and special-order purchases up to $5,000, but it excludes sales via Lowes.com and purchases of services or gift cards. The Military Discount must be used on personal purchases only and cannot be used for Lowes.com purchases, previous sales, or the purchase of gift cards or services including product installations. It cannot be combined with the Lowe’s Price Guarantee, or promotions such as “Spend and Get,” “New Mover,” “Project Starter,” “Your Choice,” or discounts such as Quote Support Program (QSP) quotes.

  67. I’m a navy vet also, not retired or injured, just got in, did what was needed, went back home. I think our complaint with hd etc is that they say the words ‘discount for military service’, but they do not implement the policy to match the words. Now, if they said right up front, ‘discounts for SOME vets only’, I would have a better understanding of their policy.

    Combined with the fact that discounts are not given across the board, on every item sold, I’m left with a feeling that the corporate guys want to cash in on ‘being nice’ to veterans, but only if it doesn’t cost them too much. Sorta takes the fuzzy feeling out of receiving a gift. (Besides, don’t they just write off the discounts anyway? And if they do, do only certain vets have to pay their taxes to offset it?)

    Whenever I go to the va hospital, I am happy to hold the door for the guy behind me, whether he’s disabled or retired or not. Some of you who want us to quit whining probably ask to see a guy’s id before doing the same.

    Our country was made great by eliminating discrimination. Discrimination was eliminated because some had the courage to stand up against it. God bless you who qualify for the various veteran’s discounts, but as for me, If YOU ALL can’t get one, just for having ‘served’, then I’ll not ask for one for myself.

    And yes, thanks to any companies who stand up and honor their vets.

    • Your right. HD should just stop give discounts to all military people, that way they wouldn’t be discriminating against anyone. Then Lowes would stop because they only started giving the discount after H.D. started just to keep up with them. No one seems to be complaining about the stores that don’t give military discounts. Then they both can keep all of their profits, which was their plan when they formed their companies. Thank you for your service, but when I joined the military during Vietnam, no one promised me that certain stores had to give me anything. I joined to serve my country. By the way, if you read the policy it say discounts for military service with the proper ID, They then explains which IDs are accepted. Also the only items not discounted are the sales items, which are already discounted. Also their “limits” is a $500.00 discount. How greedy are people when they are not happy with a $500.00 discount? Who else gives you a $500.00 discount on a $5000.00 sale? After that, you can walk out the store, go back in and get the discount all over again. When I built my sunroom and deck, I would buy what I could fit in my van, talk home then go back and buy another load of materials, getting the discount each time. Some of their reasoning for these limits is that contractors have misusing the discounts for their businesses and some former military personnel have been allowing their contractor bosses to use their military ID for purchases and then getting a kick back off of the discount. Also, do think a person with a dishonorable discharge should qualify? What about a person that was washed out of basic training? Should a person just be able to walking off the streets and say I want the military discount with no ID? There has to be rules to limit misuse and limits so that the company can make a profit so they can stay in business. Remember Builder Square and Handy Andy? By the way, I would hold the door open for anyone because that’s just being courteous, and you are very mistaken if you think discrimination has been eliminated.

  68. I am not bitter. I am ashamed of former military people crying about a company that gives discounts to military people. Look, HD takes military IDs, DD214 and VA cards that says service connected for their everyday military discounts. All active duty servicemen, reservist, National Guard, retired military and Vet with service connected on their ID gets these discounts. That’s millions of people. Everyone else with other service related IDs can get discounts on Memorial Day, the 4th of July, and Veterans Day weekend. Lowes, HD, some automakers, and a few smaller companies give discounts. Most have limits or certain days of the week. Don’t you appreciated those contributions to the Vets and the military? It’s like you or I giving money to The Salvation Army or some other charity, and them complaining it’s not enough.

  69. curtis, i think you may be missing the point of contention here. we veterans of the us armed forces are very proud of our military service to this country. this pride is not bounded by our current military status, such as active, reserve, disabled etc. we, as a group, fought the battles, fought the wars, fought the enemy all over the world. we did this as a group. there is unity amongst us.

    it just seems to me that now some corporate leaders are trying to divide this group and put one side against the other. it’s the old have vs have nots all over again. no one should disrespect ANY vet for ANY reason. pointing a finger at one bunch of vets and saying ‘you’re entitled’, while ignoring the rest of the vets as if there was something wrong with the way they served just feels wrong to me.

    as for the big 3x per year discounts? heck, every memorial day hd puts up huge sales events and you don’t even have to be a vet to get that one.

    and please don’t be ashamed of me for thinking the way i do. but do me a favor, please, when you respond “,,,about a company that gives discounts to military people…”, please say it right:”…discounts for SOME military people…” . saying it like it really is would be ok with me.

    i guess it all comes down to my foolish pride. i feel good about my military service. i felt good when i went to lowes and hd and received a small discount, followed by the words of the cashier:”thank you for your service!” but i don’t feel so good any more when the cashiers are now telling me i do not deserve another discount, and what i did receive was done in error, and that the cashiers who gave the discounts previously are ‘being cracked down on’ for having done so. i’m surprised you have trouble understanding this.

    again, thanks for the support these companies are offering to some of our people. i just hope they can tidy up the customer relations fiasco they have created.

    • The answer is simple, re-enlist. When you make your twenty, then you can get your HD discount every day, and feel like you really did something for your country.. Six and out, is not even close to the sacrifice made by those that did their twenty, or have to look down every morning, at a missing leg.

  70. First, God bless everyone that served. Especially those that did not come back and those that have suffered terrible injuries. I am on the bottom of the pile. 3 years, in and out 65-68. I ask for nothing for my service, but I stand up for other Veterans and have volunteered at the Veterans Home and always try to show my appreciation. I will take my discount when given. Pep Boys, Advance Auto…etc
    As to Lowes and Home Depot, it depends on the store and the location and the sales person sometimes.

    My wife and I have bought $5000 worth of granite counter top at Lowes and they gave me 10%. Just last year we bought a refrigerator, a stove, a microwave, a disposal and a dishwasher. All on a big sale they were having. We got a great deal on a new kitchen.
    Lowes gave me 10% on top of that! Some Home Depots will honor my VA card some wont. I have never been to a LOWES that turned me down.

    What I hate to see is Veterans of any stature not getting along. We are less that 10% of the population. We should stick together, not bicker.

    Just my opinion.
    Duty, Honor, Country!

  71. Home Depot came through for me today!

    I bought something for $4295. Home Depot gave me %10 off of the entire price except for the tax.
    This was not a fluke or mistake, the MANAGER on duty approved it/
    So,it depends on the store and the people running it.

    Thanks Home Depot.
    Thank you to all my fellow Veterans.

    Duty, Honor, Country!

  72. Home Depot and Lowes are both places that deserve your business. If you are not happy with one companies policy over the other, don’t give them your hard earned money. Yes, I’m active duty and have never been denied a discount, ever. I am happy that they offer this and when I get out, not medically retired, after 12 years of service and I no longer qualify for the every day discount I will be ok with saving my big purchases for the 3 holidays listed.

    If a companies policy on a Military discount, which you should be happy they give at all, upsets you. Don’t vent on the internet, call, write, use their twitter and ask them to change their policy. Before you do that I hope you can write out what you want elequently and not come across as someone who feels entitled. Yes you served our country, but there are millions of people that serve our country every day in other forms then military (police, fire fighters) that do not get such a generous discount.

    I personally have given both of these companies thousands of dollars and I’ve never had anything to complain about. All the associates that I have dealt with knew what they were talking about or could find someone who did. I’ve even had a HD eat the cost of a 3000$ fridge after one was delivered to my house and it ended up being to big, the drivers (who work for a seperate company) didn’t let my wife refuse it, because they had to take the doors off to get it into the house. It took one phone call and I got the the fridge in the correct size and nothing but apologies.

    If you have a bad experience let a manager know, they can’t watch everyone and know how ever customer is treated. I’m sure if there is a bad egg in their store they would love to get rid of them.

    Another good HD story: I was home on leave in Iowa visiting my family and the first night back a wind storm went through my home town. The winds reached 140 mph and ruined my parents farm. The only building left on it was the house and one barn. My dad called home depot asking if they had any small sheds (so he could store some of his equipment he didn’t want to get wet). They tossed it on the back of a truck and drove it down to him. They also brought tarps for the roof of the house, nails, and a generator for the house. All without asking. My dad just brought the geni back after the power was restored a week later.

    They have my business.

  73. Home Depot in east hanover doesent let you use your DAV card or Military Of The Purple Heart which the card says you were wounded in action.They give you a thanks for serving

  74. Dom, If you want your discount. Go to the VA and get your VA ID card, you don’t have to use the medical facilities. Easy fix.
    The cashiers have a list of cards to accept and those are probably not on the list.

    And thanks for your service and sacrifice.

    Duty, Honor, Country

    • The problem with Home Depot is, the will not accept anything but a DOD I.D. on a every day basis. They will only accept VA Id’s and dd214 on holidays. Our store has the I.D’s they accept taped on the register for the cashier’s referral. If the item is on sale, you will not get a discount.

  75. The 10% Military Discount from Home Depot is a myth. What they offer is a selective discount that doesn’t apply to “commodity items.” You won’t know if your purchase is covered or not until you get to the checkout. I’ve been in contact with them asking them to be honest with the public about the limitations on their “discount” but they’re dragging their feet. So here are your choices. You can go to Home Depot where you MIGHT get a 10% discount on your purchase or you can go to Lowes where you know you will receive a 10% discount. To me the choice is simple. I’m fortunate to live close enough to both stores to be able to have a choice. Some people aren’t that fortunate.

    I know that I’m not entitled to a discount from anyone. My problem is when Home Depot leads people to believe that they’re going to get a 10% discount just to get them into the store and then they change the rules on you. It’s a deceptive practice.

    Btw…this applies to people who are still serving. I’m not familiar enough with veteran/retiree discounts to be able to make a comment.

    • Let them know how bad their practice is. Keep taking items to an employee, or a cashier, and ask if it gets the military discount. After they get enough frustration from vets taking their time to bother the cashier, or other employes, they will find a better way.

  76. I am a Lowe’s employee and I would like to thank all of our military service men/women. While it is true that we no longer offer the 10% discount on Lowes.com (this is because we have no accurate way of verifying), there are a couple options for those individuals who would receive the discount in-store. If you place an order for pick-up later or truck delivery, the store’s head cashiers or managers are always willing to refund the 10% back to you. If shipped via 3rd party (ups, fedex, usps) our customer service can issue a correction and refund the 10%. We also offer a 1-time courtesy 10% discount for servicemembers and veterans (and their dependents) through our customer service center.

  77. Kevin,

    Your comment is right on about being deceptive. The bigger bonus to HD is that they get a public relations boost and good advertising as a result!

    “We give Veterans a Discount”

    Well, No you don’t! You are selective as to which Veterans and what they can purchase. They turned me down for Plywood:)

    Any company can do whatever they want and when they want. Just be up front.

    I don’t begrudge anyone for what they are entitled to,

    • As Kevin said back on July 10, the ‘discount’ is deceptive. I’m a 100% disabled and retired 23yr veteran and have not had any problem till recently with HD. I wanted to buy a bunch of concrete blocks and sacrete and was told that there was no discount for those items because, get this,l they were ‘building items’. HA! The whole store is nothing but ‘building items!. I fussed and was given a 10% ‘customer satisfaction’ discount instead…

      Another sales person told me that it was just ‘commodities’ like plywood, cement, and similar stuff (pork bellies?) that the discount did not apply. But the last time I was there to buy some pvc piping I was told that since pvc was made from oil, and oil is a commodity, that it was not discounted! What the hell? ALL PLASTIC materials come from oil – so he’s telling me that everydamnthing the store sells that has plastic in it is NOT included in military discounts?

      They also tell me that there is no way for them to tell if a product is discounted or not till it is rung up. So I told them that SOMEBODY, SOMEWHERE was punching that information into their computer system and the public should be made aware of what was on that discount list and what was not! HQ will not answer e-mails inquiring about a list.

      Luckily, I’m equally close to Lowe’s and have been shopping there where I am offered everyday 10% military discount on ALL purchases except sale items, which is quite reasonable. When you’re making $500 purchases, that 10% makes a BIG difference on deciding where to shop…

    • Yes, yes you can. At least you can at Lowe’s. And to the next post, LARRYO, military discounts on discounted items are still offered in the majority of stores. On a national level, a corporate sales rep will give you the 10 on discounted items.

  78. Well I’ve been fussing with Home Depot for a couple of months now on their “military discount” policies. My approach is that I don’t care what their policy is as long as they’re up front about it to the public. I’m not having a lot of luck with it. They’ve shared their policy with me, which excludes the “commodity” items. But I can’t get anyone to make that information public. I’ve filed against them through the Better Business Bureau and through my state Attorney General’s office. Neither of them made much of an effort to get HD to do the right thing. I’ve emailed their CEO and have traded emails and phone calls with their customer service folks. I keep getting jerked around. All I can get out of them is an apology for the inconvenience.

    Does anyone have any ideas as to how to get this information to everyone? I have copies of what they’re putting out right now. Does anyone know how to get the Guardian of Valor website to update their HD discount information above? That was dated in January 2014. They have a different policy now. I’m looking at starting a Facebook page with information on the HD deceptive practices but it won’t help much if it doesn’t get shared.

  79. Kevin,

    I would be interested in helping. My initial thoughts are:
    Send the info to:
    Army Times.
    Fox News

    Probably a few more good places to send the info to. Anybody have more ideas?

    You have to be careful with Face Book. As many companies get very irate when their name is mentioned in a FB name and take legal action.


    • That is absolutely correct! A military discount is not an entitlement that anyone should demand. I certainly didn’t join the military thinking it was my ticket to a lifetime discount at Waffle House.

      So why is any discount offered by a business? It’s offered as a marketing tool to encourage a particular demographic to shop there. The business does this as a way to increase sales. It’s considered a mutual benefit for both the business and the shopper who is receiving the discount. In the case of a military discount, the business also gets good PR by claiming to support the people who are/have served our country. It’s a big flag waving thing in the wake of the 9/11 attacks.

      The problem in this latest discussion on Home Depot is that they are deceptively offering a military/veteran discount to pull people into the stores. Folks are thinking that they can go to Home Depot for the 10% discount. However, Home Depot isn’t making it clear that their discount excludes a lot of items. You can contact their corporate offices and if you bug them enough, they will give you a detailed explanation of their military discount. But they’re very reluctant to let the public know the specifics. I want Home Depot to be transparent to everyone as to their military discount policy.

      Instead of misleading potential customers, it would be better if they didn’t offer any discount at all. At least they wouldn’t be deceiving people with a conditional promise of a discount. But then they couldn’t wave the flag and claim to be doing their part in the war on terror.

  80. Lowe’s Military Discount Policy is totally different that Home Depot’s. Lowe’s has no limit on their 10% military discount. Home Depot used to limit the discount to $500; however, that has been changed and their policy has been removed from online viewing.

    Lowe’s policy extends to any veteran receiving VA benefits and with a valid Veteran Identification Card (VIC). Home Depot requires the words “SERVICE CONNECTED” under the picture. You don’t have to be disabled to get the military discount at Lowe’s.

    I don’t understand why Home Depot has a different military discount policy. Lowe’s is their direct competitor and they are always willing to match their prices, but not their military discount policy. It doesn’t make any sense. This causes a lot of resentments in the veteran community with some members feeling discriminated. In addition, now Home Depot goes out of its way to hide their military discount policy. This adds fuel to the fire of the already existing resentment from the affected veterans.

    I used to be a faithful customer of Home Depot, but not anymore. As a veteran with no “SERVICE CONNECTED” injury, I want to take advantage of the 10% military discount, so I now shop at Lowe’s. Thanks to the internet, if Home Depot has a better price on any particular item, I just show it to Lowe’s and I end up with the discounted price plus my 10% military discount. It’s like getting the best of both worlds.

    There is no need to boycott Home Depot, just shop at Lowe’s. Hopefully, sooner or later, they’ll get the message and come to their senses to match Lowe’s military discount policy.

  81. Guy if you are in the State of New York, you can now have veteran place on your driver license. All you have to do is go to DMV with your DD214 and they will place veteran on it. It is real good for guys that didn’t do 20 yrs and don’t have an I.D, and instead of walking around with your DD214.

  82. I have a county issued veteran ID card. I had to bring in my DD-214 to get it. I tried to use my card for the discount at Lowe’s in Gaylord, MI yesterday. My card was rejected, because I didn’t qualify. I wasn’t a veteran at Lowe’s yesterday. Apparently, I’m only a veteran on Independence Day, Memorial Day, and Veteran’s day at Lowe’s. Apart from that, my prior military service isn’t good enough. What’s next: only Congressional Medal Of Honor recipients get veteran status at Lowe’s & Home Depot?

  83. Okay guys, you have to help yourself. Lowes and Home Depot have a list of accepted cards at each register.
    County and Veteran State credentials are not on there. Some stores may honor it and that is great!
    Check the list and get the proper card. Not bitching you guys out, but work the system in your favor.

    I got my VA card from the VA hospital. You don’t actually need to be using the VA for your medical. You just have to qualify for the card. All Veterans qualify for the card! And actually some benefits.

    I have had my card for years now and have saved thousands of dollars by now! Its a good deal! I have rebuilt my kitchen, bought new appliances. Bought a UTV at Home Depot. All 10% off. Granite counter top was on sale, I got it plus the 10%! My wife wont go shopping without me…..LOL

    Again, help yourself! Forget what they wont accept, get the card they will accept and start making “money”.

    Also, Lowes give me 10% every day on everything!

    Home Depends on the store.

    Get your VA ID card NOW.

    THANK YOU Lowes and Home Depot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good luck Guys.

    US Army 65-68
    Duty, Honor, Country

  84. This policy is crap! A Vet is a Vet!! If you servered in the US Armed Forces, you were honorably discharged, you are a Vet. We signed our name and took an oath. That is for ever, there’s no experation date.
    Someone that has never severed can get a discount as a dependent. But I only get a discount just a few days of the year!? I have nothing but RESPECT for all Vets. I think This policy is discriminates against a whole lot of us Veterains.

  85. I work at a Lowe’s and my husband has been active duty for 17 years. There are some days just at my register I probably do about 20 military discounts. Our store takes everything from active duty IDs, DD-214 to an American Legion card, Veterans ID, military IDs from 40 years ago, dependant IDs, etc… I’m pretty sure this is not the norm for every district.
    I do get at least one person a day here and there trying to use an ID that is not even theirs. Or people use them for a friend or to buy a butt ton of stuff for thier business. That is the intended reason for the discount. Lowe’s is a private company that is trying to honor people who served, but there are sadly people who take advantage of the discount. Also, each district can lessen the restrictions of the basic company rules. The discount is a kindness and a gift, not a right.
    Listen to US Army Bill up there too! 🙂

  86. OR…we can be grateful for what we get, however small or infrequent it may be. These companies do not owe us anything nor are they forced to offer these services. We went into the military for all the wrong reasons if our biggest gripe is an entitled piddly discount. You serve your country regardless if you come home to appreciative companies or not. More often than never, the discounts given go leaps and bounds above what the poor employees even get. I’ve witnessed grown men yell at young cashiers over 30 cents that they “earned” for their career choice. These discounts are privileges; not rights. A company is free to choose the parameters of their discounts and what they will and will not offer. This is America, Inc. Unfortunately, it all comes down to the almighty dollar. I’m grateful these companies offer anything at all. Go into a Walmart, Costco, K-Mart, etc. and ask for a discount. You’ll find yourself with egg on your face demanding a discount. This is not to discourage our fellow men and women. I have just seen too many give the military a bad name by their childish actions. GBA.

  87. SGT James.

    I am grateful for what I get and don’t expect anything. A smile and handshake would be nice. I do try to support my fellow Veterans when I can.

    With all due respect, here is the point I think you are missing. Both companies get great advertizing and good will from their Military Discount Policy. The fact that they owe us nothing is not relevant if they get a benefit from offering these discounts. And in my humble opinion they do in fact get a benefit. And in no way shape or form are they losing money on Veterans Discount.

    And this applies to Home Depot only. They advertize Veteran Discount, but in fact it is not for all Veterans, every day and it is not for every item.They rejected me for trying to buy plywood. So they should advertize Veterans Discount except for plywood!

    My point is that they get the advertizing and good will benefit, so it is not a unilateral benefit to the Veterans only. It is in fact a mutual Benefit.

    As to the Boorish, Obnoxious ones that create a scene. Next time you see that happen, go up to the cashier, show them your Veterans ID and say ” I am truly sorry, on behalf of all Veterans everywhere, for that persons behavior. And thank you for doing your job.”

    US Army 65-68
    Duty, Honor Country

  88. Bill,

    Thank you and I agree. I apologize if I myself came off boorish. At the local Lowe’s I frequent in northern Virginia, I see and hear poor examples by fellow servicemen (and women). Perhaps the area I am in is having a rougher go at it. I’ve talked to some employees from time to time and most say they are bound by the policies put in place by corporate directors. With the ever-constant fear of being fired, the employees are stuck trying to provide a service, be fair, yet stick to the policies they are told to enforce.

    On a side note, I recall a conversation with a young employee telling me there is an influx of customers with “military” IDs seeking the discount. Upon further inspection, these are military contractors and civilians trying to use the discount. While their work is important, can they truly consider themselves veterans? This “dishonesty” has led to more scrutiny in the inspection of IDs. I am unaware if this has been happening nationwide, but shame on those trying to exploit this benefit just because they step foot on a base or have clearance. When the junk hits the fan, they are not the ones to step up to the plate, but I digress. I am not 20-year career military so I wait to make my big purchases during the big three of the year. I am happy to get what I get and wish others would play nice. I am not diminishing the service given by any veteran. Time served is time served, but if HD and Lowe’s feel they have to set the cut-off at some point, I feel we should respect it. Nevertheless, thank you all for your service and thank you Bill for your words of wisdom. GBA

  89. Sgt James,
    Thanks for your thoughtful response.
    With honest conversation we all learn something and realize we are not that far apart.

    I was not aware of the abuse by contractors and wannabes. That is a bad situation and I have no idea what we can do to rectify that.
    Smarter minds may figure it out….;)

    Thanks again and Thank You for your Service to this great country!
    In the words of our Marine Corp Brothers………Semper Fi.

    US Army
    Duty, Honor, Country.

  90. Question , 1. If You served during war time you don’t qualify from 1960 – 1975 period considered a Vietnam / Era Veteran .
    2. Even tho your Pa State drivers license is marked Veteran with US Flag . You don’t owner our service . ?

  91. Happy Veterans Day to all my Veteran Brothers and Sisters!
    Happy Anniversary US Marine Corps!

    Let us remember those that gave that last full measure of devotion. God Bless them.

  92. many stores advertise veteran discounts , but the facts are this is not true. If you served your country in time of war , and are not disabled or active military you get no discount. the term veteran is a false term used to make like these stores , do care about people that took the sacrifice for the protection of this country. I myself served 6 full years during the Vietnam war so I do not qualify as being a veteran to most all stores that advertise this policy…

  93. J CAT.

    With all due respect and in an attempt to help. Read my previous posting. Below.
    You are not correct. LOWES, Pep Boys, Advanced AUTO, to name a few, honor ANY VETERAN by offering a discount.
    Chilis and Applebees give you a free lunch on Veterans Day.
    Having said that, you have to have some proof as required by the store. Again see my earlier posting below.
    To give you an example of the good intentions of Applebees. One of the proofs of service for Applebees is a PICTURE OF YOU IN UNIFORM! How much more could they do to get you a free lunch!

    Again, with all due respect to a fellow Veteran. You have got to make an effort on your own part.

    Please continue reading.

    October 25, 2014 at 7:32 pm

    Okay guys, you have to help yourself. Lowes and Home Depot have a list of accepted cards at each register.
    County and Veteran State credentials are not on there. Some stores may honor it and that is great!
    Check the list and get the proper card. Not bitching you guys out, but work the system in your favor.

    I got my VA card from the VA hospital. You don’t actually need to be using the VA for your medical. You just have to qualify for the card. All Veterans qualify for the card! And actually some benefits.

    I have had my card for years now and have saved thousands of dollars by now! Its a good deal! I have rebuilt my kitchen, bought new appliances. Bought a UTV at Home Depot. All 10% off. Granite counter top was on sale, I got it plus the 10%! My wife wont go shopping without me…..LOL

    Again, help yourself! Forget what they wont accept, get the card they will accept and start making “money”.

    Also, Lowes give me 10% every day on everything!

    Home Depends on the store.

    Get your VA ID card NOW.

    THANK YOU Lowes and Home Depot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Good luck Guys.

    US Army 65-68
    Duty, Honor, Country

  94. I am a disabled Vietnam Vet so I’m used to being cheated.If you don’t know the story on that first statement I think you should check history. I feel Home Depot did just that they dishonored my service by not giving me the $37 installation special and the Veteran discount. Home Depot has a special for a $37 installation if your purchase is greater than $400.This special was over Veteran’s Day. My purchase came to over $1000. However I was denied the 37$ installation because I am a disabled veteran. They did give me the veteran’s discount but they did not give me the installation special that they will give any draft dodger, felon, illegal alien, foreign national and others that do not have to serve in the armed forces. Well! my carpet will be installed in the next few weeks but I’ll bet I’ll never buy from HD again. Thanks Home Depot for “saying thanks” to the vets that gave body parts for your freedom. Giving thanks to vets by taking something else away is a thanks you could only expect from someone like Hanoi Jane Fonda.

  95. I have never had a problem with Lowes. You get the 10% on top of sales prices/other discounts. Just bought a freezer a week ago on sale and got the 10% military discount on top of that. Two days ago, I bought $88 worth of electrical supplies at Home Depot and got 60 cents discount. When I went to the service desk, they handed me a sheet that says Home Depot doesn’t offer the military discount on certain SKUs. Of course you do not know what will not qualify until after you paid full price. I will no longer shop at Home Depot. Lowes has my business from hear on out.

  96. I have taken my business to the local hardware store, where they have the answers to most all of my questions! I have found on most occasions, all Lowe’s and Home Depot employees know how to say is ” I don’t know” !

  97. Home Depot is a joke. I went it to purchase a 4×4, box of screws, duct tape, & a sheet of plywood. I showed my military ID & they said “we do not offer a military discount on building materials” well that could be just about the whole store. Home Depot does not do the 10% off but in turn donate materials for homeless veterans shelters. needless to say I no longer shop there & don’t ever plan to shop there again. THANK YOU LOWES for your support! by the way I live in an area with 5 military installations in a 20 mile radius of my home.

  98. I work for Lowes in Florida and I tell ALL Vets, regardless of when they served or for how long, that they can and will get their 10% discount. That’s anytime ANY purchase ! Please let all Vets know this is Lowes policy.

  99. Some of these comments are unbelievable. The HD and Lowes policies are pretty clear on who does and does not get the 10% discount yet those who do not fit within the policy scream that somehow their service is being denigrated. Neither of these corporations had to offer any discount at all, yet they did to some veterans all the time and to all veterans some of the time. It’s obvious that many have not taken time to even read the policies or they would understand that their VFW card or their driver’s license with a “V” on it would not suffice. Read the policy. If you are eligible then present the required ID and hope you get the discount. If you are refused the discount for any reason then act responsibly and just make the purchase or ask to speak with the manager for a policy clarification. The companies do not OWE any of us the discount. If you’ve been cheating on the policy and the store let you get away with it then you are ahead but don’t start yelling when a store employee actually knows and enforces the correct policy. It’s you that is in the wrong when you are outside the policy and demanding a discount, not the employee. I appreciate the service of all my fellow veterans but I’m flat out embarrassed by some of the comments I’ve read on this string. Each of you learned to follow regulations within the military yet you expect an employee of one of these stores to go outside the rules to accommodate your desires. Stop embarrassing your fellow veterans with this entitlement attitude. You are not entitled to any discount.

  100. The state of Arizona issues their drivers license with the word VETERAN printed in large letters. They require documentation of military service.
    My service dates from the Koren War and I am curious if it is generally accepted that these drivers license are accepted for discounts? I found on-line
    that other states offer this documentation.

  101. Roger,
    That varies with the company. You can tell what LOWES and HOME DEPOT require above. I always use my VA ID card and it works everywhere.

    As an example though, Applebees would accept a picture of you in uniform as proof of service, for their Veterans Day free lunch!

    Do yourself a favor, get the VA card, you dont have to use the health facilities. But why not get your prescriptions for $9? As a bonus. Very few health plans can beat that!

    Merry Christmas to all my fellow VETERANS.

    U.S. Army 65-68
    Duty, Honor, Country.

  102. Last year I remolded my house spent over $2,000 at Home Depot and saved over $200 with the 10% discount plus credit on everything I returned they did have to get a OK from the manager for that large of a purchase — Thanks Home Depot from a customer in Phx. Ariz.

  103. This article needs another update. Home Depot has recently changed their discount policy, now only certain items are eligible for a military discount. There is no policy published on their corporate webpage that I could find, but the way that the manager in my local store explained it was that they excluded commodity items (lumber, plumbing supplies, electrical supplies) from the discount due to their low margins and because some contractors were abusing the military discount. There was no exact list, but I’m joining the others above that said they’re taking their business to Lowe’s – even thought the Home Depot is closer to my house, I can’t be bothered trying to figure out if I might get a discount or not, I’m just going where I know I’ll get it.

    • Lowe’s has the same written policy as HD but it appears that MOST Lowes do not adhere to it. Like I said – every military person, every Veteran, every day of the year – 10%. Of course they do have certain restrictions re type of items, limits, etc.
      We have had some lively (ahem) discussions about HD’s discount policy. For the most part it appears that Lowe’s still honors all Veterans and current Military every day with a 10% discount. HD, however, changes store by store – hour by hour.
      You are all welcome to share your experiences on our page.

  104. Joe,
    That policy, written or not has been in effect for at least five years. I know they rejected me for plywood.
    I always shop Lowes first. But, hey, I will take my discount wherever I can get it. Home Depot gave me 10% on the BULLDOG UTV last year. That saved me $420!

    So, do your research and enjoy what you get, wherever you get. I just found a SONIC drive in restaurant that gives 10%. I am a happy man.

    U.S. Army

    Duty, Honor, Country.

  105. Printing Host….
    Thanks for the update on HomeDepot, now how about Lowes???
    ha ha ha…..
    Always hesitate before you push the SEND BUTTON!

    • Lowe’s has the same written policy as HD but it appears that MOST Lowes do not adhere to it. Like I said – every military person, every Veteran, every day of the year – 10%. Of course they do have certain restrictions re type of items, limits, etc.

  106. Lowe’s has the same written policy as HD but it appears that MOST Lowes do not adhere to it. Like I said – at Lowes – every military person, every Veteran, every day of the year – 10%. Of course they do have certain restrictions re type of items, limits, etc.
    We have had some lively (ahem) discussions about HD’s discount policy. For the most part it appears that Lowe’s still honors all Veterans and current Military every day with a 10% discount. HD, however, changes store by store – hour by hour.
    You are all welcome to share your experiences on our page.

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