Leonard Martinez, Special Forces Ghost Recon Fraud, Busted And Blames It On Typos



We were contacted by some “Long Tabbers” about this guy, Leonard Martinez a few days ago. He was in one of their groups, making all types of claims, all of which we observed.

Several SF guys began to call him out on his claims, asking him who he served with, and his ODA. Of course he just kept beating around the bush, trying to not answer their questions directly.

So one of them asked him to meet with him and bring is DD214, he would also bring his, he would verify the “Q” course and all would be well.

So Leonard agreed to meet him at Fort Bragg, on POW/MIA Recognition day at 1400hrs. Although this whole time Leonard is making threats towards the SF guy, telling him how he is going to “Beat his ass”, when they meet.

It was not long before Leonard emailed us on the Stolen Valor page, asking for our help. We told him to send us what he had in order for us to Vet him, he then told us he was not SF, he was Air Force/Air National Guard, but he did serve with some SF during Desert Storm. He wanted us to mediate between the SF guys and him to work something out..

So they told us to have Leonard come back into the group and apologize to everyone he had offended. He agreed, and went back into the group, but instead of taking responsibility for his claims, he blamed it on typos and miss understandings. So this only pissed them off even more, and sorry Leonard, but you blatantly claimed to have been a long tabber, and served in 5th Group.

The below photo is from 2011, so he has made these claims for a long time.



Here are some screenshots where we tried to mediate between the SF guys and Leonard to negotiate an agreement.


As you can see above, this is where he threatens to beat the SF guy “to death”. For some odd reason, I can not see that happening.





Capture7 Capture8

So Leonard never showed at Fort Bragg to meet with the SF guy, he claimed at one point he was stuck in traffic, which was not the case, he was still in New Mexico.

So even after hours of trying to get Leonard to do the right thing, he continued to say it was all typos. The guys asked him to post a public apology on his personal FB profile, so that all his friends could see it. He did it, then deleted his profile right after he posted it.

In the photo below, Leonard claims to have been a member of  Delta company 1st Battalion 5th Special Forces group(Ghosts). Only one problem, this unit does not exist, it was a fictional unit created for Tom Clancy’s game “Ghost Recon”

In the series, the player is in charge of a fictional, newly conceived squad of U.S. Army Special Forces soldiers from Delta Company, 1st Battalion, 5th Special Forces Group (5th SFG) stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. Except for the “1st Battalion, 5th SFG” designation, this unit is entirely fictional, as Special Forces Battalions currently only support three Companies (A, B and C). They are often referred to as “the Ghosts”



The following photos were taken from his profile, they go back as far as 2011. Thanks to Scotty from Offenders Exposed for some of the screenshots from Leonard’s profile.

Ranger/SF Claims

Ranger/SF Claims

In the above photo he claims to be a retired SF Soldier from 5th Group as well as a Ranger, this was from 2012. Kind of hard to believe this was some sort of typo.


This comment was made when the SF guys began to call him out, and he agreed to meet one of them at Fort Bragg to be vetted.


Here he was invited to a secret group of vetted SF members, to which he declined, saying he visits his team mates personally. Although the real reason is he knew he would not pass the vetting process.


Again, another typo I presume?


Here he claims to have been in Combat, not once, not twice, but four different times.



He claims the person above is him, wearing the beret and flash of SF.


So after several days of speaking with this guy, and the Long Tabbers trying to get him to vet himself, and even give his ODA, he finally admits to us that he was only attached during DS/DS in the early 1990’s.

He sent me copies of his documents, and we verified he was never SF, never attended the “Q” course, and never went to Ranger school. His documents show he was Air Force/Air National Guard for his entire career as an 81150- Security Specialist, basically an MP. He did deploy in support of Desert Shield/Desert Storm, so he gets credit for all that.

So once this took place, we told him he needed to man up and admit he lied and claimed accolades that he never earned. He agree, but as we said above, he never fully apologized. He only tried to make excuses, and I told him, no excuses, you must have some integrity and admit what you did!

He decided deleting his facebook account was a better answer. So he is now on the SF Poser radar, and the “Quiet Professionals” will be watching for him to show up on the radar again.

We were in the SF group as this took place, monitoring the comments and figure he would come to us. Then he goes on to tell them that we vetted him, of course they knew that was not true as we were in comms with them as well.

So he quit responding to all messages, and did not follow through with what he told them he would do. I am sure he will come back around soon, and if history serves us right, he will continue his claims.

Thanks to all the SF guys that contributed to the outing of this poser. Maybe one day they will realize that their lies will eventually catch up to them.


What are your thoughts?
148 comments on “Leonard Martinez, Special Forces Ghost Recon Fraud, Busted And Blames It On Typos
  1. Good job guys. It was quite interesting and entertaining for those of us not actually involved in the dialogue with this POS poser to read what was happening practically in real time. It does make a heart feel warm and fuzzy to be so idolized for what one has accomplished in Spec Ops that so many desperately want to share in the real thing instead of simply playing Call of Duty.

    Isn’t that cute.

      • Maybe so, Mike but, I highly doubt anyone from any Unit that is not known about will be walking around telling everyone and their mothers about it. And if they do, they should be slapped in their face for not only putting themselves, but those they served with and their families in harms way. Pointing something like that out when this guys is obviously in need of attention does absolutely nothing but make you look silly.

  2. This shit is getting so tiresome, i don’t even know how ya’ll are doing it over and over again. Doesn’t it just boil your blood that people pretend to be veterans? Even worse, a man who served honorably now shamed himself because his service wasn’t good enough for himself.

    • That’s what I don’t understand. If you served, why the hell do you claim stuff you never did? I was a Marine POG and I would never claim to be otherwise. Someone who served should know they would get called out. It’s almost worse when one of your own betrays the group.

      • Randall, I’m with you. I did back to back tours in ‘Nam as an advisor to the RVN Coastal Patrol Force and River Assault Groups…no Seals, no Special Forces, no Marine Recon just a Navy advisor. Now I’m proud of what I did and have a great deal of respect for those in the afore-mentioned groups. I cannot understand why someone who served would feel it necessary to embellish their record of service. I once told a vet who commented that “all I did was work in transportation for two years, I’m not really a vet”…If you put on the uniform (as the Brits say, “took the king’s shilling”), went where you were needed and did what your country asked of you, then you are indeed a vet and should be proud of your service! We can respect those with special abilities and training without demeaning ourselves by lying about our service…end of sermon, sorry about that but it gets me riled up…

  3. Utmost respect for all the real SF troops out there. Was on a FOB with them during my deployment, even visited them once. Would NEVER dream of saying I was one of them, as these troops are hardcore. Good job catching the posers!

  4. Some people need to learn. If you served you served. You do not have to lie about what your job was. Just be proud of what you did and don’t take from others and use our for your gain. Thank you for all your do too keep people in line.

  5. What a blowhard, the biggest insult is to the unit he actually served with. He’s basically saying that their service wasn’t honorable enough to be proud of, so he is going to claim to be a bad ass special forces operator.

    • Well said sir. I proudly served 12 years as a Security Specialist in the Security Police (before being renamed Security Forces), as this loser did. I don’t feel I need to feel any shame for my service, that I contributed as much as anyone of the hard chargers did for our country.

    • Exactly I’m an ANG 2A651 Aerospace propulsion technician, its not combat related or all hardcore but I am mother lovin proud of what I do. To me its on eof the most bad ass jobs out there and gives me an incredible sense of accomplishment when I see a jet take off and I know that at some point I may have had a hand in keeping that bird in the air.

  6. Hey guys, maybe a “Poser” tab can be created, and every poser outed by SV should get one. Of course a patch and DUI [Distinctive Unit Insignia] would accompany it. As many posers have been outed by now, I’m guessing they would make at least a platoon sized element.

    • sf is 18x right? i just joined the army from the marine so i’m still working out how the MOS stuff works for you all. i was 0311 and the way it works is the first two numbers = field of specialty 03=infantry and the last two numbers denote what you did in that field 11= rifleman 21=recon etc… but how do the MOS markers work in the army? as a 19D I’m a Cav. scout but how does this numbering/lettering work?

      • James! Welcome to the Army! SF MOS are all 18 series (except the Warrant Officers which are 180As). They alpha component identifies the specialty i.e. 18E Commo (which is what I was), 18B Weapons, 18C Demo, 18D Medic… We also have Intel and Ops which are 18F and 18Z… The 18F and 18Z were formerly one of the other MOSs and are likely the current Team Sargent…

        • Setting the record straight, 18C is Engineer. Demo is only part of the job they do. 18Z is also a Sergeant Major.

          Bob Zornes, 18Z5F1

  7. People like that is the very reason that when returning home, a veteran, a combat veteran has a hard time adjusting, finding jobs, and is almost not worth putting you are a veteran on any resume. I am an 11B, Iraq 03-04, 1AD 2BCT, if I had even more attributes than that then I wouldn’t hesitate to prove. Also it seems that the posers are usually AirForce or national guard, wtf is wrong with these POGs?

    • I was stationed at Fort Bragg from 01-04 with A Co 1st Psyop BN as a Psychological Operations Specialist (active duty) and in 2008-12 was Army National Guard A Co 2-151 INF deployed to Afghanistan from 2009-10. I was tasked to participate in Robin Sage three times while at Ft Braggand loved every minute I had to run alongside these special operators, and when these POG-ass mufo’s claim audie murphy-esque status it pisses me off. These SF guys bust their asses not for the glory but for the “family” and that’s why its so easy to spot the posers, cause all they want to do is tell stories…. I have a few stories, and they all start with: No shit, there I was balls deep in the war on terror…..

    • I was a 12B did 2 tours. Jan-Dec 05 and Aug 07-Jun 08 as route clearance. I was National Guard. The problem is not the unit. Or the branch. But the person. A snake is a snake. I was only ever a specialist but I was no fobbit and served in Ramadi so my combat patch is the 1st or 2nd Marine Division because I earned it.

      • I’m a little confused by your comment if you were national guard how do you get marine patches? I was a marine with 3/3 and I’m nat grd now so I’m still working out how the army does this cross branch stuff.

  8. As a retired SF (Security Forces USAF) i get so tired of the posers who think that just becasue they can say SF it means they guys that go out and do the real tough jobs. Makes us lok bad and degrads them that do.

    • Exactly why I never abbreviate Security Forces as SF, I always use SFS. I never want to be mistaken as something I wasn’t. Because I’m very proud of the shit I did and of those I served with (well most of them).

  9. I dont always claim to be SF but when I do I call out a real Snake Eater lol what a lame ass little bitch. I have a close friend thats SF so this shit really pisses me off it disgraces all the dedication and blood these guys go thru to earn the Tab. Just my .02 cents

    • My Brother-in-Law J. Towery and his buddy Pittman were 5th Group at Fort Campbell Pittman was KIA in Afghanistan just after he got out and went contractor. I just Retired from Fort Campbell back in April for Service connected injuries during my 3 tours to Iraq and this guy really pisses me off. I was just a POG and never went off the FOB but as a 92Y I did everything I could to assist those that did. This guy was a rivet counter on some AFB and claims to be so much more what a Douche.


      J. Bacon
      SSG, USA

        • Ha! The Red Carpet! lol Crockpots with BBQ wieners, stale draft beer and slutty chics! I miss that place! I am not sure if it is still there or not. Last time I was there was in 99.

  10. Side note: There is a D Co. 1st Bn 5th SFG(A)…. it is the support company for the battalion. Full of mechanics, parachute riggers, cooks, and the sorts. I was in HSC 1/5 for two deployments with 1/5. People like this Martinez fellow give me great entertainment.

    • I’m a civilian contractor that is the SASMO support for 5th SFG and 160th SOAR there at Campbell, and when I read this, I actually started laughing because he so blatantly lied about the unit he was part of. Some people never learn.

  11. I don’t understand why anyone would embellish their service. I am proud to say that I entered the service in 06 as an E fuzzy and worked my tail off to make it through BCT as a 37 year old female. I served my country honorably and was medically retired rhis past July. I didn’t get to deploy and my first duty station was in Korea. I see no shame in not having bragging rights to a deployment. If I could have deployed, as a 74D L4 I’m pretty damn sure I would have been stuck on a FOB doing pretty much the same job I have done for 6 years 11 months and 16 days. Sitting behind a desk filing AR15’s. if you served, you served. Your part of the 1%. Be proud of the service you have given your country and allow your country to be proud of you!
    Spc. Morrison
    US Army Retired

    • I agree. Be proud of what you accomplished. I fixed planes in the Navy. I did not garnish any combat awards, but I kept those birds flying, and hopefully because of my work. I may have saved a lot of jarheads

    • I was a 74D (got the L4 later) in my deployment in 2005. I was considered an “extra” lol, so they gave me a SAW and put me in a humvee turret escorting TCN’s and BN escorts.

  12. Again I can not understand this- smdh…… Why not just be proud of what he really did, and the honor to be attached to an SF Group. During my most recent deployment, we,(as MP’s) were attached to SOCOM-JC as their Guard Force, (specifically 75th Rangers because that’s who was mostly there-although being SOCOM-JC there were other SF groups in and out from time to time). I have never been so honored, (especially as an Army Guard MP) than to get the opportunity to serve with and guard these great men as they carried out their missions. And to have the honor of being awarded their patch as our combat patch is a career high for me. I am so proud of that, but whenever anyone asks after seeing the combat patch- I quickly explain, (with pride) that no I’m not SF- I am not Airborne, and then I explain,(without giving away anything classified) that my company were MP’s attached to these wonderful people to serve as their guardforce, (to include working as PSD,QRF etc. for the camp). And what an honor it was to be with them, and to learn from them. I hope everyone of these sorry ass posers gets what they deserve, for not being honest and making the rest of us who have had the honor of being attached for a deployment or mission look like asses.- War

  13. Not just anyone can be Special Warfare. Those who take that extra step are willing to do things and never get a pat on the back for it. Its amazing that some will take credit for things they never had the intestnal fortatude to do in the first place. I got to work with JSOC in Iraq back in the day, I regret not trying out for SF.

    • I was actually inspired by the people we worked with on my deployment to do exactly that and try out- but I just found out that I am too old- I’m 32 and 30 is the cut off. Sux I didn’t try sooner- but I will still take pride in having worked with them and like I said, what I learned from them will stay with me always and was incredible, and the opportunity to learn from the best is beyond incredible. To say nothing of having the honor of working with them and keeping them and their work secured,

  14. I will have to hand this off to my brother who works for APD to keep an eye for him…being that it is very possible he has made claims that resulted in him benefitting from them at some point and it is a Federal offense and all…

    • it is also a crime to plan an attack on anyone no matter the reason. we r state side so act like you have more sense and honor. yall sound like the KKK r Black Panthers going on a raid. and no i wasnt in the military but my father and brothers was USMC, AF and Navy. i have congestive heart failure so i wasn’t allowed to join.but id say let him be a poser in the end he knows he was lying and didnt accomplish all he said. he will lose all that is dear to him for it in time when they see who and what he really is. So be Proud of what yall have accomplished and move on. And also would like to Thank all that served and fought for our Freedoms. now i only hope we dont lose them with how our Great Nation is being run.

      • No offense but it is apparent that you have never served. Your father and brothers will be the first to tell you that when you claim to be part of something where many have died leaving behind family and friends to defend their honor, it will come in the form of what you see as KKK or Black Panthers going on a raid. The reality is that these posers deserve every nasty phone call and email thrown their way. Though most of us dont wish physical harm on these clowns, they deserve nothing less than a a door slammed in their face at every turn from there on out. Seems harsh? Then use what brain you have and don’t claim to be part of something where there are nothing but Type-A personalities. If you cant take the fall out from lying through your teeth about being part of something like that then maybe you should have thought about it beforehand.

  15. This knuckle head is a joke and an embarrassment to those Airman who have, and continue to serve proudly in the Security Forces (defensor fortis) career field. 1st. graduating from Silver Flag Alpha is no big deal and it does not get you any special patches or accolades. Second, Todd on September 21, 2013 at 5:07 pm, check yourself bud, there are plenty of Army/Guard and other service member who make outlandish claims as well. I served active duty both in the Army and Air force and in the ANG as a Security Forces (SF) member, and i have had the pleasure to serve with real SF types and SOCOM units and have been decorated and SSI (combat patched) by both. I have known posers in all service branches and this idiot is just that and does not deserve the amount of time spent on these blogs.

    • I have worked with SEAL Team 3 on a few minor things in Ramadi Iraq. But, that is because we were working with the Marines and when we were with the SEALs we werent doing any “secret squirrel” shit lol. Im not afraid to say I was Army National Guard, I was lucky enough to get to even be around a SEAL Team…even if it was only a few times.

    • Exactly brother, our career field has gotten a lot shit but we’ve been there in the middle of many things. No other career field in any branch of service has as had to adjust and be successful in such a wide variety of requirements. We’re grunts, Presidential support, nuke security, antiterrorism, waterway security, pointmen (K9) for Marines and Army infantry units, our guys have combat jumps, Air Assault, Sniper Schools and the list goes on and on. Our career field was even recognized as one of the most dangerous fighting forces by Spetznaz in the 80s because of our asymmetrical mindset. We have a career field to be proud of, what those guys did during the Tet Offensive it’s more than enough to be proud of.

  16. I knew this POS! I deployed with him when we were in the 150th Security Police Flight, NM Air National Guard, during Desert Shield & Desert Storm. I’m still friends with his former commander. I will be forwarding to him.

  17. surprised a few 82nd guys haven’t been busted we work with SF all the time… on base, deployed… we just bragg (pun haha im a dork) about being part of division and its good enough

  18. Funny how so many get SF=Special Forces and SF=Security Forces confused. Even the kids I work with now coming fresh out of 3POX1 tech school seem to have it backwards sometimes. May be easy to fool a few, but those of us who wore the Security Forces beret through rain, snow, bitter cold, blazing heat, blowing sand, detainee riots and endless weeks of SIOP/Force Generation exercises know the difference.

    • Eh I know of more than a few Security Forces guys who seemed to believe they were gods gift to the military…not saying it was all of you guys…but there were some…who thought SF meant Special Forces…they certainly acted like they were better than everyone. These particular ones never left the FOB though…so…there’s that.

      • sounds like some FAST marines i know traditionally it means fleet anti-terrorism security teams but with few of them ever deploying in a combat role they get alot of high speed training to stand around and do nothing… not their fault but it started afew good stories. thats why when they hit the fleet we call them the Fake Ass Seal Teams… haha

  19. My father was SF.. War the tab and the sword/lightning bolt. He was very proud of it. He however would never gloat, brag, or posture about it. Those that do.. are not members of an elite team that worked in secrecy on missions or blabbed about what they did. Till the day he died.. he never ever once told me anything during his time in. He did two years with the group. He wouldn’t even tell me which one… he then left it and went into military Intel. So for Mr. Martinez… and any others that gloat or brag…. Dude get a life.

  20. I started this thread and I am pleased that those of you that did serve respect yourselves and what you did in what is basically a team effort. 10% actually fight but it takes that other 90% to make it all happen. Be proud of your individual efforts.

    As for the asshole, I have made it my special duty to contact everybody in his town and send them this link. Because of how the internet works, evertyhing posted to his name will show up when somebody Googles him. That is righteous. Keep on posting, brothers and sisters.

      • If you had taken the time to follow the thread, youd see that he has already admitted lying. We have his actual DD 214. Anything else you want to jump in on out of ignorance?

        By the by, ever heard the phrase “truth is an absolute defense”?

        But you’re welcome to pick up his mantle and drive on.

        • Mike Tucker, my God man… Do you say anything besides negative statements? Do you have anything to say about how much of a piece of crap this guy is? Every time I think Im done reading your ignorant comments (or maybe you do know how much of a jerk your making yourself out to be) almost defending this guy, another one pops up. I dont know if it was your father or brother that was a Marine but I do know they would slap you upside your head if they knew that your “THAT” guy in a pro-miitary thread that outs people that need to be outed.

  21. Wow, first I am just a civilian and have never been in our great military. I claim all of you as my brothers tho, cause you are My boys no matter what idiot in is the White House. I will stand by you thru all things that I can be there for. This clown is below all sorts of things on this ole planet and you gave him a chance to be forgiven in this massive lie he was telling and he passed? Wow. Good luck with that one Leonard M. Your toast

  22. Hey I got supplies for a Special Forces Major, while I was deployed in Iraq, does that Mean I’m a SF soldier, NOPE. But I did get the items they needed for their missions, and I am proud of that. I was asked if I would be interested in going to Jump School and become a Supply Specialist for them, but Jumping out of planes more brave thing then I could muster at the time.

  23. While I have seen people doing stupid stuff in my career as a MP it never dawned on me to attempt to say I was SF or even seeing people make that claim! Not only do I hold them in very high respects for not only going above and beyond the call of duty I would not want to piss them off and slander their way of life and chosen path. It boggles the mind why people would do this stuff nowadays in this digital age where you can verify and request records at a moments notice. I think they are all deserving of the Darwin Awards.

    McGee, Gary
    SSG (ret)

  24. This POS needs his ass kicked. As a former AFSP, I’m proud of the job we did and the guys I served with. He doesn’t even deserve to be associated with any military unit.

  25. I was an Air Force SP in Korea working a temporary duty assignment as a Military Customs Inspector. My team visited a Special Forces camp to help them with their US Customs paperwork and to inspect their baggage for return back to the states. Great bunch of guys I’ll never forget. Can I now claim to be an SF member? No, and I would never dream of it. I also worked with Marines in the Philippines, doesn’t make me one and I would never claim to be one. What a d-bag!

  26. what a POS good job guys ive been telling all my buddys about your site and what you guys do and they couldnt belive the things people say and do

  27. ya’ll are beating a guy to death, he wants a little piece of the hero-dom that is being awarded the rest of us, let this piece of shit rot in his kingdom of lies

    • Yup, tha’ts just exactly what we are doing. I suppose in your world of fighting as a g;ladiator in the Coliseum you’d have to stand with your sword at your opponents throat, waiting for the emperoor to give you a thumbs up or down.

      It doesn’t work that way in my world. No pussies permitted.

  28. Silver Flag Alpha is a fucking Air Force Security Forces (not Special Forces, we’re AF cops) pre-deployment course at Creech, NV. I wrote the fucking K9 curriculum and I am fully aware of the other courses curriculum. Ask that fuck what he learned there and I’ll pick him apart. I’ll put down money he is lying about that too.

  29. I know, I might be “just a dumb Wife”, but I think it’s so incredible how awesome y’all are working Hand in Hand to take Scumbags and Fakers like Him down. As Spouse it makes you mad, looking at your Hub, His Body and Mind rattled with Scars, but yet keeping it quietly in the back of His mind, NEVER bragging about his Awards but Dirtbags like this Guy are “calling” others out, even though they should know better!!! I would never claim anything on my Hubs Job (as in Wives r wearing Hubbys Rank BS) but I’m proud of my Hub that He gives 1000% and loves his Job and here are those Prolls, claiming something they might have heard of in Computer Games etc. I know you Guys hear it alot, but thanks for everything you do for our AD’s and Vets, who have been there and know, what it’s like to “EARN YOUR NAME” and live with the “dark Side of the Medal” for the rest of their Lives as well!! Thanx

  30. I, too served in the Air Force, and have nothing but respect for all the men and women in uniform, past and present, especialy the heroic members of the SF, who i can say are some of the best people i have ever had the privilege of working with. My specialty in the Air Force was weather, and even though i didnt have much contact with the valiant warriors of the SF, we all knew of them, and their sacrifices made to do the tough jobs that no one else could do. As a veteran and an American, Thank You for you service. As for the man taking credit for things he didnt do, shame on you….step up and take your honor back, if that is at all possible.

  31. Please Do not judge all USAF personal from this POS actions. I am a USAF brat, USAF Vet, Iraq civilian contractor, Thank All of You For Your Service and Self Sacrifice . I would like to talk to the POS myself and explain his failings to him.

    • SF in the army IS short for Special Forces… In the Air Force, SF is short for Security Forces….. hence where some of the confusion comes from when someone is unaware….

      • SF in most military branches denotes Special Forces. This asshat from the Air Force tried to pass himself off as Special Forces. There was no denouncing that. He said he was with the 5th Special Forces Group and was a Ranger AND is a disabled Army First Sergeant in a unit he wasn’t in. In fact, there’s no proof he’s ever been in the Army.

        • While Mike Tucker, you’re probably just one of those pissants, perhaps like your father, that doesn’t have anything better to do, either.

          I’ll put my career and life experiences against yours any day.

        • Mike Tucker, what have you done for this country lately?

          Until you’ve walked a mile in the1% of Americans shoes that have honorable served you are CLUELESS.

          It’s about having morals, and respect for those who have served honorably.

          I have friends that are no longer here, I also have friends that are missing limbs and are still serving.

          This turd was and still is claiming to be something he isn’t,

          I have more honesty and integrity in one of my pubic hairs than he has in his entire body and I’ll be damned if I’ll let him pose as one of us.

          By the way, I’m the SF guy that called him out and that he wanted to kill. Yea, like that was going to happen.

        • Oh look… Its another Mike Tucker Gem! You’re a D-bag man. If you don’t like whats on this site and what it is intended for (to educate others of the posers out there), then leave. You have nothing but negative things to say to the ones that HAVE fought for your rights, by defending those that claim they are something. They are nothing short of scum beneath my boot. You and people like you are exactly what is wrong with things today. You sit behind your keyboard and spew all your nonsense but I bet you come across vets all the time and never squeak a peep.

          • Don’t bother with him, he’s an air thief that probably still lives in his mom’s basement. Hopefully, his sage father was a man, unlike his his twit son.

          • I hear ya, Bob. It is just beyond frustrating to see how much effort these clowns put forth in defending these worthless people that were already given the opportunity to apologize and take back their fake claims before being outed on here. And its sad that the minority is what fuels change across the board in this ridiculously Politically Correct world we seem to live in today. My anger gets the better of me and when I see people like him. Someone that would never in a million years call anyone on here that is stating their opinions, ‘women folk’ to their faces. The ignorance alone in why we get so angry should earn him a slap upside his head.

  32. I wouldn’t pal around with hospital employees preending I was a physician if I wasn’t one (I’m not).

    We in Special Operations and even in the Army in general laothe those steal honor from those who earned it. That includes morons that wear Silver Stars and Medals of Honor. It’s incredible that they think they can’t be found out. Those are the easy ones to debunk. Once we learn they’ve lied, we give them opportunity to come clean. If they don’t, then it on and let go go the dogs of hell on them in their own communties and even have had television news crews confront them at their places of employment.

  33. ….Well Bob did you earn a Silver or Bronze star ? Of bulldog 1 , a hero I presume. I have 6 or 7 medals and ribbons. All earned from 1 operation.
    ……I find this site is not a Govt. site and is mainly a site fore those who can’t let go and find themselves searching for ” Recognition ” ……..

  34. Yep, been there and done that. Actually ribbons mean little anymore. Most are simply gimmes and “I was there” ribbons. When a Spec 4 can get four rows from two 6 months deployments it leaves one much to wonder.. The only ones to me that count are my Master Jump Wings and my CIB.

    I’m glad you found that this isn’t a government site. You should get a Bronze Star (who doesn’t have one anymore???) for that but it should obvious to anybody that it isn’t a government site. Your investigative skills need honing, jimmy6, or perhaps a course in critical reading and thought.

    Having said that, anymore time dealing with this is wasteful. I have unfinished work with Leonard and other imposters. I must say, though, that most of us feel a sort of humbleness yet pride that so many that wouldn’t or couldn’t go through the rigorous course to become Rangers or Special Forces, or SEALS would want to emulate those that of us that did

    Nothing further ….Out

    • My Dad and I served together in the 11th SPECIAL FORCES GROUP at the same time ..DAD FROM 1977-1984 when he passed away from cancer and Me from 1980-1988. There was also twin brothers from 11TH GROUP AT FT. MEADE. MY FATHER SERVED WITH THE 187TH AIRBORNE IN KOREA AND JAPAN AND HIS FATHER( MY GRANDFATHER) SERVED IN THE NAVY DUTING WWII. WHY LIE ABOUT YOUR SERVICE CAREER/ HISTORY. IT ALWAYS BITES YOU IN THE ASS….

    • Hahahaha, I don’t have a Bronze Star, I want one!!

      Screw these trolls, thank you all for attempting to keep the honor with those who earned and deserve it. Those trolls don’t get it, and won’t get it.

  35. ……Bob , you sound like a person who is a pretender in the worst way. Perhaps your military record’s and mind set need a closer examination. Maybe the answer will be found there.

  36. I’m pleased to see that you’re not some civilian asshat. I’m pretty hard to locate as I’ve taken active measures to keep my residential address concealed, given that I was an undercover narcotics investigator and law enforcement officer. Anything in my name goes to a PO Box and the residential address associated ith that isn’t mine anymore. If a person runs a proprietary database search (I use them all the ime to locate people), it will be quite confusing for them to locate me. I was served by a nut case once and the documents said that the person riding the pale horse of the four horsemen of the Apocalyse will slay me. I told her that was enough of a threat that if they came to my home, it would show a substantial step to excecute the threat and I’d shoot them on sight.

    Thank you for your service and Semper Fi.

  37. ..Yeah Bob I never meant too an assbag ,however I was taken aback by all the people that displayed a Purple Heart or Silver Star. I found myself getting mad. Those types of Medals and Awards are for those who gave it “All” in some way or in death.

  38. Agreed. Just FYI I am a retired Specail Forces Sergeant Major with combat service in Vietnam. I assist “outting” Posers and that’s what got me to this site. We’re currently working on a “doozie” right now. I’m sure you’ll see the results here in the next ten days to two weeks.

    Stay tuned.

  39. I was a Marine in Ramadi 04-05, think 2BCT was there then. If they fell under a Marine Div, they rate the Marine Div combat patch. Actually, they were pretty coveted, and the soldiers I worked with seemed to be proud to wear it, so I had the beef some did about Army wearing a MC patch. If he rated both 1st and 2nd, that sounds pretty rare. As lond as he rates it and respects it, which it sounds like he does, I say Semper Fi.

  40. So how can one go about contacting these” silent professionals” to ask him a question?
    I am curious to know if there is a special branch of the Green Berets that wears a black beret at all. It sounds dubious to me, but this fellow has a friend of mine very convinced that he is some sort of black ops assassin.

    • If you’re referring to the last picture of him, he’s wearing a navy blue Security Forces beret with what appears to be a USAF MAJCOM crest, which would fit with his being a USAF Security Force member (which he has since disgraced).

  41. Jim, the only way a Special Forces soldier would be wearing a Black Beret is if he was SF qualified and then went over to a Ranger Unit. He would then be wearing a black beret but would be authorized to wear the Special Forces Tab. No Special Forces units wear black berets.

    Hope this helps.

  42. I have never been embaresed of fellow soldiers , I will make sure that the fbi cybercrimes unit I worked for tells scotty the chump fck you, throught the ftc .you bunch of old lady fckn posers and I am the real deal. Fck the faggot ladies department of the navy.

  43. Hi scottie I and you are gonna just run in to each other, the little ladie fcks will get a visit from 2929 desert storm drive. You fckn jarhead worthless fck. Lets meet fuckfac3 and any fckn man who can stand up lets go I am the real deal you fckn marine wannabe. Fuck you I will curb stomp you faggot jarhead.

    • Are you the clown, Guardian of Valor outed? If so, you just put a huge smile on my face. So you also work for FBI cyber crimes? Thats impressive! Out of every comment on here, why Scotties? There is a ton of other great ones that rip this poser to pieces. If you are him, I can see why you would have your panties in a bunch. If not, it is very clear you know absolutely nothing about the Army. I am from the, how did you put it? Ladies department you speak of and even I can laugh at your ridiculous claims. I would say just be proud of whatever you did, but that is out of the question because you obviously feel inadequate at life. And if you were SF in any capacity, you would understand that theres no reason to trash another branch of service, being since the tough guys in the room never actually HAVE to prove that they are tough. Does that make sense? You dont hear them talking about the things they did but cant ACTUALLY tell you about it “because its classified” haha. They are quiet and professional. I respect all branches and Im a Marine combat vet. Pull your head out of your bum, bro. Theres obviously nothing but crap up there.

      And how can you go from talking about having your FBI cybercrimes unit go look into something when your very next post is talking about how you are going to curb stomp someone and you type like a 6th grader You sound like a 5 year old in a candy store thats not allowed to have any. Only you look 45 and the candy store is instead an internet forum where you can be a keyboard tough guy. Nobody likes a keyboard warrior man. Now go pull up your big girl panties and deal with the repercussions of your own actions…

  44. So lets play you sound like a pro, but a real pro doesnt talk the walk but does it bitch

    • If you dont click the button that says “reply” and you dont address you’re speaking to, people are going to assume you’re just a rambling idiot. Wait… too late for that. Sorry. Carry on!

  45. Let me get this straight. This jerk can cuss up a storm and call people out, but he’s always a no show and ain’t got any paperwork to show his service, but we, as professional soldiers, should believe him based on his patches and stories. Is that about right? Sounds legit. NOT!!!!!

    Either you have been there and can “prove it” or STFU.

    • But what kind of “professional” is even in forums talking about his glory or the things he has seen? Most people I know that were in and talk about all that, sat at a desk and never left the safety of the wire. They’re usually the ones with the most elaborate stories. This dudes just a clown and he knows it. He thinks by looking like a biker people will be find him to be scary. Curb stomping for instance. The dude cant see his feet, yet he thinks he can accurately see and stomp someone? Haha. Leanord’s a funny little tool. lol.

  46. Hey Scottie, the only place Leonard may run into you is in the chow line trying to make his way to the front of the line while drooling all over himself because we both know he doesn’t show up when someone confronts him. 🙂

  47. Damnit, I missed out on Fatboy on a Fatboy! Just because you have neither seen your dick, or your feet in 20 yrs does not mean you are a secret squirrel. You are a NO-GO at this and all stations!

  48. So this guy wants to take someone to court. Here’s his FOIA Release.


    You guys here at Guardian of Valor and those over at This Ain’t Hell do outstanding work.

    I agree with you, if what he did was so top secret why the heck is he talking about it so openly now?? Most of the TS stuff I dealt with, there is a 50 year wait before declassification.

  49. How idiotic.. I’m not even old enough to serve and I could figure out this guy was fake! My father went through Ranger school and earned his badges, sure as heck this idiot didn’t!

  50. Wow, I sure hope nobody calls me out when I claim that I earned my SHAMMER tab while I was in. I boldly did less in more time than most people do their whole lives. I earned my expert sleeper award, and slept through 12 years of Army service, and I was an elite killer with PowerPoint, I’ll tell you what.

  51. I am a combat veteran (not SF or Ranger) I was with a/2/503 (173rd Airborne. I am proud of my service and accomplishments, But I’m here to tell you that I couldn’t have survived if not for the support people in the rear. Their job is as important to a war effort as the rifleman. I think the reason most posers do it is they are cowards who dreamed about being in battle and were too scared to go. My comment about the importance of support personnel does not diminish the courage and bravery of our warriors on the front line. I fought many battles alongside of MANY true heroes.

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