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20 November 2016

By Elias.

“When you’re older, you will realize the only thing that matters, the only thing, is that you had courage and honor. Lose those things and you won’t die any quicker, but you’ll be less than the dirt on our boots. You’ll still be dust, but you’ll have wasted your short time in the light.”
― Conn Iggulden, Conqueror

Meet, Joyell “J.D.” RILEY, 41, indicted by a federal grand jury on a wire-fraud charge in June of 2016. An FBI investigation showed that 32 people sent a total of $3,515 to RILEY after she set up the fundraising page in November 2014.

RILEY represented herself on the site as a “highly decorated combat veteran” who served as a Captain in the U.S. Marine Corps, the indictment says. Prosecutors also say she tried to prove that she was a veteran by using white out to falsify a government form that says she was discharged from active military duty. Where do we begin, oh wait;






Those links up above should be a good start for the finer details. BLUF: RILEY claimed she was a former Marine Captain who was “stabbed in the Kidney during OIF.” RILEY then suffered a cancer diagnosis, how terrible. She started a GoFundme. Well meaning people raised thousands of dollars for her “treatment.” The largest demographic who supported her financially were authentic LGBT Veterans, who were duped by RILEY. RILEY never spent a day in uniform, ever. The feds finally got involved, and she was indicted by a Grand Jury for a plethora of crimes last year.

In June 2016 RILEY changed her plea of not guilty to guilty at Cleveland’s U.S. District Court. RILEY’s indictments were for wire fraud charge (collecting money through a GoFundMe page) while falsely claiming she had served in the military and was suffering from breast cancer.

“It’s better than fighting this whole thing in court,” RILEY said Monday of taking a plea bargain. “It’s easier to take the plea bargain and I just want to put all this crap behind me. It is what it is.” That’s her response, to defrauding thousands of people for thousands of dollars “It is, what it is.”

When asked whether she served in the military at any point or was treated for breast cancer at any point, she declined to comment. RILEY’s attorney, Adam Stone, said the next step in her case is a pre-sentencing investigation executed by the federal court in 2016.

Origins; from an ANON member of the ANON FB group RILEY once was member of:

“This is our timeline…from when JD joined the Veterans Group, to her fake cancer story…until she was called out and eventually she left the group…BUT, not before I was able to do a ton of research that disputed ALL her phony claims….and it goes a lil something like this…

The following statements are from the (ANON FB Group) Admin, Source 1.

“On or around Nov 1, 2014, I, as Group Admin for (ANON FB GROUP) admitted someone into our group who claimed to be “JD RILEY”, a USMC combat wounded veteran. In the initial private message to confirm her veteran status she replied to me that she was freshly out of the Corps and then she sent a copy of a DD214 which surprised me as NO ONE posts their personal info online.

Battle Shield and Valour Ribbon!!” BADASS!! Spectacular Bullshit.

                     USDA Certified forged fraudulent document.


















I gave it a very quick glance seeing “female, RILEY” and deleted it immediately. THAT was a big mistake of course now that we know. Approximately two weeks after joining our group RILEY settled in nicely and was very friendly sharing all types of military stories with the group.

On or about 11/14/14 RILEY posted a very lengthy informational post about her troubles with the VA and her local clinic denying coverage for many of her health “issues”. The group became actively involved in trying to support her then and she went on and on about being drunk and wanting to “end it all” to save her “son” and girlfriend from seeing her decline.

We offered many outlets for assistance including the DAV, AmVets, VFW, etc and she claimed all had denied assistance already. RILEY stated that she had some slim chance of hope in one surgery at the Ohio Health Center for her cancer but she needed money “just for the down payment” so she could “survive”

We were hooked as a group and started rallying around her further. (stupid old veterans) She advised that she needed at least $7500 within two weeks for the surgeon to schedule surgery. She then posted a link for a new GoFundMe which outlined her alleged plight. We, of course, donated in force even though many of us are on limited incomes. As small as $25 and as much as $1000 from our members.

As it was approaching Christmas, and she had bemoaned not being able to provide her “son” with a nice Christmas, we also sent gift cards to Target, Walmart, and not sure what other stores. She took it all. We were able to come up with over $5,000 in those two weeks ($5,300 I believe) and once she pulled the money out she deleted the account. Those of us who donated kept our receipts though (about 3/4 of us anyway.

Well, she’s a guy so…”


I should add that I took RILEY to private message to ask her full name before allowing her GoFundMe post to be posted. She replied her full name was “J. Donavan RILEY.”

An initial online background search came up with nothing. I allowed the post which I regret to this day.

Her health issues were plentiful and she posted regularly about them. Not sure of the date but she laid out an entire ruse of breast surgery at the Ohio Health Center in Columbus….many members wanted to call her in her recovery room and she gave a bullshit phone number for that. She had the audacity to text from her phone to Facebook only hours after her “surgery”…I asked her how she could do that and she acted loopier, laughing about being in the recovery room.

We suspected it was virtually impossible for her to do this as anesthesia does not allow for texting or posting or anything until well into the next day. THAT is when red flags truly went up and I began looking into her with a finer tooth comb. Many other members of the group had their suspicions as the days/weeks went on as her stories started falling apart. Much of this was discussed in private message through Facebook.

We started doing more online checks and ultimately found her mugshot (public) from a past DUI in Mansfield, Ohio and it listed her full name as Joyell RILEY. NO “JD” or “Donavan” was found.




             DUI in the states when she claimed she was deployed.


Sometime during the month of Nov, (ANON – Protagonist) joined our group and began chatting with RILEY in private message about her “combat time”. After a few weeks (ANON) messaged me about her concerns on RILEY’s military service and I told (ANON) I’d been looking into RILEY for weeks. Once we compared notes I finally confronted RILEY in private message

RILEY was “surprised” I would question her service or health issues and offered to leave the group right away. I didn’t want to lose contact with her yet so let her stay with several of us watching her every move

Once we had enough evidence compiled against her I filed a fraud complaint through the FBI online reporting system. That, of course, goes nowhere, and ultimately I contacted Mansfield, Ohio Police for a police involvement. (ANON) provided much of the details of RILEY’s BS service record to include a dating site where RILEY claimed to be a Marine OFFICER. We have screenshots of that.


2nd Source, ANON FB Group ADMIN RILEY was part of:

“I joined the group on Thanksgiving eve Wednesday, November 26th, 2014 (right after RILEY’s cancer story and the GoFundMe campaign started, which I had no idea about until much later). While meeting the other members, I met RILEY. I was instantly drawn to her because she said she was BOTH an Iraq and Afghanistan Veteran, with multiple combat tours and a Purple Heart. I am also an Iraq Veteran and thought we would have that in common.

It did not take long until I suspected that RILEY was a military fake. I did not want to say anything to the group because RILEY seemed VERY popular within the group…RILEY had them fooled and I wanted evidence to present them before I called RILEY out. In December of 2014, I sent away for RILEY’s military record based on the information I had on her. While waiting on those records, I was able to see RILEY’s personal Facebook page and continued my own background check.

I located several websites that RILEY had joined claiming to be a Veteran. These sites include ‘CNN- Salute to the Troops” dated June 19, 2007, supposedly posted by HER mother using the name Brenda PORTER (we realized then RILEY has been a military FAKE long before she came to our group in 2014.) I reached out to RILEY’s mom Brenda, who claimed she knew nothing about the post and related that her daughter had NEVER served. Under her mother’s name, RILEY deceptively congratulated and honored her (fake) military service on the CNN page despite never serving.

On January 30th, 2015, I had FB PM conversation with RILEY where she told me all about her combat tours. By April 15, 2015 I had still not heard back from the military archives about RILEY’s DD214, so I decided to inform the group admin that I thought “JD RILEY was a FAKE” It was now I learned about RILEY’s fake cancer story and all the money RILEY received from BOTH the GoFundMe and the personal donations members of the group had sent directly to RILEY’s home address. Fearing being exposed RILEY left the group and we continued our own investigation. I started contacting people on RILEY’s Facebook friends list to include her girlfriend, who eventually broke and revealed the scam, Girlfriend revealed EVERYTHING.

Girlfriend stated that RILEY never had cancer. RILEY ALREADY had a double mastectomy before she gained access to the FB group and began to tell war stories and raise money for the operation she ‘already had. Girlfriend said that RILEY had the surgery in October 2014. RILEY had written the hospital a bad check for $7,500. She owed $7,5000 in hospital bills and that why manufactured a totally fabricated fake story to tell the group claiming she was DYING. Good natured people yet unwitting people donated in droves.

In late  2015 RILEY was formally outed within our FB group for being both a military fake and a thief. RILEY immediately created a charity called “Mission Possible.” “Mission possible”, a fake non-profit had a mission statement stating it would work with and “help” Veterans. She managed to continue to stay in the public eye, collecting ALL sorts of donations for “Mission Possible” until just enough complaints were filed to attract the attention of the Mansfield Ohio Police department which eventually led to a lengthy criminal investigation and ultimately to her grand jury indictment in 2016.

Female Vets (especially kind hearted LGBT Veterans, real ones) who donated to this fraud are the real victims here. RILEY never served in uniform a day in her entire life, she only served herself and she will serve time.

RILEY’s sentencing is scheduled with Judge James Gwin in Cleveland’s U.S. District Court on Dec. 5 2016.

Stone said her maximum penalty is 20 years in federal prison and a $20,000 fine. He said the sentencing will likely not include the maximum penalty. 

-Semper Fi,



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