Joshua Banner

Alright Friends here is another one. This was brought to us a few  months ago. He has already been outed by the AWESOME folks at, but I wanted to finish this for the person who brought it to us. Here is the link to the fakewarriors story on him Josh Banner
This guy’s name is Joshua Banner.

For the last seven years he has claimed to be a Sgt with 2nd Recon Bn. When in reality he was discharged as a Lcpl with an artillery unit.

Look at the stack this piece of garbage claims 2 purple hearts and a bronze star along with several others.

He is claiming that he went to boot camp, MCT, then artillery training and got picked for recon. Then he went through SOI recon school, Airborne, Dive, Sniper, Ranger, SERE, and he is also claiming he jumped into Afghanistan in 01, did 2 tours, and was in the invasion in 03 but he was then recycled to his arti unit when he got out.

He was claiming that all the information that was given to us and the folks over at POWnetwork was fake and all we had to do was ask for the “real” documents.

When asked for his information on several different occasion he wasn’t able to produce any information to back up his stories.







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