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Alright Friends here is another one. This was brought to us a few  months ago. He has already been outed by the AWESOME folks at, but I wanted to finish this for the person who brought it to us. Here is the link to the fakewarriors story on him Josh Banner
This guy’s name is Joshua Banner.

For the last seven years he has claimed to be a Sgt with 2nd Recon Bn. When in reality he was discharged as a Lcpl with an artillery unit.

Look at the stack this piece of garbage claims 2 purple hearts and a bronze star along with several others.

He is claiming that he went to boot camp, MCT, then artillery training and got picked for recon. Then he went through SOI recon school, Airborne, Dive, Sniper, Ranger, SERE, and he is also claiming he jumped into Afghanistan in 01, did 2 tours, and was in the invasion in 03 but he was then recycled to his arti unit when he got out.

He was claiming that all the information that was given to us and the folks over at POWnetwork was fake and all we had to do was ask for the “real” documents.

When asked for his information on several different occasion he wasn’t able to produce any information to back up his stories.





What are your thoughts?
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    • There are plenty of ppl with basic jump wings and scuba bubble. Most scuba guys in SF for example. Very few get to be on both a scuba team and halo team.

      • Dan, with all due respect, US Navy/Marine Corps Parachutist Wings (gold) don’t really have anything to do with HALO.

        After completing Airborne school, Marines and sailors are awarded the “lead sled”, and after completing five more jumps fulfilling certain criteria (night time combat-equipment, etc.) while in a jump billet, they earn the coveted gold wings.

        While it may be fairly common to have a lead sled and scuba bubble while you’re checking off your gold wing jumps, it’s rare for a Reconnaissance Marine to leave the Corps with only a lead sled.

        Semper Fi,
        Jeremy Choate (formerly Clay)
        2d Radio Reconnaissance Platoon
        Basic Reconnaissance Course, Class 2-94
        Airborne, 1993
        Gold Winger – October 1994

  1. His SRB doesn’t match his claims at all he went in in Sept 99 got out in Sept 03. Boot Camp at San Diego, Marine Combat Training (bare bones grunt stuff for non-infantry types) Artillery School for Mos 0811 at Fort Sill, then duty with an Arty Unit at 29 palms. He was an E-3 after 4 years, not always an indicator of a shit bird, but since he never received a Good Conduct medal you can bet he probably had at least one NJP (Art 15) other than the NDM his only other award as far as ribbons go was the Sea Service Deployment Ribbon with one Star. He probably did 2 Unit deployments to Okinawa or Western Pacific Floats.
    Generally speaking Marines can get screened for recon from non-infantry Mos’s. The catch is that they have to be released from their current MOS and pass the screening. Generally it don’t happen. Once the do get screened and pass indoc they get assigned to recon and get a chance to go to some high speed course with other services (BUDS, Ranger, Sniper, Airborne, Special Forces) They can earn and wear the scuba and Jump wings, but cannot wear the SEAL Trident or Army Tabs, as they do not go to the advanced training courses or get assigned to those units.
    But back to the poser/ embellisher. He did his time, ate the sand out at the stumps, and deployed. He should be proud of what he did rather than be a bullshit artist.

    • giggles I’m not making any smart mouthed comments about the last picture simply because if he DID serve I’m going to give him a little respect but just know that there are some people who would rather lie and fall off a cliff than tell the truth and stay on the ground so he gets just enough respect if he DID serve for me not to make a few comments but thats all oh and joshua banner lying is worst than theft because when you lie you steal the truth from MANY people and truth is the most priceless thing a person can have and you loose peoples trust which is something you can almost NEVER win back just be truthful and people can respect you for THAT not for something you never did or never got basically be proud of yourself and what you DID and the person you are not what you WANT to be you EARN what you get and don’t expect it just to be handed to you

  2. Whats wrong with people nowadays…. I’m in the Army, yes I’m proud to serve. But it shouldn’t be paraded around and getting tattoos (or fake ones) to show off.

  3. Its funny how you say you have all facts Scott and you have nothing but what joe statione is telling you which is the person who hates josh. Which is also the person that gave this info to you and fn boot. What makes me laugh even more is that your source is fn boot… Lol really? Seems you need to spend a little more money and hire a real investigator. Fn boot kicked off people that were showing facts on josh banner cause they like you did not do their homework. I know josh and there are no lies in his marine history!! Funny that he is still around and does not hide behind anything or anyone… It’s not hard to get in touch with him maybe that’s what you should do instead of hiding behind a computer and talking like your some badass.. But of course you like the rest just jump on a wagon and parade along like sheep!!!! I’m going to laugh when you all are shown that your site is fake and you know nothing and your source is a joke… Right about now you should be feeling like a big dumbass!! Josh has a lot of marines and friends that stand by him so not sure what your goal is?

    • I also know Josh Banner and you asswipes here protecting him are douches. He HAS NOT EARNED ANYTHING HE HAS CLAIMED! I served with him and his is nothing but a fucking liar! And have not seen him since he got out and dont care to, He did not earn a fucking Purple Heart…JOSH quit lying. Why the fuck would you do that you are a disgrace to the CORPS!

      • You tell ’em. That piece of shit stole another Marines vehicle when he was one leave, got caught and never paid for the damages to the truck. Messed up my Camaro (that should be a hint to you Josh), pulled a gun on me at a tattoo shop next to The Stumps bar, then later stripped my bike, a Yamaha classic XS1100F. Fucker also sold acid in the barracks but he didn’t get caught. Smart bastard yes, piece of shit liar, thief, and coward also. You sir are a disgrace. I did my crimes and paid for them without dishonoring my beloved Corps, you dishonor everyone that has earned those ribbons and medals. Take them off or we’ll just take your ‘cut.

        • There are many who are listed as “Wounded Warriors” but were never wounded as a warrior. All Wounded Warriors is are people who served on active duty or as a reservist and received wounds related to service. Some are even identified with a terminal illness and still recognized as a Wounded Warrior. Others may claim PTSD from combat training and be identified as a Wounded Warrior.

          My point is, don’t use that as a way to verify someone has been injured in combat.

          Also, combat injuries don’t automatically get Purple Hearts. I was mildly injured and I didn’t get a PH. It requires medical attention to receive a PH.

    • You are the coward! To come here and protect this douche, which is probably you anywayJosh. YOU KNOW DAMN WELL YOU DID NOT EARN ANY OF THAT SHIT. Instead of degrading my beloved Corps, you should apoogize for the claims and get back what dignity you had. You make me sick!

  4. Masterchief… Lol getting a little bent aren’t we.. To be honest I think this is the funniest shit ever!! Like your going to change anything in his life regardless if things are fake or real.. Joe that’s to you!! We r his friends and don’t give a shit

    • Bent is a understatement! It burns my ass that he would claim awards he did not earn! Thing is he was a pretty good guy when I knew him, but this is fucked! I have lost to many friends for shit like this to happen, it is a slap in the face to every Fallen Marine and Soldier!! I would accept an apology for the fucking lies…and its great to have friends to have your fucking back. But god damnit dont disrespect the Marines that have died to give you that fucking right…thats my issue!

  5. Hey master chief of you know him and you really served with him why hide behind a nave screen name? Pussy . Your so full of shit because I served with him .

    • Yea im sure you served with him you fucking pussy. If you did and had any goddamn Honor left in you, you would ask him to remove the shit he did not fucking rate. And IF you served and know he is lying, and you still support him, your a fucking pussy. And I hear your in an MC…..a real MC will eat your lying asses for fucking lunch…like the MWMC…real fucking Marines and Combat Vets.

    • If you know Josh then you must have served with me too buddy. There is only one person to cover for Josh and that must be his last roommate. Look Josh is lying and was just a Arty guy. If anyone wants to know the truth about him ask his Unit on facebook Lima 3/12

  6. Master chief my advise is contact him… Or say who you are and I will give him your info!!! Believe joe really… Joe is a fucking joke and everyone local here knows it

    • Its not about believeing any fucking body…I know he did not earn the bullshit he is claiming. And he fucking knows that, thats the goddamn point. You served honorably, fucking respect that and move the fuck out!

  7. Hey send the link to his slut girlfriend Kristina Smiths Internet porn the guys at 29 stumps want to see that shit! Wonder if josh has any home footage of her on her knees with a mouth full of Marine cock! Lol sgt Stazione what a joke she was fucking your buddy behind your back and you get rid of him? Sounds to me like you should have tag teamed that whore and called it a day. Just remember if she blew him she is probably blowing the rest of joe staziones friends too . Lol what a looser . Get a life Stazione nobody believes your shit here in the stumps.

  8. Hey Joe Stazione your such a pussy!! You did not serve with him!!! Your the one who says lies..You sat on your fat ass and only wished you could have served like Josh did.. Your just a jealous little fuck that always stood in his shadow.. From the marines to girls to life!!

    • Get off your knees bro and let Josh stand up for himself. You say he’s not hiding behind anyone but it seems to me like he’s so far in your ass you cant talk anything but shit

  9. If you want to see link go to uporn type in modeling career revisited.. I tried posting the link but it won’t let me!! Fuck ya how much do you charge for her stazione?

  10. Wow I think this is great!! How it went from a Stolen Valor case to a personal attack on me and my girlfriend! You want the truth? How about how none of you are even getting the point! I knew Josh for 7 years and in that time he claimed 2nd recon with 2 Purple Hearts and a Bronze Star and that he got out a Sgt, told me that he was with the same unit that was in Generation Kill (that would have been 1st recon), and told a good friend who we both knew that he was with 1st force! When the truth was he was an LCPL with nothing!! You want more truth? He was in combat for 1month and a day so yes he rates a CAR and whatever else his unit rates! And as for the places that this site got the records, if ANY of you were smart enough to read you would see that they came from the Department of the Navy, Headquarters Marine Corps, the Pentagon Washington DC so with that said if I or the guys are lying then have us arrested for forging official Gov. docs!! But on to the better truths, how about the hiding? This is me JOE STAZIONE!!! Im not hiding behind anything like….. a restraining order maybe?? Yeah what grown man gets a restraining order on another grown man epically one that’s as “combat hardened” as him. How about more truths like I got out of the corps as a SGT honorably and didn’t go to combat because my unit wasn’t going for another year and I was already stop loss, so if that makes me a substandard Marine well then so be it BUT at least I have never lied about anything I have done! How about some truths like how josh just lost his job for using a scanned copy of MY OSHA certification (and yes I can prove that), or how about when hes driving down the road and dumps a glass of water on me out of his truck window and sprays me with window washer fluid!! Now that’s a stand up guy right there if I have ever seen one! You guys kill me, for starters the shit about my girl, if I cared that much about the video I wouldn’t be with her and if I dumped her for that I would be a hypocrite seeing as Im also on the web in a porn with Priya Rai!! So that’s that im out in the open!! I have never been violent towards josh or threatened him or his girlfriend in any way and this (me writing) is not an attack on anyone this is just stating all provable truths!!

  11. Well she is but fuckin ugly that’s for sure but hey marines will fuck anything even 15 year old girls . Isn’t that right sgt. Staz? You banged a little girl in Arizona as I recall . But back to the matter at hand me and my boys will do our very best to help to make your girls career in porn the very best!! Dirty slut. Don’t worry to quote you we will make her famous! you dirty little hooker don’t worry we love watching some potbellied ponytailed douche bang you and not pay you lol. Joe Stazione your a joke!

  12. Restraining order? Oh like the fake one you made your slut girlfriend put on josh? Oh ya he beat it because she lied. Lied for you. Does that make you a stand up guy? We think not. And then had his ex’s place them on him as well? Oh yeah we heard he beat those too! You sound like a guy who needs girls to do his dirty work for him. Punk. What a low life you are. Nothing you said about him is true and you know it. You just wrote a giant lie for everyone to read. And really the pic of him naked? For what? Why are you checking out naked pics of another man? Fag! And what does that have to do with his marine corps career? Nothing just another stab by a very obviously jealous cock sucker. And I’m pretty sure his job or former job has absolutely nothing at all to do with his status as a marine. Sound like you will stop at nothing to burn this guy or is it really that you have a big homo man crush on him ? That’s what it looks like . Looks like you want a big mouthful of Joshua Banner . Oh wait you kiss that hooker so you already know what his dick tastes like .

  13. So the story is one Marine is mad at his Brother. Classic tail but bullshit just the same.
    Joshua be proud of what you did and who you are . If your legite it will come out in the end.
    Joe live your life. You have no reason to try and hurt another Marines name. Are you a judge? No your just another Jarhead. Leave him alone and he will leave you alone . I live in Phx and have met you both. You were brothers at one time and if your no longer friends so be it but you will always be marines. So you will always be brothers. Family does not always get along so if you don’t like him don’t talk to him. But the bond Marines have should and always will last the test of time . Stop your shit both of you. Your only making other marines who are also your brothers look bad and it makes you both look bad.
    Semper Fi Marines.

  14. again you guys are making me laugh!! 1 I dont run this site or control what they put up on their cases. 2 his exs already had orders that were trying to be served before we had a falling out! and 3 if im such a pussy fag…. why am i the only one using my real name? its all good though i wont bag on anyone’s fam or girlfriend im just not that kind of guy! i have nothing at all to hide from anyone.

  15. Your such a pussy Joe.
    It kills me that this guy is your life.
    You have a gf? Spend time with her and
    Enjoy your life. I mean really the bromance is over. Let it go son. Find a new bestfriend and stop crying like a little bitch about your ex friend
    And find a hobby. Your acting like a bitch who got fucked and dumped on prom night. Rip the bandaids off and get back out there . Tomorrows a new day champ.


  16. Ron stark that link you posted guess who owns that website!!! No other then Joe Stazione so it’s not other people posting on Josh it’s the same fucking idiot that has no life but to follow Josh like a lost puppy… joe is also the one who posted it on fnboot so no one is doing any of it but one person… All of you need to open your eyes and see that. If you really did your research as I did you would know that… Let it go Joe no one cares dumb fuck!!!!

  17. All I have to say is Josh is a sad representation of the military! I was in iraq, I did loose friends in war. What a piece of shit to claim things you never did. I am also a professional Mma fighter, in which Josh would tell me story’s about how tough he was and he could do Mma! Yet when given the opportunity to fight in amature cage fights he always tucked his tail, “now” it all makes sense. This guy is such a lier you cannot believe anything he says. I can’t believe how many bullshit story’s he has told and the lies. How an he walk with his head held high how cAn he look in the mirror everyday? And he was a Marine… That is sad to tarnish that Name! To disrespect the military, the Marines and that brotherhood he should go hide under a rock!

  18. My question to bulldog.. You were having it out with a guy on here yesterday and now all his posts are gone.. Why? He had a lot of detailed info and facts of this case and you delete them how odd is that? What is the reason for this? I dnt know Amy of them but seeing all this yesterday now looking again this morning it’s gone.. That tells me that you guys are just out to get someone for the wrong reasons. I would support you but after this it has me wondering what you all are really up to

    • First off we did not delete any posts, second of all we have been watching all this unfold and from our back panel we can also see where each and every person comes from. Our back panel logs IP addresses wach and every IP address. That being said, out of the 5 different people posting on here, only two IP addresses are being utilized. What this means is only TWO people are actually posting, just changing their names when they comment. INCLUDING this IP Address in which you are posting from now, and even though it is only two IP addresses, they BOTH come from the exact area where Mr. Banner lives. But you know what, Im not going to post these IP’s publicly as I would not want them to be used against anyone. So if you guys are going to come here and call someone out, and not have any proof, at least refresh your IP’s every once in awhile. Because I assure you the five people that work behind the scenes here are not stupid. They are VERY computer literate and it is not hard ata all to trace IP’s, the guy I was having it out with was none other than Banner himself. And we challenged him to shoot us any proof he had that would negate the OFFICIAL records we have above. That is why it is very easy to see that you are using a Verizon Network from the exact same area as the other two coming here and changing names. So before you come here and attack people you know nothing about, at least do it from a different device. THE ONLY IP’s that have been here protecting banner are coming from the EXACT area where he is located. Thanks for playing, come again sometime!

    • Just a little bit of info for you, but we did block out the IP addresses….NetName: WIRELESSDATANETWORKNetHandle: NET-******** 1Parent: NET-********* NetType: Direct AllocationRegDate: 2008-12-16Updated: 2012-03-02Ref: 1 OrgName: Cellco Partnership DBA Verizon Wireless Area: Arizona Traceroute matches additional IP’s in this database. Device IP refresh time 034510032012

    • And I am sure the reason he deleted them was because he could not provide any of us with the proof we requested. Show us proof that his official Marine records ahve not recorded all the Special ops crap he claims! Why wouldnt he email it to us??? I will tell you why, because it was Banner posting trying to protect himself and he does not have proof..period. If he did he would have no problem emailing us like I aske dhim to. Instead he switches names and pretends to be someone else, oh wait thats what posers do!

    • I would like to respond also if you do not mind. I have watched all of this transpire, and i can not see your ip or whatever. But it seems to me you speak in the same tone as those that were here yesterday. I saw nothing in any of those comments that amounted to anything other than he had pics. And bulldog asked him several times to email him any proof he had, and he declined. Which tells me he was full of hot air. The records above speak for themselves sir. It is not slander, those are his records and they are official. So anything he claims thats not on thier is bs, period. Which leads me to beleive you are also a friend of this poser. No one has said anything that would counter what those records show. So their is no other reasons as you seem to think, those are his records, and he did not earn what he is claiming. So yoj sir are the one that is questionable, not thissite. CSM Allen

  19. This is flipping enraging I had a hunch the night I met him and called him out on it but the fucktard pulled the fast one and convinced me with his stories. I should have known better I’m mad at myself for letting such an oxygen thief convince me of his bullshit. If he was legit he wouldn’t have been so adamant about convincing me nor talking about it so much. If he were the real thing he wouldn’t have gave two shits what I thought because those men don’t have a damn thing left to prove they’ve done it. Futhermore nice tramp stamp dumbass. Here’s to the real marines that believe in honor courage and commitment OOH-RAH.

  20. Wow so your saying because whoever posted has a Verizon network that you know who they are? Your a fucking jack ass Scott Hughes. Besides everyone knows Joe Stazione has a huge gay man crush on Josh and just can’t let go. And Shannon Rich … Really . Your an even bigger joke . I remember watching you get your ass beat on more than one occasion . So your like Joe’s washed up celeb mascot? Hey VH1 called they are doing a reality show about busted broke ass washed up wanna be cage fighters . Get a life most active looser in MMA. But back to the point you guys erased those posts because they prove that Joe and Yourself are just out to get someone. I know how websites work I myself have one and you can only see around where they are but that’s only if it’s a home computer so don’t act all bad ass like you can track someone. Fact is this whole site is run by mr. Stazione. That’s why this bullshit pop up site only came out after him and josh stoped being friends. You can talk all tough over the web but I have seen both men in action and while josh is all about handling business joe is full of hot air. Except that one time he beat up a kid and let his buddy mark I believe it was take the fall for him. I also heard Joe Stazione molested a 15 year old girl. Sound like a real role model if you ask me. Hey guyee what I have a Verizon network as well does that mean I’m Banner? Stupid fuck. Stazione your a joke and everyone outside your little crew is laughing at you. And your pathetic attemp to have a bullshit “riding club” another joke man up and join a real MC or take that stupid rag off besides your still riding under Banners idea and club. You will always be in his shadow until you move the fuck on with your own life. You and your “brainwave tech” girlfriend. Lol once a whore always a whore. And once a joke always a clown! That’s what you are you piece of garbage.
    Get over it. And if I were you I would get over it soon . Have some dignity .

  21. I know both of these guys and I think both parties need to get on with their lives. Banner has not attacked Stazione and yet this whole thing consumes Joes life. Look children live and let live. Both parties will get whatever they deserve in the end. Hey bulldog or Scott Hughes or Joe Stazione or whoever runs this site I have a Verizon account too does that mean I’m Banner ? I think not . Unless Banner is a 6 foot Black man now. Anyways grow up children .

  22. Stolen valor is not a fucking joke especially to the ones that have sacrificed fucking friends family and their own personal lives whatever their vendetta I don’t give a fuck this motherfucker needs to be blasted do you know what the fuck a Bronze star and purple hearts mean of coarse you don’t

      • hahahaha really? again back to the “girlfriends a whore” and “im a bitch” is that the best you got? lol again im not hiding! If you would like to talk to me or take my “rag” as you called it I welcome you with open arms. See unlike Mr. Banner I could I could join a “real MC” if I wanted to because I have a DD214 I didn’t lie about!! Hahaha this is getting to be to much and as for me messing around with 15 year old girls that’s sick and I will be contacting the admin at this website for your email that can be traced to a location and a person for legal reasons! Now lets get back to the fun stuff!! What was it you said he “handles business” now that’s funny cause in court he said he was in FEAR FOR HIS LIFE! That’s why he was able to keep the restraining order in place. But again it is what it is! But im at the 91st ave fitness 1 most days at about 5 or 530 if you would like to talk, and that goes for anyone! Ill bring any info you would like to see that proves anything that you don’t believe!! And me running this site? Not a chance!! I don’t have the time to do what these guys do when it comes to investigating fake bitches that want to take the glory from the ones that actually earned it!!
        OH YEAH and no one has answered myself or bulldog (the guy that ACTUALY runs the site) how in the hell does a LCPL in an ARTI unit get jump wings and a scuba bubble?
        Marcus G, sorry guy but i dont know any 6ft tall black guys, as a matter of fact i have no idea who any of the guys defending him and claiming to know me are! haha again this shit just makes me laugh!! if im not telling the truth just like i said before then come have me arrested!!

        But the fact still stands that guys that I knew personally have given everything they had and never came home and sorry if it offends some of the people defending him but for him to fake the shit he has told people for years is a slap in the face to the guys that HAVE earned them! so keep it coming!! im not going anywhere! disrespect my girlfriend, me, my family! hide behind the restraining order cause “your in fear for your life”, do what you do im not the one that cant prove what i say!!

  23. Enough kids ip addresses really this is gay do something leave no trace I mean come on recon right It over I’m done with the blog ps josh have fun removing the tramp

  24. Now this is about IP addresses ? Look bottom line here kids is this guy is the only one so far with any matter of class . And maybe just maybe if you think about it hard enough you might realize myself and John work together. Probably why our “IP” adress is the same. Bunch of keyboard warriors. I still think its pretty clear being that you erased all the messages from that old corps guy that your all very afraid of the truth. The only thing that he kept asking for was names of men he served with. Don’t see how that was such a tall order to fill. Oh ya that’s because he called your bluff. And Shane Mack who are you? Some wanna be hard ass? Bottom line is we can all talk a bunch of shit on here and make ourselves look like fools and it won’t change anything . If his story is true so be it if not he will square it up with God one day. But what we know is Joe never served in combat and Josh did . If it was even one day it makes him a bigger man and worthy of more respect than a guy who did nothing in his military career worth talking about but acts like a hardened war vet. Drop the act joe. You are so fake it’s not even funny. Having some busted MMA washout take your back ? And having Banners name drug threw the mud? Really ? It does not make you any bigger and his military career even if what you say is true trumps your any day . So that “lcpl” did more than you . And that “lcpl” deserves more respect than you ever will for his service embellished or not . And that’s the bottom line.

    • Again, we did not erase anything. And just so you know that OLD CORPS guy had the EXACT same IP. He embellished, it has been proven by his record. And yes he should be proud of what he did and not claim what he is not, that is what this is about on our end. We could care less about what the two have against each other, or who screwed who’s girl. Point is we asked for proof, he would not send it to us, because his record is correct. As I said previously, this was a case broken by another site and we shared it here. And they stand by their story and as I said, we will not release their names on a public forum. If he has proof he can send it to us, or to, she is very good at what she does. No one has provided them with anything even when they asked, nuff said. Case rested.

  25. Justin Kennedy on October 3, 2012 at 4:43 pm said:
    Wow so your saying because whoever posted has a Verizon network that you know who they are? Your a fucking jack ass Scott Hughes.
    To set the records straight. I’m an asshole, Not a Jackass.. Also I’m not affiliated with this web site in any way shape or manner. Although I do support them 100% I have no idea who all the admins are here. So for an idiot to claim that I’m the owner of the web page shows just who the Jackass really is Justin Kennedy a.k.a. Joshua Banner. Attached is my Google Blog spot where I list the POS posers & embellish-ers that I personally expose. If you take notice jack wagon Banner . I don’t even have a Blog of Shame on you Stupid one. That will soon change though. With the permission of the admins here , I’ll make a BoS on him also.Bottom line Banner, You was caught embellishing & you’ve been caught. Now your still a Marine. No one can deny you that title. But as it stands right now. Your a shit bird liar with no honor. In order to begin the path back to becoming an honorable Marine Veteran is to admit to your embellishments and say ” Sorry Marines I Fucked Up ” We are waiting for your letter of apology shit bird ! ” No Glory In Stolen Valor ”
    P.S. The link to my Google Blogs of Shame

  26. From all appearances since their all coming from the same IP, maybe our little Marine poser was discharged for multiple personality disorder therefore all these little boys coming on defending Josh don’t know about the other. Either way their all a disgrace to our Military. I’ve done 4 Combat tours but have never received a CAB, a purple heart etc etc nor would I want to honestly. I served 19 1/2 years with pride, not for awards. I served in Combat with pride and to go fight side by side with my Brothers and Sisters in Arms, not for a piece of metal and a paper. To me, just the fact that you’ve served in Combat has more honor then an award. Our unit gave away the Bronze star to officers and PLT SGTs just for being there, they didn’t do anything special just the rank so I see this and have no special respect for the award. The fact that you fake an award and think your somebody is laughable in itself. If you want to pose as Military join the damn Military and go earn the title, don’t be a poser….damn I hate pieces of shit. Thanks for letting me vent Bulldog1

    • i think he’s signed up with the arizona wounded warriors which is an actually part of the Marine Corps. it has real marines who “oversee” injured marines who have been medically separated. im not sure how he got on this (if its the same “sgt joshua banner”) without them noticing all of this.

  27. Hey josh? number one… They only way your IP addresses are exactly the same, (even if you both work at the same job) is if you are using the same computer. Each computer has a unique IP.. Number two Make this all go away… its easy…. send ur docs. you can black out yer personal info easily. Be careful tho. there are plenty of admin ppl and former recruiters in here that know how to spot forged info. Keep in mind that other than MEPS admins, recruiters are probably the best at spotting BS on dd214s as well as dd-4s. And some ppl have been a recruiter/MEPS counselor in more than 1 service (well at least 1 of us) I can tell the 214 they have for you appears to be legit or if it was altered, they REALLY knew their shit.

  28. I don’t condone what Banner did at all! I served with him same class out of Ft Sill then at 29 Palms to Iraq and back. I had no ideal he took being a shitbird to another level. I was just searching the net in hopes I would find some old Marine Brothers. I still would like to talk with him and grab and beer. I’m not mad cause I know the truth. Uriah if your out there it’s Big Body hit me up I’m in Austin TX where’s Stormy? I miss ya devil dog my advice is before your last breath come clean or don’t. Lima Brothers Semper Fi!

    • hes signed up with the arizona wounded warriors led by mastersgt steve soha. im not sure if this is the same joshua banner but if it is, this mastersgt should be contacted.

  29. I don’t know why there is still discussion on this issue. The DD214 (and arithmetic) doesn’t lie. Four years time in service. One MOS.

    13 weeks at MCRD + 4 weeks at MCT + 5 weeks of Field Artillery Training + 3 years and 4 months in MOS = Not enough time for ARS, Ranger, SERE, Airborne, Sniper, etc., etc.

    The guy’s a poser. Period.

    Moving right along.

  30. Joe Stazione, I’m looking for you, you freaking steroid junky, drug pusher.
    Remember all the money you and Matt ripped off from me.
    “When you least expect it.”

    • He’s not hiding. Lives right off the 101 and 59th I believe. Matt, I’m sure owes money as he was into bad stuff. But trust me, all these dbags talking trash about Joe, wouldn’t step to his face. Unbiased source here, and the kid can throw hands but doesn’t look for fights either. Banner on the other hand, HA! He told me one time he was with 1st Recon, and then about 2 months later that he was with 2nd Recon. BIggest all talk pussy I’ve ever met. Wanna talk about a roided up faggot? Shoves all those needles in his ass (and probably vibrators as well), and is still a weak piece of shit. Every person who’s name was dropped on this board I can personally attest have seen brawl, whether they were good at it is a different story. Banner? That kid would run the other direction if anything hostile broke out. He ran and cried and said he feared for his life because he didn’t wanna get “beat up”.. So you can tell him if he’s your boy, I’m looking for HIM. Flat out coward. Staz has undoubtedly done some dumb things in his time, but being a ‘pussy’ or ‘bitch’ is def not one of his traits. This can i assure you. But alas, this whole topic is overdone and stupid. Banner is a sociopath and is delusional. Mentally ill and it’s really kinda sad of how delusional and lonely he is.


      • Joe brought Matt to me, they lied about everything they were doing, and I like a stupid trusting Brother Marine, I fell for it, they stole nearly 100k from me.
        I’m a former Jarhead too, this guy has no honor and is totally a piece of shit. Now he rides in some MC and acts like he’s all honorable and whatnot, he is not. Mat got his, his stroke and he lost everything, Joe’s next. Karma, especially Jarhead Karma, is a bitch.

  31. Joe Stationze and your fuckin butt buddy Josh Banner… If you 2 whiney little bitches were in the marines then I feel for whoever you served with. You 2 make marines look like a bunch of whining ass pansies. Your on this thread that is supposed to be set up to call out people playing soldiers and all your doing is fighting like 2 little shitbags in 5th grade. Either break up or stay together but stop bitchin. Your being fuckin girls. Nobody cares whos gf is a whore and who’s isn’t. Nobody cares about your dumbass MCs.Nobody cares about your neighborhood bullshit beef. We are all veterans here. If you wanna have a dick measuring contest use your phone. I don’t give a shit about either one of you. Neither of you ARE Marines, both of you WERE marines in a past life before your dicks fell off & you started bleeding once a month . And btw nothing and I MEAN NOTHING will ever make you 2 little bitches members of an MC. Yea Sons of Anarchy was a great show but its time to let that trend go. You wanna join a real MC come on down to Mississippi and ride one day with my MC & we’ll see how you stack up. U.S. ARMY HOOAH!!!! Bandiots 1%

  32. I am amazed people want to pretend they where heroes in the military. I want to forget I ever served, my wife has hidden my medals and photographs.

  33. Ok people let’sset the record sstraight once and for all. Tho I’m sure this will either never be posted or be deleted
    (Joe Stazione) runs this site and with Obama like censorship decides what is or is not posted . I AM Joshua Banner. The truth lies somewhere in the lies and bullshit smokescreen put forth by my estranged “brother” to slander my name and his feeble attempt to “ruin my life” the truth is I proudly served from 1999 – 2003 with 3rd battalion 12th Marines out of 29 palms. In that time I saw and did many things to include serving my country in Iraq. The invasion not the occupation. A milestone I hold very dear to my heart . Something Joe himself can never take away from me tho he has tried with misdirection and deception. You see all this started because of 2 things . Kristina Smith and the “sons of anarchy” RC that Joe is the “president” of.
    Power and Greed are Joe ‘ s vices. He has always been ambitious and will stop at nothing to line his own pocket. The Infidel Nation. Was originally the USMC Infidels. A group I created with the hopes of giving Marines a club in the Phx area they could belong to . The idea grew from there and Joe saw the potential but was only the vice president. So with my “stolen” DD214 and social media Joe saw his outlet to spread his lies . You see Marines are good at winning wars but terrible at paperwork. And tho Marines I served with commented that we were indeed in Iraq in the war it is not listed on my DD214. Funny how that happens. You see Joe found that loophole in my documents and ran with it. That was all he needed in his divide and conquer method of taking over the club. But truths…. like the fact that I taught Joe how to ride a Harley… yup thought him on my own harley. You see Joe you play the part of this noble Marine fighting for justify when in fact you are a poser yourself. Pretending to be a seasoned biker . Please. And you sir are the one bringing disgrace to the Corps. You see the way I was brought up in the Marines is that every Marine is your brother. And I still believe that. You on the other hand served your brother up to the bottom feeders of society and used a controversial war to fuel your own agenda. Using a fellow Marine as the focal point of your deception. I still consider you my brother only because you carry the same fact it’s the ONLY reason you still draw breath. You see I am my brothers keeper (something you would have learned in combat that you will never understand) you don’t leave Marines behind and you certainly do not trash them to promote yourself. That being said as far as all the 1st Recon 2nd Recon..purple heart bla bla bla . None of that is true. As far as being a Marine who served in the invasion of Iraq and being honorably discharged from my Artillery unit. Of that I am guilty. II’m sure this won’t mean anything to anyone but myself but at least I’m the one saying it. And for all you sheep…. you really shouldn’t
    Believe everything you read online. And for all my Lima Brothers who didn’t have my back… shame on you. You know I was in Combat with you. How quickly you jump onto the hate train. Semper Fi Marines.

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