Josh “Confused” Kueffler

So lots of you emailed and posted to our wall about this 20-year-old SFC, who can not decide whether he is Army or Air force   Hell, he even decided to keep his newly developed puberty beard in the photo.

Josh Kueffler

Josh Kueffler


Love how he puts flags on both sides of the uniform, good job high-speed. Not to even mention no rank on the PC, and a gray T-shirt.  And check out his ribbon rack, out-of-order, ribbons from different services etc.



Then we found where he commented on a youtube video about 6 months ago, claiming to be in Iraq.  Not only that, but it is the top rated comment on the video.


Here is the link to the video where he commented: Youtube Video

Not to mention in his youtube profile pic, he is in an Air force uniform.


At least in this one he is properly shaved!

We even gave him a chance to explain, sent him an email, but of course no response. And the only Kueffler we could find, was a retired 1SG.




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