Josh “Confused” Kueffler

So lots of you emailed and posted to our wall about this 20-year-old SFC, who can not decide whether he is Army or Air force   Hell, he even decided to keep his newly developed puberty beard in the photo.

Josh Kueffler

Josh Kueffler


Love how he puts flags on both sides of the uniform, good job high-speed. Not to even mention no rank on the PC, and a gray T-shirt.  And check out his ribbon rack, out-of-order, ribbons from different services etc.



Then we found where he commented on a youtube video about 6 months ago, claiming to be in Iraq.  Not only that, but it is the top rated comment on the video.


Here is the link to the video where he commented: Youtube Video

Not to mention in his youtube profile pic, he is in an Air force uniform.


At least in this one he is properly shaved!

We even gave him a chance to explain, sent him an email, but of course no response. And the only Kueffler we could find, was a retired 1SG.


What are your thoughts?
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  1. He’s not even wearing the AF uniform correctly. I can pick out three things he’s doing wrong by AFI 36-2903 just at a glance. If you want to wear the uniform just sign up, trust me AF basic is a fucking joke anyone can pass it.

    • While I agree that AF Basic Training isn’t as rigorous in many ways as the basic training for the other services, I have to disagree with your opinion. I completed AF basic and not everyone passed it.

      • The notorious geek button.. It’s clear that the man hasn’t spent more than a minute in any form of air force service. And, I have to agree with Will. Though the air force until recently, has been viewed as less physically rigorous than other services since we did away with that joke of a PT test “the bicycle test.” our PT is actually legitimate.

      • Don’t be jealous. The Air Force lives better, has better food, and better lodging. We drop bombs on anything that you tell us to. We bring the supplies into theatre and the wounded out. Then we bring you home. Most people who bash the Air Force need a better ASVAB score….

        • And I can show you enlisted grunt Marines with a college education. You have every type of person in each branch. I chose the Marines because it fit me. Knowing I can accomplish something with the least amount of equipment possible seemed appealing. And in my opinion Marines are the most professional and locked on overall. I say overall because I have seen some pretty awesome units out of the Army that could run circles around some Marine units. Ok. Im done with my rant. Keep up the awesome work on this page! These posers need to be flogged!

      • Pineapples are special awards reserved for twenty year old Army SFC’s wearing Air Force Uniform parts as part of a joint operation. 😉

        • I don’t understand the problem, here. Hey, you get a couple friends, buddies, cousins, and in-laws salted in throughout the administrative branch, personnel, finance, training, all that jazz, and eventually, the FBI can ‘back-door’ the standard set of standards as they pertain to basic service eligibility, fitness, retention, promotion standards, it’s all stuff that’s printed on paper, and when you get all politically connected, and stuff, you can breeze right by all that. Next thing you know, you’re a 26-year-old light colonel with friends in high places. Remember, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. The LIFER mafia never sleeps, and this is probably one of their human products, for all we know. I remember meeting an Army captain that was 21 if she was a day. They sell those rank pins at the military clothing sales through AAFES, and they don’t cost much. Forged orders, people vouching for you by email from 1/2way around the world, no real testing done to ensure and verify bona-fides and prevent various kinds of dress-up chicanery like this, and there ya go. Then, he falls down the stairs(wink, wink, nudge nudge), and he’s out on a 100% medical disability, pulling down 38 grand a year for life courtesy of the taxpayers, no questions asked. Backdoor LIFER mafia, gaming the system like there’s no tomorrow. Or, or, maybe it’s time to ask more questions, like, at the IG office. If this case hasn’t been presented to the IG, yet, then maybe it should. Online bellyaching won’t get him thrown out. Getting dragged in front of court-martial for fraud might get him thrown out. Kind of depends on what kind of personnel standards his branch of service feels like having, this week…are they that desperate, to maintain personnel strength numbers? Maybe. Maybe.

          Thank god for being out. I only ever made E-4 when I was in, but I think I earned my shields, in all that time, and if it turns out I didn’t, well, doesn’t matter. This former piece of Army National Cheapmeat done transitioned out, a long time ago, and never to return to the chimp circus. Yep, I’m a Private ( ) Civilian, now. Fun, travel, adventure! LOL

  2. I would love to hear the excuses toolbags like this give for doing things like this. Keep up the good work outing these little punks.

  3. can wait until they get this jackass, so sad this kid has to lie to make his self look good I am sorry your mother raise to be a jackass. can’t wait until he could hear a good loud pop that when his head will come out his ass. he is a disgrace to the uniform and what he is doing is unamerican

  4. This is the first I have heard of anything like this happening, as well as this web page. I have been a guardsman for almost six years now and have had one tour in Afghanistan where despite my hard work, efforts and accomplishments have only earned three awards… Seeing this absolutely sickens me and enrages me as well.

    Now having this knowledge of these impostors, I am going to start this year off by collaborating with ANY organization that dedicates their time to outing the disgraceful fakes. In my opinion, these people deserve to be sent through a 1980’s style Ft. Benning boot camp and immediately hauled off to a state or federal penitentiary for an undetermined duration of time.

  5. only 3? I got that many just for landing, the overseas, Iraqi something something? I don’t know I only kept track of the ones I earned, but seriously you get a lot just for going overseas

    • I’ve only ever been to GTMO and I have 5. Global War on Terror Service, Global War on Terror Expeditionary, Reserve Service Medal w/ M device, National Defense and Army Service, so you should definitely have more than 3.

      • I think what he meant is he earned three additional awards while deployed I Afghanistan, Arcom,Nato Service Ribbon and Operation Enduring Freedom Expeditionary Medal, and if he was Lucky enough Should had earned his overseas service ribbon and his wheel Drivers badge to name a few

    • You are absolutely correct ! The ribbons are AF and in perfect order, just upside down. His AF Trainging Ribbon is first and his 5 Air Medals are last. Don’t know who he got from. The red flag (besides upside down) is 3 deployments, 5 Air Medals, Iraq, Afghanistan, and only 1 Good Conduct ?

        • Bobby :

          They did, but then they changed their minds and reinstated them. Go to your MPF and have them update your records. Assuming you didn’t have any LORs or Article 15s, you now rate 3 and will rate 4 when you hit 12 years.

          I am in the Air Force Reserve and I noticed that I had to go to the MPF every time I was due for the Reserve version of the good conduct, or for the AF Longevity Service Ribbon. They are supposed to be automatic, but somehow they are not.

  6. This guy is a complete joke, it doesn’t even take a soldier to know that he is completely full of shit. I am pretty sure he would have never made it to the grade of e7. Could you imagine his DA photo he would have a cib pinned to his back or something. I really appreciate what you all do with the site. Keep it up!

  7. I retired after 23 years in the United States Army and it really burns me up that people are out there trying to impress others by posing to be or have things they have never been awarded, schooled, or earned. They are all cowards!!!

  8. What I find the most interesting is these goofballs will wind up being featured in a newspaper. It could be the PoDunk Post and Gazette or one of the big national metro papers like NYT or LA Times. You would think surely deep within the bowels of the newsmedia conglomerate’s mail room or someplace they’d have a former this or that who could see the faker for what he is. But as Belushi always said BUT NOOOOOOOOOO
    So then the paper eventually runs the story. And some old retired CSM or SCMSgt will point out the inconsistencies. And the faker will be exposed. And then if the paper bosses have any integrity (seldom) they’ll admit they were snookered.
    My favorite was a story featuring a civilian GS employee at Ft Lewis some years back. Claimed Viet Nam POW status. Went on secret mission. He and another man survived an attack and were taken by the NVA or Viet Cong. The other guy of course died in the Hanoi Hilton and numnutz escaped or was repatriated. And of course since it was a secret mission there were no records of it OR the records were destroyed in a VA fire.

  9. There was a man who claimed to be former USMC captain and Iraq War vet. He was even on the dais with a candidate or two after he “endorsed” a few out in Colorado. The candidates evidently had no one on staff who could ask for a DD214. The man was “sympathetic” because he was openly gay veteran and oh yes he had mTBI or PTSD. He was eventually exposed and then had someone as spokesman (an attorney) alleging that the man had bipolar disorder.

  10. This guy is a piece of shit and needs to get his ass whooped one good time for him to learn. But just so everyone knows some of us in the Air Force do wear ACUs on certain deployments. but definitely no ribbon racks or two flag BS, we wear them accordingly and with our proper service rank on them.

  11. Wow…Air Force Basic Military Training Ribbon is the highest ribbon/medal awarded now huh?
    USCENTAF patch…I had one of those waaaaay back in ’99.

    • Wont do any good, saddly as long as he is not tryig to de-fraud someone or some group, then there is nothing that can be done. CID can’t touch him, because he is not in the military, so we have no hold over him.

  12. I was just thinking the same thing as Sean… If he’s “deployed” to Afghanistan, I wanna know where the hell that is cuz that’s the nicest looking bathroom I’ve seen! Lol…what a fake…can’t decide if he wants to be in the Army or Air Force…that’s cute kid…real cute…I wonder if his mommy knows he likes playing G.I. Joe…

  13. I think I will look him up on global tomorrow and see if he is on there and then forward a copy of this to his shirt… Should make for an interesting day for him

  14. On his facebook page it states that he is part of 2/19 Inf Division. Well, he might have been at one time and left there dishonorably. 2/19 is a basic training unit in Ft. Benning Georga. I spent 6 months on med hold there right next to the 2/19 starship. So, he managed to deploy with a basic training unit to both Iraq and Afghanistan Where he apparently got a waiver to jump to E7. It must have been a field promotion.

  15. Love the little cock-broom mustache and the ball scrubber chin hairs…I hate folks like this, always have, always will. If there is a hell I hope a special corner is reserved for fakes and liars like this little douche-nozzle.

  16. Why would anyone bother to waste their time impersonating AF? I mean honestly I’ve been in the Chair Force since Jul 13 04′ and it is exactly that – Easy Street and I am not complaining about that at all. (sorry guys you may yearn to go over and shoot people and stuff but that part just isn’t for me I just fix airplanes and play video games) but for someone to impersonate AF and not even try to go through our basic … Really?! Dude our basic is a friggin joke – just a few weeks of 3 square meals washed down with shitty San Antonio drinking water. (chlorine content is incredible in that crap) Doing laundry and spending most of the day indoors learning …. you know what I can’t even remember what they taught in basic CAUSE IT WAS NOT IMPORTANT. Ya the “MTI’s (Military Training Instructor) try to be all billy badass but you really can’t take that seriously when they got their own children hanging off them watching them yell at some hippie who just came out of highschool. The farthest I’ve ever gone overseas is Okinawa – nothing but rain and hentai.

    So to everyone out there who thinks it awesome to impersonate military personnel — don’t bother – just go AF – So easy a caveman can do it! Literally

  17. Soon enough he’ll realize he’s an internet celebrity. I sent him a link to this page. Maybe he’ll come up with some crazy “roger that” comeback like CPT Medina, no? Lol

  18. embarrasing and insulting to Vets and Soldiers serving and in harms way still to see this kid out there wanting to play Army instead of him staying in his house and yard and not bringing this out to the streets. i got some advice for him if he wants to be a “REAL” service member then go see a recruiter and join and earn your keep and self respect.

  19. Good lord, atleast the other posers attempt to wear the uniform correctly (or what they think is correct). Even if I wasn’t in the military I could see that is wrong!! Stupid ass should’ve atleast Googled it!!

  20. not to mention on his ribbons the oak leaf clusters are upside down, to keep going on what is wrong with his ribbon rack would be just to exhausting 🙂

    • His ribbon rack is actually straight, except it is totally upside down ! If he flipped it over it would be in proper precedence. After that, 2 red flags…

      5 Air Medals, 3 deployments, but only 1 Good Conduct Medal and 1 Combat Readiness Medal ? Too many of one, and not enough of the others…

  21. Best way to expose him is to send a message to all his friends so they know. Word will get out fast. I messaged think to this page to about 10 of them. But he seems to like young teen girls so there are a lot of them…….Have at em

  22. I have encountered quit a few of these people out here in the world. Being a peior soilder myself, I find it interesting that when you begin to ask questions of them, they dont even know basic lingo. Pisses me off, as I am an American who shakes the hands of every vet and service member I meet!

  23. On my first deployment there was some talk of us “POG’s” getting the combat action ribbon, and I said that if we were awarded it I would never put it on my uniform because I felt like it was a dis-service to the grunts that were out there day in and day out. So I really do not understand how anyone can feel good about going to these lengths to fool people. I just keep thinking that there is probably someone out there that lost there life earning those same awards and it just makes me so mad that this kid doesn’t have the basic respect and decency to not be a complete douchbag.

    Can I just say “Semper Fi” to this page. Keep up the good work.

  24. The picture of him in the bathroom is the same bathroom as his profile pic on facebook. I ran into one of these posing punks on new years eve on Tybee Island, put him in his place though he couldnt even answer simple Army questions like “what’s your MOS” or “what’s your duty station” oh & my favorite was “have you done a tour overseas yet”!!! He responded to all of these questions with “i can’t tell you that” lmao! I just looked at him like he was stupid, then I asked him why he had a blue shirt on with his ACU’s & why his hair wasn’t army regulation cut! He looked at me & said “it’s none of your concern”, this little jack ass couldn’t have been more than 21 or22, I looked him straight in the eye & said actually yeah it is my concern I’m an army wife & my husband has been deployed & injured & you wanna come up in my bar with that fake ass shit? He got up & walked out! Everybody around me went crazy applauding & cheering! The little shit wouldn’t even tell me his name!

  25. there is a law about impersonating a police officer, as a military wife.. their should be a law for impersonating someone in military uniform. it’s just a so disrespectful to all of them who actually put there lives on the line every single day! these stupid people are so jealous.. if you want to be in the military so bad go sign up! most of all SHAME on you!!!

    • If you were smart, you’d know there is a law for impersonating military personnel. thats why people are making a big deal out a shit ton of lies.

  26. Alright guys, I know this guy personally. He DID get deployed, he was 11b Infantry. Those AF patches were his brothers. Yeah, he threw the uniform on to take a quick pic for someone. The ribbons, I’m not sure about that. And the AF uniform he was wearing, was most likely his brother’s considering his brother is in the USAF. His ex girlfriend was the one who actually made the Facebook page because once he got home, she wanted money. They were about to get engaged, and she blew it and fucked him over. That’s all I have to say.

  27. im his cousin from. he grew up in sturtevant wisconsin. his brother is in the air force. andrew david kueffler.
    jousha ryan kuefller is the full name. i live in the southwest now. never talk to joshua anymore or andrew. .
    he worked at target, lost his job for failing a drug test

  28. I was wondering if there was a site like this…. they should be forced to join up. They will be more inclined to respect the wearing of the uniform rather than using it as a costume to hide in.

  29. Ignore the bad ribbon rack, the terrible cover, the double flags, the two different uniforms, and the toolbag-grin. One thing outs him more than any other…….that is the prettiest bathroom in all of Afghanistan. I doubt COMISAF has a bathroom that pretty.

  30. This fuck is going to marry my cousin!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Just found out about it. Her mom called to ask me how to look up records. I about shit when she told me his name.

    I can’t let this shit take her down with him.

    Any ideas???

  31. FYI he is still telling ppl he is a combat vet, that he is/was a SFC. The list goes on, the line he gave my aunt was that he “is not ready to talk about things he has done”

  32. These are the open cases on this shitbird. Oh and my cousin finally wised up to his shit and dumped his ass.

    Results from here.

    State of Wisconsin vs. Joshua R Kueffler

    Waukesha County Case Number 2013CF000033

    1 943.201(2)(a) Misappropriate ID Info – Obtain Money Felony H

    2 943.201(2)(a) Misappropriate ID Info – Obtain Money Felony H

    3 943.201(2)(a) Misappropriate ID Info – Obtain Money Felony H

    4 943.201(2)(a) Misappropriate ID Info – Obtain Money Felony H

    5 943.20(1)(a) Theft-Movable Property <=$2500 Misd. A

    Waukesha County Case Number 2013CF000705

    1 946.49(1)(b) Bail Jumping-Felony Felony H

    2 961.41(3g)(e) Possession of THC Misd. U

    Ahhhh Karma

    • Oh man, and he’s from WI too? That’s unfortunate. I spent some time living in Wisconsin and with the WIARNG. Makes me sick to even look at him. It’s one thing for civilians to be enthusiastic about the military, but when they take it to these levels it’s completely unacceptible.

  33. Just an FYI… Kueffler is back at it. He was at the Wisconsin State Fair a short bit ago. In uniform and sucking in the glory. I spotted him and called him out but he left in a hurry.

  34. i am an older vet and a lot of the uniforms have changed, but even i can spot things wrong in this idiots pictures and unless the Army has changed since my time in it, you never had a beard while in uniform. Thanks to all of you who continue to serve and keeps us free and safe

  35. If you see stuff like this, who gets notified, is there a DoD point of contact, email, something? Lots of people want to be in the military, and some cannot be, by reason of age, criminal background, mental/physical fitness, and potentially other reasons, as well. I’m HENry the EIGHTH, I am, I AM, HENry the EIGHTH I am, I am!

  36. I was in the army and the air force and i would have had my butt kicked in both of them if I had a five oclock shadow. but for this asshole he should be put away for a long time and notified OSI.

  37. makes me sick knowing he’s from wisco. sent him a message with this tagged saying we know who he is. fuck this guy irritates me

  38. The ribbon rack is actually in the correct order, this idiot is wearing it upside down. He must have gotten it from a former Enlisted aircrew member first term Airman. It has 5 Air Medals for 100 overflights over a combat zone. Each 20 gets a Medal. It has 2 Meritorious Unit Awards. 2 Air Force Outstanding Unit Awards. 1 Combat Readiness Medal. 1 AF Good Conduct Medal. Of course everyone recognizes the NDSM. Then there is an OEF campaign medal followed by an OIF campaign each given for 60 overflights over the campaign airspace. Can not simultaneously be awarded on the same deployment. Then there is the GWOT the Expeditionary Service Ribbon the Marksmanship Ribbon for qualifying expert on an M-16 for E’s and M9 for O’s Lastly the Air Force Training Ribbon.

    I just read above that his brother is or was in the Air Force so these most likely his ribbon rack.

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