Jonathan Wade Short Pleads Guilty To Impersonating An Officer Of The United States

Jonathan Wade Short

Jonathan Wade Short



We received an email about this douche-bag from A.V.(we were asked not to name this person, so we are using the same letters the U.S. Attorney did in his release), telling us how he duped her by claiming to be a highly decorated Non-Commissioned Officer in the U.S. Army.

A.V. met Short through social media, where he started his claims of being a highly decorated soldier, who had been on multiple deployments and received high military honors (including the Purple Heart). Approximately one month later, when the two met for the first time in person, Short was dressed in a complete army combat uniform (ACU) wearing the rank of Sergeant, a Combat Infantryman’s Badge,  Parachutists badge, Combat patch, and a Ranger tab.

During this time A.V. says he repeatedly received discounts and financial benefits only available to members of Armed Forces. Oh but wait, it gets worse!

Short admitted that he also defrauded A.V. out of about $1,000 over a two month period, stating that he needed it to help defray the expenses related to his son’s emergency medical treatment at Kosair Children’s Hospital in Louisville. Short actually had no son who was ill or hospitalized!

Short in his Fake Dress Uniform

Short in his Fake Dress Uniform


As you can see in the photo above, obtained from our source, he is wearing a Ranger Beret, a C.I.B., Purple Heart, and Infantry Cord and tons of other awards! Looks like he forgot a few on this one!




Personally I think he looks better in the above uniform, fits his character a lot better! So before I continue with everything this douche did while posing as one of America’s Finest, lets look at his rap sheet before the recent arrest.




0 0.0 0.0 75969 00016 SPEEDING 16 MPH OVER LIMIT


And then in 2010 he was arrested for impersonating a police officer! According to what we have seen he was indicted  back in January on charges of second-degree burglary and two counts of impersonating a peace officer. Two months later, a complaint was filed in U.S. District Court charging Short with all the above, impersonating a soldier, wire fraud and entering government property under false pretenses for the purpose of committing a felony. He went onto Fort Knox, and an MP arrested him for impersonating a Soldier, and that’s when all the lies began to fall apart.

So Jonathan seems to have a history of pretending to be someone he is not! Well guess what Jon, you have just earned a permanent place in our Hall Of Shame! Its bad enough you impersonated one of America’s Finest, but then you use that aura to commit fraud against someone who thought she was helping out a Hero, good thing she found out you were a ZERO!

Short Posing With His Unsuspecting Victim

Short Posing With His Unsuspecting Victim


In the above picture, douche nozzle is wearing the Ranger Scroll as a CSIB, from what I can see it looks to be the 2nd Battalion, but I can’t be sure. I can hear the real Ranger’s reading this article throat punching him through the screen!

Here is the link to the Press Release from the US Attorney’s Office:Hardin County, Kentucky Man Guilty Of Impersonating A Soldier For Financial Gain.

According to the above, once an investigation revealed the extent of his fraud, he was apprehended and detained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation near Springfield, IL. If convicted at trial, Short faced a possible combined maximum term of 23 years in prison, a combined maximum fine of $500,000 and a ten year term of supervised release. Sentencing is scheduled for October 15, 2013, at 1:00 pm, in Louisville, before Judge Heyburn.

Seems the Impersonating a Police Officer charges stem from allegations Short entered an apartment in which two people were having an argument, claimed to be a police officer and threatened to make an arrest, according to a warrant.

According to the release, if Short is found guilty in Hardin County, for that charge, the sentence would run consecutive to the time he’s required to serve by federal court.

Well Google loves our Hall Of Shame, so we can do our part to ensure he is never able to pose as a Soldier again! Speaking to A.V., we were also told that he was always wearing ACU’s or Multicam, and that he would even sleep in his uniforms!

Most Soldier’s I know, including myself, want to strip out of it as soon as we can! Only time we sleep in them is when we have to, on deployments or in the field!

A.V. tells me his sentencing date is set for October 15th, and the public is welcome to attend. Sure would be nice to have a courtroom filled with REAL Soldier’s in their REAL uniforms! If you would like to attend this poser’s sentencing, we placed the address below. But remember, we are professional’s, so if you are local and choose to go, represent us all well!

Couthouse Address:

601 W Broadway
Louisville, KY

We will be updating this story as we get more information, can not wait until this punk is sentenced.


So it seems this douche nozzle went as far as to get the Ranger tab tattooed on his arm!

Ranger Tab

Ranger Tab


And here is one, of course we all walk around with our “Collars Popped!”

"Poppin My Collar"

“Poppin My Collar”


If anyone does decide to attend the sentencing, let us know, we would love to know how it goes.



We received a copy of the plea agreement for Short’s case, which also highlights some other things.

He was charged with violation of Title 18, United States Code, Sections 912, 1343, 1036, and 1001, and plead guilty to Title 18, United States Code, Sections 912 and 1343.  Those sections read as follows:

Sec. 912. Officer or employee of the United States


Whoever falsely assumes or pretends to be an officer or employee acting under the authority of the United States or any department, agency or officer thereof, and acts as such, or in such pretended character demands or obtains any money, paper, document, or thing of value, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

(The above includes any Soldier, not to be misunderstood as being a Commissioned Officer as we in the Military know it. This means impersonating any Soldier, regardless of the rank.)

Sec. 1343. Fraud by wire, radio, or television


Whoever, having devised or intending to devise any scheme or artifice to defraud, or for obtaining money or property by means of false or fraudulent pretenses, representations, or promises, transmits or causes to be transmitted by means of wire, radio, or television communication in interstate or foreign commerce, any writings, signs, signals, pictures, or sounds for the purpose of executing such scheme or artifice, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both. If the violation occurs in relation to, or involving any benefit authorized, transported, transmitted, transferred, disbursed, or paid in connection with, a presidentially declared major disaster or emergency (as those terms are defined in section 102 of the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act (42 U.S.C. 5122)), or affects a financial institution, such person shall be fined not more than $1,000,000 or imprisoned not more than 30 years, or both.


Seems he also unsuccessfully tried to join a VFW local to his area, of course those guys were smart enough to smell the lies and he was denied!

It also shed’s some light on how he was apprehended at Fort Knox by the MP’s:

On or about October 11, 2012, at Fort Knox, Kentucky, in the Western District of Kentucky, in the exclusive territorial jurisdiction of the United States, the defendant,

JONATHAN SHORT, was apprehended by Military Police at Fort Knox for impersonating a Soldier who witnessed a verbal altercation.

Following apprehension by Military Police at Fort Knox, and while in their custody, the defendant, JONATHAN

SHORT, told investigators in a sworn statement he had only worn a military uniform for two weeks, had done so in order to impress a woman, and gained nothing of value for

doing so.

None of this was true, because he had worn the uniform since March 2012 and gained personal and financial benefits for doing so.

Here is a copy of the Plea, certain things we redacted for privacy purposes:



UPDATE: 20131015:

Sentencing has been moved to October 24th at 1300 hrs .

courthouse Address:

601 W Broadway
Louisville, KY


If you go, get pictures!


UPDATE 20131024:

Short was sentenced to 10 months in prison, with 3 years supervised release also required to attend mental health counseling.  He has been in prison since trial, so he gets time served for 7 months and will be out in about 3 months.

He is also required to pay back the money he defrauded from his unsuspecting victim.



Ash contacted us today to let us know that Jonathan gets out of prison tomorrow. She also said to tell the ladies to beware, in case he decides to play hero again! No worries ladies, we will keep our eyes on him for sure.

UPDATE: 16 February 2015

Jonathan Short was confronted on camera by the Today Show, then he threatened to kill the cameraman, and went back to jail.

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277 comments on “Jonathan Wade Short Pleads Guilty To Impersonating An Officer Of The United States
    • Not only was I anxious to get out of the uniform but I couldn’t wait to get them out of my chu and washed. Unfortunately I know at least two other guys in the Army (now retired thank goodness) that are px rangers. Shame on them even more….

    • I wore BDU’s while in, can anyone inform me if the ACU is better or worse? I still think the BDU looks better & my opinion, thought they were comfortable to wear but to sleep in, hell no! I didn’t even do that in Somalia or any another deployment.

      • The ACU’s as a whole are ok. Velcro and zippers instead of buttons, you don’t starch and press the uniform like bdu’s, the pattern is designed to break up the signature while looking through certain night optics. Personally i liked the BDU’s better for camo and that everything was sewn on makes it harder to wear shit you didn’t earn. Plus the pressing of the uniform and shining of boots is one of those traditions that says more about you as a soldier and the pride you take in it. Anyway most soldiers I served with, including myself feel the uniform doesn’t camo the way BDU did.
        Hope I answered the question.
        Go Army…

        • actually the nam era jungle fatigues are FAR better than the ACUs!! Don’t get me wrong on the BDUs, i enjoyed wearin them when i served. I held on to them until recently (traded them for parts to build an AR15 or m4 carbine).

        • when I am posing as a soldier I choose to wear the Multi-Cam with ISAF patch so that people think I am downrange or on a top secret mission

          • Retired Navy here. When I’m posing as a Chief Petty Officer, I wear civvies, show my properly issued DD-2 ID card that states, CPO/E7 on it. I would not presume to be so arrogant as to try to impress someone with my uniform. If they want to know, they can look at my shadow box, it’s nothing too impressive, but it’s real.

      • i liked the bdu’s because you could make them look sharp and i hated the Velcro when we switched over. however, not having to press the acu’s is awesome and they, to me, are a little more lightweight and are able to breathe a little better lol but that is just my personal opinion

      • I wore BDU’s during my Active Duty days in the early 90’s, and we were issued the ACU’s before going to A-stan (came back in in 2003, deployed 05-06), which we quickly nicknamed “pajamas” because they fell apart that quickly in the field. They’ve tried to improve them but they don’t camouflage you much at all unless you’re laying atop a pile of crushed gravel, the Army needs to go to multicam!!

    • When I’m getting out of uniform, I want to get it off so fast, I don’t to be the one to do it. I want to erase the uniform of my skin.

      • Hope to see you there. πŸ™‚
        Just remember to keep yourself calm and collected. I need to impact the judge, not cause I scene πŸ™‚
        Thank you for your service. Well I assume you serve. If you don’t, I still thank you. πŸ™‚

          • um. no. don’t be judgemental.

            he said “ill be there if im home”. and like everyone on here has been military, is military or is an army wife.
            you dont know me, about my life and only 33% of the entire situation.

            who would think someone with a tattoo, multiple uniforms, somone who lives 5 min from base and wears tbeir uniform around their family, has plaques, challenge coins and a marriage license that says their job is army is lying.

            so you sir need to change your attitude.
            stop assuming im stupid by saying “that is your problem, you think everyone serves”
            that is all. you’re not worth anymore of my time.

          • Chris, no need to get an attitude. She brought a problem to our attention and most on here actually did serve. Did you?

          • Chris, you have had two months to answer psygopher’s question. Did you serve? Or are you just mouthing off to AV, who has shown herself to be a better person than you have yourself to be? Fess up, boy.

          • ^ you guys are the best.
            I’ve recieved a lot of criticism, but I’ve recieved even more encouragement, love and support. πŸ™‚
            People can say what they want. They do not know me or the entire situation.

          • A.V., you stood up and did the right thing when it mattered. Maybe you aren’t a Warfighter, but you took a brave and possibly dangerous action – which is precisely what binds us all together, the willingness to risk ourselves for what is right. Since you can act like one of us, you will be treated like one of us…or you will be protected by us.

          • Yeah this guy was really putting on a show, he’s a hustler, trying to scam money and anything else he could get even went on base, a con man. He could fool a lot of people.

      • Worst was when took the uniform off while filling the bath tub, then passed out in the tub, only to be woken up an hour later when the water temp got too cold…

    • I don’t miss those days of being so hot and sweaty that you’re soaked with sweat, every fiber of your being is wet and you have to take off all your equipment and you’re drenched to the bone, your acu’s, bdu’s, I can’t say i miss the military at all. And I especially like having my weekends back for my guard time. Just another vet….

    • I am also a retired SSG and I understand what you mean. I could not wait to get home and peel that uniform off back then, but I damn sure miss it now.

    • I lived about eight miles east of Ft. Sill,(1986-89) in the summer time I would be nearly stripped by the time I got home. I couldn’t wait to be out of those BDU’s! After twenty years I’ve forgotten most of the bad so, yes, I do miss the Army.

  1. So, I’m A.V.
    First of all, I wanna apologize for supporting and helping a fake.
    I know some are thinking “how can she be so stupid?” I ask the same thing. it was hindsight because I deeply cared for him. He was my boyfriend… thought he cared the same and would never hurt me.

    Then, I want to let you know HE IS SITTING IN JAIL as we speak πŸ™‚
    He was denied bail because he didnt follow the rules of a bond for another charge

    • A.V. thanks for calling that scumbag out, and I am sorry that you had to go through this. You are not stupid. You are not in the military so how are you supposed to know if he is wearing the right badges, ribbons etc. You have no reason to feel bad hun., he is the stupid one not you. I hope that the next time you meet a “hero” it will be a real one. Only THEY are real men and do not need to lie about what they did for our country.

      • Thank you! I’ve been dealing with guilt for a while now. I started being involved in those “adopt a hero” programs. I wrote one soldier 8 out of his 9mo. deployment. I got to meet him! We are good friends. He’s amazing <3

        • A.V. I’m deployed right now and I’ll tell ya, you should never be ashamed of helping someone out. This scumbag was a fraud and used you. You are a sweet soul and whoever could do that to you deserves to rot in prison. I hope he does. Thank you for your continued support of all of us here! We are all thankful to those who support us.

          • Thank you so much for the Kind words! Means so much. Especially coming from service members! I would never do anything to disrespect my true heroes on purpose!
            I know you men and women are amazing! I just met one of the bad apples.
            Thank you for your service!

          • I agree, you didn’t know. Im currently deployed as well, and ive earned my place every step of the way, with blood sweat tears, and loss. I wear my uniform with pride, but just because your wearing the uniform doesn’t mean your a soldier.

          • Matthew,
            Thank you for your service! I know you guys go through blood, sweet and tears from working so hard but you love your job so much, you push through the pain.
            It saddens me that someone would mock that a say they did all that when they are really doing nothing with their life.
            Stay safe and thank you!

    • Everyone falls for a con artist at some point. OMG – YOU’RE HUMAN!!! If you’d stayed blinded and let him keep the con going, then you’d have a reason to feel foolish. Instead, once you realized this douchenozzle was conning you and others, you got your head in the game and ensured justice was done. You did good. And there is a REAL man, a genuine good man, out there waiting for you.

      • Thank you so much for the kind words! I know I am not the only one, but people can be harsh. and we are all harsh on ourselves. I WOULD NEVER SUPPORT a fake on purpose. My dad was a LCDR in the Navy and Jon knew and lied to my dad’s face!

        • You did nothing wrong here. But you did out a fake, a poser and a thief not to mention an oxygen thief. You hold your head high and know you protected many others

          • Thank you! I am doing a lot better! Just can’t wait for court to be oever so I don;t have to hear about him, think about him or see him. πŸ™‚

    • Supporting someone you want to believe is a soldier doesn’t make you stupid. Being his victim, and still being brace enough to call him out, and helping get his sorry ass busted makes you strong. Thank you! From a real Army NCO.

      • Thank you so much!! Means more than you know. I was being quiet because I was embarassed and ashamed, but now I’m more open. However, I still don’t want my name linked to articles. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SERVICE!

      • He is going to have a hard time in jail.Even criminals have no respect for a poser. He will not be taken lightly in general population.

        • you are correct! many inmates are strong supporters of the trooos and most US marshalls are retired military. I’ve been assured it isn’t fun for him πŸ™‚

      • Thank you! I am! He thought he was going to get away with “escaping two felonies”. All my evidence put his butt in jail! πŸ™‚
        I will speak at his court date. Last one, He couldn’t even look at me.

    • Don’t fret over it, at least you caught on to it early and turned him in before he could do more damage not only to others but to the Army and the people they represent. Good job and I hope you find a real troop. Thanks aagain Will

      • Thank you! . I started being involved in those β€œadopt a hero” programs. I wrote one soldier 8 out of his 9mo. deployment. I got to meet him! I have three other ones I support. But of course I support EVERY military member.

    • Do not feel bad one bit about what you did, you were doing what you thought was right and just and there is no fault in that you are to be thanked so thank you from a vet

    • How does that make you stupid? No, you have a big heart and please don’t let this one incident break it!! Stay strong! You did your duty by helping to make sure he doesn’t have anymore victims…that’s SMART in my book πŸ˜‰

      • Believe it are not, some people are harsh and they can;t believe I fell for it. I see everything NOW. But thank you! . I started being involved in those β€œadopt a hero” programs. So I still care for soldiers. πŸ™‚

        • A.V.ANYBODY can fall for anything on any given day. if they were in the same spot THEY would fall for his line of shit. you did the military a HUGE favor sweety if you go to his trail let us know if they MAXED him on what im I thinking he wants to be a big bad ass solider send him to Leavenworth. then he can be with real soldiers all the time and im sure that RANGER TAT will be gone by dinner earthier by being cut out or HOT SPOONS. don’t worry about him any longer your a very loving person any trooper would love to have someone pulling for them and whiting to come home from being on deployment I know I would A VET

          • Thank you for making me smile πŸ™‚
            I don’t worry about him. He has no future, I’m in college working toward mine.
            Thank you for your service!’

    • First, not thinking how you could have been duped – it happens more than people know (a large number of people are too embarrassed to come forward). Second, don’t be afraid to live your life the way you did before you met the POS; don’t let him win. And, last, if you are ever out in the Colorado Springs area, I can introduce you to some real deal warriors who do what dipshit only claimed to have done.

    • A.V., you have nothing to be ashamed of. You brought him to the attention of someone that could do the right thing. You were scandalized like everyone he screwed over…including all of us who earned our uniform. Thank you. Don’t be ashamed, you know nothing of the military and it would be difficult to recognize a fake. Thank you, especially those of us from the Regiment he claimed to be from. His uniform was almost spot on. I’m amazed no one caught the one glaring wrong thing…the flash is not the 75th, that looks like SF, maybe 5th group. Thank you again A.V., a Ranger.

      • Thank you so much for your kind words and your service! I am truly sorry he gave a bad name to Rangers and well all service men and women. I’ve learned a lot about the army from asking questions, researching and I started being involved in those β€œadopt a hero” programs.He wore his dress uniform to my town (1.5 from base). We only have national guard so not many around here know.
        I screwed me over and now… well you see πŸ™‚
        Thanks again!

        • A.V.-

          When I was on active duty i did not know people even did stuff like this (just never occurred to me that people would do this), it wasn’t until someone showed me this site, I couldn’t believe it, especially when people who have never been in the military or did not even make it through Basic are the ones committing the atrocities (best word I can think of). So do not ever feel bad, and I am sure the soldiers you support appreciate it more than you ever can know.


          • Thank you for your kind words!
            I believed all his lies because I never thought about someone doing this! Now I know to be catious. But I still think highly of military personnel and my soldiers I write and send packages to! They are some of my close friends!

    • It takes courage to act and do the right thing. You did and I applaud you for it.

      Thank you for doing the right thing and helping to bring this fraud to justice.

    • a.v its definitely not your fault. Don’t let this guy bring you down there so many men out there who would love to have a good woman like you by his side. take care. one of my fav quotes” what is easy is not always right and what is right is not always easy” take care

      • Thank you for your encouragement.
        I know there is a guy who would appreciate it a heck of a lot more. πŸ™‚ Just waiting. I have time. I’m only 20. LOL. 19 when all this happened.
        That quote fits perfectly. Thank you for sharing. I probably should have been a little smarter and I also spend days trying to figure out if i should send this in.
        Although he did so much wrong, he is still a person….
        Thank you,

      • Thank you. πŸ™‚
        I’ve learned to just listen and keep my eyes out a lot more. Oh. and ask tons of questions. IF they care about me, they will be willing to tell me!

    • A.V., first and need to apologize for being kindhearted, totally not your fault. Secondly….Don’t let this POS stop you from supporting the troops. As a retired MSG/Ranger, I know that any support that our American troops are given is greatly appreciated. Hold your head high and stand proud. Thank you for your support.

      • Thank you for your kind words!
        Don’t worry, he hasn’t stopped be from doing anything. I’m just smarter, now. I’ve been learning a lot of army stuff from fellow soldier that I have “adopted”. They are great! I seriously love them. LOL. Way better than a fake.
        Thank you for your service!

    • Hun you have no reason to apologize. You’ve done nothing wrong, nor was any of it your fault. You had no idea so you really can’t blame yourself. He put you in the mess he got himself in. So therefore you’re in the clear. I’m sure any military member such as myself would agree to that. Keep your head up girl. For the actions he took upon himself, he’s got what he deserves jail time like you mentioned

        • You’re very welcome! The great thing about all this is everyone here has all got your back as you can see. If it wasn’t for people as supportive as you…. I wouldn’t know how the army could do it. All the support is what helps all of is military branches drive on and continue. I’m gonna try and see if I can get off for that court date and show and see if I can bring a few others in your support cuz I’m only a few hours away

          • I believe in doing for others, what they do for you. You guys support and protect me. I will do the same. You risk your life for me so it is my duty to make sure you guys get the same respect as you give. People doing things like this dishonors all you do. They act like they can be you because they wish they could be but they know they would never make it. People need to learn that this is not acceptable. Most people do not get into trouble because they do go to the extent that Jon did.

            I really do hope you can go! I would love to meet each and everyone of you. So please do say something to me if you go. πŸ™‚

            I am working my hardest to make an awesome, memorable, persuasive speech to get more time added! The judge as in the Reserves for 6 years and I think filling the court with TRUE soldiers in uniforms would make a huge impact.

            Thank you again!
            Much care, support, & love,
            A.V πŸ™‚

    • Don’t feel stupid. You have a heart and followed it. times are crazy and many users out there that prey on girls. My wife did a back ground check on me when we started dating. I would tell all girls to do the same. If they claim G.I. hero status ask for their DD214. I am sorry you went through that

      • Thank you for your kind words and your service!
        Now, I know of a site and you just put in someone’s name and birthdate (or SSN) and if they are active it will tell when they became active and if they are still serving. I forget the name now. I also ask to see a military ID πŸ™‚
        I will have to remember to see forms. If I asked for proof he told me it wasn’t my buisness. I now know that means he didnt care about me and was hiding something.

      • Very good thinking, Mchael! These days it seem too easy to be a fake, but it can be easy to catch them too. Any REAL military person would be proud to show their DD-214, I am. Just be readyfor hours ofstories. πŸ™‚

    • Being military I will be the first to say that your no where near stupid, if you were you wouldnt have blasted him you would have stood by him and backed him up. Please dont allow someone with no pride in country to take away from what my sisters n brothers do for our country. Thank you for being honest and he will get what is coming to him

      • Thank you for your support and for serving!
        I admit, it took me a while to wake up when everyone was telling me something was off. But I finally did. I have such an amazing and supportive family that helped me to do so.
        I do not believe everyone in the service is like him. I still love and support you all. I even have join those “adopt a hero” programs.
        I will support you all until everyone last one of you comes home. πŸ™‚
        It is my duty to share this story and make sure justice is served for all you service members. πŸ™‚
        I want to make it known that this happens to warn others so they do not have to go through what is and to tell all those people out there who do this that it is not tolerated by me, the court, the citizens and you service memebers who worked hard.
        And I know I will have a great future and he wont. I believe he may not serve as much time as he deserves but it will be done so I will have done what I set out to do.

    • To you, I would say That I apologize. That type of behavior is NOT what we promote. You were a victim of a spineless coward who attempted to earn his stripes through real men and women’s blood. We do not fault you, no one would, for any part of your victimization.

      The Army is a brotherhood, we protect those who support us just as we protect our brothers and sisters in arms. The U.S. Military as a whole needs all the support we can get right now, civilians like you, fighting at home for us. Continue to support and be a voice for soldiers everywhere. I appreciate you, so does my squad whom I have shared your story with.

      Carry on, have a wonderful life, be happy.
      Persistence and perseverance through trials is the key to success at the end of the road.

    • A.V. Its not your fault. You didn’t know and I am sorry that there are people like this in the world. He is a disgrace not only to the United States of America but to humanity. I believe he should be sent overseas to see what men and woman go through to get those awards (Coming from an Actual Purple Heart Recipient) God Bless and take care

      • Thank you for your kind words! I had no idea that people actually do this. I guess it’s just me thinking that everyone is as caring and loving as I am. I believe he should also have to go through boot camp, ranger school and a deployment like he said he did. Maybe then he could appreciate service men and women. However, I know that is not reasonable and that will never happen. Thank you so much for your service!
        I am terribly sorry that people do this to honor service members. I know you went through much pain and danger to recieve that purple heart. You truly are a hero! I wish I could meet all of you!

    • No need to apologize, I’m sure everyone has been fooded by a liar. Some are so good you don’t want to believe they are frauds even when you have proof. I am sure all of us here are just happy you didn’t get taken very bad and that you helped bust him. I wish you all the best and that you find someone who deserves you.

      • Thank you for your kinds words. I have a lot and became a more independent, stronger person. I am glad I have family that helped me wake up and see all the lies and no longer be in his hold. Thank you for your support and well wishes. I am still young. πŸ™‚

    • Don’t be ashamed or feel guilty!! Guys like him usually know how to play people and put a lot of thought in it. It has happened to me before – he wasn’t pretending to be mil. but pretended to be all kinds of things – and tried to live off of me and my money. In retrospect I could have noticed it earlier but when you are involved in a personal and emotional situation like that you don’t always notice. We are all just human πŸ˜‰ Don’t beat yourself up.

      • Thank you for your encouragement! It’s so nice to hear from someone who understands. Many people think I am probably stupid for not noticing the obvious things, giving him so much money with out asking questions or for proof and so on. But like you said emotions were involved. I deeply cared about him and I thought he felt the same way (I believed when he told me he did) and would never do such cruel things to hurt me. But of course, I see it all now. From now on I will just be a lot more cautious, take it slow and ask questions!
        Thank you! & I hope you are doing well. πŸ™‚

    • I don’t think you were stupid. Not at all. He obviously knew quite a bit about the army. He lived near base, had uniforms, a freakin’ TATTOO… I’m just sorry he screwed you over the way he did. I’m glad you found out.
      Keep your head up. He will get what’s coming to him.

  2. So glad this ass hat got busted. I am a vet and was a peace officer till I got laid off last year! I go ballistic Any time I hear catch a fake vet. Why is it they are always SF or Rangers. Lol never 88m or 31B or 89A’s lol. Good for that MP.

    Or and thanks for Sharing

    • Hey Michael, be nice to the 88M’s out there. I happen to be a former one and have a Bronze Star and Purple Heart from OIF2. You never know the background of one of the common MOS soldiers. I did OSUT at Knox as a 19D, then switched to 11B a few years later and became a drill sergeant. Once finished with active, I went reserves as a 38A Civil Affairs and became an Arabic Linguist for the Battalion. I got out for a short time due to family hardship but returned in ’03 by asking the recruiter which local reserve unit was the shortest on manpower so I ended up in a trans unit as an 88M. These guys get a bad rap. I’ll admit, I may have made a joke or two about some of the more common MOS’s during my twenty years, but they do deserve the same respect. You are right though, most of the posers out there go with SF or Rangers. You NEVER see a drill sergeant pumpkin on their uniform pocket. LMAO!

  3. My Ex who was in the Army always left a trail of his BDU’s in the house, starting at the front door, going to the backdoor and then onto deck and the last thing that came off was laying next to the pool . He couldn’t wait to get his BDU’s off , even if that meant starting to undress as soon as the front door closed behind him. I remember laughing my butt off one time. He had stood his BDU pants up next to the pool and told me that he was trying to be a good husband since I had complained about him throwing his clothes everywhere. I guess that’s what I got for starching the hell out of them.

  4. lol, I used to sleep in uniform, All the time. I didnt wear civies for about 6 months later, and of course only after 5pm.

    I would love to attend this court date. Give me a chance to visit with family in KY, but alas I am too broke to do so.

  5. As a real combat vet( 1/34AR,1st Brigade 1st ID), I want to know if these people who pretend to be combat vets, also pretend to have the nightmares and and pretend to wake up sweating because you don’t know where you are. Do they actually tell the people they are lying to that they have PTSD or TBI? Or are they just interested in the good parts of being deployed, because they can have mine.

    • hey. I’m A.V. Yes, he said he had 70% PTSD. whatever that means. made up horrifying stories. he claimed to never sleep. I was always asleep so idk if he did or not. and he would be very jumpy when loud noises occured.

      • A percentage of PTSD?!?!? I am 100% disabled due to depression and PTSD but I would NEVER think of doing something so asinine. I sometimes wear my hat with pins on it and tell the young soldiers how it was when I was in. If I had the money I would proudly go to his trial and observe. Wartime injuries are very real to us and should never be mocked by a faker like him. May he find himself in a military psych ward with real PTSD victims to shame him.

        • I may have been wrong. It may have been 70% disabled. But he always used PTSD as an excuse.
          Thank you for your service!
          I’m so sorry you have to deal with all that and someone out there is saying he suffers from this horrible thing!

        • I do the same exact thing with my nieces and nephews. They are always asking me about my time in the Army and what it was like. I always just tell them that it wasn’t fun, and now I have problems because of it. Plus I don’t go around telling everyone I have PTSD. Luckily I have a very understanding girlfriend. Stay strong.

  6. The scary thing to me is that his uniform is more or less squared away. No deficiencies in his ACU’s, and all I could see on the ASU that was jacked up was the subdued qualification badges. Someone did their homework!

    • His rank on the hat in the popped pic is on wrong but you’re right he could fool someone that wasn’t military. Hope he gets a cell with Bubba.

    • On his ACU’s he was wearing the “electric strawberry” under the flag, and the scroll as his unit patch, although everyone else just wears 2 scrolls. He was also wearing a DS Pumpkin on the right side instead of the left, also most DS are E-6 or higher. His headgear in each photo makes him look like a slob. You can wear the oxidized qual badges, however you shouldnt wear one oxidized and one stabrite. On his ASU pics he is wearing his stripes on the collar of the white shirt, and any real NCO knows they go on the shoulders once you make the buck stripes. He is also wearing his Scroll as a CSIB, even though he isnt wearing anything on the other side….. He can fool someone that isnt familiar with uniform regs but not a real soldier.

    • The ASU’s are jacked up as well. We as NCO’s do not wear our rank on the shirt collars, we have the shoulder boards. He has pin-on rank on his shirt. A.V. Thank you for calling this pathetic waste of oxygen out. Proudly serving after 14 years and now I am Medically getting out.

      • Thank you for serving.
        I’ve been learning a lot about the army and what jon did wrong. hopefully, wont happen again. πŸ™‚
        ive gone back and forth whether I wanted to share this story. I didnt wanna ruin his life. but then I was like no, he ruined his own life, im only supporting our troops by doing this πŸ™‚

  7. 56M20, I’ve got one for you. On the last pic, around the neckline, you’ll see him chevrons on his white dress shirt. Any real Army NCO knows only lower enlisted wear their rank on the collar. Once you EARN chevrons and rockers, it’s shoulder boards from then on out. Seeing a cum bucket like this receive his just desserts made my day here in the ‘Stan.

  8. 56m20, I’m just eye screwing the picture in the article above, but from what I can tell from his unit citations are crooked, his name tape isn’t centered, and there’s a space between his unit citations but not his ribbons. If I were to look at it more I could probably find more deficiencies.

  9. I met a REAL hero yesterday. He was in civies, woth his wife and daughter (about 5 yrs old) and riding her around in his wheelchair…because he had no legs. He talked about her, not his service. His life was around his family, not his service. He was proud of HER accomplishments, not his. True HEROS don’t put the focus on themselves.

  10. Rookie mistakes :

    Most Rangers in a Ranger Bat deploy with that Bat, so why are you rocking the Electric Strawberry as your combat patch and not wearing the scroll on both sides ? Also, 25ID does not have an airborne tab above it when worn on the right shoulder…

  11. at the risk of being sympathetic, you sympathy for the pathetic…. I say put him in a real uniform (without pay of course) and allow him to represent who he really is in some far off place, you know Somalia or some place similar. Should be a death penalty. what a POS

    Thanks for sharing and caring
    SSG RET Morgan, R

    • I wish they could make him do what he said he had done.
      But no dealth peanlty. That is the easy way out. πŸ™‚
      Thank you for your service!

  12. The OP gives two separate dates for the sentencing, unless I’m reading it wrong. Please clarify.

    I predict a 5 year sentence with time served and a $25K fine. We’ll see.

    The guy is a DB poseur, no doubt, but I gotta admit that the turd looks more convincing in uniform than a lot of the peeps I had in my units as a 1SG before I retired. (I straightened their asses up pretty quick, though…) ;).

    • hello, I’m A.V. the article posted by the FBI says sept 15. however, it has always been Oct 15. but his court date always change a couple times, I will update everyone if it gets changed.

    • Oh, and as of now the plea is a year and a day in federal prison and then 5yr supervised released.
      I will speak at the next court date. I can impact the judge to add more time.
      He can also add however much he wants. I believe he was in the reserves for 6 years. not positive, though

  13. A.V….you know who is my hero……*YOU* are…..More guts and balls that this cocksmoker *EVER* had. (Even *if* you’re a hot girl!)

    • Lol. Thank you so much! Those words mean more than you think. I’m a very caring person until you abuse that. He never saw this coming. HE thought i’d let him get away with it. I will be speaking at his next court date and my evidence helped put him in jail. Pictures are worth a thousand words. And writing- aka texts πŸ™‚
      Thank you,

  14. A.V. Thanks for coming forward. You had your heart in the right place. This asshat deserves whatever he gets and more. I would love to see his sentence be getting put in 2nd Ranger BN as a PVT for 4 years with no pay. He also would not be allowed to go to Ranger School. During every BN formation he would be required to strip out of his uniform top and t-shirt and show everyone his Ranger Tab Tattoo. Then all the Ranger Qualified NCOs and enlisted Soldiers would be allowed to play with him. It would be worse then a life sentence in prison!

    • Thank you so much! this made me LOL. Yes, I wish his punishment was that! I hear that most U.S marshalls are retired military and really, a lot of inmates are big into supporting troops. So i’m sure he is having a fun time in jail (he was denied bail). Can’t really take off a tattoo (;
      Thank you again!

  15. “Poppin’ my collar?” I always wondered what that was called. Bwahahaha!! I love these D-bag “selfie” pics that poseurs always take to impress the ladies.

  16. I guess dumbasses like this say they are SF or Rangers because their jobs look so cool in movies and on TV and I’m sure they think all women love a man in uniform that is considered to be a badass. I know that real SF and Rangers go through more hell than the normal soldier, and we should give them the respect they deserve. I use to be in the Army, but have now been out for the past 5 months and even when I was in, I couldn’t get out of that hot uniform I wore all day and peel off those boots fast enough when I got home. A.V. you are not to be blamed in any way. You were duped by this ass wipe but once you realized what was happening, you had the courage to come forward and let the entire world know what a piece of shit this guy really is. Thanks to you, he will never be able to do this again to anyone. You are a hero to us service members currently serving, retired, or left the service with an honorable discharge.

    • Thank you for your kind words! Yes, he was also watching War movies and telling me what they were doing is what he did… :/
      I wanted to stand up for myself because no one uses me. Especialy, to dishonor troops. And I wanted to stand up for everyone in the military!
      Thank you for your service.

  17. A. V., I am a Sailor, not a Soldier, but even still I must say I agree completely with what many others have said. Once you figured out something was amiss, you showed the world he was being stupid in a no-stupid zone. The only thing I can think of that you should do now is to send a massive open-ended invitation to Ft Campbell and Ft Knox for every Service Member, that is able, to attend the sentencing. I would love to see that No Talent Ass Clown’s face when he sees the courtroom filled with REAL Soldiers.

    • Thank you for your kind words.Everyone does not know how much it means to me! It doesn’t matter what branch, you are all hereoes to me! I’m so glad I have family that helped me open my eyes and see all the lies so that I could leave before I got caught up in it even more.
      Do you know how I could send it to Fort Campbell and Knox? I just want to make sure people can keep themselves under control. Believe me, last court I just wanted to punch him and yell at him.
      I will keep everyone updated, so just keep checking back!

        • I messaged them and asked them to post it. πŸ™‚
          I just don’t want my full name attached to articles for the rest of my life. And the media is nuts and annoying.
          Thank you!

      • WOW> I live outside Ft Campbell and will pass this on thru the community. I served and still suffer. He needs to suffer for pretending to serve. What would the base do if most of the combat vets took a road trip for this DBs trial? I for one would be amused…

        • Thank you for passing it on!
          Yes, I wish he could expereince everything he said he went through.
          Thank you for your service and I hope things get better!
          I would love to see so many people there.
          As of right now it is set fot OCT 15 @ 1300 at the federal court house in louisville. However, his court days often change with even a two day notice. I will keep everyone updated.
          Thank you again!

  18. Would be awesome if real Servicemen and veterans disabled showed up to court to make an impact on Judge those he was dishonoring. One’s that actually had the guts to serve and do what he impersonated.

  19. Needs a good thrashing and should be forced to serve for 5 years. Put him right at front lines or pay a hefty price for His falsified claims.

  20. Going back to what A.V. commented about him being 70% PTSD…….WTF is that? You either have it or you dont. I know some cases are more severe than others, but as a 2 time OIF veteran living with PTSD, it really burns me up to hear that people claim they have it. Why would anyone claim to have it? Myself, and others that live with it also…..are praying that it goes away or that there is a cure found. Some of my dreams are pure hell, and sometimes I am forced to “relive” some of the shit I experience in Iraq.

    Let me have him for a while. He wants to have PTSD? I won’t stop at “70%”. I would seriously make him fucking nuts. Then throw his ass in jail for a while and see how he can cope with it in there.

    • Maybe It was 70% disabled. It’s been a while. Almost a year since he told me about himself- ‘the introductions” and I havent talked to him since December. I know he said he had PTSD. Blamed it on that everytime he was in a bad mood or got angry. Also everytime he heard a loud noise he jumped and looked around. He always complained about not sleeping. IDK I didn’t watch him sleep and I lived 1.5 hrs away. But he would always be like you sleep too much, i never sleep. or get mad if I woke him up. ETC

      I hate that people live with memories and have flashbacks.
      I don’t know why someone would make up horrible stories about seeing such horrible things like he did. He got into gruesome detail!

    • Its 70% brain dead, have you ever heard the saying be careful what you wish for, after he does his 23 year sentence trust me he wont be lying when he says he has PTSD.

      • Read the 38 CFR. All VA disabilities are on a rating system.
        For PTSD it is closely associated with a 0-100 score assigned by a psychiatrist and known as a GAF! global assessment of function.
        90-100 GAF would be a normal guy and 0-10 would be kind of zombie-like.
        While not the only consideration, a 45 GAF would most likely get a 70% rating of PTSD and would indicate things like no friends or social interaction, sleep problems, anxiety, paranoia, depression, lack of enthusiasm, and many more things could be possibilities.
        If it was your only disability you would be rated at 70%. If you had another disability it’s percentage would be calculated on your remaining 30%, say a 60% hearing loss would make you 18% more disabled and your,total disability rating would be rounded to 90%. This is referred to as “VA math”.
        Off topic, but I threw it out there for all the people whose posts indicate they don’t know.
        A.V., a con man succeeds because that is his intent, to take advantage of people. He did note demean or,disgrace you or the military, just himself!
        Let yourself off the hook, you have nothing to be ashamed of and much to be proud of.

        • Thank you for your kind words! All that I have recieved means so much.
          He was smart and did his homework, but not too smart. I mean living right by fort knox and going out in uniform. going on post, having pictures taken, putting it in writing through text messages and facebook, having me as a girlfriend when my dad retired as a LCDR in the Navy, etc.
          And it’s good to know I was correct about 70% PTSD and not just making that up πŸ™‚
          I will be more careful from now on by asking questions and for proof. Someone who truly cares about me won’t mind it. πŸ™‚
          Thank you EVERYONE for your service!

  21. What a scumbag. That pisses me off more than anything. Oh , we are too much of a pussy so I’ll pretend I can… And for him to get a tattoo of the Ranger Tab.. Wish I could cut it out of his skin. Shame on losers like that.

  22. I just contact local American Legion Post 229 in Louisville, Kentucky one of the members is going to mark it on the Post Calender and get as many of its members with Legion Hats and Medals on. Going to also contact the VFW as well. Will tell you all the outcome soon.

    • I believe the louisville news showed it once back in march or april !
      But I haven’t been too public until now. I just don’t want to show my name or face to the media.

  23. Dude has a bad case of PTSD that’s all! Oh wait, not a Soldier!!!!

    He’s proven himself to be a nut case (Tattoo?wtf), maybe get probation and some sort of Mental Health Maybe!?

    1. Impersonation of Police: some jail time Possibly 2. Impersonating a Military member: 0 days and no punishment (Liberal turds in Courts).

    If he were to be an actual Soldier with PTSD and committed some petty shit, he’d get the book thrown at him!!! Fucking retard Court Judges..

    • I know this is no excuse, but I do know he is on medication now! He will get some jail time for both. But of course, probably not enough. No time can fix what he did to me and everyone else.
      I believe the judge was in the reserves at one point.

  24. Geez, I hope this doesn’t mess up his fake promotion to fake E-6. I heard he had just become the first combo fake Ranger Seal and was deployed to his mom’s basement

    • I will keep everyone upadated since the court dates often change. As of now, the press conference is wrong. It is NOT Sept. 15 but IS Oct. 15. 1300 at the federal court house/banruptcy court house in Louisville. 2nd floor, I think.

    • Hey, I saw your comment on stolen Valor’s page, I hope you do get to attend. I will keep everyone updated if the date and time changes. If you do go, I wil be speaking and I would love to meet you.
      If you have any questions about the location or anything else you want to know, ask away.
      Hope you aren’t related either!
      I hate having to claim him as my ex and as being his victim.
      Thank you for your service.
      P.S I know all Short’s aren’t like him πŸ™‚

  25. Can we write to the judge/prosecutor and ask they give him the max? It would be great if they could give him the death penalty, but I guess a life sentence (23 years) would be a good start.

    • I’d love to take him somewhere where REAL soldiers make him do everything he said he went through. πŸ™‚
      thank you for your service!
      im sorry people do this to you guys!

  26. A.V.; as a proud army wife, I applaud you for caring enough to want to help and trying to help out our warriors. What this waste of human DNA did was deplorable. He was/is such a loser and he knew it, that is why he wanted to be an american soldier, he wanted to be someone that was worthy of respect and honor, he just chose to steal that instead of earn it like so many of the amazing men and women I know and work with.

    • thank you for your encouraging words.
      I know help out true soldiers through those “adopt a hero” programs. they deserve so much more than what i send when they are overseas. πŸ™‚
      you are right, he wanted to be something he could never be because he could never make it through it all.
      I thank yout husband for serving and you for being a great, supportive army wife! πŸ™‚


  27. A.V. don’t let it get to you. just a idiot. I am Prior Navy my self i have done and seen alot my self. and he was a idiot. one for going on to a military base and two for picking the highest honors at his age (you cant be a non com. officer with out having years in service. nor enlisted without 6 years of service all ready given. you live and you learn. really the only part that makes me mad (being a purple heart recipient my self) is claiming to be a wounded soldier shows no respect for those that have lost there lives. i piety the fool. A.V. for you to come forward and provide evidence….thank you for honoring our living and fallen heroes

    • Thank you for your kind words! I have recieved so much encouragement. More than I could imagine.Yes, he was stupid for going on base. I even went on base with him a couple times. I believe him pretending to be an officer helped push for the court to look at him. And yes, I can not believe he made up stories about being shot. He has a gun shot wound. It was from him and a friend being stupid and he used it to make his stories believeable. He made up horrible stories. I do not know why someone would want to act like they have seen such horrible things.
      Because of him my support for our troops has became so much more meaningful and stronger. I currently write several and send packages. This is the only good things that came out of it. And these men I write are some of the most amazing people. Every service member saying encouraging things to me, including you, just means that you men and women really are heroes <3
      I would never dishonor troops or support someone who dies. This is why I came forward. The U.S attorney actually asked my family to share the press release to show that they do not find it acceptable and it deserves punishment.
      I reallyy am sorry that people do this to you guy.
      This is one man out of the many that will be punished. πŸ™‚
      Thank you for your service!

    • I hear he is having a wonderful time there. Most inmates are strong supporter of troops and most U.S marshall’s are retired military.
      yes, it is crazy. My life has been a lifetime movie. LOL. But I am the one ultimately winning. πŸ™‚

  28. To you, I would say That I apologize. That type of behavior is NOT what we promote. You were a victim of a spineless coward who attempted to earn his stripes through real men and women’s blood. We do not fault you, no one would, for any part of your victimization.

    The Army is a brotherhood, we protect those who support us just as we protect our brothers and sisters in arms. The U.S. Military as a whole needs all the support we can get right now, civilians like you, fighting at home for us. Continue to support and be a voice for soldiers everywhere. I appreciate you, so does my squad whom I have shared your story with.

    Carry on, have a wonderful life, be happy.
    Persistence and perseverance through trials is the key to success at the end of the road.

    • Thank you for your kind and inspiring words. Everyone has been so encouraging. I still feel guilty for supporting a fake. I almost went on about how proud of him I was to other people. Now, I am doing my duty to share my story to warn others. It does happen often, which I never knew and it wasn’t just an online thing. We hung out in person. He went to a school dance, to family get togethers and stayed in my parent’s house.
      I in no way associate him with you TRUE heroes. You all have made me see how much of a true hero you all are by offering words of encouragments instead of telling me how stupid I was for not seeing all the signs (I see them all now).
      I will have a great life. He won;t me able to amount to anything because of his record and being all over the internet. I however, am in college making a future.
      I was young and dumb (19 then, 20 now). He was attractive and I thought he was a hero. I plan on being a lot smarter. I have learned a lot and became a stronger person. I am finally standing up for myself. and will all you service members. You guys don’t deserve this either.
      Than you and your squad for your service and for supporting me like I support you. I will do my best to persuade the judge to add more time.
      Stay safe out there! You men and women mean more to me than you know.
      I wish I could keep in contact with all of you and stay updated on how you guys are doing since you are so supported of me and I would like to do that for, but for now I will remain anonymous. Just know I am hear supporting each and everyone of you and hope you guys stay safe. Thank you again!

      • Your Continued support is a blessing to me, to all of us. You are part of the “American spirit” that we are all so proud of. Stay strong, never waver, never yeild, for anyone or any reason. Be true the things that you hold dear to you and the truths that you know to be right. Keep up the good fight. Know this, Blackhawks have your back. As long as people who would aim to hurt you stay at bay, you can know that I am ok.

        • By the way, pardon my horrible grammar. I hope you figured out what I was trying to say. Your message was really touching and I did not double check everything I said before I sent it. You words just meant a lot to me. πŸ™‚

          I will always have your back as well. πŸ™‚ It is my duty to serve you guys as well. Just in the recent months have I opened up about my situation.However, people need to be warned and all service members should see justice be done. I couldn’t have made it this far with the police department, U.S attorney and FBI taking an interest and showing everyone that this is unacceptable so something had to be done. They actually reached out to me to hear the story and get evidence.
          And of course, I thank all you service members for being so supportive of me. You guys deserve more support.

          Thank you much…for your tounching words and for serving to protect me. πŸ™‚


  29. I gave my Class A uniform with everything I earned after 20 years to my daughter as a memento, to inspire her that she can achieve what ever she wants if she puts her mind and whole heart into it. She is currently 13yrs old and has finally made it to State Competition for Barrel Racing/Pole bending (Gymkhana) and hopefully we will see if she can qualify for Youth NBHA Worlds next year in 2014. She keeps my uniform in her closet covered in see through protective plastic with the note I wrote to her on there, looking at it now and then for inspiration.

    • That is so tounching! I am sure she is so proud of you like you are of her.
      I hurt my dad by bringing this guy who dishonors the military around our family.
      So now it is my duty to bring justice for my dad, myself and every other service member out there.
      Thank you for your service,

    • I’m hoping this will show people that they need to report a fake because the court doesn’t find it acceptable.
      It just helped that Jon was caught by MP’s and lied, was a high rank and got money.
      Maybe one day stolen valor will be a big deal.
      I just hope that Jon doesn’t think he is awesome from getting all this attention…

      • A.V. you’re the true hero here! I admire your bravery for bringing this forward and not letting this scumbag get away with scamming innocent people for his own gain. I come from three generation of service member s. So from my family to yours thank you for bringing this pitiful excuse for a human being to justice. He won’t think he’s awesome when he’s sitting in jail rotting away.

        • Thank you for your kind words. πŸ™‚
          And thanks everyone in your family for their service for me.
          I have family in the service (retired and active) as well…including my father. I also have several friends currently overseas.
          It is my duty to support and protect heroes just like they protect me. So I need to make it known that this does happen and that no one finds it acceptable. Maybe if more and more people step forward then it will become a serious issues and service memebers will be respected more.
          I’m lucky I had much help and interest from a police officer who started it all , A U.S attorney and the FBI.
          I dont know if you know but he is currently sitting in jail. Has been since March, I think. But all the time since march will count as time served. So by the time october comes he will already have derved 7 months of his 12mo and a day sentence. I am hoping by what my father and I say will impact the judge to add more. Also, I hope the judge thinks hard because he was in the Reserves for 6 years.
          Thank you again!

  30. Seems like he got off light to me! Yes, it’s a win but it is still a slap in the face to all of those that lost their life or that of a loved one serving our Country. I’m glad that A.V. brought this forward. I commend her for her bravery. With all of us that have served we thank you for what we have done. The lightness of the punishment has to do with a over burdened criminal justice systems and a prosecutors office that doesn’t respect the men and women that serve this great Nation!

    • Hi matt πŸ™‚
      Yes, I wish he was getting more. The day of sentencing my father and I will be speaking to the judge. What we can say can persuade the judge to not agree with the plea. The judge awas also in the Reserves for 6 years. If the judge chooses to add more than the plea will be dropped. If Jon agrees with the amount of time then he will serve. If he does not agree with the amount of time and he chooses to change his plea to not guilty then it will go to a Jury Trial.
      The US attorney told me that he would only have recieved the maximum if he had stolen hundred of thousands of dollars and had hurt someone in uniform. No one was hurt physically. Emotions dont really count πŸ™ I guess we just have to think about most federal crimes. They are usually way worse.
      But I do hope to make an impact and have time added.
      And you are right. Service men and women arent a major priority in this counrty. Maybe more people will step forward and that can change!
      Thank you for your kind words. I’ve been quiet for a long time. But I am coming out about it more and more. It’s my duty to honor all service members by making sure justice gets done, warning other people and showing the people that do this that it is not acceptable.
      Thannk you,
      -A,V πŸ™‚

    • He knows he couldn’t do all that he says he has done.
      He could never achieve and go through what all you service members do.
      He knows this so he had to fake it.

  31. If my husband and I come, I’m glad john will not be able to deface the CIB my husband earned and proudly wears after 20 years in the Army. A.V., you say you’ve never met a REAL Ranger? How about a REAL LRRP? The precursor of the Rangers. When 1SG Shaner saw this article, he stated he shouldn’t go to the sentencing because if he saw his CIB on this dirtbag he would be hard pressed to refrain himself. Shame, shame, shame on this scum for attempting to impersonate one of our Warriors.

    • I thank him for his service.
      But yes, if people come they need to keep their cool. I understand I do not feel what REAL service members feel because I will never be in the military.
      I do no want to stoop to his level. My goal is to just fill the court room to make an impact on the Judge to add more time and maybe even on Jon so he can truly understand what he did and MAYBE one day he will be TRULY sorry and will publicaly apologize.
      I would love to see you there. πŸ™‚
      If everyone can keep their cool. πŸ™‚ I need to make an impact to persuade the judge to add more time, not cause a comotion.
      I am truly sorry that people like this dishonor people like your husband. I know he worked hard and through pain to earn everything he has and i can;t imagine how it feels to see someome take credit for earning all that when they never step foot into the military even for a day.
      Thank you,

      • As long as jon didn’t have a CIB on Rick could keep his cool. LOL. He gets a mite touchy about that Award. Thank YOU for bringing this dishonor to light and I hope you find someone worthy of you and your honesty.

        • thank you for your kind word πŸ™‚
          I actually don’t know what CIB is. care to explain? then maybe I cam understand why people are so upset it. πŸ™‚

          thank you,

          • Combat Infantryman Badge
            Type Special Skill Group 1 Badge
            Eligibility Soldier must be an Army infantry or special forces officer (SSI 11 or 18) in the grade of Colonel or below, or an Army enlisted Soldier or warrant officer with an infantry or special forces military occupational specialty.
            Awarded for Performing duties while personally present and under fire while serving in an assigned infantry, ranger or special forces capacity, in a unit of brigade, regimental, or smaller size, engaged in active ground combat, to close with and destroy the enemy with direct fires

          • As Michael O so concisely states, an award for serving under fire. Rick’s MOS was 11B40. Infantryman. The LRRP by the way stands for Long Range Recon Patrol. Later E Co 58th and K Co 75th Rangers absorbed the LRRP’s if you were airborne qualified. Or went to Ranger School.

  32. AV,

    Thank you for taking the time and setting your own pain aside to hang this joker. Service in the military is serious business, and combat even more, so someone who has the audacity to fake it deserves to burn! I look forward to seeing the final sentencing posted on Stolen Valor, and with any luck the judge hammers him with time and fines. Prison is still too nice of an arrangement for this fool, but at least justice will be served.

    As for you, if nothing more, this I’m sure has been a huge learning experience as you have stated, and will set your future up for bigger and better things. He thought he had you, but obviously not, and from what I can tell from this forum, you’ve got a square head on your shoulders. Keep driving on and looking forward, for upward is all you have to go now!

    From all of us who actually serve this great nation, we thank you for bringing this poser to justice!


    • Thank you for your kind and encouraging words.
      I have been really quiet and kept it all bottled up. Recently, I have been coming out more and more about it. I believe people should know. Maybe more will speak out and Stolen Valor will become a serious issue. And of course, It is my duty to make sure justice is served service members, like you.
      I have learned a ton. I have my good & bad days. I still have to sort through emotions at time. But I am still continuing to move forward and create a great future for myself. He has never stopped that.
      I don’t want him harmed or even “shot” as some people would like. I just hope to fill the court room to make an impact on the judge and jon. I hope one day he is truly sorry. I just want him to serve some time and hopefully learn from it, regret it and never do it again. But I can’t see if he will “change” or not.
      I wish he could be sentenced to experience boot camp, ranger school, deployment, etc (everything he said he did), but sadly I do not think the court will find that acceptable.
      Thank you and everyone else for your service! I greatly appreciate all of you and am so sorry people mock you by doing stuff like this. You all have been so supportive of me so I will be doing the same for each on of you. I wish I could meet all of you and personally thank every one of you.

      • AV,

        You are welcome. I also agree, as mad as I am that I read about more cases like this week by week, that a certain level of punishment isn’t a resonable punishment, such as shooting the individual. Maybe this time in prision will be a sign for him, maybe not, but justice is being served in the fashion that it was created for.

        Your emotions will sort over time. We as Soldiers experience a vast array of those, sometimes over the course of just minutes. We in the Army say “adapt and overcome” quite often, and I feel it applies to life experience as well. You have accepted the humility from this quite well, and are doing what in your heart is right. That in itself is huge considering the circumstances.

        As for sending him through training, he wouldn’t make it a day. The false positions he took are filled by the elite and best of what the Armed Forces has to offer. That, and if a poser such as he was identified there, he’d never make it out of the woods, so to speak.

        So again, chin up. This will all get behind you, and I have a feeling that once you speak, the judge will dig his heels into this harder than he ever thought would happen. Though an in-person meeting may not ever happen with most of us, just the thanks you give and compassion you show speaks volumes AV. Again, thank you!


  33. Thank you for your encouragement! It’s so nice to hear from someone who understands. Many people think I am probably stupid for not noticing the obvious things, giving him so much money with out asking questions or for proof and so on. But like you said emotions were involved. I deeply cared about him and I thought he felt the same way (I believed when he told me he did) and would never do such cruel things to hurt me. But of course, I see it all now. From now on I will just be a lot more cautious, take it slow and ask questions!
    Thank you! & I hope you are doing well. πŸ™‚

  34. Oh for f*** sake… I’ve been assigned to both duty stations that this jackwagon is wearing: 4th BN 25th Infantry Division (Airborne), Fort Richardson, AK and 2-75 Ranger Bn Fort Lewis, WA. I’m at Fort Lewis now actually, wishing I was still stationed at Fort Campbell, KY so I could attend his sentencing. I’d show him what a REAL Soldier looks like. Good for you, A.V…. I’m sick of these imposters using my service to pick up hot women (at least, I read above that you are hot). It really gives real Soldiers a bad name when these douche nuggets do something stupid, and it makes people more apprehensive to appreciate the real Soldiers.

    • I would love to meet someone that is in what Jon posed to be! πŸ™‚
      Thank you for your service and for supporting me. It was a hard decision about whether or not I should come out and get him plastered all over the interent. I just felt like I owed it to all you service men and women. I really want more people to come out with their story and then maybe Stolen Valor will become a more serious issue and more punishable.
      Don’t worry, I do not think you REAL soldiers are like him. I greatly appreciate each and every one of them. More than I can express in words. I will continue to support every one of you, but I also have a few that I have “adopted” and write and send packages too. Trust me, I wish I could do that for everyone and meet everyone. πŸ™‚

  35. My main problem with this guy is he stole $1000 from the lady. Had he not done that, I would have no real problem with him.

    Do you guys have ANY idea how well military guys do with women?

    I’m not in the military. Never have been. Never wanted to be. I have a friend I used to hang out with. He was an Air Force Captain. Well, according to him at least. He was an artist like me.

    We would sit in the club and watch the women swarm over to you guys like crazy. The soldiers weren’t any better looking than us, but they had the uniforms going for them.

    One day my friend went down to the army surplus and put together a uniform.

    We went down to a club and he pulled women by just sitting there. I met a lot of women I would normally just look at in awe.

    He ran with the Air Force thing for years. Sometimes one of you valor guys would come up and try to mess with him, but we would either leave or try to get rid of them. I guess they don’t appreciate an even playing field.

    He wasn’t out there stealing money from women, but he was getting plenty of phone numbers and dates.

    Are these guys really cutting into your action THAT much? They’re not bothering you, so why bother them?

    I’m married now to a gorgeous lady.

    • Are you kidding me? You actually think this is all about picking up chicks at a bar?? Obviously you are working with half a deck! I’m glad to have served twenty years to protect the rights of idiots like you.

      • I was not worried about the money. I wanted to let him know that I’m not someone to mess with. I also hate that he dishonored our military. it sickens me that he did that around my father who is retired navy. I also am disguted that he made up stories about being shot and seeing horrible things. I just want him to sit in jail for everything he did. getting some of the money back is just a plus. believe me I spent way more that.
        I hope this becomes a more serious and more punishable issue. I hope I can at least pay my respects and honor all service members by getting this one person in jail.

  36. Mur

    No, I’m not playing with a half deck. I’m a realist.

    If Al-Qaeda broke into the bar and started shooting, you would jump up and start pounding on them. Me and my friend would start putting as much real estate between them and us as we could manage.

    He’s not a REAL soldier. You ARE.

    Who cares what fantasies he and other like that indulge in? When push comes to shove all will be revealed.

    Thanks for all the years of protecting me, by the way.

    • Look man I’m not going to attack you I’m going to tell you how it is. It has nothing to do with women, soldiers go through a lot of pain and mental anguish to earn their tabs, awards, rank and uniforms. So when someone buys the uniform without earning it and paints themselves to be heroes just to get some ass, it really pisses most of us who have served 15 month deployments overseas, been on patrol wondering if this will be your last one. We go through hell and back to wear this uniform with pride. Not to get a date with some girl at the bar.

  37. I’m sorry you got taken for a ride AV.

    Well, I guess he knows now not to mess with you.

    I think financial restitution, plus a little “pain and suffering” money would have been punishment enough. Getting locked up is serious.

    Well, I wish you a good life.

    • He HAS to be locked up. If not, he will continue to use a uniform to fraud people.
      He was frauding not only me but he had me to fundraisers. AND he would fraud buisnesses by recieving a militarly discount.
      But money isn’t the biggest issue…

      Men and women are being harmed and killed. He made up stories about being shot, seeing awful things and having IED shrapnel in his body.
      People like you, society and the government do not see stolen valor as a serious crime. IT IS. This shows that society does not support the men and women who fight got them so that they don’t have to. These people are risking their lives for you….

      It really flusters me that you thing this is no big deal….That’s all I have to say. I’m doing my duty to honor and gain justice for every service member past, present and in the future that risk their OWN life for me. They deserve to be respected and have people that abuse the uniform serve time for it.


  38. Michael

    Thanks for not smacking down on me.

    I guess I’m just looking at all this from a different perspective.

    I was hearing all this craziness about soldiers wives sitting at home and the landlord trying to evict them out of their houses. I hear about soldiers getting into trouble with payday loans because the banks (that you guys are also protecting) won’t give them a proper loan. I was hearing about reservists coming back to their civilian jobs and their work hours are shorted.

    I keep thinking these are real problems, but people are worried about some dude getting a copule of dates.

    I may not have expressed my thoughts in a way that people here might appreciate, I STILL think it is a BIG problem to have all this other craziness that is seriously hurting you ignored and worry about these poseurs.

    I’m glad you made it back alive and I wish you a peaceful life.

  39. Shame on you! Too bad you couldn’t use every minute you wasted defrauding the United States of America and get a better education for a real job as such. You are NOT a man! My son DIED for this land of freedom in the Air Force. And YOU ARE STILL HERE ——?

  40. hey everyone! Idont know how many of you will see this but court has been changed. Please pass it on so those want to attend know.Thanks!

    new sentence date:
    October 24, 2013 @ 1300ET

  41. I hadn’t heard of this before this morning, I guess I live in the dark. I hope like hell the little bastard gets jail time, lots of it, and has a cell mate named Bubba waiting for him. This piece of shit impersonates one of my brothers and has a balls to con a woman out of what is hers, A.V. I hope you get justice in this. Part of his punishment should be one day a week spent with the Rangers or the Seals so they can give him some of what he really deserves.

    DPC(SW/AW), USN, Retired

  42. I am so glad they got this guy. I wish they would get the person who impersonated a fallen soldier than did a couple scams on me. Not that I’m so worry about what was done to me as the use of a fallen soldier.I cried. How could someone do this to anyone let alone someone sacrificing everything for our country. I felt as though the fallen soldier was my guardian angel threw that time pointing me in the right direction to get who ever was using his pictures to fraud myself. GOD BLESS EVERYONE Continue the great work that is being done.

    • I’m glad you made sure justice was done. πŸ™‚
      So sad this happens. I don’t which is worse. Impersonating using yourself as a purple heart verteran or using a fallen soldier…

  43. Interesting. That looks like Vine Grove’s little baseball field. I’ll be sure to keep an eye out for this little fella after he’s through with his sentence.

  44. Do they not wear combat leader tabs on the new Dress Blues ? As a SGT / E-5, he should be a squad leader, or assistant squad leader. Got out LONG before the new dress blues came out. In fact, I remember wearing khakis !

  45. I am a retired Navy Captain, USNR. I am a combat vet and a member of our local Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) chapter. We have found and “outed” two members who were impersonators, both of whom became Chapter Commander before being found out.

  46. He doesn’t deserve a day off from sentencing, He should be made to serve the max & then be reminded of those he choose to dishonor, By working in a veterans hospice ,hospital without pay. Made to look into the eyes of those he choose to impersonate. Fines won’t do the job, Sitting behind bars away from the free world is just like when were deployed away from our loved ones……..We did it because it was our calling. He did it for money!!!!! For that he should forever be ashamed

    • I wish he had gotten more. I try not to get upset but sometimes I do get mad about it and I also feel like I let everyone down. I spoke for a good 15-20minutes. The judge can only follow the law, though. I didnt know the plea had changed to 10months. If the judge added more, then it would have gone to a jury trial. Things would have dragged on, not all people feel strongly about the military and jon could have ended with no time and I am sure the judge is probably booked with more sever cases, I guess. However, you could tell that the judge did not like everything Jon had done and did not believe Jon’s apology. He also said many of the things Jon did was state which he can’t punish all state crimes or they were just bad moral character and unfortunately, the law could not do anything about it.

      • AV…you did more than you know. You’ve set a precedent in your state that people like him do go to prison. You’ve brought stealing valor to light for people who didn’t know. You’ve returned honor to the Warfighters from whom it had been stolen. You’ve shown this schmuck there are some ladies that just can’t be messed with without consequences…and you are one of them. The next time he considers scamming some unsuspecting woman, he’ll think once before he tries it. You’ve done very well. Bravo Zulu, heroine!

  47. I’m not sure how many people are still keeping up with this since he’s been released, but I just thought I’d let everyone know prison hasn’t changed anything about him. He messaged me the day after he got out saying that he has been in the hospital for months and hasn’t talked to anyone. I decided to ask him if he was still in the army to see what he would say and he told me that he got out last year because he got shot and his back got broke when he was deployed. So people really need to watch out for him, becuase he is going to keep doing the same thing he’s been doing for years.

  48. People like Jon want attention so lets’s get him some. Arrange for him to visit Ft Bragg as part of his retraining by sending him to USAJFKSWCS as a civilian during one of the SF field training exercises. Let him actually be around REAL soldiers and see how he acts after that!

    • I wish that would happen. If told the judge I wish he could be sentenced to doing everything he said he did, but I knew it wasnt plausible.

    • yea… he did 10 months for impersonation of an officer of the united states and fraud.

      I believe impersonation of a peace officer and burglary is still going on. Not really sure. I dont keep up with him anymore. not worth my time, effort or thoughts.

  49. About time this asshole got busted. I went to high school with him and he was in JROTC. My father retired Major Haas (SAI JROTC) reported him multiple times for impersonations. My dad told me while I was stationed at Ft. Drum NY that Jonathan came back to visit the school ( after he graduated) and was talking about “how he deployed and all this bullshit” my dad almost lost his job because he snatched jon up,was about to beat his ass in front of the entire school.

  50. It makes me so angry when someone poses! Posers almost always have to have the hightest awards and medals. I have busted a couple of frauds myself. If someone asked me if I served, i say yes was in Navy. I don’t usually eloberate on what i did, unless someone asks. It also makes
    Me sick, that so many young and vulnerable women are taken advantage of. I wanna knockout theses fools! Most posers have never served, and i they did, it usually is for a very short time. ****warning to posers, I will kick your ass if you claim to be what you’re not****
    Impress the ladies with your personality, not lies!

  51. It is funny how all of us vets say the same thing: get the damn uniform off ASAP. It reminds me of my sisters BF. A few years ago, my sister and her boyfriend were at the hospital, while having a baby. Her dumb BF wore his MARPATs ( USMC equivalent to army ACU) even though he only made it through about a month of bootcamp and washed out. I was pissed! I put an end to that shit real quick! Especially when people were saying, “thank you for your service.” i cant stand posers. The VA treats me well, but I can’t even get my teeth fixed by them! But dirtbags that never served, get free medical and dental from the go!

    God Bless all of our Veterans….hang in the AV, you’re a strong young woman πŸ™‚

  52. I went to school with him in Hardin County for several years. I then bumped into him again in 2012 at a surplus store outside of ft knox. He asked for a ride so I gave it: he summarized his various tours and training to include attending ranger school. His timeline didnt add up, since at the time I was a brand new Army Lieutenant. He had complained about lack of work, so I offered to take him up to a job fair in Shephersville,KY of whom I was then employed. I later discovered from his then GF (A.V) that she had broke contact upon hearing about his scams. I attempted to assist her through through process and answer the questions she had the best I could. Although I am not a Seal/SF/Sniper/Ninja/Jedi, I can take pride in earningmyMP commission and doing what I can serve this great country.

    This guy is not to be trusted, and got off with an awfully light sentence.

    • Thanks for the help at the time! Sorry we all thought you were him and I didn’t really take help or trust anything you had to say. I honestly thought he’d go as far as either getting another phone or borrowing someone’s to play “His LT”.

      Have you seen or heard from him recently? or where he might be?

      • Ashley: No, I don’t know about his whereabouts. Its probably better that I don’t know. Look me up on FB if you like, we can discuss the situation further.

  53. When scorpion comes out or whatever pattern the army decides on, I hope they keep the collar. That way dousches will keep popping their collar for pictures and then we will know immediately hahaha. That and its more comfy when you have armor on. Two reasons why I will always love the fact the collar can be popped. I used to think it was dumb, BUT I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT CHILD!

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