Jonathan Michael Campbell of Uniontown, PA Poses As A Soldier To Gain Access To A Middle School






Jonathan Campbell




Uniontown, Pennsylvania – According to stories coming out of Uniontown, PA, Jonathan Michael Campbell showed up at a local middle School and told school officials he was an Army Vet and wanted to talk to the kids about Veterans day.

Well first red flag was he was wearing an Air Force uniform not an Army uniform. This is a perfect example of why Stolen Valor and impersonating a member of the military should carry a stiffer penalty.

The public holds a certain trust for those they see in uniform, same as they trust police officers. Luckily Pennsylvania did charge him with impersonating a public servant, all states should have a law that classifies the Military as a public servant the same as police officers, mainly because the public holds a certain trust for an individual in a Military uniform.

According to

A 23-year-old Fayette County man was charged Friday with going to a school and claiming to be a Military veteran when he was not.

Jonathan Michael Campbell of Uniontown was arraigned on charges of impersonating a public servant and disorderly conduct.

Campbell went unannounced and unscheduled to Laurel Highlands Middle School on Hookton Avenue about 10 a.m. Monday, state police at Uniontown said.

He identified himself as an Army veteran and said he wanted to speak with students about Veterans Day, Superintendent Jesse Wallace III said Saturday.

An assistant principal and security guard intervened, denied Campbell access and escorted him off school property, police and Wallace said. The principal then called police.

“His appearance, behavior, and showing up unscheduled shed doubt on his claim to be who and what he claimed to be,” Wallace said.

Campbell claimed to be from the Army but was wearing an Air Force uniform, police said.

Campbell was never a member of the armed forces, nor any other country’s, and admitted lying, police said.

Authorities offered no explanation for why Campbell would allegedly make such claims.

Campbell, who was jailed in lieu of posting $10,000 bond, will have a preliminary hearing Nov. 24 before Uniontown District Judge Michael Metros.

We are working on getting a photo of Jonathan so we can post his face all over the Internet, I can’t even think of what he wanted to say to those kids. This is another very good example as to why we need tougher laws when it comes to impersonation of a member of the Military.


UPDATE: 20141120

I love our fans, our reach on our Facebook page makes it so we have fans in every corner of the US, including in Uniontown. Two of our fans reached out to us tonight and sent us photos of Jonathan, a BOLO flyer and the court documents, all posted below. Thanks guys, you truly make my job easier.

Seems he does have mental issues, and a lengthy criminal record and was on his way to another school when he was arrested.









Court Documents:

Capture Capture1


Again thanks to the fans that reached out to us to provide the missing information, I won’t post your names for privacy reasons but you know who you are.

We will update this article after his court date on the 24th.


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8 comments on “Jonathan Michael Campbell of Uniontown, PA Poses As A Soldier To Gain Access To A Middle School
  1. Forgetting what his intentions were for the moment……He was STUPID too…..Could not even get the uniform correct. Leads me to think that a lot of these people are mentally deranged.

    US Army 65-68

    Duty, Honor, Country.

  2. This is a lesson for those who think Stolen Valor is not a big deal.
    Yes, it IS a big deal. Too often the people who are posing as Veterans have long criminal histories. They are not doing this to gain recognition, they are doing this with a ulterior motive in mind.
    What was THIS guy thinking about?
    A middle school audience. Filled with “tweens” (male and female, doesn’t really make a difference). Could have been looking for a target, and there he had a target rich environment. Maybe he didn’t want to take any of the kids. Maybe he just wanted to add one to the little film that plays in his head when he whacks off at night (those guys tend to go on to bigger things as time goes by).
    What better way to get into a school than by posing as a trusted member of society. A beloved member of society. A gloried, and storied HERO of society. Can’t pose as a cop. That’s illegal and can get you sent to jail in most states. But posing as a SOLDIER….
    Well, in most places that’s NOT illegal. And most posers know it. They won’t get much in the way of punishment when they’re found out. Why?
    Because many people don’t think it’s a big deal.

  3. If I may add…
    I don’t like to say “I told you so…”

    But there it is in black and white. A known abuser of children and elderly. An abuser of helpless people. A clear danger to society. Can I spot them, or what?
    Three cheers and a tiger for me.
    Yeah. Good for me.

    God, I wish I didn’t have to be so right about this. It’s scares me to death.

  4. i hope he get ass beat by someone , and I just to say something about people with mental illness we aren’t all like him . so please don’t everybody that has mental illness because of his

  5. I really don’t know what was going through his mind…for him to have priors and to pull this stunt, I really don’t get it…Having a mental illness and a bad past shouldn’t be used as a crutch for someone to break the law…in my opinion he should have consequences! Whatever they may be, he deserves to learn a lesson…this just makes all of us with a mental illness look bad, and it adds to the stigma that everyone with a mental health diagnosis are dangerous and/or violent…

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