John “Super Soldier” Collier








Collier wearing the DSC, SS and Tomb Guard Badge. Courtesy Doug Sterner








             John Collier

John Collier


Meet CSM John Collier, at least he would like you to believe he is a CSM. We did not out this guy, he was outed awhile back by my friend and original Stolen Valor hunter, Doug Sterner. But one of our fans found him on Facebook, continuing his lies, we figured we would give him a special place here on our site.

Our friends over at thisainthell also posted a little something about him here –CSM John Collier; Facebook commando

So he claims to be a CSM, is wearing tons of unauthorized medals, and here is what he claimed in a newspaper article:


And in the picture above he is also wearing the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier Guard Identification Badge.

Here is the complete news story, which includes the citation for his Silver Star:




I think he watched way to many war movies! Although he did serve, just not in the capacity in which he claims. Here are his actual service records:





He was discharged as an E-1, something tells me he was awarded something, but it wasn’t a Silver Star! He served mostly as a vehicle mechanic in the reserves, and he is still using his embellishments today. Here is a post we found on Facebook, courtesy of one of our fans.





That is one of our fans commenting, soon after he sent us all the info he found. Here is a snapshot of his Facebook page, we blotted out the friends, as they probably do not know of his posing ways. I am sure you guys can pick apart the uniform, pic is a little blurry but you can still make out most of it.






UPDATE: 20140916

Collier was spotted in Indianapolis still sporting a hat with things he never earned, like the CSM rank and a CIB with two stars among others.



UPDATE: 20150218

Seems Mr. Collier still hasn’t learned his lesson! A few months ago we did a story on  a company call, this is one of the few companies that require verification of any awards covered under the Stolen Valor act. If they get an order and it includes one of those awards, they we email the potential customer and ask for verification of the award. You can see our story on this company here:

We received an email from them this morning, informing us that Mr. Collier had submitted an order to them requesting the following in an order: Distinguished Service Cross, Defense Distinguished Service Medal, Silver Star, Soldier’s Medal, Purple Heart and Combat Infantryman’s Badge x3.

This is the email we received from MyServicePride:

I wanted to say thank you again for your service and your help in keeping the integrity of the awards listed in the Stolen Valor Act. As you know, we’re a small family business, of 3 employees, that provides respectful out-of-uniform displays of service, ie. coffee mugs, decals, beer steins, etc with awards printed on them.
Thanks to you both you at This Ain’t Hell and the team at Guardians of Valor we were able to out another POSER!  One of your recurring favorites….
Beside the fact his awards raised immediate red flags (Distinguished Service Cross, Defense Distinguished Service Medal, Silver Star, Soldier’s Medal, Purple Heart and Combat Infantryman’s Badge x3.  He also doesn’t have a single device on any his awards on his account with us, hello, red flag x 1million!).  We were able to quickly google search him to see articles from both of you.
Mr. John Collier is based here in our home town of Indianapolis, IN and we have refused his order.

Here is a copy of his rack he was claiming.


I’ve let Mr. Collier know that I’ve canceled his order and would require verification of his awards.  I also let him know that it is a felony to claim such awards, for any type of financial gain and if we felt he was doing so I wouldn’t hesitate to report him to the authorities.

I hope you guys might be able to use some of this information for another follow up to Mr. “Poser” Collier.  If you’d like to chat or have any questions feel free to contact me.

Thank you again,
I wish other companies were like MyServicePride, we wouldn’t have as many problems with posers as we do today. Mr. Collier, we aren’t going away, your days of posing are over.

What are your thoughts?
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  1. No respectable Guard of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier would wear the badge on THE WRONG F…ING POCKET!!! That’s probably what raised major red flags; and the beret badge for foreign wings award!!! SMH What a tard!!! LMAO. The snapshot shows that he lives in Lillington, NC; That’s just down the road from Ft. Bragg “82nd paratroopers, search and destroy mission, out”

  2. I cannot understand why it is these faker inevitably live near a place like Ft Bragg. A sure-fire guarantee that they will be found out.

    BTW, some years back there was a man who claimed to have witnessed/taken part in a massacre during the Korean War. I believe it was a place called No Gun Ree. I’m pretty sure he was exposed as being a man who merely attended unit reunion ceremonies several years in a row and learned enough about the unit to seem convincing.

  3. There should be a special sentence for Valor Thieves. There should be a special boot camp run by real DI’s including Ranger, SF, SEAL, Force Recon, and Air Commando training. A valor thief should be sentenced to this special boot camp for a minimum of one year plus an additional year for each decoration, each special qualification he falsely claims.

    • love it jim, but no…just exposing guys like him is more than enough punishment, so the whole world can see his meserable, worthless, meaningless existance that he has to make up stories to get people to like him or respect who he is…its really sad, then to be shamed by the discovery that hes a lier and a fraud, thats got to just rip his insides out….i just wonder how this poor bastard sleeps at night…

      i just cant understand why someone cant be proud of what they did do….even if he was just a mechanic or a cook or a dish washer….its all work that has to be done to defend our country, theres no shame in that. more than what i did. not everyone is going to be a navy seal or in sf, theres no shame in that. dont know why these guys feel that way.

      • Amen Brother! I was a spoon and proud of it. I trained at Ft. Jackson in Feb of 1987 with the 1st and 61st (E-3-61) on Tank Hill. I went on to the 277th CSS for AIT and had to get out one week before I graduated and shipped off to my permanent party in Alaska. So, I chose saving the life of a family member over my military career. I wonder to this day how far I could have gone. I wanted to eventually try to make my way into Special Ops and admire those who made the journey and would wish to die before even thinking about stealing the honor and valor of those who TRULY served. Even tho I’m considered a veteran, I don’t feel that I TRULY served. That right is reserved for the true heroes.

    • Career Counselor and Recruiter badges are worn on the wearer’s left pocket. Drill Sergeant and Guard of the Tomb badges are worn the wearer’s right pocket.

  4. Can someone get a better resolution on his arm? I swear it looks like he’s wearing SMA rank. And how does someone with so much not have a combat patch . . . And dat stash . . . That’s so far outta reg it’s not even funny. Pathfinder badge is crooked, and he has no accoutrements on his awards that he has ‘multiples’ of ‘w/ valor’ of.

  5. I just do not get why someone would steal the real Valor of our real Military Men and Women, and from my real hero CPL. Gary L. Holz, KIA Oct,5 1967, Door Gunner 2/7 Cav. Vietnam. This tears at my heart and if you should read this Mr. Collier “STOP” what you are doing,get the help that you need, and leave the real Hero’s rest in Peace.
    PFC Ron Holz
    Co C 2/12 3 BRG.4TH.INF.Div. Grunt, Vietnam 66/67

  6. The thing that honestly pisses me off. Is these people. I am in the Army. I am a 92m. I have one of the toughest jobs in the service. I bring home deceased service members. People like this should be drawn and quartered. I have lost many friends and family in this and other wars. I have awards. But the only people that should be called heroes are those that die in service of the USA. They gave everything, we all give some. These people need to understand very time they do this true heroes get fucked over. My husband and I are in the Army. My brother in law is a Marine. I have many friends in all branches. Someone anyone, help raise awareness on this issue. Thank you and God Bless.

  7. The fact that he was discharged as an E1 is a true indicator of his extraordinary skills at being a douchebag. Wait, douchebag is too kind for him, they actually serve a purpose.

  8. To: Spc. Moss: I have to tell I would not have your duty for nothing.When my Brother was KIA in Vietnam I was only only 150 miles from him, I was pulled from the field and told about his death, and I was asked to escort his body home from Vietnam, I could not muster the courage to do so, being heart broken and in shock,so they sent me home first to be with my parents before his body arrived. I thank you so much for what you do.

    • I am truly sadded by your loss sir. I understand the pain far to well. As well as the fact it never gets any easier. I shared your story with some of my close battle buddies. They as well as myself thank you for your support. I can tell you that it is very hard when you lose someone you love. I can assure you that those in my job treat all kia’s with the upmost respect. I am sorry for you loss. God bless to your family. And carry on battle.

    • I too feel for you greatly. I wa a Navy Corpsman and my brother was a Navy Nuke Officer. He died at 42 of Cancer at the rank of CDR. I was out by then and teaching college. To see my brother die that way, which I believe was caused by his service (nuclear power). I am so proud of him and it was a pleasure to serve with him. All gave some and some gave all

  9. Well before his page went down I emailed just about all the VFWs on his friends list and thise that where military to further out him….You all are doing a great job expousing these folks….Thank you for that – I means a lot to all of us that have served.

  10. Ok, so I am not a veteran, nor have I served in the military. I have some friends that have served our country honorably, and that is where my knowledge and respect for true valor comes from.
    If I am correct, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier is guarded by Marines? Then how does an Army private get a Tomb Guard badge? I’m not plankton on the food chain, here. Or am I totally off base about the Tomb Guards being Marines?
    This stuff makes me want to puke…right on his shoes.

    • Tomb Guards are Army soldiers who wear their dress blues with several extra items reserved to their unit (the old guard). Because of their dark blue uniform a lot of people get confused, but rest assured they ARE US Army Soldiers.

      • Thank you for clarifying. I want to make sure my information is correct. Regardless of the branch, it pisses me off that he would claim such an honor as to be a Tomb Guard. I deeply respect the soldiers that stand watch over the Tomb in honor of those that gave all to pay for our freedom.

  11. I just went to this guys Facebook page and he has a picture of a car as his profile pic now. And if you look, it seems that he has deleted the majority of his pictures in his albums. Looks like Stolen Valor worked on this faker. Wish it worked on them all. Good job guys 🙂

    • He looks so sad in the pics that are still up. It must suck to get outed like that, but hey play stupid games-win stupid prizes. I freely admit that my own service was nothing to get excited about. I’ll never understand the need to tell tall tales like that.

  12. I show my wife this stuff (we met the last year I was in) and she asked me about it, and I told her I never even knew people did crap like this till I found you guys, unbelievable.Every time I read one of these I think I have seen it all…till the next time.

  13. Hell I am a vet of World War 1, have earned the Civil War award for bravery when I shot the buffalo, and George Washington personally gave me a medal of honor for helping Christopher Columbus sail across the Artic in the SR-71. So I believe Collier’s story. You can’t make this shit up!!!

  14. As the Vice President of the Society of the Honor Guard, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier (, which is non-profit organization made up of current and former Tomb Guards, I can assure you that this individual is not a recipient of the Tomb Guard Identification Badge, which is the second least awarded badge in the US Army. Thank you for putting the spotlight on people such as this, keep up the good work. v/r SGM (Retired) Gavin McIlvenna

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