John Harrington of Shield Tactical Leads Bikers To Mexican Border To Demand Release of Marine





John Harrington


John Harrington, owner of Shield Tactical is on the road to the  Mexican border with other bikers to demand the release of Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi who accidentally crossed the border while legally possessing weapons.  He was arrested and has been held in a Mexican jail since then.

Listen to the interview below done by GMN with Mr. Harrington who has already been riding for several days, picking up other bikers along the way.

He is asking others to join them at the border to demand his release.


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14 comments on “John Harrington of Shield Tactical Leads Bikers To Mexican Border To Demand Release of Marine
  1. Really. It’s exactly as he said they cross our borders daily. Armed and we let them go back. But they for some odd reason can’t to the same for us. I’m sorry but if It came to it we would crush the Mexican military without breaking a sweat. If there trying to start that then there in for a very large surprise.

  2. It is a disgrace that Obama ignores that Tahmoorese is held in a Mexican prison on false charges. I pray the efforts of John Harrington and supporters at the border helps bring more media attention to the situation. May freedom for Tahmoorese ring!!!!! Loud!!!! Clear!!!! Just!!! Roger That!!!6

  3. I hate to see them try and go and get the prisoner in Mexico because they could be put in jail too. Why does our government do nothing to help him or others detained in foreign countries? What happens if Americans get killed over in Iraq?

  4. Someone explain what possible grounds there are to intervene in This case. What legal, moral or ethical reason is there to do anything other than offer the standard CD representation and communication?

    #1 he is not a marine. He is a veteran and even if he were a Marine there are no SOFA agreements to prevent local prosecution.

    ya I know you are singing the chorus “once a marine always a marine” .. bullshit ..
    ( You try to go to the PX week after ETS without a valid ID and see if you are a Marine or a veteran)

    #2 he would have been arrested and charged with a felony in the us if he had been caught. How can the US defend him for a crime we would jail him for?

    #3 what part of being a veteran makes you exempt from another country’s laws?

    The fact he is putting up such a “I’m a marine “ smoke screen makes me think it was not an accident to cross at an unmarked crossing. Those crossings are not easy to find.. and they are usually monitored by remote means.

    These bikers are morons jacking each other off and pretending they are gonna do something, They are not going to do anything but continue to embarrass themselves.

    I did notice none of you care about the fact an American Teenager was kidnapped by terrorist in Gaza 13 days ago… WHY NOT?

  5. Gideon Asche… I don’t know where to start after reading your comment.
    1. “Once a Marine Always a Marine” – did you serve in the Marine Corps? Based on your assine comment – the obvious answer is NO. Therefore you shouldn’t have the right to call anything the Marine Corps stands for “bull shit”, BUT, thanks to the Marines you just offended, they fight for YOUR FREEDOM OF SPEECH which does give you the right to offend them. It’s moral cowards like you that truly need and deserve a good old fashioned ass whiping. I’m sure you’ve received plenty. I wish I could witness it happen again.
    2. The bike riders you also disrespected. You have the audacity to call them “morons” and will “continue to embarrass themselves” – and took it further by “jacking each other off”. You showed your character, rather lack of, with YOUR moronic remarks.
    I challenge you to post your address – it’s easy to hide behind a computer or phone. Show your bad ass and let these Moral Heros and Marines explain some things to you about life in a way you will NEVER FORGET. Lol! Don’t think it won’t happen.
    Finally – read or watch the news. Mexican Military shot at two US agents this week over American soil. If you have to ask how that relates to this – you aren’t worth the time to explain.
    Yes, I am a Marine – punk.

  6. Julie, great job, Sempre Fi. Karen have him join the Marines, I did after high school. It was the the best thing I did in my life. It’s a family you join for ever. Yes we need to get our Marine home. I am going to boycott everything from Mexico until him is back in America. Pass it on and the Mexican government will give in.

  7. The bikers got lost and ended up in Canada by mistake. The Canadians were naturally confused, but also naturally polite. They supplied hot chocolate and sent the bikers south with best wishes.

    And I’ve said this elsewhere, but please, stop and think. “Freedom of speech,” in a Constitutional context, means that Congress cannot pass laws that limit our freedom of speech. No war (to my knowledge, correct me if I’m wrong) has been fought specifically over that particular freedom. In a more general context, “freedom of speech” refers to the kind of society we have built – where people are free to speak their personal opinions in public places without fear of violence (or at least with the knowledge that they have legal recourse if someone does physically attack them). Our free society is the result of the sacrifices of many brave men and women.

    And it’s an insult to their memory to ever say anything along the lines of “men and women died to give you the right to free speech. And I’d like to hurt you/see you come to harm for exercising that freedom to criticize them.” Hypocrisy of the highest order, frankly, to simultaneously praise soldiers for giving us freedoms and then threaten people for exercizing those freedoms. This has to stop.

  8. Riding to the Mexican border wont do shit. We gotta go into Mexico and take Tahmooressi our ownselves. That knuckle dragger in the white house wont do shit because this Marine is White !

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