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John Branom Smith, Courtesy of Tulsa World




Collinsville Oklahoma – In October of last year, John Branom Smith did an interview with the local Tulsa World News and therein John told them of his exploits as a member of the Army Special Forces during the Vietnam War. (See Rita Sherrow, Vietnam War Veteran Gives Back to Red Cross that Helped Him in His Time of Need, Tulsa World.)


In the interview, John Smith claimed that:

“…[F]or three months he was MIA, that he was dropped off to be a solitary LPOP, he said he had been dropped off to man a solitary observation post, but dense fog prevented him not only from doing the job he was supposed to do, but also meant that the helicopter that was to rescue him wasn’t coming.”

“I was sitting pretty close to the Viet Cong and I knew our guys couldn’t come and get me, so I had to go to them,” said Smith, in a recent interview. “I didn’t know what direction to go since they helicoptered me in. They apparently searched for me but couldn’t find me because I had to keep moving my position. I couldn’t stay in one place too long because I would be detected.”

“They taught us real good how to escape and evade so I was good at that… I was well-trained, and I was scared the whole time, but I guess fear keeps you alive.”

The article continues:

“Smith made his way stealthily through the jungle, trying to figure out where he was. Armed only with his weapon, a crude map he tried to draw as he went along and no way to contact anyone for help, the only thing he could do was keep moving.

(I wonder why he didn’t just radio for help.)

According to John Smith, the observation post where he started was roughly 10 miles from his base. But, as John Smith explains, his journeys through the jungle would take him in different directions, as he went from village to village, and to Army compounds he knew would be resupplied.

John Smith goes into meticulous detail about his ordeal in the jungle.:

“I was out there three months and they had given me up” he said. “I was 60 miles away by the time I finally made it back to the road and got a ride back to base.”
He claims that he reached several different Army compounds during his three-month ordeal to get resupplied…”

So I guess this means he wasn’t really MIA? Since he went to several different compounds, I guess they couldn’t give him a ride back to his base?

After Tulsa World News published the interview, our friends at Green Beret Posers Exposed (GBPE) started doing some digging.  John Smith’s story was so elaborate and seemingly unbelievable, that GBPE believed that there had to be a record of his tales somewhere. As a result, Green Beret Posers Exposed started researching and requested John Smith’s records.

Below are screens shots of his story, if the article is removed by Tulsa World.


Capture Capture1 Capture2 Capture3



The article continues:

His first thought was to call his parents. Not an easy task. During this period in the Vietnam War, there was no regular overseas phone service on base and the military’s phones were off limits. He had to use a two-way radio to call the American Red Cross who got him a ride to Saigon to call his mom and dad, he said.


“My mother couldn’t believe it was me,” said Smith, who also served for a time as a sniper for the U.S. Army. “She kept saying ‘I still don’t believe it’s you’ so I had to tell her things about my childhood to convince her it was me.


“I just told my wife that’s the loneliest feeling you can have when you have to be out there by yourself, 17,000 miles from home at age 18… but I survived. And, I ate most anything, most things I don’t want to talk about.”

While he served out the rest of his 21-year military career at Fort Hood, Texas, and then in South America, he never forgot what the American Red Cross did for him.



Upon a thorough review of his military records, GBPE discovered that Mr. Smith’s Special Forces claims are not reflected on his official DD214.  Once Mr. Smith’s records were obtained, Green Beret Posers Exposed reached out to Tulsa World News and provided them with the proof the discrepancies between the published story and Mr. Smith’s military records.

As a result of our investigation, the author of the article, Rita Sherrow, told them that she would reach out to John to ask him about the latest developments in his story.

Green Beret Posers Exposed gave us a timeline outlining their efforts to compel Tulsa World News to correct or redact their article about John Smith.

“I initially made contact on 10/20/15 and explained the pure lunacy of his story to both Rita and the Red Cross.

Rita tried to put the blame on the Red Cross as she said she never talked to him (she told me stuff he said over the phone which she didn’t put in the article)

She and Regional director of the Red Cross said they’d reach out to him for an explanation. This was in late October of 15. He responded to both that he was called away from home (Tulsa area) to California as he had a family member killed in a car wreck. He also explained to both that he was in an area that had no cellphone connectivity. I find that funny as he had email/data connection which requires a better signal than phone.

I sent her the turds records on 11/14/15 yet she refused to correct the story. We talked on the phone a number of times and I told her he will never call her as he knows his lies are exposed.

We also sent a local Green Beret past his house and it was recently vacated (in a hurry as major stuff was still there abandoned).

I called Rita and gave her a SITREP. She said he told her he would get back after Christmas. She said she wasn’t going to do anything with the article until she talked to him. I again told her that that will never happen.

A few days ago (since its long after Christmas), I reached out to Rita to ask her if she had made contact. She emailed him as he STILL doesn’t have phone service in his area (LMFAO, no phone service for over 3 months now). You would think if he truly wanted to address the situation, he would drive a few miles to another town that had cell service.

I told Rita what a crock of shit that lame excuse was as he’s NEVER GOING TO FUCK’N CALL!!!!

He told her that it might be longer as now he has Stage 4 Cancer.
It never fails. Get busted and start throwing the tragedy, illness misdirection shit.


Once we received John’s records we had to wonder why he would embellish to such an extent, he did serve in Vietnam, and he even earned a CIB(Combat Infantryman Badge). But he was not a Green Beret, was never MIA and didn’t server for 21 years as he claimed in the article. He served two years in the Army and one year in the Navy as shown below in his official records.







As you can see by the records above John Smith’s career spanned far less than 21 years, he was in Vietnam and his service, in our opinion, is commendable. We are hoping that the Tulsa World News will consider reevaluating the facts surrounding John Smith’s interview.

Tulsa World News informed us that they are awaiting Smith to contact them back before they make any changes, but we suspect that Smith isn’t going to make contact anytime soon. Tulsa World News has been contacted several different times, by several Green Berets –via phone, email and their Facebook page – Tulsa World News FB–providing them with their account of what they perceived happened during John Smith’s military campaign.

The original outing of John “Rambo” Smith can be viewed here Green Beret Posers Exposed.


Our attempts at locating John Smith have been futile, as we suspect that he knows we are questioning his claims. Though, this suspicion is just a hunch. A Green Beret has driven by his home and found it to be abandoned, and it looks as if it was left in a hurry. We hope that Tulsa World will correct their article, and not wait for Smith to tell them more lies, his records stand for themselves.




We hope that John will voluntarily explain the discrepancies between his military records and his claims.  In our opinion there is no need for Mr. Smith to embellish his military records.  If you have served honorably be proud of fighting for your country and earning the medals you have.

We also hope that the Tulsa World News will consider reviewing Smith’s story, as we have provided more than enough evidence herein to reveal alarming concern of the veracity of his tales.



Less than 24 hours after our posting, and GBPE’s multiple contacts to Tulsa World, they printed a retraction to his bogus story. It can be seen here – Red Cross Volunteers Story Challenged By Veterans Groups



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