Jody Busted By Friend Before Enlisting What Transpires Is Epic















This isn’t our usual article, but it was too good not to share with you. If there is one thing we hate more than POSers, it is Jody or Josephine. For those that aren’t military or around the military, Jody or Josephine is the name given to the person that the spouse back home cheats with, or leaves the deployed spouse for. Yes, it happens so often that it is given a slang term. It also has several cadences that¬†written about it. So when you hear someone say that they got left for “Jody” or cheated on by “Jody” this isn’t the real name of the person, just the slang term. Jody being the slang term for the male the female spouse is cheating with, and Josephine being the slang term for the female the male spouse is cheating with.

Which leads us to the following story, in the texts below a friend reached out to another friend who was in the Armed Forces for help. The friend initially was more than happy to help, until he realized what was taking place. He then gave his friend a healthy dose of reality.




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Eventually Jody/Josephine gets their day, Karma comes around and gets them.
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