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628x471Here is a poser that was busted by a Veteran turned Law Enforcement officer a little over a year ago.

New Haven Connecticut – Jesus Garcia, not only lied about being in the Army, but also about being wounded in Afghanistan in order to fraudulently obtain money. According to

Jesus had an Army Ranger tattoo on his shoulder, claimed a facial blemish was from shrapnel and posed in a military uniform, according to police. He even convinced his mother, girlfriend and friends he was in the military and asked friends, family and the public for money to help pay for medical services and other costs.


He obtained the uniform online and wore it on the train to New York several times, getting free rides as a result.

Garcia split his living arrangements between houses in Hopewell Junction, New York and Greenwich, police said. When he moved from one house to the other, he would explain his absence as military-related, police said.

The alleged fraud came to light when Garcia met with Greenwich Police Captain James Heavey because he was supposed to speak at a Memorial Day ceremony.

During the conversation, Cpt. Heavey realized that something was not right, Greenwich police said. Heavey suspected that Garcia’s claims were not true and then learned that he had given a fake name and date of birth.

Police charged Garcia with interfering with an officer later that day. As police continued to investigate, they found two victims Garcia had taken thousands of dollars from, police said.


Garcia was charged with false representation of armed force uniform, fraudulent use of military insignia and fifth and sixth-degree larceny.  He claimed he was going to admit to the fraud during his Memorial Day talk, but never got the chance. He also claimed that he dreamed of being in the military since he was a kid, but failed the test to get into the Army.

He said he posed in the uniform on his Facebook page, admitted he received about $900 from two people and told one person he was hit three times in the back.

“I did it just to actually feel like I was somebody in life,” Garcia said.


(In the above photo, Garcia is wearing SGT stripes, CIB, Air Assault and Airborne badges)


Here is some video after her was busted:

Greenwich man accused of veteran scam

Garcia lived at the town-owned Armstrong Court housing complex in the Chickahominy section of Greenwich with his unsuspecting fiance  Police said that for the past year, Garcia would take extended leaves from that residence, explaining he was returning for another tour of overseas. When not in Greenwich, Garcia spent time living with his mother in Hopewell Junction, NY, using the same excuse to explain his absences from her residence.

                Jesus Garcia

Jesus Garcia

According to, A few months after being arrested he plead guilty and did not serve jail time, but was confined to his home on Veterans Day and Memorial Day as part of his punishment.

Granted accelerated rehabilitation in state Superior Court on Friday, Jesus M. Garcia, 21, has been ordered to turn over all military uniforms and memorabilia, complete 150 hours of community service and attend counseling, according to his attorney, Mark Sherman.


Garcia also must not leave his home on Veterans Day and Memorial Day for the duration of his two-year probationary period, Sherman said.


Accelerated rehabilitation is a special program for first-time, non-violent offenders that involves placing the person on probation and dropping the charges after the terms are completed.


“The court was fair and firm in balancing a unique and particularly offensive course of conduct with the objectives of this first-time offenders program,” Sherman said.

Sherman described his client as being “grateful to the court for this second chance.”


How many of you actually used the hat strap? I have to say, the dude did do a little research!



And here is some pics of his Ranger tattoo, so I guess getting a Ranger tat makes you a Ranger now.

ranger tat





Here are a few snapshots from his facebook page that we were sent, he has since removed most everything pertaining to service from it.




So anyway, at least this douche got caught and charged for what he did. But he is the worst of the posers as he used it for personal gain.




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