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628x471Here is a poser that was busted by a Veteran turned Law Enforcement officer a little over a year ago.

New Haven Connecticut – Jesus Garcia, not only lied about being in the Army, but also about being wounded in Afghanistan in order to fraudulently obtain money. According to

Jesus had an Army Ranger tattoo on his shoulder, claimed a facial blemish was from shrapnel and posed in a military uniform, according to police. He even convinced his mother, girlfriend and friends he was in the military and asked friends, family and the public for money to help pay for medical services and other costs.


He obtained the uniform online and wore it on the train to New York several times, getting free rides as a result.

Garcia split his living arrangements between houses in Hopewell Junction, New York and Greenwich, police said. When he moved from one house to the other, he would explain his absence as military-related, police said.

The alleged fraud came to light when Garcia met with Greenwich Police Captain James Heavey because he was supposed to speak at a Memorial Day ceremony.

During the conversation, Cpt. Heavey realized that something was not right, Greenwich police said. Heavey suspected that Garcia’s claims were not true and then learned that he had given a fake name and date of birth.

Police charged Garcia with interfering with an officer later that day. As police continued to investigate, they found two victims Garcia had taken thousands of dollars from, police said.


Garcia was charged with false representation of armed force uniform, fraudulent use of military insignia and fifth and sixth-degree larceny.  He claimed he was going to admit to the fraud during his Memorial Day talk, but never got the chance. He also claimed that he dreamed of being in the military since he was a kid, but failed the test to get into the Army.

He said he posed in the uniform on his Facebook page, admitted he received about $900 from two people and told one person he was hit three times in the back.

“I did it just to actually feel like I was somebody in life,” Garcia said.


(In the above photo, Garcia is wearing SGT stripes, CIB, Air Assault and Airborne badges)


Here is some video after her was busted:

Greenwich man accused of veteran scam

Garcia lived at the town-owned Armstrong Court housing complex in the Chickahominy section of Greenwich with his unsuspecting fiance  Police said that for the past year, Garcia would take extended leaves from that residence, explaining he was returning for another tour of overseas. When not in Greenwich, Garcia spent time living with his mother in Hopewell Junction, NY, using the same excuse to explain his absences from her residence.

                Jesus Garcia

Jesus Garcia

According to, A few months after being arrested he plead guilty and did not serve jail time, but was confined to his home on Veterans Day and Memorial Day as part of his punishment.

Granted accelerated rehabilitation in state Superior Court on Friday, Jesus M. Garcia, 21, has been ordered to turn over all military uniforms and memorabilia, complete 150 hours of community service and attend counseling, according to his attorney, Mark Sherman.


Garcia also must not leave his home on Veterans Day and Memorial Day for the duration of his two-year probationary period, Sherman said.


Accelerated rehabilitation is a special program for first-time, non-violent offenders that involves placing the person on probation and dropping the charges after the terms are completed.


“The court was fair and firm in balancing a unique and particularly offensive course of conduct with the objectives of this first-time offenders program,” Sherman said.

Sherman described his client as being “grateful to the court for this second chance.”


How many of you actually used the hat strap? I have to say, the dude did do a little research!



And here is some pics of his Ranger tattoo, so I guess getting a Ranger tat makes you a Ranger now.

ranger tat





Here are a few snapshots from his facebook page that we were sent, he has since removed most everything pertaining to service from it.




So anyway, at least this douche got caught and charged for what he did. But he is the worst of the posers as he used it for personal gain.


What are your thoughts?
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  1. POS.. No excuse! Off with his head! Ha jk, nice kick in the face is in order. Put his ass on the sunshine bus, he’ll lick all the windows clean after suckling the palmolive out of the toilet mop. Truly hope I see him on the news one day, after the rangers get a hold of him that is.

    • That 150 hours of community service would be well spent with an SF unit. I’m sure they’d find plenty of humor in his war stories. “what do i need to bring?” dipshit

  2. I don’t know how long ago this took place, but it must have been a couple of years ago, because the CPT James Heavey mentioned in the news article has been the Chief of Police of the Greenwich CT Police Department for more than a year that I know of, and possibly longer.

  3. I do enjoy the fact he claims to be a ranger but doesnt have a tab. instead he has the big red 1 patch. I dont think the court was fair. regardless of the “level” of crime impersonating those of us who served should mean jail time. he should also be forced to pay for laser tattoo removal. just my 2 cents.

  4. You know these “Posers” seem to be popping up more and more frequently. I’m beginning to believe there is a much better way to address and hold these low life’s accountable – and in the process the media coverage of the imposed sentence will serve as a good deterrent to others.

    Take these spineless individuals and give them what they want. Just as Sheriff Joe Arpaio in AZ dresses his inmates in pink underwear and the old school stripped prison wear…. lets give these wannabes a unique Uniform they can be proud of, something like a National Safety Council Yellow jumpsuit with a big Red and White Target to cover the front and back Torso.

    Next we’ll send them over to Afghanistan where they’ve all reportedly been anyway and give them a rake and shovel to sweep for IED’s. They’re the bravest of the brave… just ask them, so they would obviously DEMAND taking point on all foot patrols. If you survive a 12 month deployment then you get to come home honorably (as a Civilian) and may never be allowed to associate themselves with any branch of the Military. For those who come back early missing limbs … the official and only explanation they’re allowed to give is “I was gravely injured by three members of the Patriot Guard while I was protesting WITH the Westboro Baptist Church outside a fallen Marines Funeral.

    I believe that just might help people reconsider what exactly the Valor means in “Stolen Valor” and in the process dramatically drop the number of posers!

  5. I never got the privilege of serving. I trained at one of the senior military academies, to be an Army officer. Was planning on being an MP, but eventually the money ran out, and the army pay was only about 950 a semester when expenses were about 3-4K, and I couldnt get in normally because of surgery I had on my foot that messed with a tendon. It was this way or no way. I trained my ass off 24/7, as I know everyone did, but my hard work was nothing compared to most. I took pride in wearing my uniform, and it always makes me fairly pissed off when I see people treating military uniforms, most of which seem to do so with BDUs, like civies. I cant even bring myself to wear my boots, brand new ones I bought for myself too, cause the ones I was issued were about as comfy as cardboard and nails (which sucked cause some of my buddies got issued jump boots with the extra padding), because I feel its disrespectful to wear part of a uniform like regular civies. Ive got friends who died in that uniform, and others who have come back pretty messed up. Yet this guy takes that disrespect to a new level. The judge should have made him do his community service at the VA, helping people like my buddy Scott, who REALLY DID serve at the korean border, and was honorably discharged on medical reasons because of a severe rash, of sorts, he got all over his body that took months in quarantine to treat, and to this day still had him a little messed up. I have no idea what it was exactly, but some of the stuff he took to alleviate his pain, made him do things like have arguments with the fridge for 45 minutes.

    I kinda wanna throw this guy onto the wrong side of korean border and see how he handles himself, let him get a taste of a hostile environment and let the north koreans take shots at him like they did my friend.

  6. Put him in uniform….fly him to Afghanistan, take him 100 miles out in the boonies, give him a weapon and 3 mags, some MREs…let him one-man patrol back to the base camp

    • I wouldnt even give him MREs. Just give him some winter BDUs with winter cover, a pair of basic boots (no extra jump padding or anything), an lbv with two full canteens, and a heavy ruck sack, a weapon with a few magazines (I’d even say an m14 with a few clips instead, lol) and a compass, a map, and drop him in the middle of nowhere and tell him to find his way back through hostile territory. 100 miles is nothing. can make that walk before needing something to eat, especially if he really thought himself tough enough to be sf or a ranger.

      I will be kind and offer him some lanacane to at least prevent chafing. That was my most hated things about long travel. Nothing like getting to the end of a day of running and training and your groin and back of your leg looking like red cottage cheese.

  7. He is a fake… true…

    Aside from the Boonie Hat… who has seen any poser wear a more convincing uniform?

    Some of them are getting good with their uniforms, paperwork, and stories guys.

    We need to be more vigilant

    Hope this douchebag tries it again… then get at least 30 days in county..

    • I have never seen anyone where the boonie with the strap up front like that. Well at least the units that I’ve been in while deployed. I would either tuck it inside or most of the time have it in the back of my head.

      • But that’s the way they taught him to wear it in the Cub Scouts … Which is the Closest thing to “Service” this Jack Wad ever got.

        Thirty Days Shane? I’m not sure what offense that would be and maybe I didn’t read all the above correctly but as I understand it this guy defrauded people … good hart”ed people of hard earned MONEY and he was preparing to walk in and disrespect every Veteran and Service Member by sharing his “Lie Story” (pun intended) at a Memorial Day event.

        While I appreciate we are a civilized Nation and wont execute those who dishonor (and NO I’m NOT suggesting that as an option) but confining him to home on Patriotic Holidays is insufficient.

        Personally, I like the Judges (and parents) who aren’t afraid to hand down a sentence that would include him Walking in the next 3 years of Memorial Day, Veterans Day and 4th of July Parades with a “Billboard Sign” that reads something like “I was Convicted of Stolen Valor – I Pretended to be a Hero and have never served – I Apologize”. Nobody questions whether these types of “remediation work” – they DO, but nobody wants to issue them! Imagine the lesson that could be taught?

  8. I’m just glad that the people of Connecticut tried to do something about this. At least this guy faced a judge and some restitution was laid out for him. I wonder, if he didn’t steal the $900, would he have gotten away with it and not faced charges, like some of the other clowns on this site.

    I will also repeat a point that I have said many times. If he wandered around wearing PFC ACUs and said that he did 3 years stateside at Jackson and Hood, he would have probably attracted little notice. It’s not enough for any of these guys to wear the uniform, they also have to be SF, Ranger, CIB, and as many ribbons as eBay can sell them. That is also how easily they are caught.

  9. It’s amazing that the military people once ran to hide in Canada and Mexico from. Now it’s a “club” that everyone wants to pretend to be a part of.

    • Hey Jason your 100% right about that.
      i was in the Army from 1967 to 1969 12 months in Vietnam Half the guys in my high school punked out and went to Canada and people were yelling at us. Now you have all the dippshits fakeing that they were in. I was just a E-4 at LZ Oasis
      And proud of it.Funny how things turn around. GOD BLESS ALL WHO SERVE

      a old veteran

  10. While I agree with what others have posted, I realize now that I failed to complete my train of thought in my original comment above.

    This POS was actually preparing to speak at a Memorial Day Function – That level of delusional thought process is dangerous. This is a person who deserved a trip to the nut hut for a minimum of a weeks evaluation. Lets remember he did this because as he said “I did it just to actually feel like I was somebody in life,” If you look into the case studies of the CO, CT or other shooters you’ll find a similar statement in their file – where was THAT addressed by the Court? I believe this guy is the Poster Boy for who shouldn’t be allowed to legally own a gun – and I apologize in advance for being a little slow on the draw if he should ever need assistance from me.

    The second point I failed to make is… this guy actually defrauded people out of over $900.00. Where’s the restitution in THAT matter? These types of offense where the Court only orders “Fines” which benefit the Courts are worthless, his real Dept is to the the people who thought they were helping a genuine Hero so in the end those are the true victims of his crime. He made it so good people willing to offer something to a man or woman in uniform will now question or more likely not step up thinking it could be just another scam and that is truly tragic. The Court should have ordered him to come up with double what he stole (approx. $1,800) and pay back the people he took it from (if he knows who they are) and he should be forced to walk into a Wounded Warrior or Veterans Support Organization and hand over the rest to them with a personal apology recorded and broadcast Nation Wide on the Evening News!

    THAT type of sentence will help discourage others from taking a similar path!

  11. could be cuz its 4am an im hammered, buuuut…alittle pissed i fell victim to the dumb columbus GA tat shops stupid skull/beret …cross riffle with a k -bar in the mouth…lol…fml…glad the artist talked me out of a mortar shell with high angle hell on my forearm…shit should be earned not issued….this asshat should just spend a day on sand hill….nvm deployment… soldier….let me know how it goes……

  12. Oh well, what can you do? There are fakes out there young and old, from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and now Afghanistan, and Iraq. You even have poser who deployed to Kuwait, Qatar, etc, etc, claiming they where in combat. Hell even Soldiers who went to the Super POG FOBs are claiming this and that. The only one who know for real are the Soldiers and thier brothers at arms who where there with them.

    Long live the Infantry!!

  13. The Department of Defense need to have something similar as 27/28 check, through DCI. Anyone that signed up in the Military, shown have Last Name, initials, branch of service, years served, type of discharged as a bare minimal. This could be a quick check for employees, law enforcement and anyone else, since military service can be public information.

  14. So there’s a program on TV called Scared Straight. Why not do that? Integrate them into BCT at Benning and give them a taste of their own medicine. For those wondering about the uniforms, there are several websites that all you have to do is order your ACUs, select nametapes and badges, they’ll come in ready for wear. Makes it easy for me, but easier for special individuals like this.

  15. In the second picture (1st of him in ACU’s) it looks like the stripes on the flag are vertical rather than horizontal? Is this just my eyes deceiving me or is this douche bag really wearing a flag that degrades our country?

  16. Jesus Garcia – When it said he got hit in the back three times I thought that was from the people he scammed punching him in the back of the head three times. The judge should have made him cut out his tattoo in the courtroom, then sentence him to 20 years in prison or an iron to the face 3rd degree burns all over let him decide, maybe he can use the tattoo skin for his face just throw it on like cheese pizza.

  17. @Marc Lindshield more and more of the posers are popping upbecause the Supreme Court lifted the Stolen Valor Act of 2005 which could result of imprisonment for posers. Now they just get a small slap on the wrist.

    • Why the hell would they Lift THAT? Looks like I get to do some research – I bet it had something to do with Elected Politicians fearing that the “Stolen Valor Act” could be applied to them for impersonating someone sworn to Uphold the Constitution and Protect the Interests of the Citizens NOT “Special Interest Groups or Lobbyists!!

  18. Lets see, he tried to get in the Army, but was denied?!
    Thank goodness, for that!!

    It’s a good thing the Army’s system of weeding out SCUM, worked in this case.
    Yet, failed in preventing that HOMO SCUM Manning, go figure!

  19. Why do they sell these look a like uniforms? They should banned them from being sold. Or at least make them with something that would tell them apart from the real/official uniforms. Don’t get me wrong I love playing dress up and I would dress like a soldier to play guns with my kids, but going out in public trying to be someone you’re not, it’s a whole new level, this man is inmmediate need of a pyschoeducational evalutation. I love man in uniform and if I was his girl, I would be truly disappointed and pissed off as hell, that would be the end of the relationship!!!!

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