Jeffrey Scott Elvington, Fake SF, Scams Women Again After Prison Release



Elvington’s Uniform




VALENCIA, California – Several years ago we reported on Jeffrey Elvington, Elvington had received the nickname, “Casanova”, from the L.A. Times. Jeffrey was meeting women online using a fake military persona, he even had the full fake uniform to go with it. Eventually, after he had defrauded several women out of thousands of dollars in money and merchandise, he was arrested and sent to prison. You can see our original story on him here – Jeffrey Casanova Elvington.

Here are a few of the photo’s we were sent from one of his victims before he went to prison the first time.



One Uniform Jeffrey left at a Victims house.



Forgot his Flag, but not his Scroll


He looks good for his age, he has four Mustard Stains!





We received an anonymous email letting us know that after his recent incarceration, he is up to his old tricks again. Deceiving women once again with his fake Special Forces persona, all while he is still on probation.

Here is the email we received about his latest fraudulent activity:

Hi! I recently came across your website after searching for “Jeffrey elvington“. Jeff was released from prison the beginning of may and is already back to scamming and claiming to have a military background. I have his green beret. You know, because he was a war hero (I hope you can read the sarcasm in that).

Anyways, I am sad to admit that I am the latest girl who fell for lies. Luckily for me, all I am out is a couple hundred dollars that he took.

The reason he wAs able to get away with it for so long, is that he is now using a different last name (scott) and a different date of birth (may 17, 1976). I was unable to find anything about him online. If it’s at all possible, I think it would be a good idea to get his new name and his face out on the Internet. From what I’ve read, a lot of girls weren’t as lucky as I was. I want Jeff destroyed. I will do anything to hurt his scamming. It’s so sad that he preys on women and uses a fake story. He is the complete opposite of a military man. He’s not brave, honest, courages, caring, etc.


We are keeping her anonymous for her protection, but she sent us a lot of photos, including a photo of the Green Beret he gave her. I guess he thought if he changed his last name, and Date of Birth, women wouldn’t be able to find his dirty laundry.

The woman above also sent us photos of Jeffrey, to include pictures he claims are of him and his “SF” buddies.



His Special Forces Beret he gave his girlfriend.





Selfie in the bathroom







The photo below he claimed was him and a buddy.


This photo is actually a photo of two soldiers from 5th Battalion, 19th Special Forces Group in Babil province, Iraq during the surge of 2007. It was taken from Wikipedia.



He also claimed the below photo was his SF buddy Jeff, this is actually a US DoD photo by Photo by Sgt. Marcus Butler, during CQB training with Afghan Special Forces.



She goes on to tell us:


He says he lives in Santa Monica (10600 Las Flores Canyon), but that address does not exist. I’m pretty sure he lives in Valencia with his parents (I have that address).  There are 2 pictures of guys in uniforms.  The 2 guys standing side by side are supposedly his fellow green berets, Jim and Grant.  The other photo that you only see a side shot is supposedly Jeff. I have the green beret…………….He loved me, so he let me keep it.  So sweet UGH
His story to me was that he was an agent for Warner Music and had spent 10 years in the army.  When he was in the army he was with the 35th recon, and the 10th mountain division stationed out of Ft. Drum in NY.  He said he was a medic and on one of his deployments, his vehicle was hit.  I have no idea what happened to him in real life, but he really does have a deformed foot and has some major issues with his guy parts.
You can look at his online profile (which doesn’t have any of the military stuff on it), by going to plenty of fish, his username is srfrguy23.
It would also seem, since he was just released from custody in May, after serving two years for the same crime, that he is still on Probation. We are working to tell his P.O., if anyone knows him, feel free to share this with him. I have a feeling this woman isn’t the only one he has scammed since his release. Share this and help to make sure he can’t take advantage of any more women with his delusions of grandeur.


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