Jeffrey Puritis Removed From MOPH, For Fake Purple Heart/Recon Certificates







Jeffrey Puritis Wearing Unearned Purple Heart and Force Recon



Palm Coast, Florida – This is a case we have worked for the past six months, along with members of the WBVMC(Warrior Brotherhood Veterans Motorcycle Club), and the Military Order of The Purple Heart.

Jeffrey Puritis was the National President of the WBVMC, until some started calling his service and stories into question. After he stepped down, the new President and several other members reached out to us to find out the truth about Jeffrey. Here are some of the photos they sent us, in the first photo you can see Jeffrey was claiming a Bronze Star with Valor, two Purple Hearts, a Combat Action Ribbon, Vietnam Service Ribbon and several others.




He was also claiming he was Force Recon, as shown by the below photo of him in his motorcycle club cut.

unnamed (1)




unnamed (3)



We began to do some research on Jeffrey as we awaited his records from the Marine Corps, in doing so we found out the he was on the rolls at Military Order Of The Purple Heart. MOPH is an organization that relies on Purple Heart recipients to send proof of their award of the Purple Heart to be included in their rolls. They are a self-submission organization, so only those that request to be included and submit the proper proof are added. One of the MC members sent us a photo showing Puritis’s information in the MOPH’s rolls.(See below)

unnamed (5)

MOPH Official List Showing “Sgt Jeffrey D Puritis”


We reached out to MOPH to find out what could be submitted to be included on their books as a recipient, they informed us they accept DD214’s, Orders and Certificates as proof. Around the time of the correspondence with MOPH, we also received Jeffrey’s official Marine Corps records, and not one Purple Heart or Bronze Star W/Valor was showing.

So how was it that Jeffrey’s records show no Purple Heart’s but he was listed as a recipient by MOPH? We sent the official records to MOPH and they opened an investigation themselves, they also reached out to Jeffrey for clarification. Jeffrey had submitted Purple Heart certificates to them for inclusion in their rolls.

We also verified with the Marine Corps that no Purple Hearts or Bronze Stars where listed anywhere in his records, they assured us no such records existed.

Below are his official records per the Marine Corps:



As you can see by his records, he has no Purple Hearts, no Bronze Stars with Valor, and he wasn’t a part of RECON. He was a Log Clerk and a guard, and didn’t even reach the rank of SGT of which he is also wearing.

While we were awaiting Jeffrey to respond to MOPH, we continued to do some research on him and how he obtained the Purple Heart certificate and the RECON certificate. Below are copies of the certificates he used, including the one submitted to MOPH for inclusion in their rolls.


Fake Purple Heart Certificate





Fake Recon Certificate



We know of several companies that produce these certificates as “Novelty” items and some people try to use them as the real thing. One of the MC guys reached out to several, and come to find out, Jeffrey had actually purchased these certificates from one of these companies. The guy that runs the company was more than happy to help us and look at the certificates to verify if they had been bought from him, below is his response with proof that these certificates were purchased by Jeffrey.



Screen Shot 2015-06-22 at 3.18.57 AM


He was able to eventually find the transaction where Jeffrey purchased them, he bought both the PH and the Recon certificate and started trying to pass them off as the real thing.




For $34.90 he became a Purple Heart recipient and a member of Recon, and as you can tell from the emails it is illegal to produce certificates with the official seal on them. Only problem is that is only for the United States, they can be produced in any other country and shipped here. The owner of the company that produced Jeffrey’s certificates spent time in prison for making them with the official seal, he still produces them but without the official seal.

Jeffrey has now been officially removed from the Military Order of The Purple Heart’s rolls. We would like to thank the MOPH for working with us on this case, they were very responsive once we sent them proof that Jeffrey produced fake documents in order to get placed in their books.

Per MOPH: “As of 0001 hours, 20 May 15 per the MOPH Constitutions and By-Laws (given 120 days per certified mail and signed by Jeffery) he was removed from the Order and sent official notification”

According to their By-Laws and Constitution they had to give him 120 days to come up with additional evidence that he was awarded the PH, he couldn’t provide that evidence and has been removed.

Awards Claimed:

  • Navy and Marine Corps Medal
  • Bronze Star W/Valor
  • Purple Heart(Multiple Awards)
  • Combat Action Ribbon
  • Meritorious Unit Citation
  • Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal
  • National Defense Service Ribbon
  • Vietnam Service Ribbon
  • Navy Marine Corps Overseas Service Ribbon
  • Vietnam Gallantry Cross Unit Citation
  • Vietnam Campaign Ribbon

Actual Awards(From Official Records)

  • National Defense Service Medal
  • Meritorious Unit Citation
  • Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal x2
  • Vietnam Service Medal W/Bronze Star Device

We want to thank Military Order of The Purple Heart for working alongside us to ensure their rolls stay pure and only contain legit Purple Heart recipients, and thanks to the WBVMC for being relentless in their pursuit of the truth.

It’s easy to fake a lot of these documents and pass them off as the real thing, especially with today’s technology. This is one reason some of our cases can take months to complete, we have to verify the verification. We also may have to do multiple records checks to make sure nothing was missed or overlooked. ¬†Jeffrey quit responding to MOPH because he knew he was busted and never earned the PH’s, BS’s or was a member of Recon.

Be proud of your service, no one would’ve thought less of him had he stuck with his real service record.

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