Jeffrey “Casanova” Elvington Online Dating Scammer, Busted On Valentines Day




Meet Mr. Jeffrey Elvington, or as the LA Times coined him “Casanova” Jeffrey was using online dating sites like to woo women under the guise of many different professions, including that of a Special Operator in the service. Although depending on when you asked him it was Army or Marines.

According to the L.A. Times, After winning their trust, he would steal their property, including credit card information that he used to buy expensive electronics and would then resale them for cash. But Jeff was picked up by police on Valentine’s day after more than 5 people stepped forward with allegations against him.


Elvington conned at least five women by pretending to have different professions, including chef, military serviceman and private investigator, authorities said. They are seeking the public’s help in identifying other victims.

Anyone with information about the Elvington case is urged to call the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station at (661) 255-1121.

Courtesy L.A. Times  Casanova Nabbed On Valentine’s Day

Here are some of the photos we received from an anonymous fan that show the uniform Elvington posed in.:


Ranger, SF and Sniper!

Ranger, SF and Sniper!

Here he has Special Forces, Ranger, and Sniper tabs! This is one Bad Ass!

Ranger ScrollHere he was sporting a 3RD BN Ranger Scroll, but something is missing.






And below is the best picture of all, check out those jump wings. Four, yes count them FOUR Mustard Stains. Not sure about you guys, but I have not seen anyone with four Mustard Stains in recent years. Not many combat jumps have happened lately, last one I remember was the 173rd’s jump into Iraq. So this guy would have had to serve in every conflict including Vietnam to have four stains on his wings.

Look at all those Mustard Stains!

Look at all those Mustard Stains!


And remember if any one else has been scammed by this fake Casanova contact the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station at (661) 255-1121.


We will keep you updated on this story as we get more information.

UPDATE: 20130429: 

According to SCV

“He pleaded no contest to one count of second degree commercial burglary that occurred on Nov. 2 at Macy’s,” said Sandi Gibbons, a spokeswoman for the District Attorney’s Office.


“He also pleaded no contest to one felony count of grand theft, which occurred in December of 2012,” she said. “He pleaded no contest to those two counts.”


The Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station’s Detective Bureau sought the public’s help in identifying more victims after they uncovered five victims who were scammed by Elvington.


Through their investigation, Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station detectives identified more than 19 victims, according to a station official.


Detectives investigated Elvington for using popular dating websites like to gain the trust of women and then steal their property.


“In one case, he was saying he was a personal chef for the stars,” said Sgt. James Anderson, who is in charge of the investigation. “In another case, he said he was working for the government and the military in the special forces. He would make up elaborate professions to make himself seem more desirable to the people he scammed.”


He would then steal things like their credit card information from his victims, and use their credit card numbers to purchase high-end electronics to later sell.


The suspect has contacted many other women over the last two years. All but one of the victims are Santa Clarita residents.


“He was buying a lot of iPads,” Anderson said. “It’s thousands of dollars.”


Detectives from the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station conducted a surveillance and search warrant in the Saugus area of Santa Clarita. That’s where the suspect was contacted and arrested.





After Elvington’s initial arrest and release, he decided to continue his scams and has now been arrested again on several new charges. The LA County Sheriff’s Dept has released the following notification to the public. They are also asking for any other victims to come forward and press charges.


Santa Clarita Valley Suspect Uses Fake Persona on Social Media, Steals From Single Women. LASD SCV

Detectives from the Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station are investigating a case involving a suspect who is believed to be using a popular online dating website to lure in women, gain their trust and then allegedly steal their property. Detectives are aware of a number of women who have fallen victim to the scam and believe there may be others who have not yet come forward. In an effort to locate unsuspecting victims or those who have been hesitant to report the crimes, the suspect’s photograph and information are being released to the public.

The suspect in the case, Jeffrey Elvington, a 39 year-old male and resident of Saugus, was arrested February 14th, 2013 on felony burglary charges. At the time of that arrest, detectives asked for public assistance in locating additional victims who may have had contact with Mr. Elvington. The February case was presented to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office.

Detectives have learned of additional alleged crimes. In one instance Mr. Elvington allegedly stole a woman’s credit card information and used it to purchase an item. Detectives arrested Mr. Elvington a second time on Tuesday, June 4th, 2013 on charges related to separate incidents of grand theft and burglary after additional crimes were reported by at least one victim. The suspect was later released pending further investigation and filing consideration.

The suspect has allegedly contacted many women over the past two years and appears to be continuing his attempts to gain the trust of unsuspecting victims, despite the recent charges and arrests. Most of the women have been from the Santa Clarita Valley area. In one case he apparently implied he was a personal chef for the stars. In another case he reportedly said he was working for the government and the military in the special forces. It is alleged that the suspect makes up elaborate professions and stories to make himself more desirable to the women before ultimately scamming them out of money, credit, and personal property. The allegations and reports in both the February 2013 and the latest arrest have similar characteristics and motive.

Detectives are, once again, asking for public assistance in identifying additional victims. If you have had contact with Jeffrey Elvington under similar circumstances please contact Santa Clarita Valley Sheriff’s Station, Detective Elsee, at 661-255-1121 (ref -07612).

Here is the most recent video concerning Elvington from NBC:

View NBC’s full story at: Con Man Arrested Twice.


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    • I enjoy my freedom of speech as do many others. I think this POS should get fucked up by a real Operator for the lies he has been saying, and to the POS Really a 3rd scroll without tab or flag?? Something more than just a tab of flag is missing from this mutton. I hope he gets what he deserves.

    • That is the stupidest statement I have ever heard……..we are now expected to pick and choose who has freedom of speech??!!!! This guy is reprehensible but one thing is the cash was not going to Nigeria and the scum was actually caught!!!

  1. Fucker would have to have been in 3 different units from 01-03. 3rd Batt in 01, The Herd in Iraq 03, and also 3/504 had a small contingent earn their stain in the Stan in Jan 03. The icing on the cake is he also would have to have been on a 130 in Dec 89 or Grenada in 83. Looks mighty good for being almost 50.

    • Wow, missed the SNIPER tab. Saw the tower and at first thought it was a “Sapper” tab because the real snipers I served with and know – NEVER tabbed their gear, not even their sillyvillian backpack bags…gotta stop looking at all these Hall of Shame dumbasses and wake up. It’s got me falling asleep from the stupidity. UGH..I think I just threw up alittle in my mouth also. Anyway, love all this if it really wasn’t / isn’t so, so, SO sad.

      As many other comments have said – Just be honest with and proud of your service time man. Either you did, or you didn’t.

      This is still some good shit, some REALLY good shit.

      Erik Braun
      USA ’88-’95 12B – Combat Engr.
      USANG ’03-’06 91W – Combat Medic

  2. I hereby sentence you to IRON on HIGH HEAT on your face for no less than 15 minutes each side, and while we are at it I don’t like his beady eyes so lets put some bird food on them and let the birds peck out his eyeballs.

    • Hello-and I am glad that you didn’t fall for this person’s BS. Thanks to the folks that run and contribute to this site and others, fewer people will be able to get away with being someone they are not.

  3. II live near his parents’ home where he stays on occasion and they are the salt of the earth people, it’s too sad that he is such a creep! And that is use a nice pronoun to describe him.

  4. Not true. His mom is a total #@!/^, and his dad is the biggest wuss ever! They both knew what he was doing, and when I called him out on it, they went “stupid”…to put it nicely.

  5. Wow he’s unique even among fakers for this Quadruple canopy, that’s impressive in it’s stupidity. I’m a civilian and even I am amazed at the balls of someone thinking they could get away with this. Women really do believe what they want to believe…

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