Jaspen Boothe, Saves Homeless Veterans By Bidding More Than $450k On A Home

Jaspen Boothe (Courtesy Fox DC)

Jaspen Boothe (Courtesy Fox DC)


Someone sent me this story via email, and as I read it, Mrs. Boothe made me realize that the world can still be a great place, filled with great people.

According to Fox Dc, Jaspen Boothe the owner and founder of a non-profit group called Final Salute, spent more than $450,000 on a home that was housing homeless Veterans. The home had gone into foreclosure, due to no payments being made by a company called Robert Pierre Johnson Housing Development Corporation, to whom she was making monthly rental payments.

So the home was placed up for auction and Jaspen showed up to bid, she knew if she lost the bidding, these Veterans and their children would be out on the streets.

According to Fox:

The outcome was far from certain when Jaspen Boothe began the bidding just after noon. The founder of Final Salute had put down a hefty deposit and hoped against hope she could outbid anyone for the home now housing a handful of vets and their children.

As the price began to rise, Boothe began to worry — could she afford to do this?

Throwing caution to the wind, the Army veteran kept adding thousands to the price until she finally prevailed.

She agreed to pay more than $450,000 for a property her non-profit has been renting.

“I don’t know where I was going to stop, but I just had to keep fighting because no one else is fighting for these women, and I came here to do that. And I didn’t know how high I was going to go, but I was damn sure going to try,” said Boothe in an interview Tuesday.

Boothe had no idea what to expect and when another bidder kept raising the price, she decided to tell him who she was.

“I just respectfully said, ‘Sir, I don’t know who you are, but I am here to keep homeless woman veterans in their home. I am not here representing a company. I am not trying to turn a profit. I am just trying to help them’ and he continuously bid against me,” she said.

Boothe, who was once a homeless veteran herself, began Final Salute so woman who served their country would not have to live on the streets.

She found herself in this position when the non-profit they were renting from, Robert Pierre Johnson Housing Development Corporation, stopped making payments on the house.

Boothe and her group only discovered last month the house was in foreclosure even though the rent checks were still being cashed.

“I have not heard from RPJ’s leadership. They never notified us,” said Boothe. “We were notified when someone said, ‘Hey, did you know your house was up for public auction?’”

So now, Boothe and Final Salute will have to come up with the money to buy the house.

It is a large sum they must secure in the next 30 days.

“I’m hoping the American people will answer the call, go online and donate,” said Boothe. “Maybe some celebrities will get involved, but it’s certainly more than we can do on our own.”

Boothe is a champion for these women, believing no one who serves their country should be living on the streets alone.

FOX 5 tried to reach RPJ Housing on Tuesday, but the phone number listed on its website is disconnected. We also tried to reach an attorney representing the non-profit, but at this time, she has not returned our call.”



Here is the interview with her:



Mrs Boothe, you my friend are a hero to me. Thank you for standing up for these Veterans and ensuring they would not be thrown out in the streets. If you would like to find out more about Mrs. Boothe’s organization, here is he website. Final Salute.org

Also go give their Facebook page a like, and see how you can help. Final Salute on Facebook, go give them a like and tell them we sent you!!



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  1. My children and I live in one of their transitional houses here in WV. I can assure you Final Salute is not a scam Mr.Fernadez. They are a wonderful organization, who stepped in and helped my family when literally no one else could. Had it not been for them my children and I would be living on the streets. I have met Ms. Booths once, when she drove 2hours to meet me and I can tell you she is the most genuine person you will ever meet.

  2. I so know how it is if it would not have been for my parents I would have been one of those homeless veterans with my son. I so wish I could send you the whole amount. But would I could do is say a prayer that yall get a Christmas miracle.

  3. I hope there are many, many supporters to not only payoff the facility but who become permanent supporters for this most needed and worthy cause. I understand that everyone has the right to support whomever or whatever cause they choose but, this is definetly a good choice and one that should be supported by our United States Government rather than those “causes” overseas.

  4. Why buy the place? Just use the money to pay rent somewhere else. Seriously, to bid the place up when you don’t have the cash means you will end up losing your deposit.

    Does this charity pay anyone … hourly, salary, etc.? If so, just another not-for-profit scam to line the pockets of those in it. A TRUE charity only has volunteers who don’t get paid.

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