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Jason Scaletta






NANTICOKE, Maryland – Our colleague Jonn over at  thisainthell sends us his work on one Jason Matthew Scaletta. Jonn outed him last year for claiming medals and tabs he never earned. He claimed he was Special Forces qualified and had earned the Ranger tab. He also claimed two Bronze Stars with Valor, a Purple Heart, and three CIB’s among other awards. He also claims to have PTSD and a TBI received in combat from shrapnel to the head. He was the director of an organization called VSCOAPAWS, an organization that claims to train service dogs, while I don’t know much about the organization itself; I know plenty about Mr. Scaletta.  His bio was posted to VSCOAPAWS website, which has since been removed, a screenshot was taken before hand.





In case the above is hard to read,  we typed out what he wrote: (Note: we typed it out exactly as it appears above to include all punctuation etc.)

 “I enlisted into the U.S. Army Maryland National Guard in 1998 at the age of 17 because I graduated a year early. I enlisted with a ranger contract meaning I had a chance for ranger selection but was not promised I’d become a ranger. From 1998 until 2007 I was on active duty in big Army. I passed RIP(Ranger Indoctrination Program)and was selected to go through ranger school which I passed in the top 5 of my class. As a Ranger I was sent to Kosovo in Serbia and was wounded Dec. 23rd 1999. I received a shrapnel wound to my head causing a massive T.B.I I spent just 6 months at old Walter Reed. During my stay I was offered a medical retirement but I refused and was rehabilitated enough for light duty. On light duty I worked at both the pentagon and N.S.A. doing operational overview for other Special Forces and Special Operations units. When I was able to return to my ranger unit 3rd bn 75th ranger rgt. I was selected for special warfare school at Camp McCall. I passed the selection and assessment phase and went on to special warfare school. Originally I was assigned to 5th special forces group. later I was sent to 7th special forces group operational detachment razor(S.F.O.D Razor) I’ve operated in Kosovo, North and South Kivu in the democratic republic of the Congo in Africa, 3 tours in Iraq, and 3 tours in Afghanistan. I was one of the 200 Rangers that parachuted into Afghanistan in Oct, 2001. left the United States Army as an E-6 E-7 promotable. During my time in the service I was awarded the Bronze star with Valor. The purple heart, combat infantry badge 3rd award and Airborne jump wings with 2 combat jump stars. My time in the service has left me with P.T.S.D and a Traumatic Brain Injury.

My service dog Sophie was the inspiration for this program and she continues to train with the other dogs. Its the belief that the humane society and other animal rescue  agencies have a lot of good animals who could really be a good friend to someone who needs it. The veteran gets job skills, the recipient of the dog gets a new best friend for life and the dog gets some new skills, a new best friend and a forever home.”


He claims to have jumped into Afghanistan among 200 other Rangers in October of 2001 during Operation Rhino, not sure how he did that when at that time he was busy uttering bad checks. He was sentenced to confinement for six months for these charges.





He said he served on Active Duty from 1998 until 2007, but during this time he seems to have had more that 40 incidents with the law.  He also reached out for some companionship when he was a ward of the state, not sure how he was serving his country and serving time in prison simultaneously.

After he got out of prison, he became the director of that VSCOA Paws organization, soon after Jonn at thisainhell became aware of his claims and started researching his background. Jonn found out that Scaletta did serve, but for a very short period of time. According to his official military records he served less than five years and got put out as an E1 (PVT), I am sure that had something to do with all the law breaking he was doing.



Once he was outed as a poser, Jonn began getting threats from others in the organization that Scaletta was in charge of. They were claiming that they had seen his 214 and he was not lying, that his records were wrong. The first thing we think of in situations like this is that he had pulled the wool over someone’s eyes, or faked a DD214.  Jonn believed the latter, and he wouldn’t know how right he was until yesterday. Jonn was informed that the Feds had broken down Scaletta’s door and arrested him for illegal possession of firearms and ammo. But that was just the tip of the iceberg; he was also told that the Feds had found multiple fake 214’s. One officer said it was some of the best forgeries they had ever seen, and that they had actually been purchased from someone outside of Fort. Bragg for several hundred dollars.

Jonn tells us Scaletta had a press conference scheduled for today to prove the he(Jonn) was wrong and planned on presenting these 214’s as proof:

“When Maryland police secured Mr. Scaletta, Federal officers entered the scene. It seems that Scaletta had, a few months ago, filed a claim with the Veterans’ Affairs Department using his phony 214, ostensibly to counter our proof against him. The law enforcement officers discovered more counterfeit DD214s inside his home and on his computers – it seems that someone at Fort Bragg, NC has been selling fake DD214s to phonies for hundreds of dollars each. The LEOs claim that these were the best fake DD214s that they had ever seen. That was what Scaletta had planned to unveil at his press conference today.


So now not only do we have posers committing these crimes like Scaletta, but we have others forging a federal document to help them commit these crimes. Below is the arrest on Scaletta, along with one of the fake DD214’s.


As you can see above, the 214 forgery is a really good one! It would take someone with a very good eye who knows a 214 well to know it was a forgery. He also added the “Intelligence Star” to that DD214, the Intelligence Star is a VERY rare award given by the Central Intelligence Agency to its officers for “voluntary acts of performed under hazardous conditions or for outstanding achievements or services rendered with distinction under conditions of grave risk”.

This is the second-highest in the Central Intelligence Agency after only the Distinguished Intelligence Cross, and is analogous to the Silver Star, the US military award for extraordinary heroism in combat. Only a few dozen people have received this award (most posthumously), making it one of the rarest valor awards issued by the US government.

The list of those who have received it:

  • Gary Bernstein
  • William Francis Buckley
  • Howard Hart
  • Grayston Lynch
  • Tony Mendez
  • Anthony Poshepny
  • Francis Gary Powers
  • Felix Rodriguez
  • Johnny Micheal Spann

I certainly don’t see Scaletta’s name among these guys, he really set the bar high for other posers with that one for sure. This guy really takes the cake, when he stole valor he stole it from the CIA as well!!

Just to confirm everything we also reached out to our POC and got a breakdown of Scaletta’s service, below is what he sent.


Below is a photo our fake PH recipient took with Gary Sinise, Sinise is an adamant supporter of our military and wounded warriors and for this criminal to try and put himself on the same level is gut wrenching to say the least!


Scaletta(Right) with actor Gary Sinise(center)

Scaletta(left) withh actor Gary Sinise(center)



He also has some tattoo’s of all the things he “miss-remembered” about this time in service:



Jason is currently in jail on the gun charges, I am almost positive new charges will be coming from the Feds on these fraudulent DD214’s. I wonder how many  people have been fooled by his fake 214, how many business’s have been taken advantage of?  I also hope the person who is producing this forged federal document is arrested soon!

This is a developing case, and could have implications for a few more of those that are involved. Thanks to Jonn’s hard work another poser is off the streets, and a possible fake DD214 factory is coming to an end! We will update you on this story as it develops, or head over to thisainthell as they will post updates as well.


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