James Ramirez Uses Photos of Fallen SEAL Michael Murphy

So we have another person using pictures of a fallen Hero for his personal gain. James Ramirez, claims he is a Navy Seal who spent seven years in Afghanistan. The picture he claims is him, is actually that of Fallen Seal Michael Murphy.

Posers piss me off, but posers who use pictures of our Fallen Brother in Arms pisses me off even more. Thing is he speaks broken english, and has several Muslim friends on his profile. Seems he is either looking to perpertrate fraud, or trying to gain intel.


Here is the link to his Facebook profile James Ramirez

We will continue to out these people no matter how long it takes, no matter how many pop up! Go let him know how you feel about his using pictures of Fallen Soldiers and claiming it is him!


UPDATE: As of 2200hrs EST, his profile has been removed, great job everyone!


What are your thoughts?
49 comments on “James Ramirez Uses Photos of Fallen SEAL Michael Murphy
    • Yes. Michael Murphy was on SEAL team 10 and died on June 28, 2005. He, as well as Matt Axelson, Danny Dietz and Marcus Lutrell were ambushed in the Hindu Kush mountains after their positions were compromised by a random group of goat herders. If I ever meet this Ramirez fuckstick I will take pleasure in fucking his world up

  1. How can anyone consider this free speech–couldn’t this be considered identity theft? I am thinking that the family of this Seal could file charges against him

  2. sent the following thru facebook;
    “who do you think you’re fooling? the Navy does not have any Sergeants. the pics of “you” are actually of REAL Navy Seal Michael Murphy, who was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously. (http://www.cmohs.org/recipient-detail/2199/murphy-michael-p.php). if your going to steal the valor and image of a real Navy Seal, be cleaver enough NOT to use a pic of one of the most recognized Seals in history.”
    i also added the link to this page. i tried to report him but something in facebook wouldn’t let me.

    • This honored vet is from my neighborhood. POS phoney needs to be hog tied & boot kicked right in front of the recruiting office on Main St. I would love to be holding Michaels’ moms hand as her other one bashed this coward in the face,,,hard…really friggin hard! Or maybe a better idea (since he claims to be such a hero) would be to put him out on the front line tomorrow. Problem solved,asshole! No instructions because,hey,you know it all!!!!!

  3. can we get him charged with this….He is claiming to be Seal Michael Murphy.Awarded Medal of Honor..Its Against the law to say you have one of those. Whats the differance in this. Oh ya he is pretending to be him…..POS going to give him my 25 cent thought. RIP Brother. Thanks for giving all you had plus some. Thanks much.

    • Actually didn’t the Supreme Court recently rule that SAYING you were awarded a Medal of Honor is legal under Freedom of Speech? I do know that actually possessing a Medal of Honor without having been awarded it is illegal (because it takes an act of Congress to award it).

  4. graduated Princeton and only made “sergeant” in the Navy in 12 years…with tons of combat time…and he earned a MOH, died and came back to life? Fricking amazing.

  5. Told him this: Thanks for stealing pictures from deceased navy SEAL and Medal of Honor recipient Michael Murphy. You, whoever you are, you are a liar, and a despicable shyster and fraud. How dare you try to dishonor the memory of so great a hero. Have you no honor? Have you no shame? Very obviously not. You sicken me. – Signed, A REAL U.S. MARINE

  6. I saw that – a Navy SEAL with an Army/USMC rank. And a man with a Hispanic name posts a photo of “himself” that looks 100% Caucasian. What a fool. I have on former SEAL in my extended family. As a rule of thumb, they do not set up Facebook user pages to champion what they supposedly did while on duty. They certainly don’t post pictures of themselves anywhere, lest they be targeted for kidnapping or assassination.

  7. First off, that piece of shit needs to be drug off and have the fuck beat out of him then shot by every SEAL still alive. To blatently go out and use a Medal of Honor, especially one who died saving his team, shows the ut most disrespect to Lt Murphy, his team, and his family. As a former Marine I see problems with the photos he’s put on FB page. Like someone stated earlier since when have the SEALs started letting Marines become part of the teams? Another line he used for one of the pictures is that he is training these guys to “be stone cold killer.” Really with 2 blond headed females in the back of the line (right side of pic). Another problem I have with that pic is the “uniform” these ‘stone cold killers’ are wearing for training. If the SEAL teams are all about team and getting the job done as a group then why in the fucking hell are they are wearing differnt clothing. Just one other comment on another pic, b/c that is all I could manage with all the anger building up inside me, was that of a kid with glasses, Army ACUs, with the one holding the SAW. That kid is a POG through and through. Clean cammies, knee pads on right, not worn or faded cammies like a real ground pounder has. I can speak from experience on that. But what gets me is this kids ‘I’ve never seen combat, shit eating grin.’ That should be enough said there.
    I thought about posting on this shit bags wall telling him what a disgrace he was and that his parents were probably disgraced of him also, but I knew he would erase it. So instead I will post on my FB wall so all my other military friends can see this, my police friends, and civilians so the word gets out.
    Keep up the work GoV. Ya’ll are doing an awesom job

  8. sent to his FB page:

    you are a scum sucking pig fucker! my your whore mother be drenched in pig blood and may you spend eternity being ass raped by goats!

    then i reported him

  9. ***message left on his account***Hey, you fucking idiot! You claim to be a seal, use a picture of Mike Murphy, and claim to be a sergeant? You’re a loser at life and should just kill yourself. I hope it hurts and rot in hell you dumb cunt

  10. Come to think about it, I know James is a common name and so is Ramirez, but if you have ever played the game Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 one of the characters you play is Pvt, James Ramirez.

  11. After checking out this persons facebook and reading some of the wall pages of the friends, it looks like these guys are foreigners from Bulgaria and are attempting to use the Photo and reputation of the US SEALS to anger muslims in their country. If you look at some of the friends wall posts you can see where they have posted on Islamic pages/sights saying f islam. Overall, no matter what their intentions they are the lowest scum on the earth.

  12. Ramirez now has TWO fb profiles, claiming he has served with US Army Rangers AND US Navy SEALs-both profiles have been reported, and a friend who is transferring to Ft Lewis has also been contacted about the shitbird’s claiming to be a Ranger.

  13. This douche nozzle should be dropped on that same mountin ridge where Lt. Murpy, GM2 Dietz, STG2 Axelson gave their lives (&HM2 Luttrell was seriously wounded) with a 90lbs pack and left to fend for himself. If he makes it out alive & with the ruck, then he should face an angry mob of REAL SEALs…

    • It is suspect, but actually that can happen. A midshipman from USNA could accept a commission into the Army, Air Force, or Coast Guard as long as there is a cadet at one of those academies wants to commission into the Navy or USMC. I think it’s only for the very top percentage of cadets and it doesn’t happen a lot, but the option is there.

      However, looking at this guy’s page, I strongly doubt that’s the case.

      • The guy is a POSER look at his friends there all just kids.

        Naval Academy
        Class of 1980 · Annapolis, Maryland

        He would be in his 50’s

  14. I submitted objections to the images of LT Murphy and his team to Face-Book and received a response that no action had been taken. Given the opportunity to “provide feedback” to Face-Book, I penned the following letter:

    To Whom it may concern:
    I understand your decision to not take action based solely on my objection. I acknowledge that, on the surface, there does not appear to be anything objectionable about this photo. However, Mr James Ramirez asserts that this photo, and others, as well as other information in his profile, as his own. That said, where I find this to be especially objectionable is that the photo that Mr. Ramirez purports as his own, is actually of United States Navy Lieutenant Michael Murphy. LT Murphy was a US Navy Seal that died in service to his country in Afghanistan after his team was ambushed on June 28, 2005. For his heroism, LT Murphy was posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor. As proof of my claims, I offer this link to the “Navy Times” article (complete with picture of LT Murphy) that details the events of that horrible June day and the recognition and honors so appropriately rendered to this fallen American Hero (http://www.navytimes.com/news/2007/10/navy_seal_moh_071011w/).

    The debate continues to rage in our country and in our national legislature as to whether or not falsely claiming to be a recipient of the Medal of Honor constitutes a “crime”. However, by any reasonable measure of morality and ethics, I think we can all agree that Mr Ramirez’s assertions that he is a US Navy SEAL, particularly his portrayal of himself as a genuine American Hero are, in a word, unconscionable.
    Whatever the case, it is clear that Mr. Ramirez’s claims represent an affront to the honor, sacrifice, and patriotism of our veterans. Moreover, his fraudulent use of images of LT Murphy and his team is egregiously offensive, and could be construed as tantamount to identity theft.

    As a military retiree and disabled veteran myself, I find Mr. James Ramirez’s deceitful use of images of fallen comrades to be particularly reprehensible; as should the entire Face-Book community. Furthermore, on behalf of all veterans and those who have served our great nation honorably, I implore you, in the strongest possible terms to admonish Mr. James Ramirez; require him to remove from his profile, all images and references to the US Navy SEALs, and in particular, remove the images of LT Murphy, his team, as well as those of all their brothers and sisters in arms.

    Very Respectfully,

    Robert W. Lentner
    Major, US Army (Retired)

    Let’s hope we get satisfaction.

  15. His page appears to have been taken down. I did send him the following message before it was:

    Hey you piece of shit…quit claiming that you are a Navy Seal when 1: you are not and 2: the Seal you have in your profile picture is dead. You are the lowest piece of shit on earth and should erase your profile before you are fully exposed to all you know for what you have done. People like you don’t even deserve to wipe the asses of the brave men that you pretend to be. I am going to do all I can to expose who you are, and the lies you are telling. Everyone knows about your phony bullshit and are exposing you right now.

  16. and what really piss me off is that i’ve trusted to this guy, letting him to be my friend. but all i know is that there are a lot of muslims on facebook whose making a fake accounts on facebook everyday because they’re hiding their identities, i hate this and i really don’t want to see it happening again

  17. Having read this I thought it was rather informative. I appreciate you spending some time and energy to put this information together.
    I once again find myself spending way too much time both reading and commenting.

    But so what, it was still worthwhile!

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