James Ramirez Uses Photos of Fallen SEAL Michael Murphy

So we have another person using pictures of a fallen Hero for his personal gain. James Ramirez, claims he is a Navy Seal who spent seven years in Afghanistan. The picture he claims is him, is actually that of Fallen Seal Michael Murphy.

Posers piss me off, but posers who use pictures of our Fallen Brother in Arms pisses me off even more. Thing is he speaks broken english, and has several Muslim friends on his profile. Seems he is either looking to perpertrate fraud, or trying to gain intel.


Here is the link to his Facebook profile James Ramirez

We will continue to out these people no matter how long it takes, no matter how many pop up! Go let him know how you feel about his using pictures of Fallen Soldiers and claiming it is him!


UPDATE: As of 2200hrs EST, his profile has been removed, great job everyone!




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